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    Chapter 88: Wedding (3100+)

    As Luo Le felt the gentle biting of his glands, he abruptly regained consciousness and struggled fiercely to break free.

    However, his hands were held tightly, making escape impossible.

    The fire within him seemed ready to consume him entirely.

    Wanting to turn back, Luo Le found his neck pinned down, preventing any movement.

    Realizing this wouldn't do, he collided forcefully with Huo Lanjing's head as it leaned in.

    Moments later, he heard a muffled groan behind him. With the constraining grip on his wrists finally released, Luo Le quickly pulled away.

    The sting of blood and pain jolted Huo Lanjing back to his senses.

    Luo Le staggered as he walked, the heat within him showing no sign of subsiding.

    Huo Lanjing watched Luo Le's retreating figure, lost in thought.

    Arriving at the stairway, Luo Le gazed ahead, deep in thought.

    An Omega in heat wandering the streets was an extremely risky and unwise move.

    Should he call Qing Yi over?

    But they were both Alphas; that might not be appropriate either.

    Just as Luo Le was grappling with this dilemma, his wrist was suddenly seized.

    Huo Lanjing covered his left eye, struggling to suppress his feverish desire. "You're really going out like this?"

    Luo Le shot him a tepid glance and replied with a single word, "Scram."

    Upon hearing this, Huo Lanjing's face darkened as he pulled Luo Le back inside.

    Their strength was vastly different.

    Luo Le was effortlessly led back to the door next to the room they had just been in.

    Without hesitation, Huo Lanjing opened the door, pushed Luo Le inside, and then locked it.

    The action was swift and decisive.

    Luo Le knocked on the door, but there was no response.

    After a moment, a muffled groan came from outside, followed by Huo Lanjing's voice: "In the back, there's an inhibitor on the desk."

    Then, silence fell outside the door. Luo Le pounded on it in frustration.

    However, the next second, he was consumed by desire. This rut was more intense than any before.

    But he had just gone through his rut a month ago. Omegas typically experienced them every three months.

    This was abnormal.

    Luo Le managed to walk in and spotted a small fridge on the table.

    Approaching it, he opened the fridge to find two inhibitor shots inside.

    Luo Le paused, recalling the scene from before when he continuously injected inhibitors into his arm.

    Another wave of heat surged, and moisture had already overwhelmed him below.

    With no time to spare, Luo Le grabbed the inhibitor, administered it, but there was no response.

    Luo Le bit his lip until blood stained his teeth.

    As expected, it was still ineffective.

    With that, Huo Lanjing, barely holding onto the last vestige of his sanity, descended the stairs and entered a room downstairs. After closing the door, he could finally allow his pheromones to run wild without restraint.

    From that point on, Luo Le didn't show up again. His condition worsened significantly.

    Initially, it was just an inability to express emotions and a lack of emotional sensitivity.

    But now, not only was his rut abnormal, but his body had also started experiencing inexplicable pains.

    Today marked the final day of their mission. He planned to seek help after it concluded.

    In this month, minor calamities seemed to follow me around: I'd get rear-ended by another vehicle every time I stepped out, or nearly be struck by a low-flying hovercar as I neared the sidewalk, and so on.

    Fortunately, all those close calls ended without incident.

    The wedding venue is located within the Xu family's estate, which was also built by the elder Mr. Xu for Xu Ming.

    It's said that it cost a fortune, amounting to tens of them.

    A novice was attending guests at the entrance, with Qing Er by his side, while Qing San observed from a short distance away.

    "Xiao Ming, now that you two are married, you must strive to live your lives to the fullest. Remember, Omega partners should always support one another in the days to come."

    Previously, Xu Ming's aunt and uncle had a strong reaction to their marriage, and Chen Wuxing even warned him to be cautious of his uncle and aunt.

    Originally, Xu Ming found it quite strange, but now it seems that they were just unable to think it through at the moment and had become fixated on a particular issue.

    While the empire allowed for free choice in marriage, a union like theirs was far from being favored.

    Xu Ming smiled and said, "Alright, I understand. Thank you, auntie. Please come in. By the way, I heard that my younger brother will be returning from the branch company to take up the position of manager in a few days. Congratulations!"

    Upon hearing this, an awkward expression flickered across Aunt's face but vanished quickly.

    After exchanging a few more pleasantries, she entered the house with Uncle, who was nearby.

    Huo Lanjing carried Chen Chen in. Chen Wuxing greeted him warmly.

    However, Luo Le could sense Huo Lanjing's occasional glances his way. He pretended not to notice.

    After that incident, Luo Le hadn't returned. Instead, Huo Lanjing had found excuses to visit under the pretense of seeing Chen Wuxing.

    Several times, he had wanted to come and find Luo Le, but was either kept at a distance or turned away with the door shut.

    They only exchanged a couple of words before Huo Lanjing came in.

    Chen Chen was placed on the floor and ran over with a grin on his face.

    Luo Le, who had intended to leave, stayed for some inexplicable reason when he witnessed this scene.

    "Uncle, I've missed you so much! Have you missed me?"

    Luo Le, almost as if possessed, reached out to touch his head, but then promptly pinched his cheek instead.

    "Why are you taking him along?"

    He tilted his head, his gaze passing through Chen Chen to the person standing behind him.

    Huo Lanjing was well aware of what might happen shortly.

    There was a momentary pause before Huo Lanjing replied, "He wants to see you. With me here, nothing will happen to him."

    Luo Le was speechless. Did Huo Lanjing really trust his abilities that much?

    The hour has struck, and the wedding commences promptly.

    After going through a series of procedures, Xu Ming, with Chen Wuxing's hand in his, approached the priest.

    One was attired in a pristine white suit, while the other donned a sleek black one.

    The residual radiance of divinity bathed upon them, and both were smiling.

    He seemed destined for greatness.

    Huo Lanjing deliberately chose to sit behind Luo Le, observing the man whose gaze was slightly distant as he stared ahead.

    Huo Lanjing paused, suddenly unable to recall their wedding scene.

    In truth, it had been a grand ceremony, unprecedented in scale. Huo Fei had invited numerous guests and even booked all the pastry shops in the Empire.

    On that day, anyone in the Empire who visited a shop and offered a blessing could enjoy a free treat.

    If not for Huo Lanjing's attitude towards Luo Le after the marriage, coupled with rumors spreading on the Star Network,

    many might have regarded them as a match made in heaven.

    Huo Lanjing was unaware of all this. He only remembered that Huo Fei had orchestrated an extravagant wedding.

    And that he had gotten into an argument with Huo Fei that same day.

    It seemed he hadn't truly taken the time to appreciate Luo Le during their wedding.

    Priest: "Mr. Chen Wuxing, do you take Mr. Xu Ming to be your husband, to honor and love him from this day forward?"

    Chen Wuxing couldn't wait to interrupt, "I'm willing."

    The priest smiled and said, "Mr. Xu Ming, would you be willing to..."

    Xu Ming said, "I am willing."

    The priest chuckled. This newlywed couple was indeed too eager.

    Next, the priest invited them to exchange their rings.

    As they were about to slip rings onto each other's fingers, a knife suddenly flew towards them. Qing Er, who was always by their side, swiftly kicked it away.

    Luo Le's gaze had already locked onto the culprit the moment he saw the knife flying toward him.

    He rushed over, but didn't expect the man to casually emerge from the crowd.

    Upon seeing that person, Xu Ming was taken aback.

    "Xu Bin, is that you? Why?"

    Xu Bin is the person he mentioned earlier, the one going back to the headquarters.

    Xu Bin laughed heartily. "Why? I want to ask why too. I'm clearly Grandpa's grandson as well. So why does he think of everything for you but never once consider us?"

    Xu Ming was taken aback, wondering what he was talking about.

    "What do you mean by that?"

    Xu Bin's cold gaze swept over Xu's father, then shifted to Xu Ming, and suddenly he understood. Instead of reacting with anger, he burst into a louder laughter.

    "You actually don't know? That's truly hilarious."

    Xu Ming: "What do you mean by that?"

    "Your father is lacking in every aspect. Aren't you curious how he managed to outmaneuver my father and become the helmsman of the Xu family?"

    Seeing Xu Ming's stunned expression, Xu Bin continued, "It's not that he has any particular talent, nor that he is the most outstanding, but rather, it is because he has given birth to a good son."

    Xu Ming became increasingly confused as he listened: "What does that mean?"

    Xu Bin was about to speak when Xu Ming's father stormed out, furiously shouting: "Shut up! Someone, get this troublemaker out of here."

    Xu Bin said, "Uncle, why the rush? I'll leave on my own once we're done talking."

    Xu Ming glanced at his father and signaled for him to wait for a moment.

    Xu Bin slightly tilted his head towards Xu Ming and said, "Have you ever been told that you resemble Grandmother a lot?"

    Xu Ming: "How could that be possible? In what way do I resemble my grandmother?"

    Xu Bin: "No, this is my grandmother now, your grandmother..."

    After that, Xu Bin unfolded the story with a captivating narrative.

    It turns out that Mr. Xu had been married twice. His first wife was his childhood sweetheart, who passed away after giving birth to Xu Ming's father at the age of twenty.

    The second wife was a marriage of convenience, devoid of love.

    Xu Ming bears a striking resemblance to his grandmother, both in appearance and demeanor.

    Thus, it was that Elder Xu favored him, virtually deciding from their first encounter that he would entrust the Xu family to this young man.

    Before his passing, he made a will stating that if Xu Ming had not married, the Xu family would temporarily be entrusted to Xu's father to manage.

    If wed, it would be entrusted to his partner's care.

    Regardless of whether Xu Ming is remarrying or anything else, the Xu family will follow his lead.

    All who heard this were profoundly shocked, never having imagined such an absurd occurrence.

    No wonder the Xu family has become disunited.

    "Pity my grandmother, who even invoked his name in her final moments. But did he ever spare a thought for her? Hah, you, who have never contributed a single thing to the company, enjoy the highest privileges. I started working at a subsidiary at eighteen, securing numerous projects and generating substantial profits for the company. Not to mention myself, think of my father, who dedicated his life to the company, constantly cleaning up after your father. And now, just because you're getting married, the Xu family is supposed to hand everything over to an outsider? On what grounds?"

    Xu Ming stood there stiffly, without uttering a single word.

    Xu Ming's father took a step forward and said, "Binbin, the contributions you have made to the Xu family are seen by everyone. Rest assured, nothing will change. You can still continue to..."

    "What can I do? Stay at the Xu Family and be at your beck and call? No, thank you. I don't want anything, but I won't let the Xu Corporation fall into someone else's hands. Rather than hand it over to an outsider, I'd prefer to destroy it."

    Xu Bin's father couldn't remain seated upon hearing this. "Rebellious child, what do you think you're doing?"

    Huo Lanjing kept his gaze on Luo Le, noticing that his expression hadn't changed throughout.

    He seemed like an emotionless robot.

    Huo Lanjing's eyes darkened, sensing something off about Luo Le.

    Xu Bin learned of this a month ago, and in that moment, he was overwhelmed by despair. He felt it was unjust for his grandmother, for his father, and for himself.

    He fell silent.

    Chen Wuxing must die, while Xu Ming, as long as he remains alive, that will suffice.

    Xu Bin: "What are you standing there for? Why aren't you moving?"

    Hardly had the voice faded when several figures descended from the trees, and just as many emerged from the crowd.

    Upon seeing the leader, Qing Yi paused. It was actually Poison.

    Poison was also a mercenary group, one of the top-ranked teams among mercenaries.

    They ranked several spots ahead of Qing Yi's team.

    Rumors had it that the members of Poison were as skilled as the elite first-line soldiers.

    Qing Yi had seen this face before, only in the files.


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