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    Chapter 58

    From then on, the supernatural creatures on set became even more cautious. The alluring female creatures looked at Wei Xi as if he were Sun Wukong, and they dared not release their demonic aura in front of him or other ordinary people on set. The wild fox spirit had witnessed Wei Xi's mighty display of strength when he defeated the wild boar, so she somewhat acknowledged his martial prowess. She had originally planned to use her beauty to get closer to him, but now she had given up on that idea.

    She covered her delicate white ears and dared not complain out loud, only whispering to the nearby wild boar spirit, "Master Wei is so unromantic, it's no wonder he's single by virtue of his own skills."

    Shuo Zong gave her a chilly glance.

    Wei Xi, on the other hand, sighed to his second disciple, "Boars are off-limits, and now even red foxes. Lu Que, let's go up the mountain later to find something else."

    Originally, he intended to capture some unintelligent creatures and present them to his master for inclusion in the list of monsters. Upon hearing this, his expression immediately turned grave. "Master, you can't do that! Nowadays, how many wild animals in the mountains aren't protected species? Poaching is punishable by fines!"

    Wei Xi frowned in disbelief, scanning the surroundings. "So... all of these are protected animals?"

    "That's right," Unity Righteousness replied. "Master, you can't go around doing as you please. Apart from them, even sparrows and swallows are second-class nationally protected animals. If you catch them randomly and someone reports it, we'll be in trouble. The forest police might come knocking, and that won't look good for our company's reputation, don't you agree?"

    "......" Wei Xi sat there, deeply affected, experiencing for the Nth time since descending the mountain the sting of being targeted by national law. He couldn't comprehend how the world had become like this. "... Can't anyone eat them at all?"

    "Of course not," Unity Righteousness said. "It's just that we can't catch them. Nobody will intervene if protected animals catch other protected animals. Who can blame us for not being as rare as they are, hehehe. Don't you think so, Junior Brother?"

    Suddenly, Shuo Zong, who was unexpectedly mentioned, responded with a string of ellipses: "..."

    Wei Xi instantly felt a surge of envy for the privileges that came with being a nationally protected animal. If he weren't just a wandering spirit, he would have been tempted to apply for such a status himself.

    Unity Yi managed to persuade their master, then hurried off to the scene to assist with the coordination and management. The assembly of beautiful demons, though enchanting in appearance, were all rather ill-tempered. They already harbored resentment towards the production crew for mishandling their images, and, given their different origins, subconsciously looked down upon mortals, adopting an incredibly arrogant attitude. Only the presence of those from the Taicang Sect could restrain them.

    Realizing the situation, Wei Xi felt that his country was rather unfriendly to him. He let out a long sigh and grabbed the sleeve of his disciple beside him.

    The second disciple, having just overheard the mysterious conversation between "Senior Brother" and Wei Xi, along with the longing expression Wei Xi had shown for "animal protection," found their gaze lingering on him in quiet contemplation after being pulled back to reality.

    Wei Xi: "Master is hungry."

    Unable to consume spirits with awakened intelligence or protected animals without it, the only option left was his second disciple.

    He sensed the younger's gaze lingering on his lips for a moment before a hand was extended slowly.

    Wei Xi didn't take it; this wasn't the way he wanted to be fed.

    Their eyes locked in a silent tug-of-war for a while. After a long while, seeing that his disciple had no intention of taking the initiative, Wei Xi took matters into his own hands and leaned in.

    Shuo Zong: "..."

    Shuo Zong firmly grasped his shoulder and said, "...Not here."

    Wei Xi was taken aback and looked around. "What's wrong with this place?"

    Shuo Zong gazed into his clear eyes that could be understood in an instant, revealing a pure desire. Yet, this simplicity was relative to Wei Xi's own concept, as the actions they were about to take were rather...

    Feeling strangely parched under his disciple's gaze, Wei Xi couldn't help but lick his lips. His tongue swiftly brushed across his mouth, just like when he had licked away the boar's blood from his face that fateful day, filled with killing intent.

    His disciple's gaze remained intense. Finally, he stood up and said in a low, hoarse voice, "Come with me."


    The moist sounds of water echoed through a dense forest.

    Wei Xi was pressed against a towering beech tree, looking up as he entwined his lips with his disciple's.

    Warm breaths escaped between their lips, which occasionally parted, while their tongues were sucked deeply. In the distance, the noise of film equipment being activated and crew members' voices blended with the intimate sounds of breathing and heartbeat nearby, creating an inexplicable sense of weakness in one's spine.

    The disciple's strength was immense, holding him tightly around the waist. Wei Xi found it odd how eager his disciple was to feed him, but soon, he became dizzy from the deep kisses, gasping as he wrapped his arms around the back of the neck, emitting a long, ambiguous hum from his nose, "Mm—"

    After a while, the disciple released his mouth, breathing slightly hurried, pressing their foreheads together. His hot breath brushed against Wei Xi's lips and cheeks.

    Blissfully dazed, Wei Xi licked his moist lips and looked up at him in a daze.

    The second disciple's eyes were like two bottomless dark wells, "Enough?"

    Wei Xi smacked his lips, indeed not feeling that hungry anymore. However, the mountain forest was unusually cold, and the scent emanating from his disciple was warm and pleasant. With his muscles relaxed, he leaned against the tree trunk, too lazy to move.

    He pressed his nose against the disciple's high, cool tip, gently rubbing back and forth a few times.

    Their breaths intertwined, indistinguishable from one another. He extended his tongue to lick the corner of the disciple's mouth, savoring the taste and deciding, "Let me have a few more bites."

    The disciple allowed him to nuzzle his nose without moving, his gaze falling on Wei Xi's face, his emotions unreadable, as if he found no pleasure in this.

    Wei Xi tightened his hold around the back of the disciple's neck, preparing to lean in for a kiss when suddenly, the lips above descended again, thick with warmth, engulfing him instantly.

    Snowflakes danced above, landing on their trembling hair.

    The first snow of the winter arrived.


    In the distance, the cast and crew of "Screams," now officially in production, found themselves in a surreal state.

    Surrounding the shooting area, the staff gazed at the actors, their robes billowing in the center of the camera frame. This was a grand scene of the main characters battling an evil monster, so the visuals naturally featured acrobatic stunts that defied gravity. Thin wires were scattered around the set, suspending part of the lead cast in mid-air as they brandished their weapons, executing the moves they had rehearsed with the action director, looking incredibly skilled.


    After watching for a while, someone on the sidelines finally whispered, barely able to hold back their criticism, "Hey, don't you think the extras look much smoother and more graceful while doing those wire stunts?"

    The other person replied, "Not just the movements, but they also look better overall... And their flips and sword swings... Goodness, when compared like this, who's actually the main character here?"

    This sentiment wasn't exclusive to the onlookers; the lead actors in the center of the camera were equally perplexed.

    To be fair, no matter how professional one was, being suspended mid-air would inevitably cause discomfort. Without solid ground beneath their feet, relying solely on their core strength, even the most experienced male lead struggled to execute his envisioned actions smoothly, let alone with ease.

    He had been in the industry for years, working with numerous productions, and had always believed that his performance was entirely normal, if not exceptional.

    But what on earth was happening now?

    He gazed at the dozen extras, suspended on wires and moving effortlessly in the air as if they were standing on solid ground, their every gesture ethereal and graceful. They flipped and kicked with ease, as if they were simply strolling on flat land. Since the initial guidance, not a single one of them had made a mistake! Not a single one! All the problems that hindered the filming were due to the main cast. Yet, these guys executed even the most challenging moves with such ease and naturalness! Their beautifully coordinated costumes and props remained untouched!

    As if this wasn't enough, after another NG caused by the main actor's inadequate performance, they proactively called Director Wang over and demonstrated a move where they leaped into the air, flipping mid-flight: "I think adding this move will make the fight scene more impressive."

    Both Director Wang and the action choreographer were astounded. The male lead was utterly stunned. How could they perform such a feat, seemingly standing on thin air with enough support to flip backward? Was it really scientifically possible?

    Regardless, the main cast's spotlight had been stolen by these mysterious extras. Some in the audience couldn't resist whipping out their phones to capture the moment. Director Wang, staring at his camera monitor, also felt the irresistible charm of these creatures. He couldn't help but recall the poignant glances from the main cast earlier.

    The male lead, renowned for his exceptional combat scenes, was particularly affected by this stark contrast. Blushing with shame, he dared not rest during breaks and instead practiced relentlessly.

    Seeing his distress, Director Wang couldn't help but sympathetically place a hand on his forehead. However, he was at a loss on how to console him. Should he tell his friend not to be discouraged, that he was truly great, but was simply outmatched because his current opponent was a wild boar spirit?


    Director Wang felt deep empathy, but regardless, the monsters' innate talents ensured that the final film would be outstanding. Even the assistant directors gathered around were staring at the monitor, repeatedly praising the scene.

    "One hell of a movie, one hell of a movie. Look at this girl playing the fox spirit, her seductive smile... Damn, if she's not a fox spirit, no one will believe it!"

    "The moves of this black guy are great too! So powerful and majestic! Director Wang and President Qiu really know how to pick their actors; he fits the role of the sturdy boar spirit perfectly!"

    "The props, the costumes, the looks – I have a feeling that this scene will become a classic once the movie is released!"

    Qiu Guokai smiled as he listened to the assistant directors suggesting additional scenes. His gaze shifted to the male lead, who was practicing his actions with unprecedented enthusiasm, and finally landed on Fang Xiaojie, dressed in white.

    Fang Xiaojie was thrilled – his character had lines! Just one line, but he was acting opposite the influential female second lead! Despite her lack of professionalism and poor acting skills, she was a well-known celebrity!

    He carefully set down the script he'd been holding onto since he received it, looking at the expressionless beauty of the female second lead, who seemed completely detached from the scene. Before the shooting started, he overheard whispers nearby:

    "Goodness, it's Teacher Yan's turn. Better get ready; we don't know how many takes it'll take this time. This scene requires a lot of intensity."

    "What intensity?"

    "Fear, of course. The plot has her suddenly encountering a mountain demon, so she needs to show intense and obvious fear – screaming, tears, and trembling all over."

    "…Bloody hell, if that's the case, we're really doomed. With her poker face, she can't express emotions at all. Last time, for a scene where she was supposed to cry her heart out over losing her loved one, it took more than thirty takes. Even with eye drops, she still had this fake smile on her face, as if she was celebrating becoming a widow… Forget it, I'll prepare myself for three hours of struggle today."

    Fang Xiaojie straightened his attire, while the female lead opposite him gazed at him with an empty, magazine-like expression.

    Fang Xiaojie bolstered himself with determination. Come on! You can do this! A truly excellent actor not only immerses themselves in the role but also enables their co-actors to get into character!

    A minute later, a piercing scream ripped through the air, resembling a bolt of lightning, imbued with boundless fear and despair. It was as if a murder victim was confronting the murderer's blade on the scene. The main actors, who were preparing for an action sequence, froze in their tracks, horror-struck as they turned to the source of the shriek.

    "What's going on!"

    "What's happening?! Is someone injured?!"

    The crew members also rushed toward the source, only to be stunned by the scene that unfolded before them.

    "Shh! Shh!"

    The sound mixer's assistants promptly stopped them from approaching.

    Ahead, in the center of the camera setup, the famous expressionless female supporting actress of "Scream" was lying on the ground in a state of terror. Her entire body trembled, her hair disheveled, as she helplessly pushed against the ground, trying to retreat backward. Her eyes were wide with fear, seemingly about to pop out of their sockets. Every muscle on her face twitched wildly, tears flowing freely like they were free of charge. From head to toe, every strand of hair seemed to scream – I'm so damn scared right now!

    "Cut!" The assistant director stared in disbelief at the monitor for a long while before finally shouting in excitement and jumping up, "We got it! That take is perfect!"

    "What the hell?!" Everyone watching was stunned. "Did you see that?! She had emotions on her face! And she cried without even using eye drops! Am I dreaming?! Teacher Yan actually has expressions besides those puffed-up cheeks!"

    Yet, the female supporting actress remained sprawled on the ground, still deeply immersed in her fear, showing no sign of getting up.

    Opposite her, Fang Xiaojie, dressed in white, quickly snapped out of his character. Overwhelmed with joy at the news that he had nailed his scene, he happily approached the trembling actress to help her up.

    She stared at him intently, not daring to look away, her limbs trembling uncontrollably. Fang Xiaojie, however, politely flattered, "Teacher Yan, you've worked hard."

    Staring at his smiling face, her fear gradually subsided after a long while. After wiping away her tears, she fell into a profound confusion – What just happened? Was that a hallucination?


    "Wang Director!! I aced my scene in one take!! Did you see my acting?! Was it good or what?!" Fang Xiaojie rushed over to Director Wang, script in hand, as excited as a hyperactive sparrow. His human-like running motion was incredibly realistic; unless one looked closely, they wouldn't notice his feet never actually touched the ground.

    At first, Director Wang was also devastated when he found out the horror films he received featured real ghosts. However, faced with a devoted young fan who constantly looked up to him with admiration, his initial fear as a human didn't last long. Seeing Fang Xiaojie approach, he simply lit a cigarette for himself and slumped lazily into his chair.

    Fang Xiaojie gazed at him, captivated by his composed demeanor and gently swaying toes. The ghost was wildly exhilarated – his idol was so cool!

    Director Wang observed him for a moment, his gaze sweeping past the stillness outside the set where the female lead, lost in deep thought, seemed to have left her body. With a cigarette between his fingers, he pointed at the monitor and asked, "What did you just do?"

    He had somehow managed to evoke such a stunning performance from the female supporting role, who had brought her own funding to the production and possessed acting skills that were abysmal, save for her striking appearance.

    Fang Xiaojie crouched hesitantly beside his chair, scanning his surroundings before whispering, "W-Well, when I was reciting my lines close to her, I... I plucked out my own eyes."

    Director Wang: "..............."

    Investor Qiu Guokai nodded contentedly. With Taicang Sect's involvement, the atmosphere on their set was truly excellent now; everyone was working diligently!

    United Righteousness received a new collaboration offer from Qiu Guokai but couldn't locate his master on set after searching around. A phone call revealed that the ringing was coming from a dense forest beside the shooting studio. He uttered an "oh" and glanced at the seemingly untouched woods, about to investigate.

    After just a few steps, he saw his master and junior apprentice brother emerge from the forest, one in front of the other.

    "Master!" he called out instinctively, then abruptly halted his approach after taking a few steps closer.

    Wei Xi walked ahead, his hair slightly disheveled, his expression languid and relaxed. His lips were pink and swollen, glistening with a hint of moisture, exuding a strong sense of satisfaction.

    The junior disciple followed behind, hands in his pockets, his usual indifferent expression suggesting he cared about nothing. But it might have been an illusion, but his usually neat jacket seemed slightly wrinkled.

    Despite the distance between them, an inexplicable connection seemed to bind them together, imbuing the atmosphere with a subtle air of intimacy.

    Tuan Jie Yi watched this scene, opening his mouth, and uncontrollably, a few lewd thoughts sprang to mind. His face flushed red, and he stammered, "M-Master... You and Junior Apprentice Brother... What were you doing in the woods?"

    Upon hearing this question, the junior apprentice brother glanced at him from afar, his chin lifting slightly. His handsome face was devoid of any expression, offering no clues to interpret his intentions.

    Wei Xi licked his lips nonchalantly and replied to his senior disciple, "We went to get something to eat."

    The junior disciple's gaze remained calmly fixed on his master, his expression indifferent, yet he didn't refute the statement.

    Tuan Jie Yi's mind, filled with lewd thoughts, was instantly shattered. Embarrassment washed over him as he laughed nervously, "Hahaha! So you went to eat! I see!"

    At that moment, the junior apprentice brother withdrew his gaze from his master, giving a cold sneer. His deep, cold voice echoed, "Or did you think we were doing something else? Care to share your thoughts?"

    Tuan Jie Yi, recalling the lewd notions that had just occupied his mind, felt his knees weaken. How could he have entertained such unhealthy ideas? It was a disgrace to the sect!

    It couldn't possibly be what I think it is. He shook his head in embarrassment. "No way, no way! What could you two possibly be doing? You must be eating something!"


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