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    Chapter 65

    The Ghost on the Tracks swiftly appeared and vanished. After this encounter, it was unlikely to dare scare anyone again. The staff of Taicang Sect felt rather regretful about it. As for the office workers on the subway, they were left guessing when the mysterious shadow outside their windows disappeared in a blink. Some suggested that it might have been frost caused by the cold weather, while others believed it could be debris from the tracks that had been stirred up by the train, cursing those who littered at the station.

    However, there were also those who sensed something amiss. Rubbing their arms nervously, they looked around, asking their companions, "Don't you think there's something strange about this train today? It's usually crowded, but I feel like it's even more packed today. It's as if there's no space left."

    Her companion dismissed her concerns. "Stop imagining things. There are already too many people. Do you really think there's a ghost on the train? Haha!"

    The girl felt confused, looking at the tightly-packed crowd surrounding her, almost suffocating. Could it really be just her imagination?

    When the train finally arrived at the station, the passengers rushed out in a swarm. A sudden gust of wind, seemingly from nowhere, rose with the crowd, sweeping through the carriage and leaving everyone shivering.

    The girl pondered and still felt uneasy. "I really do think there's something odd about this carriage!"

    Her friend, nearly squeezed senseless, was frantically protecting her high heels that were almost trodden on. She wiped her sweat with teary eyes, pleading, "Snap out of it, sis. Look at the people around us. How could there possibly be a ghost squeezing with us during rush hour? Are they suicidal?"

    Meanwhile, the nearly suffocated ghost employees of Taicang Sect stood on the platform, still in shock, their gazes blank—

    "Damn, the rush hour in Beijing is terrifying."

    "I haven't breathed for over a decade, yet I feel as if I'm about to suffocate, regaining the vitality of being human."

    "Being alive is truly tough. Having to squeeze like this every day just to get to work. Forget it, I won't take the subway again before my reincarnation."

    The fairies at Taicang Sect's branch company, who had listened to the entire exchange between the living and the dead, remained silent: "..............."


    After the Unity Incarnation ritual, everyone seemed to have fallen ill, except for Wei Xi, who was protected by Shuo Zong from the crowd in the subway car.

    His ghostly coworkers around him were murmuring among themselves:

    "There are way too many people on this subway. I'd say there are at least a few thousand, and even I, a ghost, can't handle it. How can humans endure this?"

    One of the ghosts, who had passed away more recently and understood the hardships of life, explained to the others, "They probably don't want to be here either, but housing and rent in the capital city are exorbitant. Most ordinary people can only afford to live in the suburbs. What choice do they have but to take the subway to work? It's crowded, but at least it doesn't get stuck in traffic. If they took a bus or drove, it would likely be even worse – they might get stuck in traffic and risk being late, which could result in deductions from their pay."

    Upon hearing this, the ghost employees all wore expressions of sympathy: "Truly exhausting..."

    Then, they thought about their own company, which provided dormitories located right in the heart of the capital city, with easy access to large shopping malls and convenient transportation. They could go wherever they pleased, and their treatment was worlds apart from that of ordinary office workers. They couldn't help but feel deeply grateful.

    "Our company really takes good care of its employees."

    "I swear, the moment I squeezed onto that subway, I vowed to stay with our company forever!"

    Observing the evident boost in team morale, Wei Xi commented to his second disciple, "Your senior brother is right. Team-building activities indeed motivate the staff. We should organize them more often in the future."

    The second disciple looked at him with hands in his pockets, "..............."

    Unity Ideal suddenly snapped awake, "Master! That premonition of a life-threatening calamity is back!"


    The National Forest Zoo in Jing City was located in the outskirts and sprawled over a vast area. As they approached, the supernatural creatures in the group grew excited, gazing at the faint outline of the zoo walls. Their left eye read "worship," while their right eye read "holy land."

    This was the institution they had always dreamed of joining, but alas, they were indigenous breeds with insufficient pedigrees.

    After entering the park, they unfolded the exhibit map and sighed—

    "Ah, really, this meerkat doesn't look any better than me. Why does it get to stay inside?"

    Mountain Chicken Spirit: "Hmph, what's so great about peacocks? They just have longer tails. Can they fly as high as I can?"

    However, the creature that all spirits envied the most was undoubtedly the panda. Not only was its exhibition area spacious, but it was also located right at the heart of the zoo, receiving unparalleled attention and admiration.

    The spirits' envy burned with a fiery red, resenting the panda's status as a national treasure – an obvious example of privileged nepotism!

    Visitors to the zoo today were fortunate enough to witness some peculiar scenes, such as a group of handsome and elegant young men and women standing outside the panda enclosure, visibly displeased while criticizing the panda within:

    "Phfft, it's not even that good-looking. Its belly is swollen like a ball."

    "And look, it's been lying there for hours, only caring about eating its bamboo. With so many people watching and cheering it on, it doesn't even bother to stand up and greet them or show off a talent."

    "Exactly, its professional conduct is lacking."

    Visitors: "......."

    The panda inside the enclosure: "......."

    Silently, the panda got up, turned around to face away from the crowd, and continued lying down to eat its bamboo, ignoring these seemingly disruptive fellow creatures.

    The spirits became even more enraged upon seeing this. "It's acting all high and mighty! It really thinks too highly of itself!"

    Panda: "..."

    Where's the moderator? Can they please tidy things up?

    While this group of visitors were merely somewhat noisy and eccentric, the situation at the South American exhibit was truly perplexing.

    A few young girls stood before the observation area for the plains tapir, discreetly observing a lone young tourist beside them.

    The young traveler had a slightly tanned complexion, but he was strikingly handsome, with chiseled features and a tall, muscular build. His unruly hair stood up rebelliously, exuding an alluring wild charm that was uncommon among the crowd; he was indeed a rare gem of a handsome man.

    The ladies watched with blushing faces and racing hearts, hesitant to approach, shyly nudging one another, "Why don't you go? See if you can get his WeChat."

    "Go ahead, go ahead."

    The group pushed and shoved, but no conclusion was reached. The girls, too shy to approach, lingered where they were, stealing glances at the handsome man. As they watched on, a sense of unease gradually crept over them.

    "It's been half an hour already, why hasn't he left yet?"

    By now, a few tourists who had passed by this exhibit earlier had also noticed the striking man. Their whispers reached his ears: "Why is that guy still here? He was standing here when I entered the park, and that was over two hours ago!"

    Two hours?!

    The girls were stunned. They had merely glanced around the zoo, spending only twenty minutes at the panda exhibit. Yet, this man had been staring at this exhibit for over two hours! How peculiar!

    Their scrutiny intensified, and they realized how absorbed he was. His feet seemed rooted to the ground, his deep-set eyes fixated on the display.

    Was...was it really that fascinating?

    Unable to resist, they followed his gaze. In the exhibit, a prairie hog, imported from America, was lazily basking in the sun, its posture unchanged for quite some time.

    Well...while there was something slightly unusual about it, wasn't it just a regular wild boar?

    Confused, the crowd watched, yet the man at the exhibit remained utterly engrossed. Whenever the hog shifted its hooves or grunted, he would lean forward, his gaze burning with intensity.

    That look was as if he were gazing at his beloved, causing the onlooking girls to flush and their hearts to race, even though his attention wasn't on them. They felt an inexplicable embarrassment.

    The girls' hearts fluttered as they speculated. To stay at one exhibit for two hours without moving, this man must have a surprisingly tender heart beneath his untamed exterior.

    The gaze directed at him grew increasingly appreciative.

    Unconsciously, the boar demon found himself surrounded by these admiring gazes. His eyes remained fixed on the plains capybara basking in the sun ahead, his gaze so heated that it seemed to be on the verge of melting rock -

    What a round belly... How rugged its mane... How dark its skin... How slender its hooves...

    Ah! He truly desired to mate with it!


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