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    Chapter 75: A Large-Scale Naughty Kid

    February 17th, sunny. At 5 am, Tang Fei and Zhou Weichuan were already on their way to the airport in Shanghai.

    Three hours later, when He Zhou couldn't find Tang Fei at the hotel, he only saw a message from his cousin on WeChat, which included a sticker of a pat on the head with the text: "A Zhou, sis is going to Hunan Province today and will return to the capital in a couple of days. Go back first and take care of the plants at home. Don't let them wither."

    Only then did He Zhou realize that he had been left behind by his sister!

    This was the first time they had parted ways since he started working as Tang Fei's assistant.

    What was most terrifying was that he had heard that Tang Fei was traveling with only Zhou Weichuan. He Zhou's face crumpled at the thought.

    My sister must have been tricked!

    There's no way she would abandon her brother for someone else's looks!

    He Zhou complained while drinking with Zheng Haisheng.

    "Why didn't my sister bring me along?"

    "I didn't go either. It was too rushed, and the company didn't arrange for me to join." Zheng Haisheng felt like he was a bright lightbulb following his boss around, but finally, he wasn't one anymore, and he was somewhat pleased with this change.

    "That's impossible! I checked the flight schedule, there were extra seats available." He Zhou put down his glass, a flush of red appearing on his cheeks. "No way, I have to follow her. Otherwise, my sister might get taken advantage of."

    "The company didn't buy your ticket," Zheng Haisheng pointed out.

    "I'll pay for it myself!" He Zhou had already stood up and started putting on his jacket that was draped over the back of his chair.

    "You're not familiar with the place..." Zheng Haisheng wanted to persuade him further. His boss rarely had any alone time, and as his best supporter, he needed to protect this opportunity.

    "Oh! So you were in on it too. But you guys didn't expect that my sister has a local intern in Huxiang Province, living in the provincial capital, Xingcheng. I just told her to contact my sister immediately and pick her up at the airport! Keep close tabs on her!" He Zhou quickly finished getting dressed.

    Indeed, it was Zheng Haisheng who intentionally didn't arrange for He Zhou to join the trip. How could this straightforward boss of his be as clever and adaptable? Now that he knew there was an intern in Huxiang Province, Zheng Haisheng could only click his tongue. "I really didn't see that coming."

    She's even from Xingcheng. There was a gap in their plan after all. Fate had intervened. All Zheng Haisheng could do now was wish his boss good luck.

    He Zhou reached the door but turned back. "I don't know what spell you guys have cast on my sister, but you may be able to deceive her, but not me."

    Zheng Haisheng forced a laugh.

    I have no intention of sugarcoating it. If your boss weren't acting strangely, stubbornly refusing to confess while desperately trying to get closer, would things be this complicated?

    But he couldn't say that.

    He denied it: "There were countless female celebrities pursuing Boss before, but not a single rumor about him. He's very cautious and keeps himself clean. If there's anything going on, it might be because..." He held up two fingers and gestured. "Both parties have feelings for each other."

    "At least as many people pursued my sister as the number of hairs on two cows, but she never gave anyone the time of day. If there's something going on, it must be your conspiracy!" He raised an eyebrow proudly. When it came to pursuers, he was more than willing to admit defeat.

    "Boss had more."

    "My sister had more."

    "I don't believe it."

    "Count your boss as one then."

    "..." Well, he lost. Zheng Haisheng silently twisted open a bottle of mineral water and took a big gulp. It wasn't his fault Boss couldn't keep up, not a lack of skill on his part.


    Departing at 7:30 in the morning, on a first-class flight from Shanghai to Xiangnan Province.

    There were only four seats in the first-class cabin of this aircraft, one of which was unoccupied. Tang Fei and Zhou Weichuan claimed two adjacent seats, while a teenager, around fourteen or fifteen years old, sat alone in the remaining seat. He wore a black baseball cap, buried in his tablet, with only his chin visible.

    Tang Fei put on her headphones, reclined her seat, and settled in for a rest. Meanwhile, Zhou Weichuan seized the opportunity to peruse the information Zheng Haisheng had sent about Chen Ming, the newly appointed drama acquisition director of Xiangnan TV.

    Upon discovering that Chen Ming had been in his position for just a year, had a preference for modern urban dramas, and was known for his stubbornness, Zhou Weichuan circled his name in the notes.

    He might be the trouble they faced in securing a prime-time slot.

    Persistent and having rejected three high-budget, top-quality historical dramas - including last year's hit series by Zhu Xiansheng - he wouldn't even glance at their proposal.

    As a new appointee, he seemed determined to overturn his predecessor's decisions and reshape the public's perception of Xiangnan TV's historical drama offerings.

    Their mission was beset with challenges.

    He enjoyed watching Xiang embroidery but didn't accept embroidered gifts.

    He was a man impervious to influence.

    The key to breaking the deadlock, Zhou Weichuan interlaced his fingers together; this matter was somewhat tricky.

    One crucial detail in the information stated that his thirteen-year-old only daughter held significant influence over him. If her daughter enjoyed watching, there might be a chance for discussion.

    However, it was certain that others had already attempted this approach without any known success.

    At that moment, the young man in the baseball cap glanced at Tang Fei, who was seated in front of him.

    "Xiaodou, the itinerary is out. Tang Fei is on the same flight as us to Hunan Province."

    He was Ning Xiaodou, the lead actor of "Youthful Football." Before boarding the plane, his agent had informed him about Tang Fei.

    Heading to Hunan Province at this time, could she also be invited to participate in the same program? She's promoting that terrible drama, trying to compete with me for the winter vacation slot!

    There were fans of Tang Fei within his team, pointing out several dramas scheduled for promotional campaigns during the winter vacation and claiming that Zhu Xiansheng's production showed the most potential for success.

    They're all blind!

    A trashy production helmed by a third-rate director, written by a ninth-rate scriptwriter, and acted by actors not worth mentioning deserved to be placed alongside his drama during the prime winter vacation slot, vying for the golden time slot? Who did they think they were insulting?

    Ning Xiaodou waited for the plane to stabilize before unfastening his seatbelt and striding over to Tang Fei. He pulled down his baseball cap haughtily and asked, "You're Tang Fei, right?"

    Tang Fei slowly opened her eyes to see a decent-looking young boy in front of her, but she didn't recognize him.

    She pondered for a moment and tried her best to sound friendly as she asked, "Do you want an autograph?"

    Ning Xiaodou had practiced this pose many times, believing that his cool and aloof demeanor would instantly impress her.

    However, after hearing Tang Fei's response, his arrogance crumbled swiftly. His eyes bulged with anger. What did she mean? She actually treated him as one of her fans!

    This was a clear insult to him. He blurted out indignantly, "You don't know who I am?"

    "Who are you?" Tang Fei tried hard to recall, but couldn't place him.

    Zhou Weichuan lifted his head, intrigued by the unfolding drama.

    "I'm Ning Xiaodou! Now you know!" Ning Xiaodou lifted his chin, radiating with pride from within.

    "Ning Xiaodou..." Tang Fei fell into deep thought, "The name sounds familiar, where have I heard it before?"

    The original owner seemed to have a poor memory. Could it be that she, too, is being affected, experiencing a decline in her memory?

    Ning Xiaodou didn't think Tang Fei wouldn't recognize him. She was doing it on purpose! Just to irritate him!

    Unfortunately, he was agitated, and his anger flared up instantly.

    "Forget about premiering during the winter vacation season! If your drama airs on satellite TV, my fans will be watching closely to report any infractions!" Ning Xiaodou kicked at Tang Fei with force.

    Tang Fei, always quick on her feet, had undergone numerous enhancements to her muscles thanks to the system. The moment Ning Xiaodou's leg began to lift, Tang Fei raised her own, the sharp stiletto heel of her high heel making perfect contact with the young man's toes.

    Ning Xiaodou felt as if his toes were being snapped one by one, the pain shooting up from the soles of his feet to the crown of his head.

    He opened his mouth, ready to cry out, but swallowed the "ah" back down. A teenager's pride couldn't be compromised! He endured the pain, lifted his head, and, with tears welling in the corners of his eyes, he huffed and limped back to his seat.

    "I'll never let you snatch the winter vacation slot," he muttered through gritted teeth.

    As soon as Ning Xiaodou sat down, he yanked off his shoe and began rubbing his aching toes with a hiss.

    Zhou Weichuan chuckled, causing Ning Xiaodou's face to flush red in embarrassment. Finally, he fell silent.

    Zhou Weichuan shared his information with Tang Fei, and she finally understood. She then glanced at the rowdy child behind him.

    "So you're Ning Xiaodou?"

    "How did your soccer skills get infected by the national team while acting as a football prodigy?"

    Ning Xiaodou pushed down his baseball cap, hiding his face entirely, his ears turning red to the tips.

    It was better that Tang Fei hadn't recognized him from the start.


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