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    Chapter 62: Awkward Romance

    "You can choose how to do it." Zhou Weichuan pushed the chair beside him in front of Tang Fei. "Sit down and talk."

    Tang Fei glanced at the chair. How could she let her boss serve her, especially when he was an essential ally for venting her frustrations? She had to curry favor with him!

    Clearing her thoughts, Tang Fei eagerly pulled the chair forward. "Boss, please sit first."

    Both of them took their seats. Tang Fei cautiously asked, "Can we compensate them with money?"


    A gleam of excitement shone in Tang Fei's eyes.

    "Can we compensate them more?"

    "It depends on what they're seeking. I'll try my best to get you the maximum compensation."

    Tang Fei couldn't help but scoot closer to Zhou Weichuan. "And make them apologize too!"


    "Tattle on the prop manager in charge of Lavie!" Tang Fei clenched her fists and pulled her chair forward, her emotions stirred.

    "Get the company's legal department involved."

    "Can we sue the production team for their inaction?" Tang Fei's knee had already touched Zhou Weichuan's.

    Zhou Weichuan's ears flushed red. He clasped his hands together, beads of sweat forming from his nervousness.

    "If you think it's necessary, sue them all."

    "Am I asking too much?" Tang Fei noticed Zhou Weichuan's slightly uncomfortable expression.

    "Not at all, these are reasonable demands."

    Well, that's what the boss said. My requests aren't excessive, then.

    "I told you, I'm very reasonable."

    Zhou Weichuan discreetly wiped the sweat from his palm. "Yes, you're perfect in every way."


    How did the boss suddenly become a master of flattery?

    What now? This sudden awkwardness was unbearable. Would he ever be able to indulge in self-admiration again without feeling embarrassed?

    "Boss, you're making me feel emotional with this."

    Could some playful teasing alleviate the tension?

    "Mmm." Zhou Weichuan's heart raced at a hundred and eight beats per minute. If not for his barely-held-back reason, he didn't know what he might have blurted out.

    Huh? Why was the boss so nonchalant in response?

    Did the joke fall flat? What else could he say?

    "What if I end up falling for you?"

    Oh! Why do I feel more awkward the more I talk? It must be because everyone around me has been brainwashed into believing Zhou Weichuan likes her!

    That's why I slipped up subconsciously.

    Now it's even more awkward. Tang Fei coughs to cover it up and glances at He Zhou. He Zhou averts his gaze, looking instead at Zheng Haisheng, who is bent over counting the dust particles under his feet.

    Looking towards the fitting team, the leader, a girl with a radiant and sweet smile, reveals dimples as she beams at Tang Fei, but has no intention of joining their conversation.

    External help request denied!

    "Feel free to like me," Zhou Weichuan says, his hands almost leaving marks on each other from how tightly he's holding them.

    "I was just joking, hahaha." Tang Fei's laughter is so forced and dry, revealing her unease despite her attempt at acting nonchalant.

    "I know," Zhou Weichuan replies, lowering his head and exhaling.

    Tang Fei's fingers tangle together. "It's just not that funny, huh."

    "Tang Fei, our company's top star, enjoys sharing witty jokes. Excellent." Zhou Weichuan's gaze landed on Zheng Haisheng, who promptly snapped out of his spectator mode and replied solemnly, "Yes, we all enjoy hearing them."

    Feeling awkward to the point of questioning her existence, Tang Fei wished she could bury her head in the floor. "Boss, can we change the subject?"

    Zhou Weichuan agreed, "Director Zhu Xiansheng's team has invited us to meet in Huanan Province. I suspect they might be facing scheduling conflicts and are at a disadvantage. After the signing ceremony, let's pay them a visit."

    "Alright!" Tang Fei lifted her head, relieved to have escaped that uncomfortable situation.

    It was like breaking free from an awkward vortex.

    Seizing the opportunity, He Zhou offered her a cup of goji berry and red date tea. "Sister, it's still warm. Helps soothe the throat."

    Zheng Haisheng chimed in, "Boss, flights to Huanan Star City have been booked."

    Du Mei's costume assistant also approached, assisting Tang Fei in changing back into her clothes. Watching these once-stoic individuals come alive, Tang Fei took a large, resentful sip of tea.

    They had all done that on purpose!

    After changing, Tang Fei emerged, leaving behind only the queen's robe with its attendant. The girl with dimples, responsible for the entire fitting session, said, "Ms. Tang, we'll send the other two outfits to your address. If you need maintenance, you can call the number on this card."

    The dimple girl handed a special membership card for Du Mei to He Zhou. "The clothes aren't borrowed?!" Tang Fei was quite surprised. The original owner had gained some popularity before and worn outfits sponsored by top brands, but all those were borrowed with great care. Her current status in the industry shouldn't have qualified her for a gift from Du Mei. "These three sets of clothes belong to you," the dimple girl smiled. Tang Fei's big eyes turned to her boss, like a child looking at their parents when receiving a red envelope during the Lunar New Year, not daring to accept it without their approval. "Miss Tang, Mr. Zhou is the chief designer of Du Mei's brand," the considerate girl explained Tang Fei's privileged treatment. It was all due to her solid connections. Tang Fei's small mouth formed an 'o'—was her boss a fashion design major? An image flashed through Tang Fei's mind: Zhou Weichuan holding a needle and thread. Boss, you're the legendary Eastern Weichuan! "Don't look at me like that," Zhou Weichuan said.

    "No, no, sir, my eyesight is perfectly fine."

    "Your eyeballs are about to pop out! Calm down!"


    In a private hospital in the capital, Shen Fan was lying in a VIP ward. His secretary approached him from the living room, holding an invitation.

    "Mr. Shen, Time Culture has sent an invitation for you to attend their signing ceremony with Tang Fei tomorrow."

    "Tell them to get lost!"

    Shen Fan threw the invitation forcefully at his secretary.

    The secretary bent down to pick up the invitation from the floor and turned to leave. Suddenly, Shen Fan slammed his hand on the bed. "Come back."

    "Mr. Shen, the doctor said your emotions shouldn't fluctuate too much."

    "A bunch of quacks. Don't I know my own body?" Shen Fan pressed his forehead. "Ask Song Li to accompany me to the event. Inform her agent to borrow an outfit from a top luxury brand."

    Tang Fei was merely an ephemeral sensation online; without any accolades or a solid reputation to her name, only time would tell about her true standing. High-end brands, keen on maintaining their prestige, wouldn't risk lending their garments to her.

    Instruct the public relations department to draft a comparison text on Song Li and Tang Fei's fashion sense for me. We'll release the photos with both of them together tomorrow in a coordinated effort."

    "Yes, Mr. Shen." The secretary made a note of it.

    Has the person tasked with revealing Tang Fei's seduction of Guan Yin been arranged?

    Communication established, it's a new reporter from Sunlight Daily.

    "There are always people who'll do anything for fame in this industry. If he can handle it, I don't mind giving him a leg up."

    The secretary pursed her lips. You don't even know his name, and you'll forget about him once you've used him.

    "Huang Hanmin refuses to show his face. This person won't amount to much. Would I really starve without Butcher Zhang? There are plenty of others willing to step in."


    Tang Fei flew to Shanghai that very night and checked into the Ink and Wash Impression International Hotel – the venue for the signing ceremony the following day.

    After freshening up, Tang Fei slipped into her silk pajamas and lay on the large bed, browsing through the system interface. The number of red envelopes still remained at 99.

    None had appeared out of nowhere.

    Ninety-nine red envelopes, 99% mission progress — this system was undoubtedly sent by heaven to cure obsessive-compulsive disorder.

    "Let's open them."

    With her fingers spread wide, Tang Fei took a deep breath and performed a hovering tap in the air as if warming up her fingers, reminiscent of the qigong practice for Iron Sand Palm.

    However, just as she finished her warm-up, a line of text popped up in the system.

    "Recharge 1000 yuan to unlock the Red Envelope Batch-Opening Feature. → Recharge"


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