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    Chapter 74: Reward for Clearing Injustice Record: Impersonation Card

    The reward card for the Clearing Injustice Record mission turned out to be a learning card!

    She had made a mistake!

    Tang Fei pinched her burning throat, coughing and sneezing with tears and snot flowing uncontrollably.

    "Impersonation Card" "Level 1"

    "Click to learn basic impersonation skills, gaining subsidiary skills such as ventriloquism, elderly voice, child voice, male voice, and female voice."

    After using the card, her lips, tongue, teeth, throat, nasal cavity, ear canals, chest, abdominal muscles... most parts of her body felt like they had been splashed with chili oil, burning hot and causing her muscles to twitch.

    She had underestimated the system, neglecting the word "learn"!

    She hadn't expected that impersonation would be a learning card!

    The muscles involved in impersonation were too extensive! The sudden rush of muscle memory in a short period was so intense that Tang Fei couldn't find words to describe it.

    Tang Fei was utterly unprepared for the overwhelming surge of muscle sensations and an influx of foreign experiences that flooded her mind.

    The method of voice resonance: Begin by inflating the dantian with breath, channeling the force from the abdomen up to the chest, then surge through the nasal cavity, impacting the forehead before reverberating back into the oral cavity, ultimately controlled by the articulation of lips and tongue muscles.

    Each muscle's involvement in this knowledge and technique transformed into vivid images that inundated her brain. The variations in physique, vocal cord development, pronunciation, muscle strength, enunciation, and vocal control across different genders, ages, and individuals propelled Tang Fei through the entire lifespan of a male and female's vocal journey in a fleeting moment.

    The intensity of the experience left Tang Fei disoriented, almost unable to distinguish her own gender.

    Trembling as if she had just undergone Professor Yang's top-notch electrotherapy, Tang Fei waited for the sensation to subside before collapsing onto the bed.

    With gritted teeth, Tang Fei pondered, Was learning more painful than spending money?

    Free things required some endurance!

    "Tang Fei, what's wrong?" Zhou Weichuan approached. "Are you sick or did you have a nightmare?"

    Did he see that?!

    Tang Fei stiffly lifted her head, finding Zhou Weichuan's concerned face mere inches away.


    What was she doing just now? Choking herself? Would the boss think she has mental issues?

    "Tang Fei was... practicing my vocal technique," she pointed at her neck. "I'm using my fingers to feel the airflow while speaking. Can you understand that?"

    Zhou Weichuan hummed in response and didn't question its authenticity. He smiled and asked, "Did you gain anything from it?"

    Each artist had their own methods of training. The brilliance they displayed in public was a result of their dedication and practice behind the scenes.

    He understood this very well.

    Tang Fei's eyes widened in surprise—Zhou Weichuan actually got it!

    Even she couldn't fully grasp it!

    "I've gained a lot, Boss," Tang Fei adjusted her voice, pronouncing each word carefully. By the time she reached 'Boss,' her voice sounded almost identical to Zheng Haisheng's!

    Zhou Weichuan was momentarily stunned. He exclaimed in admiration, "You're amazing."

    Tang Fei laughed bashfully, all thanks to the System's remarkable prowess.

    She tried to sit up on the bed, but Zhou Weichuan was crouching down to look at her, their faces mere inches apart, blocking her path to get up.

    The pinkish Matchmaker Mission slowly emerged, and Tang Fei pointed behind herself with her finger, saying, "Boss, can you move aside please?"

    The Matchmaker Mission retreated swiftly.

    Zhou Weichuan noticed the intimate gesture he had made, his face turning slightly red as he stepped back a few paces, "Sorry about that."

    "No worries, I'd be curious too if I were in your shoes,"

    After all, she had already seen him up close – they were even now!

    "Thank you for the blanket," Zhou Weichuan stood up straight and thanked her politely.

    "You're welcome, you're the boss here," Tang Fei replied, feeling a bit embarrassed as she fidgeted with the corner of her dress.

    "I've worked up a sweat, so I'll go change my clothes," Zhou Weichuan picked up a tissue to wipe his neck, his slightly flushed face seemingly supporting his statement.

    "..." Tang Fei was speechless.

    She watched Zhou Weichuan leave the room and then felt the sticky sweat on her body. The card had stimulated her so much that she was drenched and needed to change.

    Glancing up, she noticed the indoor temperature displayed: 25℃.

    At this temperature, a light blanket would be just right. Recalling how her boss's face was completely dry without a single bead of sweat, could he have been lying to her?

    When Tang Fei reached the bathroom mirror, her reflection appeared as if freshly plucked from water. Her hair was dampened by sweat, clinging to her forehead in strands.

    Her cheeks flushed like boiled crayfish, hot with embarrassment.

    How humiliating!

    The boss must have been too awkward to stay!

    He should have reminded her to wash up and change!


    My image! Ruined completely!

    What image did she project to her boss now? A raving lunatic with a strangled neck and a sweaty, disheveled mess? Terrible!

    Fortunately, her boss wasn't a fan, or else she might have considered changing careers.

    At this very moment, she could dig a two-bedroom apartment with her feet if she so desired.

    From now on, when using the system, I'll have to lock the door!

    With a lingering smile on his lips, Zhou Weichuan stepped out of the room, having gained many new experiences from his time alone with Tang Fei.

    However, he hadn't anticipated that his considerate departure, giving her space, would be interpreted differently by Tang Fei.

    On his phone, Zheng Haisheng had sent a message: the original footage had been copied and delivered to the headquarters in the capital. The available scriptwriters and directors had gathered, and a preliminary editing plan would be ready in three days.

    "Time is of the essence. Divide the raw footage into ten equal parts, and assign eleven teams. Ten teams will review and document the plot, while one team will oversee the overall narrative editing. In three days, deliver the first two episodes to Hunan Province.

    Keep these points in mind: 1. The opening and closing scenes must be captivating. Don't worry about spoilers; showcase the highlights to pique viewers' interest in the early stages."

    2. Episode One: The first three minutes should captivate the audience, with a smooth narrative that avoids disjointed editing. Have the staff bring home relatives aged under ten or over forty, and if they can understand the story without explanation, the editing is deemed satisfactory.

    3. Each episode is fifty minutes long and must include a gripping moment every ten minutes to keep viewers hooked. If such moments can't be edited in, send the original footage back.

    Tang Fei and I will head to Xiangnan Province tomorrow. Please compile information on the Content Director and Drama Acquisition Manager of Xiangnan TV and send it to me. Also, connect me with a mediator by 6 PM tomorrow afternoon."

    Zheng Haisheng promptly replied, "Yes, boss."

    After a brief pause, he followed up with another message, "Boss, why take on an ungrateful task? The brothers are busy, and there's some grumbling."

    "Boost their pay."

    "Message withdrawn."

    Zheng Haisheng's next message read, "Great! The brothers have been full of energy lately and could use an outlet. Boss, you're too considerate!"

    Zhou Weichuan chuckled and explained to Zheng Haisheng, "If Tang Fei proves herself on television, the platform will air the drama just to ride on her popularity. That exposure might then become a point of criticism, affecting her reputation. Rather than leaving the drama as an unpredictable bomb, it's better for us to seize control of the situation if we can."

    "I see, Boss."

    "Has the research for 'Football Youth' been prepared?"

    Avoiding the prime time battle, yet concurrent shows on the same platform are still rivals. Understanding one's opponents is crucial for accurately positioning one's own series.

    "It has been sent to your email. As a bonus, there's also 'Fly, Tennis,' an anime adaptation starring Yao Hui and produced by Guan Yun. It's jointly broadcast on Huadong Satellite TV and the Capital Satellite TV. Considering the investment, promotional efforts, and the popularity of the original source, it poses as a formidable contender. I've included all relevant information for you."


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