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    With a goal, there is a fighting spirit. Wu Jie reluctantly rested for two days, and then couldn't wait to announce that she had recovered.

    For her daughter's sudden and bizarre illness, Lu Clan couldn't understand it. However, my daughter now has a ruddy complexion and an excellent appetite. After being diagnosed by two imperial doctors and three famous folk doctors, they all agreed that she was completely cured.

    Lu Clan could only trust the judgment of the doctors - her daughter caught a cold at night, which caused severe cold syndrome. Fortunately, the princess is in good health and soon turned the corner.

    Hearing Wu Jie's mention of entering the palace, Lu Clan wanted to stop her, but then realized that the palace was still concerned about her daughter's condition, so it was time to go to the palace to pay her respects.

    Then he nodded and said: "Your aunt has been thinking about you since you were ill. The palace sent several people over and sent a lot of medicinal herbs. Now that your condition is better, you should also go to see her." Thank you."

    Wu Jie's aunt is Lu Clan's biological sister, who is now the imperial concubine of Emperor Zhengen in the palace and the biological mother of the current Crown Prince.

    Concubine Lu and Concubine Lu, two sisters, were born in a famous scholarly family in East Vietnam. They were born with beautiful looks, and when they grew up, they married the royal brothers, a noble concubine and a princess, which can be described as extremely prominent.

    The relationship between the two sisters is very good, Concubine Lu Guifei has no daughter under her knees, she dotes on the well-educated Wu Jie very much, she treats her like her own daughter.

    In the early years, Wu Jie also often entered the palace, until later because of an accident, she had some troubles with Empress Chen, so she went less often. Of course, this less is only compared to before. Every month, always go there two or three times with mother.

    Because it was customary to enter the palace, the mother and daughter did not wear heavy makeup according to their tastes. They only briefly adjusted their makeup before entering the palace on a bicycle frame.

    After entering the palace, according to the rules, the two first went to the central palace to meet the empress.

    As soon as she entered Weiyang Palace, Wu Jie heard a chirping sound coming from the palace, which was beautiful and melodious, like a hundred birds singing together.

    Entering the side hall, looking around, there are really a hundred birds singing together, don't know where to get dozens of bird cages, inside are parrots orioles and other birds with pleasant voices and bright coats.

    The birdcages woven with golden silk are extremely delicate, with complicated patterns and inlaid with pearls and jasper.

    Amidst the sound of warblers and swallows in the room, Empress Chen was sitting at the table, watching with a smile on her only biological daughter standing in front of the table and picking the birds.

    Empress Chen was born in the South Chen clan and was the youngest daughter of a county king. It has been more than 20 years since she married into Dongyue, but it was a pity that her offspring were difficult, and she did not have a daughter until she was nearly 30 years old. It is the third princess Wu Tang in front of me.

    She has a tough personality and is extremely disciplined. She often speaks frankly to her husband, Emperor Zheng En, but she loves her only daughter more than Zhen Bao, and she is extremely pampered. Fortunately, although Wu Tang's temperament is somewhat arrogant, he is still polite.

    Wu Tang is the same age as Wu Jie's younger sister Wu Wan, and the two share similar interests and get along well.

    Love Wu Wan, Empress Chen also took good care of Wu Wan, and often took her into the palace to play.

    Although Empress Chen didn't like Lu Clan or Wu Jie because of Concubine Lu, but for Wu Wan's sake, both parties were still extremely polite.

    After entering the main hall, as soon as Lu Clan led Wu Jie to salute, Empress Chen quickly asked the female officer to support the two of them: "Why do the whole family pay attention to these vain rituals?"

    Although Empress Chen said it was polite, Lu Clan and Wu Jie knelt down and bowed down. After going through all the etiquette, they stood up with the support of the female officer.

    A smile flashed in Empress Chen's eyes: "Why are you free today?"

    Lu Clan smiled and said: "I thought I haven't seen your mother Fengyan for many days, so I came here to say hello today." After a pause, he continued, "Just now when my wife came to the courtyard, I heard fairy music in the room, and I thought about it. Could it be that the empress is so powerful that she invited all the birds in the garden to sing together and come to perform. This time I was shocked when I entered the door, it really is a hundred birds facing the phoenix! Where did I find so many beautiful birds?"

    Empress Chen smiled reservedly at Lu Clan's polite compliment: "These are all spirit species that have just been tributed by the Nanfu. Some have gentle voices, some have bright coats, and there are a few that can understand human language. It is used for decoration in the palace. I am dizzy from the noise. Just as you came over, I picked two of them and took them home. Hang them under the eaves, and listen to something new once in a while."

    "Then I would like to thank my mother for the reward." Lu Clan responded with a generous smile.

    Wu Jie came to the table to pick.

    Dozens of birdcages piled up five or six large square tables to the brim.

    The third princess Wu Tang is like a lively bird, running around several tables, teasing this and playing with that, having a great time.

    Although she is only eleven years old, she is tall and slender, with graceful eyebrows, very much like Empress Chen, while Yao Yao has a straight nose, exquisite lips, and follows Emperor Zhengen, so it can be predicted that she will be an outstanding beauty in the future.

    Looking at the charming girl with almond eyes and peach cheeks, Wu Jie was in a trance, and couldn't help but recall the scene before her death.

    Of the four girls who were dedicated to the harem, the one who walked in the front was Wu Tang, right? At that time, she was completely attracted by her own sister Wu Wan. She only had a glimpse of Wu Tang, but she clearly remembered that her beautiful face like a hibiscus was full of sorrow, with tears like traces of tears on her face.

    It was in stark contrast to the innocent smile in front of him.

    "Sister Jie'er, which one do you like?" Wu Tang is still young, and he doesn't understand the little knot between his mother and Concubine Lu. Because of Wu Wan, he has always been quite fond of Wu Jie, a cousin. affectionate.

    "This purple one has a particularly nice cry. This golden feather is as bright as if it had been sprinkled with gold. There is another one whose coat color is as pure as white jade, but its small mouth and eyes are red, as if gemstones are inlaid on it. Yes." Wu Tang enthusiastically recommended.

    Wu Jie followed her instructions and looked at them one by one. The feathers of those birds were brilliant and scattered, and against the exquisite birdcage, they were like unparalleled treasures in the world. Crying tenderly in the cage, waiting for the nobleman's choice, don't know who will get it, and what will be the fate.

    Isn't it very similar to Dongyue a few years later, I'm afraid that at that time, the noble ladies of the wealthy clan, like these birds, were locked in iron cages, waiting to choose their fate.

    Thinking of this, I am in a slump. Wu Jie just picked an unremarkable one at random, and said with a smile, "Just this one."

    Wu Tang looked at it, clapped his hands and said, "Sister Jie'er has a good eye. This bird looks dark, but it has a clever mouth. It's one of the few that can only talk."

    Wu Jie was taken aback for a moment, unexpectedly pointing to one at random would be so precious. After all, it is not easy to train birds to speak.

    It's just that I have already chosen, and I don't bother to replace it. Fortunately, there were five or six of them who could talk, and the bird with the red beak and snow feathers was just muttering, "Eat the fruit, eat the fruit." People couldn't help laughing.

    Wu Jie finished choosing, and Wu Tang picked up another fiery red one: "Sister Jie'er, you can also take one back to give to Sister Wan, I just saw that this one is beautiful in color, she likes it already Wearing a red dress, just give it to her."

    Wu Jie nodded with a smile: "Then thank you very much, and Wan'er will come over to play with you someday."

    A clever female officer had already stepped forward, took down the two birds, and covered them with thick blue curtains.

    Immersed in darkness, the two birds also fell silent.

    After the selection, Wu Jie turned her head to look and found that her mother and Empress Chen were still talking. She secretly marveled.

    Empress Chen has a haughty personality and is not good at talking with strangers. In the past, when they entered the palace, they would greet the guests with tea and send them to Concubine Lu. Uncharacteristically today, he kept talking to his mother.

    Perhaps sensing Wu Jie's gaze, Empress Chen turned her head and said with a smile, "Jie'er has chosen well? I heard that you had a serious illness a few days ago."

    "I fell ill, and I haven't thanked the imperial doctor you sent, my empress."

    Empress Chen snorted, "I heard that these imperial doctors didn't see anything good or bad. It was Prince De who invited famous doctors from the people over."

    Lu smiled at the side: "We went to the doctor in a hurry, which made my mother laugh. In fact, Jie'er's condition was severe, and she has been cured after the imperial doctor's diagnosis and treatment. But I don't understand medical principles, and I was too impatient, so the prince searched for her again. The doctors from the city came over. They also prescribed two or three nourishing prescriptions, but they didn’t have much effect.”

    Empress Chen nodded, and motioned for Wu Jie to come to her. He took her hand and looked at her with a smile: "This illness came so suddenly. I was shocked when I heard the news in the palace. Last month, your younger sister Tang also caught a cold. She had a fever and coughed for most of her life. It took months to improve."

    "Let the empress worry about it. It's because I like to ride horses and climb mountains and run around since I was a child, so the stronger my body, the better I will recover quickly."

    Empress Chen nodded: "Fortunately, you recovered in time, otherwise your father, mother and concubine would have been more worried. You child, you are already a big girl, why don't you take care of yourself so much and make your elders worry about you. Now at home Your mother and concubine will take care of it, and what should I do when I leave the pavilion in the future?"

    When the marriage was brought up for no reason, Wu Jie, mother and daughter both had alarm signals in their minds.

    Lu Clan quickly cut off the conversation: "It's because this child is careless and clumsy since he was a child. My lord and I are worried about it. In the future, we can only choose a family nearby, and we don't ask for any nobles."

    Empress Chen gave her a reproachful look: "What are you talking about, Jie'er is a dignified princess, so it's impossible to marry a low family?"

    Lu Clan smiled and did not answer.

    Empress Chen didn't continue to dwell on this topic, she let go of Wu Jie's hand, and said with a smile, "I'm also anxiously waiting at Changle Palace, so I won't delay your sisters' conversation."

    Lu Clan took the opportunity to get up and bid farewell with Wu Jie.

    After a while, Wu Tang also chose the bird he liked, took seven or eight golden cages and couldn't wait to bid farewell to his mother, and went back to his palace to arrange them.

    After her daughter left, the smile on Empress Chen's face disappeared. Asked the female officer beside her: "What did Princess De say when she went to Changle Palace?"

    "Just sent back news to the people who passed by, and talked to the imperial concubine in the pavilion, so it's not easy to get close."

    A hint of sarcasm flashed across Empress Chen's face, "I'm not afraid of blowing the wind because I just recovered from my illness."

    The female officer followed her words and said: "The princess's illness is very strange. She suddenly fell ill and suddenly recovered. Last time, even the doctor Wang couldn't give a reason. She only said that she was mentally stagnant, angry and so on. .”

    "She is a boudoir daughter, how can she have any emotional stagnation?" Empress Chen said coldly, "I don't know if their sons are selfishly scrutinizing her. Didn't they just hear the news from Prince De that Great Wei proposed to get married?" Afraid to choose himself, in a hurry, he simply pretended to be sick, and he was so sick that he was dying. Now that the two sides sat down to make peace, they found that what Great Wei really wanted was to marry a daughter into Vietnam, not to choose a concubine, so he was relieved. Take a breath and heal."

    "Your Majesty is wise." The female officer hastily bowed and said with a look of convincing.

    If Wu Jie heard it, she would just pooh, what a wise bird!

    In fact, it is no wonder that Empress Chen speculates so much, there is no reason in the world to recover so quickly after being so seriously ill.

    Empress Chen snorted coldly, staring at the palace gate with an unfathomable expression.


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