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    Chapter 65: Awe-inspiring Performance!

    The rain intensified, with dark clouds slowly gathering and the sky turning gloomy. The wind grew stronger, and at 2:10 PM in Shanghai, the temperature had dropped two degrees compared to two hours prior.

    In the venue of the signing ceremony, recording devices and cameras flashed in sync with the rhythm of the background music.

    Zhou Weichuan, the general manager and representative of Time Culture, was invited onto the stage by the emcee. He bowed respectfully to the guests, making a rare high-profile appearance as the seldom-seen owner of Nine Points.

    "Polished and refined, a true gentleman," blushed the female guests.

    "A gentleman? You've forgotten about Nine Points' legal department or the terror of being on Tang Fei's trending searches. Just look at Yao Hui, he's been in the hospital twice in a week," the male guest pulled her back.

    "I have a soft spot for beauty, so I'm more forgiving."

    "Sigh." Could they not have a proper conversation?

    After Zhou Weichuan took his seat, the music playing in the background suddenly rose in pitch, transitioning into a majestic symphony that depicted ancient Greek mythology.

    This movement described a fierce battle, with the war goddess Athena raising her shield. Upon seeing it, all who beheld it were petrified. The tempo shifted from intense to serene, with the melody flowing gently.

    The emcee's face flushed with excitement, and their tone rose animatedly. "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the signatory! The renowned artist! Tang Fei!"

    The magnificent and resplendent central chandelier lost its luster.

    The tiny lights encircling it flickered in alternating shades of blue and white, while the spiraling glow beneath the dark canopy resembled a flowing shower of meteorites captured in a photograph.

    Under the celestial dome, people marvel at the wonders of the galaxy.

    The intense spotlight illuminated the entrance to the backstage area.

    Tang Fei's figure emerged from the entrance! She gazed out at the audience, tapping her Battle Card slot with a finger.

    Bathed in the ethereal glow of the mystical lighting, amidst the encircling darkness, she was the sole beacon of radiance. Her black battle robe swayed with each step, and with every stride, she underwent breathtaking transformations!

    These changes were visible to the naked eye, tangible and intense!

    The spectators in the venue collectively felt as if they were hallucinating.

    With one step, the concealer took effect, boosting skin luster +1!

    Under the soft light, Tang Fei's skin appeared as delicate and porcelain-like, smooth to the eye from any distance. The gentle luster of her exposed skin seemed to radiate like warm water, while the contrast of her black attire against her complexion entranced onlookers within the ethereal aura.

    Two steps, and the roasted lamb leg!

    The delectable flavors danced upon the palate, the meat tender and juicy, with a crispy exterior. The slightest hint of mutton's gaminess was nowhere to be found, only the rich aroma of the meat filling the nostrils. Each springy fiber teased the tongue, tantalizing the taste buds.

    Wildness +20! Aggressiveness +20! Grand Generosity +20!

    With a display of her unique charisma, the elemental cape adorning Tang Fei's shoulder fluttered effortlessly, as if an invisible cloak unfurled in the wind. Her entire presence became sharp, embodying a wild, offensive stance.

    With each step she took, it felt as though she transported the audience into another realm. They could almost visualize an expansive wilderness, where the horizon met the endless grasslands, and the thundering hooves of galloping herds echoed. High above, eagles soared amidst the clouds.

    The clashing of metal rang out, followed by arrows hurtling towards them!

    The lively gathering fell silent, stunned!

    Tang Fei – her aura, her stage presence, were unparalleled!

    This wasn't merely about physical beauty; it was a gift, a gem in the fashion world!

    Fashion magazine editors began contemplating invitations, while brand executives started fantasizing about signing contracts.

    In the live broadcast of a Sun Newspaper journalist, the screams of the Dessert Fans were on the verge of shattering their own rooftops!

    "Woah! Woah! Woah! I'm dead!"

    "I've perished under Feifei's skirt, and I have no regrets in this life!"

    "My beauty, Feifei, is so irresistible that it pierces my heart! I've been struck by Cupid's arrow!"

    "Ahh, I felt like I was hit by an arrow just now, straight into my soul!"

    "Mom asked why I was watching my phone on my knees! Tang Fei has completely overturned my understanding of beauty!"

    "Who can surpass Fei? No one, that's who!"

    Three steps!

    Tang Fei took another step, and the effect of the Smile Muscle Control Card kicked in!

    Her facial muscles seemed to tingle with an electric current, and suddenly, memories of over a decade's worth of practiced smiles flooded her mind. Tang Fei's smile toward the crowd transformed!




    Warrior Goddess!

    Her smile captivated everyone, and the entire scene was now under Tang Fei's spell, her every move and expression holding sway.

    Looking at Tang Fei, Shen Fan couldn't formulate any negative thoughts. Song Li was utterly mesmerized, her eyes fixated.

    The audience, watching from below, could hardly close their jaws or blink, their eyes wide and strained from staring, as if they feared missing a single second of this visual feast.

    This was Tang Fei?

    This was damn well Tang Fei!

    That person who everyone assumes is an unknown, relying solely on Time Culture's support for her success? Do you think you'd be here today if you signed with them?

    Wrong, utterly wrong. Standing beside Tang Fei, you're like a barnyard chicken next to a phoenix.

    Now, who dares to say that Tang Fei isn't an international top supermodel? I'd believe it!

    No, a top supermodel can't compare!

    Zhou Weichuan turned around, his gaze fixed on Tang Fei. In his eyes, she was a goddess descending from the heavens, a colossal boulder named Tang Fei stirring up a tempest in his heart's lake.

    Compared to the fitting session, yesterday she seemed to be playfully wielding a toy water gun. Today, she carried a rocket launcher.

    He had imagined that it would take immense effort to polish Tang Fei into a top-class gemstone.

    Yet, she turned out to be a dazzling imperial green jade, merely needing a gentle wipe to outshine everyone in the room.

    The fashion critics in the front row collectively stood up from their seats!

    Their reactions were a mix of astonishment at Tang Fei's performance and eagerness!

    Extremely anxious!

    They just released Yao Hui's press release!

    Talking about how Tang Fei is ordinary and unremarkable, how she's overshadowed by Song Li!

    Overwhelmed her grandmother's legs, indeed!

    This industry can indeed turn black into white! But this isn't just about black and white; it's like the sun versus a firefly, blinding their eyes with its radiance. They can't truly be blind to it!

    The fashion critics were collectively stunned, each with an expression as if cloned.

    Such a statement would devastate their credibility, ending half of their careers!

    Yao Hui's 300,000 is too hard-earned, it comes at the cost of their future!

    The front row was flickering with phone lights, everyone's fingers danced, editing! Editing! Editing their Weibo posts!

    Yao Hui's public relations department's WeChat group was in chaos.

    Images from the scene flooded the web, and in the replies under Weibo posts, the situation spiraled out of control. In every picture, Tang Fei completely overshadowed Song Li to the point of invisibility.

    "Are you saying she was dominated? Optometry is a great career choice, my friend. Go get your eyes checked, there's still hope!"

    "Where do you earn money like this? Bro, I'm running low, hook me up too."

    "(100,000 yuan per post. Please delete after publishing.)"

    Yao Hui's public relations department urgently contacted all the commentators who had released the paid posts, requesting them to revise their content. Such posts were nothing but self-inflicted humiliation, exposing their tactic of buying public opinion.

    It also revealed the blindness of those who accepted payment, ignoring the truth entirely for the sake of a quick buck.

    Step four unfolded!

    An invisible aura swept over everyone from Tang Fei, leaving the entire audience dumbfounded!

    People's minds seemed to ripple like water being stirred by a gentle breeze, their distractions vanishing as their gaze fixated solely on Tang Fei.

    Superstar Card!

    The Disgraced Pharaoh of Egypt!

    The makeup card adhered to her face, instantly vanishing the seemingly flawless makeup on Tang Fei's face like it was mere dirt.

    The card's makeup seamlessly integrated with her skin, enveloping her entire aura. Her muscles and bones transformed along with the makeup.

    Chill +50, Mystery +48, Majesty +30 (stackable aura), Melancholy +30, Fierceness +29, Visual Impact +20, Grace +20!

    Did you think three steps were the pinnacle?

    That was just an appetizer!

    The main course is here!

    As Tang Fei moved on stage, the audience was transported into an imaginary realm of mystique.

    Tang Fei's originally cold and stern facial features faded away, replaced by an inherent exotic allure that needed no shading. The profound mystery in her eyes captivated everyone's attention.

    Dressed in battle attire, she strode forward with a chilling yet melancholic aura. Her sharp gaze, graceful movements, all stirred an irresistible impulse to worship her.

    Everyone's minds were in a state of numbness, as if they had formed a spiritual resonance with Tang Fei! Some with weak willpower even slid off their chairs and prostrated themselves on the ground.

    It wasn't until Tang Fei took her seat and retracted the effects of the cards that there was a collective sigh of relief from the audience.

    "Finally, you've stopped your magical display!"

    Those two short minutes left everyone feeling drained and mentally exhausted, as if their spirits had been depleted.

    Bolan's business director's mouth gaped wide open. Oh my god, was this the Tang Fei he had deemed dowdy?

    His eyes must have been caked with thirty layers of eye crust back then!

    He must have been out of his mind to bet against Zhou Weichuan on Tang Fei's fashion sense! It was like betting on the Chinese national football team defeating Brazil! Had he been cursed a few days ago to make such a foolish decision?

    The Sun Daily reporter's live stream was filled with ecstatic celebration.

    "I can't take it anymore, I want to kneel!"

    "How can there be someone so beautiful who can pull off both ancient and modern styles, both domestic and international? She's a goddess!"

    "I despise Yao Hui so much for making such a brilliant person disappear for five years! If she hadn't been held back during those five years, just imagine how many masterpieces could have come to light!"

    "With that waste Yao Hui, even a scene with my Phoebe turns into trash! It's merely the irony of fate that allowed Yao Hui to lay eyes on my Phoebe first."

    "Thanks to Mommy Fei for bringing Fei into this world, my life has been illuminated! Just seeing Fei fills me with a sense of healing."

    "Feifei is so charismatic!"

    "Sweet and salty! Ahhh! I'm smitten."

    "The atmosphere is explosive, I want to marry him!"

    Tang Fei sat beside Zhou Weichuan, who smiled at her and gave her a thumbs up. Perfect.

    Tang Fei blinked. "Now you know my prowess, right?"

    The emcee, dazed, regained composure and moved on to the next segment, solemnly reading out the main terms of the agreement.

    The audience, too, was left dumbfounded by this part of the ceremony.

    They absorbed the contract's details, hearing about Tang Fei's autonomy and the clauses that favored her in every way!

    The faces of all the talent agency bosses in the audience darkened. Was Time Culture running a charity? Such terms were usually reserved for partners. The stars present were envious, their eyes reddening with envy.

    What was wrong with me back then for turning down Time Culture?

    There must have been something seriously wrong with them, to actually prefer Yao Hui over Time Culture.

    Online, the signing ceremony sparked discussions, but Tang Fei wasn't the main topic.

    It was the fashion critics!

    Everyone was watching these usually high-and-mighty and sharp-tongued fashion critics suffer a massive setback!

    News releases changed from describing Tang Fei's outfit as dull and unremarkable, to praising her for wearing Du Mei haute couture and having a decent aura. Then, she was hailed as having an outstanding presence like a queen's arrival, and finally, she was declared the Fashion Goddess, a War Goddess descending upon the scene! And then, they revised it again to emphasize how Tang Fei perfectly embodied the meaning behind Du Mei's queenly battle gown, elevating it to new heights!

    All mentions of Song Li were deleted entirely!

    What do you call this?

    Microblog records can be checked for revisions!

    Your tweet has undergone a tremendous transformation, with the first draft being entirely opposite to the final version – it's been altered eighteen times! Do you think it's like a woman blossoming at eighteen?

    Count how many have taken Yao Hui and Song Li's ill-gotten gains!

    Song Li's image is crumbling!

    The carefully cultivated image of a hardworking, low-key, and talented young actress is almost ruined, revealing her involvement in a scandalous chain of outshining and stepping on others.

    Weibo was flooded with playful jibes from netizens.

    "A second-rate label dares to undermine Du Mei's haute couture? These amateur fashion commentators are sheer nonsense."

    "Dare you still post a group photo to show Song Li overshadowing Tang Fei? Is it because Song Li's head is a circle larger than Tang Fei's, making her seem more prominent?"

    "Exquisite performance! This car flip is like a rollercoaster ride, spinning eighteen times from the mountaintop down to the valley floor."

    "What's this called? Stitching the Red Flag in the dead of night?"

    "Song Li released the press statement, and the fashion critics hastily left, traveling overnight, standing in the trains, no, sneaking aboard without tickets."

    "Song Li left the group chat with grumbling complaints."


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