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    Chapter 59 - Tremble, Music Industry!

    February 13th, 2021, Thursday, 2 PM.

    It was the moment that all entertainment enthusiasts were eagerly waiting for, anticipating Tang Fei's "epoch-making masterpiece" to be unveiled!

    They were like anxious fathers and curious neighbors at the maternity ward door, some hoping for a safe delivery, others secretly praying it wouldn't resemble them.

    Having learned from past experiences, Weibo's tech department was on high alert, determined to defend their platform. The Music Chart didn't dare to challenge fate and had already imposed traffic restrictions beforehand.

    Let's take a look, shall we? This self-made grassroots star, Tang Fei, who never studied music and only completed junior high school, suddenly announced her ability to compose lyrics and music. Not just words, she was going to release a finished product!

    Do you think it might be a casual song with a few lines of lyrics and a simple melody?

    No, no, no. They hyped it up, claiming it was so beautiful it could make one cry, a masterpiece of exceptional quality.

    Do you believe it or not?

    Netizen Representative: If I believed that, I'd be a ghost. I just want to see the drama unfold! Fight, fight, fight! Popcorn, chips, and coke for sale in the front row.

    Fans: Watch me tear this song apart and throw it in the trash!

    Artists: Resist the amateur hour.

    The music industry's elite: Impossible! You're challenging the very fundamentals of music!

    Yao Hui: Let the entire network witness how Tang Fei and Time Culture stumble. I'll promote it to every corner for free. No need to thank me, just call me your **.

    Caramel Strings: Go, Sweetie, you've got this! Sweetie is the best, and there's no doubt about it. It's just that you don't understand my candy.

    As the moment drew near, everyone silently counted down together: Three... Two... One!

    It was precisely 2:00 PM – the hour had arrived!

    Quick, refresh Weibo!

    Time Culture's Weibo page held out for barely three seconds before it crashed in the fourth, showing a blank screen to its countless viewers in an endless display of white...

    "Weibo is down again."

    "Establish a donation account for a server, you're being too stingy."

    "Arrange for a suona and erhu performance, if it can't keep up, remove it."

    "Thirty years of professional coffin carrying, 50% off for Weibo. Anyone in need?"

    "Cover it with a white cloth and take it away."

    "Tang Fei is terrifying, she's flipped Weibo twice in a week, leaving it in disarray."

    "Queen of Heat!"

    Weibo Tech Department: Vowing to Hold the Line? What line?

    Just now, the peak of instantaneous data per second was almost ninety million!

    When has star-chasing ever had such a massive crowd?

    What a joke!

    Just how many spectators were hiding among them? !

    This was terrifying!

    Celebrities usually bragged about their tens of millions of followers or likes, but those were all fake numbers. A few hundred thousand genuine fans were considered top-tier traffic.

    They expected a few sandbags to hold back the violent tsunami? They must be daydreaming.

    Now, they had learned their lesson and were imposing proper traffic restrictions.

    The jaws of industry peers had dropped so low they might have dislocated.

    "Goodness, Tang Fei's online attention has probably skyrocketed beyond any previous record, doubling the highest historical value."

    "Tang Fei's momentum is sucking up all the heat. It's been ages since we've seen the previous regulars on the hot searches."

    "One Tang Fei has appeared, and many people want to join Time Culture. Guess what? Time Culture hasn't signed anyone else in a year!"

    "That matches what I heard. Time Culture made a one-year deal with Tang Fei, signing only her for that period."

    "What kind of divine company is this? Why didn't they take a fancy to me?"

    When Weibo finally recovered from its slow pace, everyone flocked back to it.

    Time Culture's official account had already posted the online link to the audio. They released it on the authoritative Chinese music chart, Music Chart Top List, currently available only in MP3 format.

    The editor provocatively uploaded a screenshot of "Tang Fei - A Person Like Me" in FLAC format, a 26 MB high-quality lossless audio file.

    Accompanied by the caption: "Editor here enjoying lossless quality all alone, feeling so lonely~."

    Oh, this editor, how pretentious you are! Whom are you trying to provoke?

    There was an underlying hint that only insiders could understand. Time Culture and Music Chart Top List did not have a cooperative agreement, and lossless audio files were exclusive to VIP members. They were unable to release such content.

    They were subtly urging Music Chart Top List to quickly sign a deal with Time Culture.

    Music Chart Top List wiped its sweat, reminding itself not to betray the industry and resist the allure of popularity. They, as musicians, had integrity!

    Everyone eagerly clicked on Tang Fei's song, "A Person Like Me."

    At first, there was no musical introduction, as if in a tranquil and vast wilderness, a deep, slightly hoarse voice resounded with a penetrating tone that touched the soul, singing the very first note.

    "A person as excellent as me."

    With the first line, the netizens had but one sensation:



    Outstanding my foot! Ugh!

    But seasoned fans and music industry professionals were captivated from the very first note that Tang Fei sang!

    One could tell the quality of a song from its opening line! The first stanza of Tang Fei's song was a breathtaking start. They were not listening to the lyrical content but rather the fusion of musical expression and vocal prowess.

    As she continued singing: I was meant to shine for a lifetime, so how is it that after two decades, a single room feels like an impenetrable city...

    In the eyes of the online audience, the first line was no longer arrogance or shamelessness. Instead, it transformed into a form of self-deprecation, resonating with many people's sentiments.

    Tang Fei's song resonated in everyone's hearts. In the journey from birth to self-awareness, they had all, to some extent, indulged in narcissism, believing themselves to be unique.

    Each of them had once been convinced of their own excellence. But as time passed and life's harsh realities piled up, that belief had long since faded from their minds.

    Did they ever imagine throwing caution to the wind for someone? They were once passionate youths, naive dreamers, but those dreams had been buried by the passage of time, leaving behind only the forgotten spark of their original aspirations.

    This "someone" could be a person or a cause.

    These dream chasers, those who believed in their own brilliance, after being tempered by reality, were left with an incomprehensible loneliness and solitude.

    Being forced into mediocrity against their will – how many people in this world shared this plight? This song seemed to ignite the smoldering embers of ambition within these unremarkable souls, reminding them that their passion had not yet cooled, that they had not given up, and that they were merely trapped, yearning to break free.

    Some recalled the heavy burden of family responsibilities, others the pressure of parental expectations. Some remembered their once-beloved hobbies, now collecting dust in the corners of their lives, while still others reminisced about the story of "their" someone.

    Each note of the song reverberated within their hearts.

    One listen was not enough!

    Two times to savor its essence, three times and it still felt insufficient; every word of the song echoed their innermost thoughts.

    It wasn't until the song had ended that everyone finally realized it was Tang Fei's song! They hadn't held any expectations, and had even approached it with disdain and a critical mindset when they first played it.

    This was a song composed and written by Tang Fei!

    Sung a cappella throughout!

    Accompanied only by a simple guitar!

    With a hushed whisper, as if right beside their ears, it told the inner stories of the most ordinary people in this world.

    The melody was superb!

    The lyrics were outstanding, plus, plus, plus!

    Tang Fei! To be as excellent as you, you truly are the best!

    An hour later, the flood of music reviews from netizens was like a rainforest after a sudden growth spurt, with tens of thousands of comments emerging every second.

    "I cried my eyes out listening to this."

    "In memory of my vanished youth."

    "To us, who refuse to be ordinary!"

    "I, trapped in a cage with no escape, now feel as if Tang Fei has installed a camera in my home."

    "From now on, Tang Fei will be an outstanding creative artist in my eyes! No one needs to lecture me about logic or common sense; what good are they when we have geniuses?"

    In the morning, fans riled up and eager to take action fell silent, not uttering a single sound.

    The singers who had clamored against amateurs disrupting the industry also fell quiet.

    They understood better than anyone else the weight of Tang Fei's song!

    From its melody to its straightforward yet touching lyrics, this song was undoubtedly a classic, something that could still be enjoyed repeatedly years, even decades from now!

    The fact that they didn't immediately flock to Tang Fei's Weibo to fawn over her was a testament to their self-restraint and pride.

    Of course, every forest has its share of birds, and occasionally, shameless fools would make an appearance.

    "Permit me to serenade you all with an operatic performance, 'Daddy, oh Daddy, my beloved Daddy.'"

    "Who requested the rock style? Come claim your file."

    "No fear, just charge! Calling him Daddy is calling him Daddy. I pay my respects to Daddy Tang."

    Some were more refined, not as straightforward as the others. They passionately composed lengthy musical critiques, accompanied by illustrations, wine pairings, and nostalgic essays!

    They elaborated on how the divine masterpiece "Someone Like Me" was unparalleled in this world.

    "'Someone Like Me,' someone like you, someone like him, we're all alike. Each one of us can find a reflection of ourselves in this song, a point that resonates deeply."

    "Tang Fei's composition for Li Xiuyun—coincidentally, I'm a fan of Xiuyun's. I can perceive her unique qualities while also sensing the universal aspects. I believe Tang Fei's lyricism has reached the pinnacle of the music industry. To convey both commonalities and individual perspectives so simply yet intricately is nothing short of perfection.

    I've officially become a fan of Tang Fei, from this day forth, a sweet, sticky caramel devotee."

    Within just three hours on the Music Charts, "Someone Like Me" skyrocketed to the top of the popular songs list. Endless comments, ratings, and personal anecdotes filled the space beneath the music. People shared their struggles under life's pressures, finding solace, relief, and comfort. Perhaps, in these moments of expression, a soul or even a life was saved.

    In the realm of the Music Charts, where pride ran high, their gestures of admiration were particularly elegant.

    "Unleashing the brand-new masterpiece by rising pop diva Tang Fei, 'Someone Like Me'! Undoubtedly a phenomenon in the making!

    Admittedly, my horizons were once limited. Genius defies conventional logic, and common sense doesn't apply to Tang Fei. tremble, music industry! Embrace the era with Tang Fei onboard!"

    Tang Fei's song has completely conquered the music charts.

    After effusively praising Tang Fei, they promptly replied to Time Culture's post.

    "@Time Culture, joy shared is joy doubled. Why not let everyone savor the uncompressed, premium quality of this incredible music?"

    The contract was printing as we spoke.

    Tang Fei's single had sent shockwaves through the Mandarin music scene!

    Those singers who were previously cheering the loudest quietly liked the song and reshared Time Culture's song link.

    "Defeated by professionalism, I'm genuinely convinced! Music enthusiasts, let's listen to 'Someone Like Me' together."


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