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    Chapter 119: Resentment

    In the Demon World.

    The newly appointed Demon King, Unity Righteous, had indeed been pacified by Wei Xi.

    Unity Righteous felt that his master was truly clumsy, unable even to coax someone properly. He sat cross-legged in front of him, lost in thought, and eventually fumbled around in his clothes, pulling out the last few coins he had and handing them over, saying, "Master is really penniless now."

    Unity Righteous let out a soft cry and nestled into his master's embrace.

    When they left the barrier, his junior brother was sitting on a sofa in the sect's lounge reading a book. Upon seeing them, he turned to their master and said, "Wei Xi, go upstairs and help me find something."

    Their master immediately went, leaving Unity Righteous feeling slightly uneasy. After his junior brother sent their master away, he unexpectedly spoke up to him, "Unity Righteous, come here."

    Unity Righteous had always been afraid of this junior brother. Moreover, thinking about how busy he'd been with the infrastructure and development in the Demon World, he hadn't done any of the talisman assignments given by his junior brother for quite some time, which made him nervous. This unease didn't seem to have lessened much after he became a Demon King (after all, the Demon World was so impoverished that there wasn't much to brag about being a Demon King, not to mention that he couldn't even win in a fight). But his junior brother didn't mention the homework, nor did he treat him as coldly and strictly as before. Instead, he looked at him with a complicated expression for a while before speaking, "Unity Righteous, Wei Xi never intended to do you wrong from the beginning."

    Seeing his junior brother so serious, as if genuinely worried that he might hold a grudge against their master, Unity Righteous couldn't help but say awkwardly, "I... I know, I'm not heartless. Although Master sometimes favors you more... he's also very good to me. Since I joined the sect, no one has ever bullied me. Back then, when I didn't know anything, he risked danger to save me from the Asura World... Just now, he even gave me all his last six dollars and fifty cents, clearly showing that he values me greatly!"

    Unity Righteous had always had a clear understanding of how their master treated him. Putting aside other things, after those few Asura Realm Mo Luo found and took him back, they spent every day trying to figure out ways to awaken him, but none of the methods they tried showed any signs of success. The Mo Luo were extremely anxious, constantly holding meetings to study what was wrong with their formations. Unity Righteous, however, knew the fundamental reason why he couldn't awaken—

    The Asura World was born from the amalgamation of earthly desires and darkness, and the demons dwelling within were personifications of these very vices. Mo Luo and his ilk inherently lacked love and sense of responsibility, with no attachment to this world. Their minds were solely focused on plundering and survival, for they had mostly never known care or affection since birth.

    He had heard Mo Luo speak of their past, of course, referring to Bo Xun, a formidable being who took pleasure in revenge without any qualms. He would sacrifice thousands of ordinary demons to indulge his petty interest in disturbing the gods in Heavenly Court, effortlessly destroying countless lives beyond the Demon World, and allowed his kingdom to indulge in wicked deeds without any restraint, inviting the wrath of other lawless beings.

    This leader, revered by countless demons, was indeed immensely powerful. However, to Unity Righteousness, his life now seemed utterly meaningless.

    He had no goals, no expectations, no bonds; this world held no weight for him, not even his own creation, the Asura World. Thus, he cared little for the future of the Demon World, choosing only to live in the present.

    At times, Unity Righteousness found Bo Xun's immense power tempting. Yet, more often than not, he feared becoming a mere empty shell like that.

    If not for his master, his awakening would have been an inevitable consequence – as a homeless wanderer constantly living on edge, enduring cold shoulders and insults, poverty, rejection, and the oppression of both the weak and strong. How could he have any attachment to this world with such a life?

    But his master appeared.

    Taking him to Taicang Sect.

    Aside from that initial beating upon their meeting, he never bullied Unity Righteousness again. When learning was slow, his master would gently tap his head at most, never truly harming him. He provided a place to live, clothes to wear, money to spend. Despite his enormous appetite, he always remembered to save a portion for Unity Righteousness before meals, even sharing the spoils of ghost-hunting. Whenever Unity Righteousness was bullied, whether by humans, ghosts, or demons, his master never stood idly by, nor did he allow others to scold him.

    His master truly treated him well. Before becoming Taicang Sect's top disciple, Unity Righteousness never imagined receiving such care. Though he had no memories, he instinctively felt that Bo Xun had likely never experienced such kindness.

    Such a life made Tuan Jieyi feel that if the cost of awakening was losing these memories, then Bo Xun's formidable power didn't seem so appealing anymore.

    Although Junior Brother was indeed a bit fierce... and the lessons were challenging...

    Tuan Jieyi looked at the coin his master had given him before. After saying those words, he realized that his tone seemed to carry a hint of provocation, as if he was competing with Junior Brother.

    He suddenly became nervous again.

    But this time, his usually strict Junior Brother didn't seem to have any intention of scolding him. Instead, his expression relaxed after hearing his words, and his eyes softened unusually: "As long as you know that he cares for you."

    Tuan Jieyi felt inexplicably that Junior Brother seemed troubled. Gathering his courage, he approached him: "Junior Brother, did you send Master away because you wanted to talk to me?"

    His Junior Brother stared at him calmly for a moment before speaking: "Tuan Jieyi, if I were no longer here one day, would you be able to take care of Wei Xi?"

    Tuan Jieyi: "Huh? Where are you going? Why wouldn't you be here?"

    His Junior Brother's expression remained unchanged as he said coolly, "It's just a hypothetical scenario."

    As the saying goes, like attracts like. Tuan Jieyi's mind was in sync with Wei Xi's. After some thought, he replied sincerely, "Of course. Master is my master; I've even appointed him as the Grand Emperor. As long as I'm alive, I'll definitely take care of him in his old age."

    The junior apprentice brother seemed to have curved the corners of his lips, but the smile wasn't genuine. After a moment, he raised his hand to pat his head. "Not bad."

    This was the first time Unity Right had been patted on the head by his junior apprentice brother, and he was momentarily overwhelmed with surprise. It took him a while to find his voice again. "Wow, Junior Apprentice Brother...?"

    He had gotten so used to this term that it slipped out without thinking. He quickly corrected himself. "Oh no, I can't call you that anymore."

    The junior apprentice brother raised an eyebrow.

    Unity Right stammered, "Master told me that you're now his Dao companion."

    The junior apprentice brother was somewhat surprised. "He told you?"

    Unity Right: "...Not only that, he even rejected someone in the comments section on Weibo."

    The junior apprentice brother laughed, his eyes sparkling with an indescribable sense of pride.

    Unity Right thought to himself, You little demon who has succeeded by using your looks to manipulate people, but he said aloud, "Is being a Dao companion the same as getting married? If Junior Apprentice Brother has married Master, then our relationship is messed up. I don't think I can still call you Junior Apprentice Brother."

    The junior apprentice brother asked, "What do you think I should be called then?"

    United Right pondered for a moment, "Mistress?"

    Junior Apprentice Brother: "..."

    United Righteousness: "Heheheheh."

    The junior apprentice brother gazed at him in silence for a moment, until Unity and Righteousness's laughter gradually faded away. "…Grandmaster."

    This time, Junior Brother's lips curved more distinctly, and he hummed in response. Reaching into his pocket, he took out his wallet, glanced at it, then pulled out a hundred yuan bill and handed it to him.

    United Right: "Huh?"

    Junior Apprentice Brother: "Go ahead then."

    United Right probably got the drift of what the money implied and, after a moment of silence, accepted it. His phone vibrated at the same time, and upon checking it, he found that Junior Apprentice Brother had sent him a red envelope of 100 yuan prior to this. The timestamp indicated it was sent when he had caught their master giving private lessons and had hastily left.

    United Right compared the 100 yuan in his hand with the one on his phone and thought to himself, This money for changing my tune sure is damn generous.

    Unable to resist, he sent a WeChat message to vent his feelings.

    "I suddenly realized how stingy my junior apprentice brother is."

    He even deliberately blocked his junior apprentice brother from seeing it.

    The WeChat message was rather abrupt and should have been ignored, but to his surprise, it quickly garnered likes. Upon closer inspection, Unity Right discovered that the liker was none other than Xia Shouren.

    Their WeChat contact was exchanged on the day they went to eat at Fei Yi's, but they had never communicated since then, just like strangers. However, Xia Shouren seemed unusually enthusiastic this time. Not only did he give a like, but he also replied:

    "AAAAHHH! You finally noticed it too!!"

    Hmm? Unity Right thought, So Xia Shouren is quite familiar with my junior apprentice brother, huh? Recalling their behavior during the pursuit of Master Wind and Master Rain and subsequent missions, which suggested that they knew each other, Unity Right engaged in conversation with Xia Shouren in the comments section without any reservations:

    "Indeed, you feel the same way?"

    Xia Shouren: "Of course! Fellow comrade!"

    Unity Right: "Fellow comrade!"

    Xia Shouren: "Tell me all about how he's being cheap with you."

    United Righteousness: "With my sweet tongue, I managed to please him so much, but in the end, all I got from him was—"

    Xia Shouren: "How much?! How many pieces?! One or two?!"

    United Righteousness: "Two hundred."

    United Righteousness waited for a while but didn't receive any further response. Puzzled, he refreshed the page only to find that Xia Shouren had actually deleted all his previous comments and even withdrawn his likes.

    United Righteousness: "????"

    What was going on with this person? Was he startled by how stingy his junior brother was?


    Wei Xi retrieved what his second disciple had asked for. After descending the stairs, he decided to pay tribute to his own Celestial Deity, Wei Dedao.

    It had been a long time since he last offered incense to Wei Dedao after the latter's manifestation. However, as they say, one doesn't know a parent's love until one becomes a parent (albeit in a different context). Through this recent distribution of personal assets, he suddenly realized the hardships of being a mentor. As a result, Wei Dedao's treatment also improved.

    Despite that, having Wei Dedao as a disciple was a profitable deal in every aspect.

    The chaos caused by the earthquake had yet to subside, and many believers, like Old Lady Wang, rushed to pray for blessings. There were also other matters in the sect, as well as the crude oil extraction in the Asura World. Wei Xi had now given all his personal assets to his disciple and dao companion, leaving him penniless and anxious. He dared not linger at home and hastily went out to earn money.

    Tong Juyi tagged along, saying, "Master, are you going to do good deeds again? I heard that some old houses in the outskirts of the capital have been damaged by the earthquake…"

    Wei Xi really wished he could send him back to the Demon World.

    They left one after another, and only after a long while did a figure veiled in a golden glow appear indistinctly in the main hall of Tai Cang Sect.

    Wei Dedao was still dressed the same way, slightly hunched over and facing the entrance. His gaze seemed unfocused, but it was clearly fixed on Wei Xi's back.

    Thanks to Old Lady Wang and others, there had been a significant increase in believers requesting statues of the Daoist Supreme Deity from Tai Cang Sect recently. As this was Wei Dedao's first time being a deity, he had no experience and spent his days visiting the homes of these believers to collect their wishes. Moreover, Master Wind and Master Rain kept pestering him to teach them how to cure athlete's foot and constipation, making him much busier than when he was the sect leader. His life was more fulfilling than ever before.

    However, such a fulfilling life… would only be short-lived.

    Wei Xi and Tong Juyi were already far away. Wei Dedao turned to Shuo Zong and said, "Congratulations."

    Shuo Zong glanced at him. "I thought you'd object."

    Wei Dedao smiled and sighed. "What could I say if he truly wants it? In the mountains, I had never seen him so relaxed around you. This child has suffered too much. At one point, I even thought he was incapable of experiencing joy, sorrow, or any human emotions. Now that he understands love, even if he doesn't fully comprehend what it is, it's still a good thing for him. He'll be alright."

    The two of them fell silent for a moment. Wei Dedao looked up at the sky and said, "Heaven's Dao can't hold on anymore, right?"

    Shuo Zong asked, "Are you going to repair Heaven's Dao too?"

    Wei Dedao smiled, his eyes narrowing. "Although I haven't found the path yet, my life has been devoted to Dao, so naturally, I'll end it for Dao. Even if my soul dissipates and Dao collapses, that's the fate of cultivators."

    Moreover, if Heaven's Dao truly crumbled, all living creatures in this world, including Wei Xi, would inevitably perish along with it.

    His disciple had only just started to live a decent life.


    Wei Xi returned very late. The sky outside was so overcast that not a single ray of light could be seen. He shivered as he took off his coat and, upon entering his room, saw his second disciple bent over, packing things.

    Wei Xi froze. "Que'er, are you leaving?"

    The second disciple straightened up abruptly and glanced at him but quickly regained his composure. "Yes, for a few days."

    Wei Xi said with reluctance, "Why are you leaving again?"

    The second disciple gazed at him for a while before reaching out to stroke his head. "I can keep you company tonight."

    In the honeymoon phase of their relationship, Wei Xi, lost in tender affection, leaned on his second disciple's chest and pondered. "Que'er, when I went out today, I stumbled upon a group of people holding a wedding ceremony."

    Shuo Zong stroked his hair, looking up at the dark ceiling with a calm expression. "Mmm, what's the matter?"

    Wei Xi said, "Jieyi told me that our relationship is similar to that couple. Shouldn't we also hold a wedding ceremony?"

    Shuo Zong hugged him tighter. "Do you want a wedding?"

    Wei Xi replied, "Not particularly, but it feels like I owe you something if we don't have one. Do you want a wedding?"

    The second disciple fell silent for a long time before speaking in a particularly low voice. "Yes."

    "You really do want one," Wei Xi said. "Too bad Jieyi showed me some rings, and they were all quite expensive."

    His disciple suddenly called his name. "Wei Xi."

    Wei Xi, feeling drowsy, responded, "Hmm?"

    The apprentice's breathing seemed to quicken, and the hand resting on the back of his head pressed down a little more, stroking his hair steadily. "I don't want those things. When I come back this time, shall we have our wedding?"

    Wei Xi was surprised. "You really don't want the ring? How can that be? Jieyi said that in the human world, the bigger and more expensive the diamond, the better the ring. Don't you like diamonds?"

    The apprentice smiled. "I prefer you."

    Wei Xi also laughed, nuzzling into the apprentice's chest. "Then you'd better come back soon."

    The apprentice softly acknowledged.


    In the stillness of the night, Shuo Zong quietly got up and sat by the bed, gazing at Wei Xi.

    Eyebrows, nose, eyes.

    He studied him for a long while before finally standing up. Wei Xi seemed to sense his departure and stirred restlessly with unease.

    Shuo Zong reached out and gently tapped the center of Wei Xi's forehead.

    Wei Xi soon fell into a deep sleep.

    Slowly caressing Wei Xi's brows, Shuo Zong retracted his hand and left the room with the luggage bag in tow.

    Outside, silence reigned supreme. Wei Dedao stood in the living room with his back to Shuo Zong, waiting like an eternal mountain range. Hearing the sound, he spoke softly, "Heavenly Luck God, are you really going?"

    Shuo Zong replied in a solemn voice, "If I don't go, the Heavenly Dao will collapse, leaving Wei Xi with no way out."

    Wei Dedao let out a bitter smile. "You've just bonded with Xi'er. If the Heavenly Dao can be restored smoothly, that's good. But if not... or if you don't return, what should he do?"

    Shuo Zong glanced back at the direction of the room for a long moment before speaking slowly, "If the Heavenly Dao collapses, heaven and earth will fall together, and he won't know a thing. I'll face death alongside him. But if the Heavenly Dao is restored and I can't return... I've left something behind for Unity Righteousness. After my death, it will be sent to the Demon World along with my letter. When he reads the letter and gives that item to Wei Xi, Wei Xi... will remember nothing. He'll still be the leader of Tai Cang Sect, holding shares in Ning Tian, never having to return to the life before the Heavenly Dao's collapse. He can live his entire life without worries."


    Wei Dedao sighed deeply. "Heavenly Luck God... you..."

    He truly didn't expect Shuo Zong to go this far for Wei Xi.

    Shuo Zong chuckled.

    Wei Dedao couldn't bear to continue and could only stammer, "Then let's go."

    Shuo Zong tightened his grip on the luggage and didn't look back, slowly starting to walk away.

    At that moment, a creak echoed from upstairs.

    In the darkness, Wei Xi's emotionless voice sounded, "Que'er, Wei Dedao, where are you going?"

    Both Shuo Zong and Wei Dedao trembled, turning around to look.

    Under the moonlight, Wei Xi was in his pajamas, barefoot as he descended the stairs step by step. His eyes reflected the faint light from the window, sparkling like stars.

    He asked,

    "I had a dream. The Heavenly Dao is collapsing, isn't it?"


    Wei Xi had a dream. In the dream, the heavens and earth were in chaos, with mountains collapsing, seawater flooding, and countless people screaming and running amidst the upheaval of the trembling earth.

    He wasn't entirely sure what was happening, but his instinct as an ancient monstrous beast told him that this was a precursor to the collapse of Heavenly Dao.

    The dream's power was immense, piercing through a divine consciousness that had kept him in slumber. Upon waking up, he immediately discovered that his disciple was not in the room. Stepping out, he encountered the two people who were about to leave.

    Shuo Zong and Wei Dedao were caught off guard by his sudden appearance and didn't know how to react.

    Wei Xi, surprisingly insightful for the first time, accurately deduced their silence: "I was right, wasn't I?"

    Fixing his gaze on his disciple, Wei Xi asked, "Why would you do such a dangerous thing?"

    Shuo Zong opened his mouth, "Wei Xi..."

    Wei Dedao sighed, "Xi'er, don't blame him. If Heavenly Dao collapses, you, I, and all living beings in this world will vanish along with it. He did this to protect you."

    Wei Xi frowned, "But Que'er, I am your dao companion. It should be me protecting you."

    "And you, Wei Dedao," he turned to Wei Dedao, "I've buried you once, and I'm too lazy to do it again."

    Silence fell upon the living room.

    Wei Xi broke the silence between them. "Take me with you."

    Shuo Zong stared at him in surprise.

    After a moment of hesitation, Wei Xi continued, "So, uh, fixing the Heavenly Dao must be a major undertaking. The relevant authorities should provide funding, right? Will it be enough for our wedding expenses?"


    In the early morning, Ning Tian's mystical beasts urgently called Shuo Zong. "Something terrible has happened! It might have been a warning before the collapse of the Heavenly Dao – many spirit-sensitive people in the country had related dreams last night! The authorities are currently trying to contain the news, but I don't think they'll be able to hold it back much longer!"

    Shuo Zong helped Wei Xi pack calmly. "I'm already aware."

    In the Wei family living room, Wei Tianyi descended the stairs with a frown. He had had a terrible dream the previous night, leaving him in a foul mood. Scrolling through the news on his phone, he saw even more chaotic comments.

    Lately, dawn arrived exceptionally late, and dusk came particularly early. The skies during the day were unusually gloomy, as if the clouds were trying to devour all sunlight.

    Glancing out the window, Wei Tianyi confirmed that the sun had yet to rise, despite it being well past seven.

    For a few days, many netizens had been discussing this issue. Not only were the days shorter, but the temperature had also dropped significantly compared to before. Sometimes, the wind carried a bone-chilling coldness. It all felt eerily abnormal.

    Wei Tianyi opened the weather forecast to find that the meteorological station had already provided an explanation: recent temperature fluctuations and an approaching cold front had caused changes in sunlight, prompting a warm reminder for citizens to take precautions against the cold when going out.

    Hearing this, Wei Tianyi scoffed inwardly, convinced he had uncovered the truth. Recalling the absurd speculations from a few days ago, he couldn't help but secretly sneer. He saw Wei Xi moving up and down the stairs with luggage. Frowning, he asked, "Where are you going?"

    Wei Xi paused in his actions. "The Heavenly Dao is collapsing. I'm taking Que'er and the Heavenly Venerated to repair it. You stay at home and take care of the sect."

    Wei Tianyi replied, "…You're crazy."

    Irritated, he said, "Don't provoke me early in the morning. I already had a terrible nightmare last night."

    "Did you have a dream?" Wei Xi pondered. "That's right. Although you're an ordinary person, your talent is good. It's not strange that you received a hint from the Heavenly Dao."

    Wei Tianyi: "…"

    What on earth was he talking about? Wei Tianyi didn't bother responding. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Shu Wanrong descending the stairs and approaching. He casually glanced over and observed her tired expression, but didn't give it much thought.

    Then, Butler Zhou emerged from the kitchen to greet them. "Madam, didn't you sleep well?"

    Shu Wanrong replied, "Let's not talk about it. I had a dream last night where the sky was collapsing."

    Wei Tianyi's gaze suddenly froze, and he slowly turned his head to look at her.

    In the next second, they heard Butler Zhou answer in surprise, "Madam, how coincidental! I had the same dream too!"

    Before they could exchange further, Wei Tianyi slapped the table in agitation, stood up, and shouted, "Shut up! Don't spout nonsense here!"

    As Wei Xi came downstairs, he was also stopped by Wei Tianyi's voice, "You too! Put everything back! You're not allowed to go out!"

    Wei Xi tried to reason with him, "Tianyi, don't be stubborn. Repairing the Heavenly Dao is of utmost importance; you can't just give up easily."

    Frightened, Wei Tianyi lashed out in anger, "Shut your mouth! Talking nonstop! What Heavenly or Earthly Dao? Dao your mother's head! If you dare to talk about these spooky things and spread feudal superstition in this house again, I won't let you off!"

    Wei Xi ignored him and directly carried his luggage to the courtyard. Wei Tianyi, still angered, followed behind, yelling. The new arrivals at the Wei residence were equally astonished upon seeing the scene.

    Xia Shouren asked in disbelief, "What are you doing?"

    Wei Xi replied, "Repairing the Heavenly Dao."

    Stunned, Xia Shouren pointed at Wei Xi and looked at Shuo Zong, "He's going too?!"

    Wei Xi knew that the Heavenly Dao Administration paid for restoration work, and with their current dire financial state, he highly valued this opportunity. Upon hearing doubts, he immediately frowned. "Why can't we go? Our Tai Cang Sect is so competent!"

    Xia Shouren: "…"

    Friend, snap out of it! They're talking about fierce beasts! Fierce beasts! It's no joke to have them restore the Heavenly Dao. It would be good enough if they didn't upset the balance themselves.

    Shuo Zong, on the other hand, was somewhat displeased. "Why are you here?"

    He was currently in Lu Que's identity, and under normal circumstances, Ning Tian's people shouldn't have taken the initiative to come looking for him.

    Xia Shouren fell silent for a moment, deciding not to deal with Wei Xi's issue for now. He stepped forward and whispered to Shuo Zong, "The situation is urgent. Didn't you notice how the sky has been getting darker earlier lately? We've just discovered that a wave of resentment has broken free from the Heavenly Dao and is heading towards the capital."

    Shuo Zong: "Resentment?"

    Wei Xi also asked, "What's resentment?"

    "How can you not know what resentment is?!" Xia Shouren explained to him, "Resentment is the accumulated malevolence in the world since the beginning of chaos. To prevent it from causing havoc, the Heavenly Dao has always kept it suppressed within barriers. Now that the barriers can no longer hold, they must have escaped through the cracks."

    Wei Xi: "What do they want by breaking free from the Heavenly Dao?"

    Xia Shouren looked at him with a mystifying expression and said slowly, "Of course, it's to find their allies, to disrupt the human world and overturn the natural order."

    Wei Xi asked, "Their allies?"

    Shuo Zong, standing aside, quickly glanced at him and immediately understood the purpose of these auspicious beasts visiting the Wei family.

    Demons, ghosts, animals, gods, and monsters – all shared a common origin with resentment and chaos. There were only a few races that could be connected to them, and among those, the ones most welcomed by resentment were also the most powerful, like Mo Luo, or... other fierce beasts that also originated from chaos.

    In the world, there was likely only one such fierce beast left, and that was Wei Xi. Undoubtedly, he would become a favored target for the resentment.

    Xia Shouren's face was filled with concern, obviously worried that Wei Xi might ally with the resentment. Pulling at Shuo Zong anxiously, he said, "The situation is urgent. If you don't have a way to make him fall into a deep sleep and not cause trouble, why would you bring him along?"

    Shuo Zong fell silent for a moment, then turned to look at Wei Xi with a calm expression. "Don't worry, he won't hinder us."

    Xia Shouren was almost dizzy with frustration and whispered urgently, "Have you forgotten his identity?!"

    Just as he spoke, he sensed something amiss and turned around. His eyes widened in shock. "Oh no! What did I say?! They really came!"

    Above the dense clouds, a chaotic uproar could be heard.

    "The Heavenly Dao is finally vanishing!"

    "Nobody can restrain us anymore!!!"

    "Grudge! Demonic aura! Ghostly energy! Hostility! And ferocious beasts! I sense an alliance forming in the mortal realm!"

    A massive black mass of miasma rapidly approached the Wei family from afar, followed by a disorderly swarm of smaller black blobs. As it drew closer, the miasma strangely transformed into humanoid shapes.

    The accumulated resentment over thousands of years made its strength incalculable. This humanoid form emerged much quicker and clearer than ordinary ghosts. Its huge eyes fixated intently on Wei Xi standing at the entrance of the Wei family courtyard.

    The scent of an alliance!

    Xia Shouren swiftly formed hand seals in its direction, his face turning pale. "Damn, they've actually gathered a group of wandering spirits released by the Underworld Bureau that can't even be transcended!"

    Still in shock, the amassed grudge was already drawing near. It stood before the circle of auspicious beasts, eagerly inviting Wei Xi, "Come! Join me! The malevolent Heavenly Dao is crumbling! Nothing can hold us back anymore! Seize the opportunity! Let's overthrow it together!"

    It moved so swiftly that Xia Shouren couldn't establish a barrier in time. He quickly glanced back at the Wei family courtyard. "We're doomed! The wandering spirits behind might be unpredictable, but this mass of resentment can probably be seen and heard by humans!"

    Sure enough, Wei Tianyi inside the Wei family courtyard turned his gaze toward the humanoid manifestation of the grudge.

    The vengeful spirit paid no heed to the insignificant humans, its gaze solely fixed on Wei Xi, causing it to jeer even louder.

    Wei Tianyi stared unblinkingly at the humanoid vengeful spirit. Xia Shouren immediately prepared to knock him out, but before he could take a step, he saw an enraged expression flash across Wei Tianyi's face as he began to curse, clearly overwhelmed by information related to the dream and resorting to self-denial.

    "Tiandao, Tiandao, Tiandao! Always Tiandao! Damn your mother's Tiandao!!!"

    After his tirade, he grabbed a broom from beside the wall and hurled it directly at the spirit.

    The broom was thrown too lightly and missed its target, but for a moment, the vengeful spirit was taken aback by the human's cursing.

    The auspicious beasts present fell silent for a moment.

    Then, they saw Wei Xi suddenly break away from the group and walk towards the spirit.

    The vengeful spirit laughed heartily, "That's right! Exactly like this!"

    Xia Shouren's face turned ashen. He wanted to grab hold of Wei Xi but hesitated, exclaiming anxiously, "Old beast!!!"

    The old beast remained silent.

    Yet, Wei Xi spoke up.

    Wei Xi poked his head out and glanced at the group of wild ghosts behind the welcoming resentment, frowning as he asked, "Which department are you from? Have these wild ghosts gone through the registration process?"

    Resentment: "Huh?"

    Addressing a few of the wild ghosts who seemed more respected, Wei Xi inquired, "Have you all joined the queue for reincarnation?"

    The wild ghosts trembled with fear. "W-We have."

    Wei Xi continued, "Did you apply for a permit from the City God to work openly for their company?"

    Wild Ghosts: "…No."

    They had simply waited too long in line for their afterlife homes, felt depressed staying in the mortal realm, and thus were lured into working together by the other party.

    Wei Xi's brow furrowed even deeper. "Do you know where we are?"

    The group of ghosts shook their heads blankly. Their gazes shifted to the sect gate of Taicang Sect, and their eyes widened in realization. "Taicang Sect!"

    Is this the renowned Taicang Sect that has been featured on television commercials, famous in the Ghost Realm?! How could any decent ghost not have heard of their name?

    Wei Xi sternly spoke, "Your actions have violated the regulations of the Underworld Bureau. I'll be reporting this to the local City God soon. You'd better prepare for the consequences."

    The ghosts were terrified. "L-l-leader! Please spare us, Leader!"

    They had merely joined the commotion out of curiosity and a desire to cause some chaos, but who knew if the sky would really fall? If they were reported to the City God, they might not get another chance at reincarnation for fifty years!

    The newly-formed group of ghosts fell into a gloomy mood. Why did they have to pick Taicang Sect to mess with?

    The leader of the spirits was utterly bewildered. "???"


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