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    Also have less contact.

    Yu Xin, who is unparalleled in wit, quickly contacted himself and decided to strengthen the management of the range of friends made by junior sisters.

    He violently threw Tun Tian among the unconscious monsters, and frowned again, "No, what's the matter with the environment at the bottom of the cliff? I have clearly broken those old-fashioned restrictions you set, why can't I still use my spirit?"force."

    Tun Tian flew back without giving up, and sat on top of Yu Xin's bun, "I don't know, this place is very special, the passage of time is different from the outside world, and it can seal the wounds on the body and soul to prevent evil.Maybe it's natural."

    Yu Xin thought pitifully, actually felt that the environment at the bottom of the Fallen Immortal Terrace was natural. His grandfather, who was rumored to have been dead for thousands of years, really didn't have a wide range of knowledge.

    "What makes you feel the most different?"

    "Walk 400 steps to the southeast, there is a mountain depression, full of raging tornadoes, I feel very comfortable when blowing in it, just like before I was born in an egg." Even if Tun Tian was locked by Yu Xin,Still highly recommended.

    Yu Xin snapped his fingers at the bird above his head, "It's not good."

    "The first thing you should learn is that if you have a bad relationship with someone before, then if you want to convince the other person to believe you, don't recommend enthusiastically, but repeatedly emphasize 'never go to such and such place, there is danger there, it will kill you'. In this way, the other party will go over willingly."

    "Understood?" Yu Xin grabbed the little yellow bird with fluttering wings and stroked the top of its head.

    "The wind is raging there, you will die, don't go there!"

    Yu Xin: "..."

    What a retarded Kunpeng.

    The author has something to say:

    Tun Tian: I am strong and invincible, the first person to fight.

    Yu Xin: But he's a fool, a lot of stupid.

    29 ? The so-called secret place ◇

    ◎Pretending to be a ghost does not exist in the face of strength.◎

    Tun Tian's performance shocked Yu Xin.

    Yu Xin supported his forehead, and found that life in the future would become more and more difficult.

    Forget it, it's my own grandfather who is stupid or not, the son doesn't think the mother is ugly, the dog doesn't think the family is poor, anyway, his mental retardation is not inherited, so it doesn't matter so much.

    "Since you said it's special, let's go and see it together." Yu Xin shook his hand, and the metal ring shone on his thumb.

    Tun Tian shouted: "I won't go, I don't want to go, you bastard, let me go!" It's a pity that the effect of the beast ring was exerted on him, no matter how strong the will of Tun Tian was, he couldn't resist.

    Yu Xin grabbed the bird's leg and held Tun Tian upside down, walking towards the southeast.

    Ever since Yu Xin destroyed several restrictions set by Tun Tian through physical means, the lighting conditions that Tun Tian used to pretend to be ghosts have been completely destroyed.

    Although the sky at the bottom of the cliff was a little dark, it was still normal.

    As Yu Xin moved towards the deeper depressions, low bushes began to appear.

    Four hundred steps away, the bushes were already lush and green, and a small path that was too narrow for a single person to walk through the canopy was barely exposed, and the color of the land could not be seen clearly on the road.

    Yu Xin didn't go in hastily, he stopped outside the bushes and observed for a while, a smile gradually came out of his eyes.

    He stroked the feathers on the top of Tun Tian's head, and said with a light smile: "The place we landed is a deep pit. From there, going southeast, the terrain gradually rises. If you don't take precautions, you must think that even if there are bushes hereIt went up, but unexpectedly there was another big pit here. You landed as a bird while having fun in the woods, and accidentally rolled down the mountain.”

    "I don't, my wings are so powerful, how could I fall down so stupidly! You bastard! You talk nonsense!" Tun Tian's feathers exploded, flapping his wings frantically, tweeting to deny Yu Xin's guess.

    However, this guilty look made Yu Xin believe in his guess more and more.

    Yu Xin thought leisurely, it seems that the fall was not easy at the time, otherwise he wouldn't be so angry when he lifted it up.

    "Does it hurt from the fall?" Yu Xin grabbed the chubby bird, rubbed its back with his slender fingers, smoothed the blown fluff, and jumped down holding Tun Tian.

    As Tun Tian said, Gang Feng is cutting continuously like a sharp blade. If an existence whose physical body is not strong enough falls into this place rashly, it will no longer be a living thing but countless broken corpses when it lands;For the Kunpeng family, the wind is indeed "very comfortable".

    What Tuntian said before was not a lie, but it was more terrifying than a lie.

    Even the monster clans with strong bodies, except for the dragon clan and the mysterious turtle clan, I am afraid that there are very few who can come here without hurting their muscles and bones.

    If this place is really "man-made", then the owner who opened it either did not want to be disturbed in the future at the beginning of creation; or he deliberately eliminated unqualified options through the simplest and crudest method.

    There are obvious problems, Tun Tian has lived for thousands of years, and this place is still the same.


    Yu Xin sighed in his heart, and couldn't help thinking, if it wasn't for this time, it would be enough for Tuntian to die here, and then return to the original owner's peace.

    He landed on the ground smoothly, opened his palm, showing the bird in his palm, "Let's go, I'll show you the difference between learning and not learning to understand the world."

    Yu Xin figured out the direction with his fingers, and the expression on his face was completely different from before.

    Before, he was a gentle and amiable head disciple of the sect, with a stable personality and comprehensive handling; but at this time, Yu Xin was full of absolute confidence, as if walking in his own back garden, he moved forward steadily without stepping on anyone.a trap.

    He stopped in front of a mountain wall, lowered his eyes and said to Tun Tian: "There is another cave inside." Before he finished speaking, the man had already bumped into the stone wall.

    "You kid is crazy!" Tun Tian yelled, fluttering his wings indiscriminately, not wanting to hit the wall with him.

    But the imaginary pain never came, they went directly through this ordinary mountain wall and came to another space.

    The bottom of the cliff is obviously dark and damp, but only one stone wall is crossed, otherwise the sight is completely brightened, and the annoying cold and damp in the air subsides.

    The active fire spirit was jumping in the air, Yu Xin raised his eyebrows casually, and commented pertinently: "There is no killing intent oncoming when you enter the door, it seems that it is not a particularly dangerous secret place."

    It's not that the dangerous secret realm means that the existence of the secret realm is to find an "heir".It is the place where many people dream of making money.

    Ke Yu Xin actually doesn't need it.

    Myriad Forms Heaven Sect Innumerable students in the sect always have unexpected creations. After the finished products are sold, the sect has a commission.Yu Xin is in charge of Myriad Forms Heaven Sect, and Yu Xin has the final say on how to spend the money.In addition, as a generation of god of learning, he has countless creations in his hands, and even his innovative Taoism will automatically give him a commission in every book that appears in the future.

    It can be said that the last thing Yu Xin needs is money, and the other is inheritance.

    Yu Xin was a little annoyed, but he still restrained his lips and said the most comforting words, "It's all here."

    As if feeling Yu Xin's impatience, the "stone wall" that should have walked far away suddenly appeared behind him.

    Yu Xin stretched out his hand and pushed, but the stone wall remained motionless.

    "Even if this secret realm is nothing new, it doesn't allow me to go back and I can only keep going forward, right?" Filled with reluctant unhappiness, Yu smiled lowly, "Although it is fast for a manIt's not a compliment, but this time I have to go as fast as I can. Don't waste my time, I have to go back before dawn."

    "I have to ask my junior sister to get up and read early."

    Yu Xin behaved very casually, as if he was not exploring a secret place but going out for a stroll.

    The contemptuous attitude instantly annoyed the secret realm, and the "Stone Wall" immediately behind her burst out countless spikes and squeezed forward rapidly.

    "Finally, it looks like a secret place. I'm going to be sleepy after walking so slowly." Yu Xin took advantage of the situation to speed up.

    No matter how fast the stone wall moved, Yu Xin increased the speed a little faster than it, so that the stone wall was always chasing behind her without being able to touch him at all.

    Yu Xin completely annoyed "Shibi", the rustling sound came quickly from the depths of the secret realm, and the vines appeared in front of Yu Xin with claws and claws, and grabbed him, wanting to show him some color.

    Yu Xin grabbed a vine that was not full of thorns, squeezed it hard, and said unexpectedly: "It turned out to be a real vine."

    As a member of the Kunpeng family, Yu Xin controls the aura of water and wind as naturally as breathing. Before the blood was stimulated, even if the sons and daughters of the Emperor of Heaven ridiculed him as a wild species with dual spiritual roots, it was because Yu Xin was so fascinated by aura.The ability to control his skills cannot hit Yuxin at all.

    The moment his words fell, the vines were drained of water and completely lost their vitality.

    "Is it fun?" Yu Xin patted the dead branch in his palm, with a look of boredom in his smile, "Are you still playing?"

    The vines stiffened around Yu Xin's body, and after confronting him for just a dozen seconds, they retreated at a faster speed than when they came with a "whoosh".

    Yu Xin turned around and knocked on the stone wall, "It's too simple to change something that can make me excited, and I'm really in a hurry."

    "If I'm not mistaken, this secret realm was isolated using a space formation. Even though I've been running for so long, I haven't left the place where I entered the door. No matter what trials there are, please hurry up. If you continue to delayIn my time, I can only use my strength to smash the stone wall that seems to be attached to your soul and leave."

    "Young man, I'm impatient." The resentful voice flickered from far to near, and the dragon girl in red gauze appeared in front of Yu Xin.

    She carefully looked at Yu Xin's appearance from top to bottom, and her expression became more sad, "Looking at you from a distance, you are tall and burly, I thought you were a handsome man with outstanding appearance, but why... for more than two thousand years,You are the only monster clan who discovered my secret realm with your brain, yet you look like this."

    "The Yaozu shouldn't have someone with your face!" Long Nu couldn't help but approached again, reaching out to touch Yu Xin's cheek, confirming that he had used spells to cover up his appearance.

    Yu Xin separated Long Nu's hand, showing resistance to her approach.

    This seemed to be a signal, and Longnu immediately believed that he really looked so ordinary.

    The dragon girl stood in place, staring at Yu Xin, hatred gradually seeped in her eyes, she paused for a moment and finally made up her mind: "No, you still can't do it, my secret realm must be inherited by the most handsome male monster in the world—if not the most handsome, then not the most ordinary."

    "Then I'll take my leave." Yu Xin didn't hesitate, turned around and wanted to leave.

    "If you want to leave this secret place, you have to accept the inheritance or leave your life. If you are not worthy of the inheritance, then keep your life!" The temperature in the secret room immediately increased, and the moisture in the air evaporated completely.

    "Using fire again? There is no creativity. Why do people who want to do evil always use fire spirits." Yu Xin frowned, "I am so tired of the ignorance and lack of progress of the Yaozu. It is too boring."

    He walked directly into the raging fire, and the sudden gust of wind blew the flames straight to the dragon girl who had ignited the fire.

    Yu Xin grabbed Longnu's neck and threw Tun Tian in front of Longnu, "Eat her."

    The plump, creamy yellow bird flapped its wings and made a soft "chirp", and Dragon Girl was instantly held in its mouth.

    This scene is very ridiculous, but the dragon girl was so scared that her face turned pale. She screamed and tried to struggle but couldn't make a sound, and was swallowed by Tuntian.

    Once the dragon girl died, the secret realm collapsed in front of Yu Xin.

    The next moment, he returned to the outside of the stone wall, with a five-layer wooden carved basket like a lunch box at his feet.

    Yu Xin directly put the basket into the storage bag, walked back at a leisurely pace, fluttered his wings laboriously, hiccupped and asked: "Fortunately, I have you here, I have been squatting here for thousands of years, and I didn't notice it.Next door lives Delicious. It’s a pure-blooded fire dragon. It’s spicy, and it tastes really good. It’s not good if you have that little dragon by your side, but a good water dragon likes to exercise. The quality of the meat has become unpalatable.I have no appetite."

    Yu Xin glanced at Tuntian, and Tun Tian quickly shut up, not daring to talk nonsense anymore.

    "I am the head disciple of Myriad Forms Heaven Sect, and I am in charge of the affairs of the sect. The sect, it is forbidden for the monsters who come to study to hunt each other. After you go back with me..." Yu Xin suddenly stopped his voice subtly, and a picture appeared in thein his head.

    ——The girl in a layered tutu skirt has a creamy yellow bird fluttering on her head, and she struggles to lift the scythe she requested for herself in three or five steps, and even trips herself when she is unsteady.


    Pets are indeed the only magic weapon to increase cuteness.

    Yu Xin changed his mind immediately, and immediately said: "I'll give you a bath after I go back, make it clean, and you will stay with my junior sister and study with her from now on."

    "The one pretending to be a monster? I don't want it!"

    "The other one, the very cute one... you can see her when you go back." Mentioning Shen Yanyao, Yu Xin smiled, and he seemed much gentler, "It's really nice for you two to study togetherYou can try to see what is 'more than the next', and see who has the worse grades."

    "You bastard junior, what do you mean by talking nonsense! Are you mocking me for my insanity? You untie the animal ring on my feet, and if I am insane, I want to let you know that I am good at beating people! I will beat you to death!"Tun Tian flapped his wings and bumped into Yu Xin.

    Yu Xin held the little bird in his palm and stroked its hair without any pain, and took it back to the bottom of the cliff, slapping each of them, quickly waking everyone up.

    They climbed back on the back of the dragon who had passed out from the whole process of falling off the cliff, flew back to the vicinity of the cliff and picked a lot of mature "burned neem seeds", and transplanted ten whole plants of herbs in the jade box to bring them back to VientianeTianzhong tried to study planting before continuing to the holy land of the monster race.

    A group of people appeared mightily in the Yaozu Holy Land, but there was no movement in the so-called "strictly guarded" Yaozu Holy Land.

    Du Ruofei, Shui Lian, and Shui Wubing all grew up in the fairy clan, and they didn't understand the internal behavior of the monster clan, so they kept their mouths shut and didn't meddle indiscriminately.

    All the monsters looked at Yu Xin expectantly, waiting for him to show his skills and find out the dogs that frequently invaded the holy land of the monster clan.

    Sure enough, Yu Xin did not disappoint them. He counted until the strong wind rose from the ground, moved forward slowly, and merged into a stronger tornado when he encountered an intersection.

    Wherever the strong wind goes, not a blade of grass remains.

    Gradually, screams were added to the whistling wind, and the guarding demon clan was also involved.

    "Master Kunpeng, what are you doing? They are all monsters who came to guard!"

    Yu Xin lowered his eyes halfway, and with a sudden movement of his hand, a dark figure in the strong wind was restrained by the wind and thrown to the ground.

    He asked with a low smile: "How do you know that they are 'all' demon clans guarding safety?"

    The author has something to say:

    Yu Xin: Birds like to eat worms, so Kunpeng likes to eat dragons.

    Tun Tian: Chicken flavor, crunchy!

    Dragon Girl: ...

    30 ?

    ◎It is the duty of every citizen to prohibit setting off fireworks and firecrackers in the mountains and forests.◎

    Yu Xin revealed the truth about the "monster's holy land being invaded" in one sentence, and the expression of the Dragon Clan standing beside Yu Xin suddenly became extremely ugly.

    "I don't understand what Lord Kunpeng is saying. It's just because you caught a dragon who was given high hopes. I was so surprised that I took a few more glances." The dragon did not hesitate to deny Yu Xin's guess, and even took the initiativeDefending the people caught by Yuxin, "My Dragon Clan has always done things upright and spared no effort to protect the holy land. If you want to search for something in the holy land, there is really no need to make a fuss and call for a thief."

    "You are indeed upright, but it's hard to say whether the Dragon Clan is upright, or how many dragons in the Dragon Clan are still acting upright. Otherwise, why would you always draw me over to investigate for yourself."

    Yu Xin tapped his finger between the monster clan, "The monster clan always respects the powerful and tyrannical, but the day I saw you in Yixian City, it was the snake clan standing in the middle - that is aThe location is strictly protected, and only the monster cubs are qualified to stand in the center when they are in danger."

    "Not you."

    The Longzu turned his face slightly, clenched his teeth, his face


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