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    "Don't worry, Your Highness, I am not an ungrateful person in the Northern Wei Dynasty. Today's sincerity will be rewarded in the future." Once again emphasizing his position, Yuan Zhe stood up and said goodbye.

    Although the meeting was short, the guests and hosts finally had a good time.

    Wu Jie followed him down the gazebo, and a figure appeared at the end of the corridor.

    Wu Jie's footsteps paused, and she finally felt relieved when she saw who was coming.

    It turned out to be Gao Hongyuan, the deputy envoy. He has a handsome complexion and a graceful demeanor, but he has already held a high position in his twenties. Such a talent must be rare in the Northern Dynasties.

    Seeing the two coming hand in hand, Gao Hongyuan's eyes lit up, he cupped his hands and said with a smile: "His Royal Highness is indeed unparalleled."

    Wu Jie smiled: "Gu Ye has heard of Deputy Envoy Gao's name for a long time, and I heard that Deputy Envoy Gao is from the Gao family in Lingbei."

    Gao Hongyuan raised his eyebrows: "Unexpectedly, His Royal Highness also knows about my Gao family."

    "Although I live in a remote place, I have also heard that the Gao family in Lingbei has produced a large number of talented people. The prestige of the tall general who has won countless battles, and the reputation of Queen Gao's upright and virtuous virtues are all spread to the world and widely known."

    "His Royal Highness, the crown prince is too famous. My Gao family has been favored by the emperor, and I serve the country loyally. My sister serves the emperor, and I don't dare to bear any reputation." Hearing Wu Jie mentioning her family, Gao Hongyuan's cheeks turned red. But it has a proud expression.

    As expected, he was Empress Gao's younger brother. Wu Jie thought secretly.

    Hearing Wu Zhen and Gao Hongyuan's enthusiasm, Yuan Zhe next to him suddenly showed a cold smile, which disappeared in a flash.

    The envoys and deputy envoys cannot leave the table for too long. After a few short words from Shuangfan, Yuanzhe and Yuan Zhe left.

    Wu Jie also turned around immediately and returned to the East Palace.

    Quietly returning to the inner hall from the small door, Zifen helped her change her clothes, and couldn't help asking, "What did the princess just talk about with His Royal Highness Prince Zi?"

    It seems that my actions today are too shocking, even Zifen, who has always been silent, can't help it. Wu Jie smiled and said, "I just talked about some household matters, and His Royal Highness Zi Wang seems to appreciate me very much."

    "My maidservant heard that His Royal Highness the King of Zi came to Dongyue to ask for marriage." Following Wu Jie in and out these days, Zi An vaguely knew what her princess was thinking.

    "Aren't I just trying to find a good marriage for the prince?"

    "But, princess... those people in the Northern Wei Dynasty are extremely vicious and often plunder our borders."

    "National affairs can't be summed up in two words, good and evil. I try my best so that my people in East Vietnam won't have to be tortured by soldiers in the future."

    Zifen opened her mouth, but in the end she didn't say anything, she lowered her head, and waited for Wu Jie to finish changing her clothes.

    Wu Jie sighed secretly. She didn't know Zifen's worries. After all, the wars between South Chen and the Northern Wei Dynasty were tense these years. The decline is irreversible, and she is unwilling to hug her ene's thigh like this. It's just that these things can't be explained to Zifen. believe that one day, this girl will understand.

    Walking out of the inner hall, the pine waves in the courtyard are like waves, and the cold moon hangs high. In an instant, I feel open-minded, and all worries and worries are thrown aside. I only hope that day and night will not be wasted in planning and traveling so much.

    A eunuch in Tsing Yi greeted him, and smiled: "His Royal Highness is here to enjoy the moon, and the princess is looking for you."

    Wu Jie walked towards the main hall with him, seeing no one else around, the eunuch lowered his voice and asked, "Your Highness, I wonder how the scenery was like just now?"

    "Naturally, the breeze is bright and the moon is bright, and the scenery is infinite."

    The little eunuch understood and said with a smile: "His Royal Highness can rest assured."

    Wu Jie smiled and said nothing. There are many eyes and ears of Empress Chen in this inner hall, but this one in front of him is the confidant of the prince's elder brother.

    After leaving the palace and returning home, Wu Jie slept peacefully for the first time, a long sleep without dreams or surprises.

    After connecting for a few days, all the news came. Prince Wu Zhen personally presented himself to Emperor Zhengen, offering to marry the noble daughter of the Northern Wei clan, and the two countries concluded a good marriage. The envoys of the Northern Wei Dynasty also changed their previous attitude of oppressing others, and put forward conditions that were much more relaxed. They even stated that as long as Dongyue was willing to surrender, they were willing to have the Emperor Wei issue a letter of credence and establish a brotherly country. This was much more courteous treatment than ordinary vassal states, and Emperor Zhengen couldn't help but be moved.

    The court is also full of turmoil, and the officials of Dongyue are not fools. The Northern Wei Dynasty is powerful, no matter how you look at it, it is more promising to change the family. Although South Chen has been operating in the local area for many years, and many East Vietnamese nobles have married and made good friends with him, but after all, his own wealth and wealth are more important.

    As the atmosphere in the court gradually changed, the atmosphere in the harem became more and more tense. Especially in Empress Chen's Weiyang Palace, there were people in the palace who were scolded for some insignificant matters for many consecutive days, and some were even executed in court.

    Especially the night before, Empress Chen had already fallen asleep, but she got some news, so she hurriedly got up and went to see Emperor Zhengen. At that time, the key to the palace gate had already been released, and Emperor Zhengen had already rested with the newly entered palace Wang Meiren.

    Empress Chen broke into the bedroom, and a fierce dispute broke out between the empress and empress. Although the reason is, the palace people are silent. But the news came that Emperor Zhengen was very angry and reprimanded Empress Chen for misbehaving. It was the clever female officer next to Empress Chen who hurriedly invited the third princess Wu Tang over to calm down the dispute between the two.

    When the news reached Prince De's Mansion, Wu Jie understood that it was probably because the Northern Wei Dynasty succeeded in intercepting South Chen's envoys on the mountain road!

    Without the obstruction of this envoy group, Emperor Zhengen would no longer be hesitant like in his previous life, and even the subsequent assassination of the envoys of the Northern Wei Dynasty would probably not have happened.

    Don't blame her for being ruthless. The secret envoy that South Chen infiltrated this time not only cooperated with Empress Chen and manipulated the government, but also did immoral things, assassinating the Northern Wei envoy on the border of East Vietnam, causing heavy losses. Died at the hands of assassins, dozens of ordinary guards and envoys lost even more.

    At that time, because of Empress Chen's cover-up and assistance, the East Vietnam Forbidden Army searched many times but couldn't find its roots. It can only implicate a large number of innocent civilians to calm the anger of the Northern Wei Dynasty.

    At that time, the Northern Wei Dynasty was eager to win over Dongyue, so they chose to hold back, but they planted the seeds for their later turnaround. In particular, Empress Gao hated Dongyue deeply because her younger brother died in Dongyue. After she entered the palace, she repeatedly targeted and bullied her.

    After waking up from the nightmare, Wu Jie thought that she had done everything she could do. Focus on the assassination incident in the previous life. First, he started with his father, Prince De, and persuaded him to increase the protection force of the Northern Wei Dynasty Mission Group several times, and then specially helped Prince De plan the reception route of the Mission Group. Arrange more palace banquets and literati poetry meetings, and less let them run around among the people. Even the street where the assassination occurred in the previous life was thoroughly searched in the name of cleaning up and renovating. Be sure to ensure the safety of these ancestors.

    After waiting for a few more days, the assassination of the previous envoy did not happen, which made Wu Jie heave a sigh of relief.

    And as the peace talks went smoothly, Prince De's frown gradually relaxed, and his face was no longer so tired. Wu Jie understood that her efforts were not in vain, and everything was moving in a better direction.

    Early this morning, Wu Jie got up and ordered the carriage to be prepared for a trip to White Deer Temple. This trip was mainly for Prince Wu Zhen's injury.

    The bee venom was more troublesome than expected. Although it was not life-threatening, the swelling on his face could not subside for a long time.

    The old monk Guangxin, in Wu Jie's eyes, the Dharma, the ability to know the destiny, and so on are all lies, but there is one thing that is absolutely true, and that is his medical skills.

    Let Wu Zhen's swollen cheeks recover as soon as possible before he can discuss the next step of marriage with the Northern Wei envoys.

    When going out, the sky was gloomy, and Wu Jie drove lightly all the way. When we arrived at White Deer Temple, the cloudy sky finally turned into cool rain and fell.

    Perhaps because of the bad weather, there are a lot fewer pilgrims at White Deer Temple. Wearing a veiled hat, Wu Jie got out of the carriage with the support of the maid.

    White Deer Temple is used to it, even the Zhike monk didn't disturb, Wu Jie walked into the backyard with ease.

    The two little novice monks stepped forward to salute, and took the snacks from Zifen with smiles on their faces: "Thank you for the reward, Your Royal Highness, we are blessed. The grand master has been talking about you and Prince De since last time. Woolen cloth."

    The old monk with white beard and hair was still sitting under the vine trellis, wearing a loose blue-gray monk robe, shaking the broken cattail fan with two missing teeth. It's just that there is a gloomy look between the eyebrows. Seeing Wu Jie coming in, she felt a little happy.

    Wu Jie's gaze fell on the stone table in front of him. The two teacups, the young novice, have not had time to clean up. This old monk has guests? It's really strange, except for the visit of his father, an old chess friend, or occasional summons from the palace, Guangxin has not seen anyone outside for many days. Recently, I have visited twice at home, and even the guests have just left.

    "Could it be that the master likes the new and dislikes the old, and found a new chess friend?"

    Amused by her teasing, Guangxin laughed out loud, "I'm infatuated with your father and king. It's hard to find a confidant after decades of waiting."

    Prince De's age is also the younger generation in front of him.

    After finishing speaking, Guangxin sighed again, "It's just that in the world of mortals, who can really escape these disturbing mundane affairs. Last time we met, I laughed at your father being entangled in mundane affairs. I didn't expect that in a blink of an eye , this disturbing mundane came to the door."

    Hearing this, Wu Jie was even more surprised. The seniority of the old monk was so high that even Emperor Zhengen and Empress Chen could refuse it outright if they couldn't think of it. Who can make him unhappy.

    Guangxin didn't seem to want to say more, and asked: "If you don't have anything to go to the Three Treasures Hall, little girl, let me tell you why you are here first."

    Wu Jie quickly told about the bee venom, opened the handkerchief she carried with her, and took out two dead bees.

    Guangxin took it and looked at it, and then carefully asked about the symptoms of the recruited person. Then he quickly went into the alchemy room in the backyard and took out a bottle of ointment, and prescribed a prescription to explain the precautions for external application and internal administration.

    Wu Jie was overjoyed, she listened carefully and wrote down one by one.During the whole process, Guangxin didn't ask who the poisoned person was, but Wu Jie always felt that the old monk knew it well.


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