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    Chapter 76: The Divide Between Pure Fans and Multifandom Lovers Unfolds On-Site

    At the Xiangnan Airport's arrival lounge, sunlight filtered through the exit, casting a delicate warmth upon the winter day, creating an illusory sense of coziness.

    Along the passage, there was a crowd assembled early on, organized by Ning Xiaodou's fan club, who had received word from the studio. They held up signs bearing the name of "Doudou's Family," clutching bouquets of flowers. Bundled up in their coats like balls, they wore green fan club uniforms and huddled together, stamping their feet and blowing warm air into their palms for warmth.

    The leader of the fans orchestrated their lineup, exhorting them energetically, "We need to be quality fans. Let's show the world that Xiaodou's supporters are top-notch!"

    "Little Doudou is an outstanding idol, and his fans should be outstanding supporters, don't you agree?"

    The enthusiastic response from the fans was so intense that it pushed the onlookers to keep their distance. In this scene of military-like management, most people couldn't help but recall images of employees in certain service industries being forced to dance and sing loudly at the store entrance.

    Or they might think of those multi-level marketing leaders gathering crowds to sing motivational songs, with everyone excitedly moving in unison.

    Shu Xiaoan checked the time. Being alone and relatively powerless, she couldn't compare to Ning Xiaodou's legion of fans. Both were there to greet someone at the airport; she wondered if Sister Fei would feel disappointed.

    Despite having accomplished little work, her monthly salary was still promptly deposited into her bank account, providing significant support for her struggling family.

    She was reluctant to accept it, but in the face of reality, she had no choice but to bow down and receive it.

    Tang Fei had never explicitly offered to help her, but Ye Zhi knew that Tang Fei was sparing her dignity by taking action without saying anything, and attributing the salary raise to a company-wide increase.

    Today, Brother He had asked her to assist Sister Hao Fei and even considerately inquired if it would interfere with her schedule. How could it be an inconvenience? She was merely escaping from an arranged blind date.

    She gripped Tang Fei's airport pickup sign tightly.

    Now that she had a role to play, she was determined to do it well, sticking close to Tang Fei like glue.

    Suddenly, the normally quiet sea of green-clad fans erupted into a collective scream. The fan leaders, who had advocated for good behavior, flailed their arms, urging the fans to shout even louder.

    Their actions contradicted their previous claims of being quality fans.

    "Make a grander scene for Brother Xiaodou!"

    "Shout it out!"


    "Let everyone know how popular Xiaodou is!"

    "Ning Xiaodou's fans are an organized, strategic, and enthusiastic group! It's up to us to boost his commercial value!"

    "Go for it!"

    Ning Xiaodou, with his cap pulled low and face concealed behind a black mask, made his way through the airport terminal, untouched by the fans' screams and calls. Despite finding them bothersome, he couldn't help but feel a sense of vanity about his popularity. He walked with a confident air, strutting stylishly for the cameras.

    The agent nodded at the fan group leader, acknowledging their efforts. Well done.

    Enthusiastic fans, flushed with excitement, waved placards emblazoned with Ning Xiaodou's name, chanting feverishly, "Ning Xiaodou! Ah! Ning Xiaodou!"

    The local media, armed with long and short lenses, swarmed in. As the flashbulbs popped, Ning Xiaodou squinted, momentarily dazzled by the glare.

    "Mr. Ning, are you here to promote 'Youthful Football'?"

    "Xiaodou, do you have confidence in topping the winter vacation box office this year?"

    "Xiaodou, now that you're based in Huashan, are you considering attending the Huashan Opera University in the future?"

    Journalists clamored to throw their questions at Ning Xiaodou, who bowed her head and nodded respectfully to the media. Her assistant stepped forward, saying, "Thank you all. Xiaodou needs to keep these answers confidential for now. We apologize."

    A collective shriek escalated as a fan managed to push past airport security and dashed towards Ning Xiaodou. Helplessly, Ning Xiaodou stopped, signing her name for the enthusiast with a considerable amount of weight, under her blissful smile, eliciting admiration from the crowd.

    "Why didn't I push through either?"

    "Oh, Xiaodou is so approachable, stopping to sign autographs!"

    Some even hurled their unsent bouquets at Ning Xiaodou, while gift boxes littered the air, clattering noisily upon impact.

    The leading fan encouraged the crowd to keep up the commotion.

    A high-quality idol? High-quality fans? Passersby couldn't help but glance over.

    Numerous media outlets frenziedly snapped pictures. Unable to interview Ning Xiaodou, they would have to settle for reporting on her immense popularity and the fanaticism of her fanbase.

    From the sidelines, Shu Xiaoan spotted Tang Fei approaching from a distance. She timidly raised Tang Fei's placard far away.

    Tang Fei!?

    "Is it that Tang Fei?"

    "Tang Fei is here too? On the same flight as my Xiaodou! My favorite idol couple is together! Ah! Ooh! Aaaah!"

    The act of throwing flowers and gifts came to an abrupt halt. Tang Fei was currently a viral sensation online, having captured the hearts of fans across all communities.

    Her admirers could be found in every group.

    Beauty was a powerful tool for winning fans, especially when amplified by publicity!


    Someone suddenly shouted, and the enthusiastic girl who had just jumped with excitement for Ning Xiaodou's autograph let out a shrill scream, dashing straight towards Tang Fei, who had just arrived from behind.

    This female fan, dressed in Ning Xiaodou's fan club attire and holding up a placard with Ning Xiaodou's name, charged forward with a bang.

    Zhou Weichuan, acting as a temporary bodyguard, reacted swiftly and stepped forward to prevent her from crashing into Tang Fei.

    "Be careful," Tang Fei said with concern.

    A gentle smile graced Zhou Weichuan's face as he skillfully deflected the girl's advance; he had encountered his fair share of admirers before and was trained to handle them.

    The girl, blushing profusely, straightened her clothes and stammered, "F-Fefe, y-you're a hundred times more beautiful in person than in the videos!"

    "Thank you for your kind words," Tang Fei replied, inexperienced with such fan encounters but still appreciative of the compliment.

    Despite her online explosiveness, she had yet to grant any public interviews in reality. The signing ceremony was supposed to satisfy her fans' cravings, but the accident prevented any subsequent interviews featuring Tang Fei personally.

    This left her fans eagerly waiting, their anticipation heightened by this form of strategic marketing that had them starving for more. Their curiosity about Tang Fei was driving them crazy, haunting their thoughts day and night.

    The girl presented her autograph book. "Feifei, could you sign this for me? My name is Wang Keyi, and I have a best friend, Li Yingying. She's a huge fan of yours—could you sign one for her too?"

    "Thank you for liking me. Is it this Ke-ki?" Tang Fei asked, signing her name for the girl who nodded vigorously like a chick pecking at rice.

    Tang Fei signed one for each of them, wishing them a happy new year.

    Wang Keyi's face bloomed with delight, her cheeks flushed with a rosy glow. "Ah ah! I have Feifei's autograph! The first one in the entire network!"

    The media who had been surrounding Ning Xiaodou were ecstatic to see Tang Fei – it was like a miracle!

    This person, who had shot to fame online but had always been unreachable for interviews, had suddenly descended from the heavens!

    What an incredible opportunity! Quick, rush over!

    Tang Fei's outfit consisted of a simple cap, a large scarf, a khaki-colored coat, and her long legs encased in boots – a straightforward yet stylish ensemble! The camera flashes intensified in excitement.

    Her airport fashion was stunning!

    "Feifei—" Many of Ning Xiaodou's fans called out to Tang Fei. The fan leader reprimanded them, "You're still wearing clothes from the Xiaodou family, you're not allowed to call out."

    "But I like both of them."

    "You're tarnishing Xiaodou's reputation with this behavior. How will others perceive it? Can't you hide your admiration for someone else?"

    "I have so many biases! If Tang Fei had an official fan club, I would definitely join."

    "Exactly, why do they care? I'm a fan of multiple celebrities, and I support them all."

    "You don't even truly love Xiaodou! Your affection doesn't exist. scram, get out of the Xiaodou family!"

    No one expected to witness a live fan rivalry and feud right before their eyes. The OnlyFans and Polyfans confronted each other head-on!

    "You're crazy, why come here if you like someone else?"

    "No one said during registration that we could only like Ning Xiaodou."

    The scene turned chaotic. Surrounded by staff, Ning Xiaodou adopted a defensive stance, but the silence around him was deafening. Apart from his team, no one else was there, making the situation awkward.

    Some curious onlookers even took out their phones to capture this comical moment.

    Ning Xiaodou's manager watched as the meticulously planned event, with its grand spectacle, was disrupted by Tang Fei's appearance, and their face darkened in displeasure.

    Ning Xiaodou's expression grew even more somber. The journalists who were chasing him now chased after Tang Fei, while his fans were happily chatting with Tang Fei, causing a rift within the fanbase that had rallied for him.

    A complete mess!

    Ugly! Shameful!


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