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    Chapter 68 - Battle Commences! A Salt-Style Female Star!

    A probationary reporter from the Sunshine News stood by his seat, holding up his live-streaming phone to give the fans, who were in a state of shock and confusion on the screen, a direct face-to-face encounter with Tang Fei.

    He had a resolute expression as he looked straight at Tang Fei, inspiring admiration for his fearlessness in the face of authority.

    Everyone else in the room, surprisingly, only dared to whisper their discussions or make calls, none of them having the courage to stand up and confront the truth like he did.

    Shen Fan clapped his hands, "This is what new blood in the industry looks like, our future!"

    The applause suddenly erupted. The immense pressure exerted by Tang Fei and Time Culture had inadvertently united the guests below.

    The chairs of several industry associations exchanged glances. One of them was just about to join in the applause when he was stopped by Wang Zhaoqing, the vice-chairman of the Directors' Association.

    His son, Wang Hongying, still had a collaboration going with Tang Fei's Happiness Hotel. At this crucial moment, he needed to show support.

    The other association chairmen shook their heads.

    "Let's see how it unfolds."

    Let the dust settle for a moment; in their circle, newcomers seeking fame through sensationalism are as numerous as fish swimming across a river.

    Now, the showdown between Time Culture and Tang Fei's quest for fame has collided with this rookie journalist's own bid for notoriety. Who holds the upper hand? Who will emerge victorious?

    What is the truth?

    Just wait, and it will all become clear.

    "Feifei, could that be a fake image edited with Photoshop?"

    "Deity, were you really photographed on top of a man on the street, or is someone trying to sabotage you?"

    "Say something, Sugar Treasure. If you deny it, I'll believe you."

    "Awaiting an explanation. I genuinely like Tang Fei, but I can't accept this."

    The fans in the live stream mostly believed in the supposed truth and couldn't accept it, so reason gave way to their indignant emotions.

    This intern journalist stepped forward, standing beneath the massive chandelier in the domed hall, the light converging upon him like an angel of justice descending with white wings. He spoke with indignation, "Teacher Tang, I have great respect for you, but I must ask: Do you have any recollection of this photo circulating online?"

    What photo?

    An image appeared on his phone, and Tang Fei couldn't see it clearly from a distance. Zhou Weichuan tried to stop her, but he couldn't hinder Tang Fei's determined strides. Her strength was immense, and when she set her mind to something, Zhou Weichuan's attempt to hold her back was almost imperceptible.

    Tang Fei walked into the guest area.

    She stood on the red carpet, in the straight and broad main aisle, under the focused gazes of the surrounding crowd.

    Clad in a black battle robe, she exuded a resonating war spirit!


    Like a sharp sword being unsheathed, Tang Fei's restrained aura and presence burst forth instantaneously!

    The queen's battle robe fluttered like a gust of wind, tangling with her loose hair that danced in the air. The silver platinum crown and shield decorations shimmered under the crystal lights as if they were emitting a battle-ready edge.

    Before she even spoke, the applause in the venue ceased the moment she stood up!

    It turned out that during her presentation on stage, she hadn't been at her strongest! Apparently, her aura and presence could be even more formidable!

    Throughout the entire venue, everyone felt their breaths hitch, as if the air pressure had plummeted to an oppressive level that made their hearts feel stifled and their pulses race.

    The association presidents exchanged glances before leaning back in their chairs, relaxed.

    The truth no longer mattered; Tang Fei's capability was everything. In the domestic entertainment industry, she was the most sought-after talent.

    Scandals about one's private life could devastate fledgling stars, but for mainstays, for indispensable talents like Tang Fei, they were merely a mild annoyance.

    The previously eloquent journalist struggled to utter a sound as his lips quivered. Having been directly confronted by Tang Fei's formidable presence, he took a step back and sat down again, as if someone had pushed him into the chair. His legs went limp.

    Tang Fei effortlessly took the phone from his hand and studied the photo on the screen.

    Guan Yin and her?

    Why was there no memory of this in the original owner's mind?

    Despite her imposing demeanor, a furious inner voice raged within Tang Fei!

    Original host, what kind of memory do you have? Not even a hint of this incident lingers in your mind?

    If not for the Insight Card that revealed Guan Mo's thoughts and the truth behind the alleged 'seduction', she would have likely directly scolded those spreading rumors!

    The consequences could have been disastrous.

    Original host, you've dug yourself quite a hole.

    Tang Fei smiled gently, and the tense atmosphere gradually eased. Everyone felt like they had just gone through a sweat-inducing ordeal. They quietly resumed their roles as spectators, no longer wanting to comment or make any moves.

    She placed the phone back into the journalist's pocket.

    "You... You... Don't... Come closer." The journalist's lips trembled uncontrollably, and his throat convulsed, almost muffling his voice.

    He leaned back in fear. "This is a society ruled by law."

    Tang Fei put away the phone and patted his shoulder. "Nice shot."

    Although the live stream was blacked out, the fans went wild!

    Just now, Tang Fei's aura was soaring sky-high!

    "Ahhhh, I choose to forgive! Fei is too cool!"

    "What's there to forgive? My Fei is so alpha, what's wrong with her overpowering someone? Can't girls take the lead in love?"

    "I'm bowing down through the screen! Li Xiuyun's frail and delicate demeanor is a complete contrast to her current self! Fei is too strong!"

    "Salty female star, I'm dying! We don't have this type domestically! I could be smitten by her forever!"

    "Mesmerizing me! Is this outfit called the Queen's Battle Robe? It suits her perfectly! I want to get the same one as Fei!"

    "My wallet is telling me not to dream. I should sleep early and wake up early so that I'll have the energy to work tomorrow."

    "After looking in the mirror, my body fat proudly tells me to get lost."

    "My legs say they're too short, telling me to give up on this fantasy."

    Tang Fei had put away her aura and the subtle gestures from her acting techniques. The faint winds and chill in the venue gradually dissipated. She had already seized the initiative, and now it was time for a showdown – the real battle to conquer.

    Is it true or false?

    That doesn't matter!

    What mattered was the person standing before her, the vanguard who had declared war on behalf of Yao Hui, the pawn that had crossed the river on the chessboard, the obstacle hindering the completion of her mission, and the root cause of her obsessive-compulsive discomfort for the past seven days!

    All of this fueled her anger, naturally radiating her charisma score, which was already over a hundred.

    She glanced at his press badge on his chest. Just an intern journalist?

    Seemed like as an industry senior, she had to teach him a lesson about the harsh realities of society.

    The system's strategy had promised an easy win. What was there to fear? She'd just make things up as she went along!

    As for the ominous predictions from the fortune-telling, she could temporarily put those aside in this environment.

    Zhou Weichuan followed Tang Fei down from the stage, standing three steps behind her, concealing himself in the live broadcast while remaining close enough to handle any unexpected situations.

    Heard from backstage, He Zhou rushed over like a gust of wind. He stood on one side of Zhou Weichuan, both resembling royal guards protecting their queen.

    The intern reporter wiped the sweat from his face and, with gritted teeth, stood up again. He looked up at the chandelier and positioned himself behind it.

    Everyone in the room had just witnessed his embarrassment; he had already lost the prerequisite for gaining fame through this incident.

    His image could no longer be as illustrious.

    He glared at Tang Fei maliciously. "Ms. Tang, may I ask! Do you have any... memory of this photo?!"

    "No memory at all."


    The guests present were taken aback. How could she still deny and make excuses in the face of such solid evidence?

    Moreover, Tang Fei's aura was towering, her expression calm, and her tone casual.

    Wouldn't ordinary actresses be afraid of such scandalous rumors?

    Where did she get such confidence?

    "Teacher Tang, the evidence is clear. Denial won't change anything." The journalist held up his phone high, as if it were a talisman granting him courage for the live broadcast.

    "I'm not denying it!"

    "Then you're admitting it?" A triumphant smile spread across the journalist's face. Tang Fei was nothing more than this!

    "I'm not admitting it."

    "What do you mean?" The smile on the journalist's face quickly faded.

    "Are you a foreign journalist who can't understand Chinese? You don't have any impression or memory? What exactly can I deny or admit?"

    Tang Fei's smile was enchanting yet perilous. Her gaze swept across, sharp as a sword piercing through hearts. The fans in the live stream held their breaths.

    The tension could be felt even through the screen.

    "How can our industry produce any decent news with people like you around? Misattributions, out-of-context quotes – I get it now. It's not that people are inherently evil, but rather, they're just too foolish. Let me ask you, which school granted you your degree? Did you earn your professional certification on your own?"

    The one who had posed the question had become the one being interrogated!

    The intern journalist found herself on the receiving end of an intense scrutiny!

    Tang Fei exuded a formidable presence.


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