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    Chapter 92

    Wei Xi: "? ?"

    Azure Dragon: "? ?"

    The crowd of humans watching below: "? ?"

    Chōmei's face turned deathly pale as he stared at the inhuman scene in the air, murmuring, "…What did you just say…?"

    Xia Shouren's expression was blank. "…How would I know… if you asked me?"

    The Azure Dragon, with its newly grown horns freshly snapped off, let out another frenzied roar after a brief moment of shock. Apart from the pain, it couldn't comprehend what was happening! It had clearly sensed the aura of a fellow auspicious beast, and even developed a near-submissive reliance from the inheritance. Its instincts told it that this newcomer was one of its own! But why would its own kind rip off its horns?! This was more unbearable than the face-biting incident!

    With the dragon head too large, Wei Xi held onto one horn while still chewing on a scale. He extended his tongue to lick the warm dragon blood from the corner of his mouth, eyeing the unknown creature beside him warily.

    The other creature lowered its gaze to look at him, holding the dragon horn in hand with an indifferent expression, not appearing to be playing any tricks.

    Wei Xi strained his mind to decipher the intention behind this action, but such deep contemplation was too much for his brain. After a moment, his appetite eventually took over. He cautiously opened his mouth, moved closer to the other's hand, and then gently bit down.

    Throughout the process, his eyes never left the one feeding him, so he could detect any unusual movements in an instant.

    Surprisingly, the other party seemed to genuinely be feeding him. Not only did they not withdraw the dragon horn, but they also used their thumb to wipe away the rainwater and dragon blood from the corner of his mouth. Their finger pad was scorching hot, forming a stark contrast with Wei Xi's icy skin that had been chilled by the rain and fierce winds. A hint of warmth, familiar yet distinct, entered his nostrils along with the action, intertwining with the crisp and smooth sensation of the newly grown dragon horn.

    A hint of amusement flickered in the other's eyes.

    Wei Xi's vigilance gradually dissipated under their gaze. He relaxed and took another slow bite.

    One lying down, one crouching, they remained focused on each other, their once-hostile atmosphere now surprisingly amicable. Even the howling wind seemed to soften.

    Watching this scene unfold, the Azure Dragon's eyes widened in dismay as it wailed mournfully, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

    What is going on with you two?! Why are you suddenly being all affectionate in such a serious situation?! Please stop gazing into each other's eyes! Can't you see me?! Show some respect for your opponent!


    Fuming, it writhed in the air, almost twisting itself into a knot. The sea grew turbulent, with waves crashing against the embankment with a deafening roar. Despite this, it couldn't shake off the unwavering threats on its back. Instead, the sudden loss of scales and horns, followed by unexpected turmoil, left it dizzy with shock and fear. It carelessly plummeted from the sky, crashing straight onto the scenic platform of the Seaside Park.

    The thunderous impact and subsequent roar jolted Wei Xi back to reality. Worried that it might escape, he quickly grabbed the remaining dragon horn from Shuo Zong's hand and then concentrated on pinning down the struggling prey beneath him, winding its quivering whiskers around his own hand.

    By this point, the startled Taoist masters at the scene finally snapped out of their shock. They didn't have time to ponder the origins of Wei Xi's bizarre feeding behavior as they rushed forward, their faces pale with fear, desperately crying out, "Comrade Wei!! No, no, no, no!!!"

    It was a DRAGON!! A DRAGON, DAMMIT!! Although it had caused great destruction and brought much trouble to the world, with its arrogant and cold demeanor, it was still a beloved idol that had never faded from popularity for millions of years in the country!! The one and only dragon in heaven and earth!!

    Everyone watching Wei Xi frantically pulling on the dragon's whiskers while pounding on it could hardly hold back their tears! How could such a violent taming method be used??

    Wei Xi was completely oblivious to their emotions, believing that his fellow Taoists were worried about him. He shook off the blood and rain splattered on his face and continued to tug fiercely on the struggling Azure Dragon's whiskers, his voice cold and resolute. "Don't panic. I'll kill it right away."

    The Taoist masters' minds went blank. "What?! You're going to kill it?!"

    Feeling threatened by death, the Azure Dragon finally panicked. It couldn't believe someone dared to treat it this way. "You dare to kill ME?!?"

    Wei Xi found the dragon's confidence in its own life utterly unfounded. "You're not a wild boar. What's not to kill?"

    The struggling Azure Dragon: "?"

    The panicking Taoist masters: "?"

    Shocked by Wei Xi's words, the dragon forgot to struggle. It muttered in disbelief, "I... Am I really inferior to a wild boar?"

    Wei Xi sneered. "Nonsense. Wild boars are second-class protected animals. Poaching them will get you fined by the forestry department. What are you? Daring to compare yourself with a wild boar?"

    Azure Dragon: "............"

    The Taoist masters: "............"


    Azure Dragon felt that he had suffered the greatest humiliation of his life. He roared in fury, "W-H-A-T did you just say?!"

    He was an esteemed Azure Dragon who had cultivated for a thousand years, capable of summoning winds and rains, guarding a region, and eligible for ascension to the ranks of immortals. Yet, this person dared to compare him to an insignificant wild boar?!

    If he could assume human form at that moment, he would have jumped up and started scolding like a shrew. Unfortunately, he had only recently transformed into a dragon, so he could only reveal himself in his original form. Thus, the only way he could express his anger was through loud bellowing and thrashing his limbs and tail. However, Wei Xi's evaluation was no joke, and the genuine killing intent in his eyes was tangible. There was no holding back in his actions.

    As the Azure Dragon's crimson blood trickled down its forehead to its feet, Mr. Gu finally realized Wei Xi's intention and broke down – their program aimed to debunk superstitions, but that didn't mean they had to slay dragons! If this dragon were really killed by Wei Xi, how would he explain it to the higher-ups?

    The brutal and straightforward hunting scene before him left Mr. Gu's mind blank. When he regained his senses, he found himself pouncing forward, grabbing Wei Xi's wrist tightly. "Master Wei!!!"

    Wei Xi frowned under the pull. "What's wrong?"

    Mr. Gu choked, his voice almost breaking: "I'll play that ad for you! I'll do it, alright?! You can't kill him, you really can't!"

    At this moment, Wei Xi couldn't care less about the ad. Realizing that Mr. Gu was trying to stop him, his expression turned cold instantly.

    Their eyes met, and Mr. Gu suddenly felt an inexplicable chill run down his spine. Despite seeing the familiar face, he felt as if he was facing a predator's intimidation. He froze, unable to speak, and even the roaring Azure Dragon, fueled by pain and fury, fell silent.

    Fortunately, Wei Xi broke eye contact the next second. It seemed like he encountered an unexpected situation. With a sharp exhale, he quickly released the dragon whisker and pulled out a lustrous white jade pendant from his clothes.

    The torrential rain hit the pendant, then slid down its surface. Wei Xi stared at it with an indescribable resentment. He seemed to have reached his limit, erupting in rage after a moment, throwing the pendant at the dragon's head, causing it to shut its eyes and cry out, "Hot! Hot!"

    Hearing the cry for help, Mr. Gu instinctively reached out, only to jerk back from the scorching heat, feeling as if his entire hand was about to be burned to a crisp.

    The jade pendant fell off due to his movement, sinking into the pool of dragon blood on the ground, causing it to boil and sizzle. It was hard to imagine just how high the temperature was. Yet, Wei Xi had surpassed his anger, "I've already shown enough tolerance by letting those wild dogs and boars go. Why can't I eat this one?!"

    No one knew who he was addressing, but while he was distracted, the Azure Dragon seized the opportunity. Its initial arrogance and coldness seemed to have vanished. Not daring to retaliate against Wei Xi, it shook its head to throw him off when its horns were freed. Ignoring its dignity, it scrambled on all fours like a desperate eel, tears streaming down its face as it dashed towards the fence near the ocean-side of the observation platform!

    What did being a dragon matter? What about pride? As long as there's life, there's hope! If we can't beat them, we can hide!

    In the presence of the Daoist masters, they were first taken aback by Wei Xi's sudden fury. Then, they realized his intention and were astonished by his shamelessness. Their eyes widened in disbelief as they exclaimed, "Great Azure Dragon!"

    "Don't enter the sea!!"

    "The Sea City is home to millions of people!! Please reconsider!!"

    Perhaps aware that its sovereignty was imminent, the howling of the sea breeze intensified several times over.


    At the same time, countless citizens of Sea City sensed something amiss. With the increasingly strong winds, the streets were deserted. People sought shelter from the storm, cursing the inexplicably terrible weather. It was unclear who was the first to look up at the sky, but their startled cry echoed, "Heavens! What's happening with that cloud?!"

    Sometime earlier, dark clouds had gathered on the horizon, advancing towards the city with overwhelming force. The wind outside grew fiercer, and with a loud crack, a giant tree that couldn't be hugged with open arms was uprooted. Its massive crown was hurled directly towards the entrance of a nearby mall, causing the citizens taking refuge inside to scream in panic.

    Several beachfront resorts also descended into chaos. Guests in ocean view rooms drew back their curtains and hid behind their rattling glass doors to observe the abnormality outside their balconies. The waves in the sea swelled more dramatically each time, and the latest surge easily submerged the highest part of the shore. Everyone watched wide-eyed, not daring to miss any detail. After a moment, someone finally cried out in terror—

    "A wave!!!"

    "It's a huge wave!!!”

    "A tsunami is approaching!!!"


    Within the Seaside Park, the Azure Dragon had already smashed into the railing, paying no heed to the cries of its multitude of devotees behind it.

    What were humans to it? Only fellow divine beasts could be considered its equals.

    It fled at an incredible speed, leaving the Daoist priests on the scene no chance to catch up. Fortunately, Xia Shouren and Chōmei, who had just been severely impacted, were right by the railing and naturally attempted to intervene. However, considering it was a sacred beast, Xia Shouren's compassion led him to refrain from using extreme measures. He merely reached out to grab its tail.

    Yet, an Azure Dragon that had undergone the inheritance was no pushover. Despite the collapse of Heavenly Dao affecting all spirits and creatures, it still possessed numerous tricks up its sleeve. Sensing Xia Shouren attempting to grab its tail, a glint flashed in its eyes, and it promptly shrunk its body. With a whoosh, it slithered through the fence's crevice like a dog.

    Xia Shouren was taken aback, never expecting to encounter such an unrefined dragon. Weren't dragons supposed to be proud? Those who roamed the seas in the past always placed their dignity and honor above their lives. They would bring an army with them instead of fighting alone, roaring and howling instead of being subtle. What was with this dragon squeezing through a dog hole?

    Realizing his mistake, Xia Shouren's expression turned grave.

    Just as he was about to give chase, his friend, who had been following Wei Xi, approached with his usual indifferent demeanor. "This is an unconventional, self-taught dragon. Are you out of your mind to use ordinary methods against it?"

    Xia Shouren didn't have time to refute his friend's sarcasm. He was too stunned by the fact that his friend now held a Dragon Entwining Spear in his hand, seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

    "...Brother." With the Coiling Dragon Spear in play, there was no way that Azure Dragon would escape unscathed. This wasn't their usual modus operandi, and Xia Shouren couldn't help but hesitate as he asked, "There's only one dragon left in this world. It's not easy to cultivate into one. Are you really going to kill it over such a trivial matter?"

    The spear's blade shimmered coldly through the rain, while Shuo Zong removed his black raincoat as he walked. The intricate tattoos on his arms were gradually revealed, imbued with a rebellious killing intent within the mysterious incantations. He glanced covertly at Wei Xi, still simmering with anger among the crowd, and said indifferently, "It has wreaked havoc on humanity, causing floods across multiple regions, and refuses to be tamed. What's the problem?"

    Xia Shouren was somewhat perplexed. "Is it really because of this reason?"

    Shuo Zong replied nonchalantly, "What else?"

    Xia Shouren said, "...I thought you wanted to feed it to, you know, someone."

    "..." Shuo Zong huffed. "Nonsense."

    Xia Shouren inwardly cursed, I clearly saw you feeding it its own horn! However, before he could voice out, his friend had already jumped down without hesitation.

    Seeing this, Xia Shouren and Chōmei naturally followed closely behind. The Taoist masters present likely understood their intentions and wore worried expressions.

    Tuan Zhi Yi was stunned. "What's going on? Why did they jump into the sea?! With such strong waves, aren't they risking their lives?"

    The Taoists also frowned. "After surviving the lightning tribulation, it's now a genuine dragon. Entering the sea is like entering its domain. It's incredibly fast underwater; otherwise, it wouldn't be powerful enough to cause tidal waves. It won't be easy to capture it again this time around..."

    Before the words could fade away, there was a sudden splash, and a figure leaped out from the waves.

    Everyone present was startled and looked up to see Shuo Zong, his face dark, holding his Jiu Long Gun as he brushed aside his hair and stepped over the railing.

    The entire exchange had taken no more than five seconds. The Taoist masters on site were all confused. Mr. Gu asked blankly, "Shuo... Mr. Shuo Zong, why did you come back so quickly?"

    Shuo Zong peeled off his soaked jacket and tossed it into a ball on the ground. On such a cold day, he was only wearing a black T-shirt with wet, patterned arms that seemed almost wild. His gaze swept across the crowd, pausing on Wei Xi for two seconds, but he said nothing.

    His expression was so grim that many of the Taoist masters grew anxious. "Could it be... that it didn't work?"

    In the next second, they heard Xia Shouren's boisterous laughter. "No bloodshed! Ahahaha!"

    Surprised, they looked over to see Xia Shouren emerge from the water with Chōmei. Before anyone could ask what he meant by that, Xia Shouren wiped his face and threw something over.

    Upon closer inspection, everyone was speechless.

    Inside a four-liter mineral water bottle, most of the Azure Dragon's body was trapped, with only its head poking out of the opening. It had grown slightly since it escaped, filling the bottle to capacity. Squeezed too tightly, its four claws helplessly pressed against the bottle walls, its sharp nails piercing through the plastic, creating a few holes. Its tail, however, had been deformed by the pressure.

    The Azure Dragon's imposing aura had finally dissipated completely. It hadn't shed a tear even when Wei Xi bit its scales, but now, the head protruding from the bottle was wailing uncontrollably.

    "As I leaped into the water, I accidentally entered this thing and can't seem to break free even after growing bigger. I've been stuck in one spot for ages, unable to swim a single step. Who the hell threw a mineral water bottle into my sea? How utterly irresponsible is that?!"

    The Daoist priests: "..............."


    Meanwhile, the citizens of Ruhai City, who had been frantically filming what appeared to be a disastrous scene outside, put down their phones in confusion:


    "Why has the sea suddenly become calm?"


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