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    Chapter 86: You Agreed? (3000+)

    For the safety of Chen Wuxing and Xu Ming, Qing Yi instructed Qing San to keep an eye on them and to send a signal in case of any abnormalities.

    Upon hearing Huo Lanjing's words, the two remaining individuals turned their heads to look at Qing Si.

    Considering his size, wouldn't that mean it's intended for him?

    All eyes were on Qing Si, waiting for her reaction.

    Yet, he witnessed Qing Si rise from his seat without uttering a word, completely ignoring Huo Lanjing as he passed by.

    Huo Lanjing's expression turned grim in an instant.

    Qing Si emerged from the restroom, only to bump into Huo Lanjing head-on.

    Leaning against the door frame, it was evident that he was waiting for someone.

    Qing Si simply brushed past him as if he hadn't seen anyone at all.

    Huo Lanjing, noticing this, hurriedly caught up. "Luo Le."

    Qing Si remained indifferent, continuing on his way as if in his own world.

    This unfamiliar sensation stirred an inexplicable anxiety within Huo Lanjing.

    In a few long strides, he approached Qing Si, grabbed him, lifted his hat, and pulled off his mask.

    "The mole on the back of your neck is identical too. Why won't you admit it?"

    Seeing that Qing Si's expression remained unchanged, as still as a tranquil body of water, Huo Lanjing's anger flared. He activated his holographic screen and pointed at Chen Chen's photo.

    Upon seeing the picture, Qing Si's eyes flickered before returning to calmness.

    The other employees noticed the commotion but, intimidated by Huo Lanjing's presence, dared not approach.

    Seeing his silence, Huo Lanjing's frustration grew exponentially, like a snowball rolling downhill.

    His gaze darkened as he firmly grasped Qing Si's shoulder. "Answer me."

    Qing Si glanced at the obstruction before him and dismissed it with a single word. "Scram."

    Taking advantage of Huo Lanjing's momentary distraction, he attempted to slip past him.

    Just as he took a step away, his hand was seized.

    Without hesitation, Qing Si turned around and fiercely slapped back.

    Huo Lanjing's head jerked to one side from the blow. His untended locks, grown out over time, shielded his eyes, obscuring his expression.

    Upon witnessing this scene, the onlookers bowed their heads, pretending to be occupied with tasks.

    The spacious store was filled only with the sound of music playing through the speakers.

    Qing Si wanted to leave, but his wrist remained firmly clasped, preventing escape.

    After a moment, Huo Lanjing finally moved. He used his thumb to wipe the dampness from the corner of his mouth.

    "You have the same face and similar habits as him. If you're not him, then who are you? Why are you pretending to be him, and what's your purpose?"

    His tone was like that of an interrogator, devoid of any emotion.

    Qing Si looked at his captured hand and lifted his gaze to meet the dark red gaze. He rubbed his thumb against his index finger.


    "I've finally found you, I... Luo Le?"

    Two voices sounded simultaneously from behind.

    Qing Si turned his head and saw the scene at the door.

    Huo Fei was holding Chen Chen with an astonished expression on her face.

    Chen Chen: "Put me down, put me down."

    Huo Fei regained his composure and gently set Chen Chen down.

    Chen Chen dashed over to cling onto Qing Si's thigh, looking up at him with big eyes. "Papa, Papa, you're finally back! Chen Chen missed you so much!"

    Qing Si maintained his cold demeanor, showing no reaction.

    Huo Fei sensed something amiss and turned to look at Huo Lanjing. Upon seeing the swollen redness on his face, everything clicked into place.

    Oh, he got beaten up.

    Then, Huo Fei inquired with a glance what had actually happened.

    Huo Lanjing remained silent, his mind in turmoil. A person's first instinct was often the most genuine.

    Ever since Chen Chen appeared, that person hadn't shown any signs of recognition towards him, as if they truly didn't know Chen Chen.

    Could it be that Luo Le had lost his memory?

    Huo Lanjing recalled the day when Qing Si had evaded him. It didn't seem like Qing Si didn't recognize him.

    Chen Chen called out for a while, but when the man didn't lift him up as he usually did, he sensed something was amiss.

    He tentatively called out "Daddy" again, but the man still didn't respond. Panic seized him. "Daddy, don't you recognize Chen Chen? Why won't you hug me? Are you angry that Chen Chen was with Uncle? Daddy, I didn't mean to..."

    As he spoke, tears began to fall relentlessly.

    In the next moment, Chen Chen felt the person holding him shift.

    A gentle hand brushed away his tears, and the gaze seemed to convey, "Don't cry."

    Chen Chen lifted her head, glanced at Qing Si, then sobbed as she threw herself into his arms. She wiped her tears on his shirt, back and forth.

    Qing Si pushed him away, saying, "I'm not, your father."

    He then rose to depart alone, leaving Chen Chen behind.

    Upon seeing this, the ease that Huo Lanjing had felt upon witnessing Qing Si's half-kneeling posture vanished without a trace.

    Chen Chen, looking at the back of her father, cried even louder.

    Huo Fei had no experience in soothing children. She walked over and nudged Huo Lanjing.

    "Hey, come back to your senses. Go comfort your son."

    Huo Lanjing regained his focus and looked at Chen Chen, who was crying on the floor. He crouched down in front of him and whispered something into his ear.

    Chen Chen looked up at him. "Really?"

    Huo Lanjing replied, "Give it a try, but let's do it another day. You should go back for now."

    Chen Chen initially disagreed, but after Huo Lanjing spoke to him again, he obediently followed Huo Fei away.

    Huo Lanjing then turned around and returned to the VIP room.

    At that moment, the manager was about to take Qing Si's measurements, but Qing Si was reluctant, resulting in a deadlock between them.

    Huo Lanjing approached and said, "Use my wife's measurements for that white outfit. Order a set of best man attire for each of them and have them delivered to one address."

    Manager: "Yes, sir."

    This was something the host family should have prepared, so they didn't refuse.

    Qing Si was no exception.

    For the next three days, Huo Lanjing didn't show up.

    The wedding candies and banquet were booked, and the affairs progressed smoothly.

    Today was the day for taking wedding photos.

    The photography company was chosen by Xu Ming, and the location was selected in the suburbs.

    Given the suburban location, they attached extra importance to safety this time, deciding to go together.

    Save for the first day when they went to select their attire, they worked in shifts on all other occasions.

    By the time they arrived, the photographers were already on site.

    Photographer: "You've arrived. The newlyweds, follow him to change into your attire. Everyone else, accompany him."

    Qing Yi senses something amiss and inquires, "Who arranged this?"

    The photographer winces, "No one. They're just changing clothes; why are you following them?"

    "So, we can follow then, right?"

    Qing Yi whispers this, but Chen Wuxing and the other photographer, engaged in conversation, do not hear him.

    Seeing their persistence, the photographer relents.

    However, the photographer only permits one person to go along. Qing Yi contemplates and decides to send Qing Er.

    Afterward, they are led to two vehicles and instructed to change their clothes.

    Although puzzled, they comply.

    Once dressed, the photo session begins, starting with a group shot of both of them.

    They position themselves as directed by the photographer, with Qing Si seated on the farthest right step.

    He gazed down at his hands, lost in thought.

    "What are you looking at?" a voice suddenly asked.

    Qing Si turned his head, spotting Huo Lanjing in his dark purple suit.

    He shot up and moved to the other side.

    "Hey, what are you doing? Don't move, you're disrupting my composition. Sit back down," Chen Wuxing, who had been forewarned, spoke up as he witnessed the scene.

    Qing Si hesitated for a moment before sitting back down.

    "Pay attention to your facial expressions, we're about to start shooting. Here we go, 3...2...1... Is the watermelon sweet?"

    "Yes, it is."

    Amidst laughter, only the two individuals on the far right wore frosty expressions.

    After the photographer snapped the picture, Huo Lanjing subtly shifted closer to Qing Si, their heads nearly touching.

    The photographer had finished shooting, but upon noticing their gesture, captured a few more frames.

    "Alright, let's proceed to the next location."

    Throughout the shoot, they took numerous pictures, and without fail, Huo Lanjing stood beside Qing Si in each one.

    However, most of the time was spent watching Chen Wuxing and Xu Ming filming.

    "Come, everyone, you've worked hard. Let's have a bite to eat first."

    Upon seeing the fruits and pastries on the table, Qing Er leaned in and exclaimed, "Wow, there are even fruits. This sort of treatment for a photo shoot must be quite expensive, right?"

    Qing Si cast a glance, noticing the crates of fruit within the carriage, then shot a look at Huo Lanjing without uttering a word.

    "I must be insane to have a conversation with a barrel of wine, like you."

    Qing Er, feeling unamused, left first.

    That box was used exclusively by the vendor who supplied the Huo family with fruits and organic vegetables, all transported from the Third Planet via spacecraft.

    Qing Si didn't join the others in eating but turned around to sit on a chair on the other side.

    As soon as he sat down, someone else took a seat on the adjacent chair.

    Qing Si glanced and saw it was Huo Lanjing, promptly averting his gaze.

    Huo Lanjing noticed and placed the fruit plate on the table. "Have some."

    Qing Si looked and saw grapes. He glanced at the group of people nearby who were also enjoying their fruits.

    Silently, he reached for a grape and began to eat.

    Huo Lanjing spoke up, "That day... I'm sorry."

    Qing Si lifted his head to look at him, then lowered it again to continue peeling his grape.

    Has he come to his senses?

    Huo Lanjing continued, "Over the past three days, I've done a lot of thinking, and I still feel the need to apologize to you. I shouldn't have suddenly grabbed you that day or said those things."

    He then looked at Qing Si, awaiting his response.

    After a moment's silence, Qing Si replied, "It's alright."

    Huo Lanjing furrowed his brows, concern etched on his face as he asked, "Can I trouble you with something?"

    Qing Si lifted his head, inviting him to speak with his gaze.

    Huo Lanjing pressed his lips together, hesitating for a while before saying, "Do you still remember that child from that day? He fell ill after we met."

    Pausing briefly, he continued, "I'm not implying it has anything to do with you. To be honest, his father is no longer around, and he's not even five years old. We've never dared to tell him. Before, it was just that you resemble his father so much that I made a mistake."

    "Would you be willing to act out a scene with me? Just until he gets better. I'll pay you by the day, a million per day. What do you think?"

    Qing Si lowered his head, deep in thought.

    Huo Lanjing remained silent, waiting patiently.

    After a moment, he glanced over and noticed that they had almost finished everything on the table.

    "All right," he said.

    Huo Lanjing turned his head at the sound of this, looking slightly surprised. "Really? You agreed?")

    Qing Si continued, "The timing is up to me."

    Huo Lanjing's lips curved into a smile. "Sure."

    Suddenly, a person at one of the tables collapsed, causing a commotion.

    Qing Si immediately rose to his feet and approached.

    The person lying on the ground was frothing at the mouth with eyes rolled back, clearly in a state of unconsciousness.

    Qing Er is wiping the residue from the corner of his mouth. "Hurry, bring the car over."

    The driver acknowledged and hurried to get the car moving.

    Qing Yi glanced at the items scattered on the ground and then at the objects on the table. He nudged Qing Si, who had rushed over.

    "Give me an evidence bag."

    Qing Si looked behind him at the approaching crowd and shook his head.

    Qing Yi understood and addressed everyone, "Does anyone have a sealable bag?"

    One of the photographer's assistants dug into their backpack and produced a stack. "Like this one?"

    Qing Yi nodded, first collecting the fallen pastries from the ground and then the remaining fruits and desserts on the table.

    Huo Lanjing took one look and grasped the situation; his gaze darkened.

    Had they been engaging in such perilous tasks for these past three years?


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