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    Chapter 64 - The World of the Wealthy Is Simply Unassuming

    At the Xingcheng Airport in Huanxiang Province, in the waiting hall.

    Zhong Xue, her mother, and Director Gu Chang from Zhu Xiansheng's production team were all gathered together, boarding the same flight.

    "Mum, we don't have an invitation. It wouldn't be appropriate for us to just show up at the signing ceremony," Zhong Xue spoke softly. "Besides, the production team made Tang Fei hospitalized. We've had our disagreements."

    "You're too shy to be a star!" Zhong's mother rebuked. "We compensated her for the hospital bill, and it was Second Master Guan who caused the incident. The guilty party should take responsibility, and it has nothing to do with us."

    Zhong Xue blushed under her mother's scolding and didn't dare speak again.

    Gu Chang tried to reason, "Madam Zhong, we're going there to ask for help."

    Zhong's mother's demeanor remained strong. "I never said we weren't going to ask for her help."

    "At that time, the rigging technician who got me and the production staff drunk can't be reached anymore." Gu Chang frowned. "Second Master Guan doesn't handle things so meticulously."

    Zhong's mother, sharp-witted, caught on to the main point. "Director Gu, Tang Fei comes from a simple family background, with straightforward relationships. She shouldn't be too deep in the waters, right?"

    "Yes, I was thinking the same. I even planned to take them along to apologize and make amends."

    Mrs. Zhong paused for a moment before clapping her hands, "Not a bad idea! If this information can get us something in return, it's worth it. Telling them about this is also a way to show that Tang Fei's incident has nothing to do with us."


    At the Yao Hui Tower, in the large public relations office, a fashion critique had been crafted and approved by the president. They had been communicating with major fashion bloggers throughout the night, negotiating the price for publishing the post.

    "That's right, 300,000 yuan per post. They'll be published precisely at 2 PM tomorrow. You can recommend more peers."

    "Please, count on you."

    Famous for their sharp-tongued critiques, these fashion critics rarely commented on celebrities. Instead, they would rush to fashion shows when luxury brand designers released their new seasonal collections, just like sharks drawn to blood, causing headaches for the designers.

    But most domestic 'critics' relied on gossiping about celebrities to earn their living.

    They were at best elderly sharks in aquariums with fake teeth, surviving only on the food given to them.

    The kind of critique that Yao Hui offered was a common job for them:

    "Dressed in the latest collection from A-class international fashion brand Jiao Luo, Song Li embodies the brand's youthful and chic aesthetic. With her versatility, she effortlessly pulls off various styles, a testament to both her impressive acting skills and fashion-forward features.

    She transitions seamlessly from a frosty elegance to a youthful vitality, from healing tranquility to enigmatic darkness, from retro charm to futuristic allure.

    As Song Li gears up for her foray into films this year, her industry standing and commercial value continue to rise. At the contract signing ceremony between Time Culture and Tang Fei, she stole the spotlight as if she were the main attraction.

    In contrast, Tang Fei lacked high-profile endorsements, and her overall attire was mundane and uninspiring. Her fashion sense and commercial appeal were questionable, clearly overshadowed when standing alongside Song Li. [Photo of the two together]."


    At 9:00 AM on February 14th, 2021, on the 8th floor of the International Ink Impression Hotel, preparations for the exclusive event space were complete for the contract signing ceremony between Time Culture and Tang Fei. On the long table on the stage, fresh flowers glistened with dewdrops, while a presentation about Time Culture and Tang Fei rolled on the backdrop.

    Below, small tables were draped with pale yellow velvet cloth and adorned with coordinating flower baskets. Thoughtfully prepared souvenirs sat by each seat.

    The emcee, in the venue, fine-tuned the audio system, rehearsing the opening remarks with enthusiasm: "Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed leaders, guests, and friends..."

    Meanwhile, Tang Fei was in a separate makeup room on the same floor, surrounded by a dozen stylists. They discussed the concepts behind her hairstyle, accessories, makeup, and choice of earrings and necklaces.

    [Note: Chinese names have been kept in pinyin for authenticity, as they often hold specific meanings or associations that may not carry over into English.]

    "Miss Tang, before we start with makeup, let's apply a custom-made hydrating face mask and eye patches. It'll make the makeup adhere better to your skin." The stylist, who shared a living space with Min Kai, presented the mask and sprayed a generous amount of hydrating solution on it. The bottle used for the solution was the same one Min Kai had seen filled with hydrogen peroxide the previous night.

    As he applied the mask on Tang Fei, he shot a provocative glance at Min Kai. Min Kai averted his gaze and walked away, hiding his right hand in his sleeve. Upon closer inspection, there were scattered white marks on the back of his hand, seemingly from an impact.

    Just a rookie newcomer; it's natural for him to be timid.

    One of Min Kai's colleagues snorted but then turned back to smile at Tang Fei. "Miss Tang, we've designed a makeup look specifically for you and your attire, accentuating the strong lines of your facial structure with a regal vibe. We'll use deeper shading..."

    Tang Fei, with her eyes closed, casually nodded. No matter what makeup style it was, it would pale in comparison to her own superstar makeup card. She had no rivals when it came to makeup!

    The stylist only needed to focus on her hairstyle and jewelry coordination. As for the makeup, Tang Fei wouldn't mind even if it was done without any makeup at all.

    Seeing Tang Fei's relaxed demeanor, the makeup artist's lips curled into a smirk. This girl was easy to deceive; why not take advantage of her? "I'll give your skin some extra hydration for protection."


    He took out the small bottle and sprayed more solution on Tang Fei's face.

    As the generous spray of the water solution seeped into the mask, he envisioned countless red bills filling his pockets.

    With this job successfully done, he'd have enough money to establish his own studio.

    "The Miss Tang's complexion is truly enviable," the makeup artist remarked, wiping the water solution that had splashed onto her hand with a tissue.

    Unfortunately, she was about to make a huge embarrassment of herself today. With her face stained by the oxidized makeup in front of so many media personnel, it would be a spectacle that people would still be talking about a decade later.

    Wonder if Tang Fei has good skin that can withstand the oxidative corrosion from such a large amount of hydrogen peroxide. If she develops an allergic reaction to makeup in the future, she might as well be a plain Jane forever.

    This wasn't my fault; who could blame me when the person targeting her was wealthy? Even without me, there would've been others.

    Tang Fei kept her eyes closed as the water solution gently permeated her skin, leaving her feeling comfortable and slightly drowsy. She had spent the entire previous night pondering over who her benefactor might be.

    Today, she had come to a realization: cross bridges when you come to them, extinguish fires when you encounter them, and cling tightly to your benefactors when you meet them!

    That was how she abided by her principles!


    Everything was progressing smoothly according to plan. All the preparations over the past two weeks were for this very moment: the official debut of Time Culture and Tang Fei at 2 PM today.

    Tang Fei was the flagship figure cultivated by Time Culture, and her treatment had always been exceptionally high. Now, under Boss Zhou's various personal motives, her status had soared to even greater heights.

    The chosen venue was the most expensive six-star international hotel, with the largest conference hall. The rental fee for a single day could cover the down payment on an average house in Shanghai for an ordinary person.

    Presidents from various industry associations were invited to lend their prestige, and half of the industry's media and companies received invitations, all of whom agreed to attend.

    This was a grand event within the circle, with Tang Fei at the center of attention, like the moon surrounded by stars.

    Time Culture's extravagant investment made many stars in the industry green with envy!

    "How could I not have agreed when Time Culture first approached me?"

    "If I had known they would promote her like this, I wouldn't have hesitated."

    "Tang Fei is just lucky. She happened to catch their eye."

    The invited attendees arrived one after another, all marveling at Time Culture's grandeur.

    They sure have money!

    Money talks!

    The splashing of cash and the jingling of coins sound delightful.

    Inside the venue, the domed ceiling designed like an archway featured a ten-story crystal chandelier with a diameter of five meters hanging in the center, surrounded by smaller lights that seemed to orbit like celestial bodies, creating a striking visual impact of spatial depth.

    The food at the resting areas was artfully arranged, suggesting the presence of a renowned plating chef. Security personnel and catering staff stood in orderly lines, exuding an imposing aura.

    Grand, abundant, and beautiful!

    "Time Culture is really going all out for Tang Fei."

    "Not even super A-list stars get this kind of treatment. Tang Fei is still considered a minor celebrity, isn't she? Damn, money must be burning a hole in their pocket."

    "I've heard a rumor that Zhou Xiaokai has his eyes on Tang Fei. Today's grand event is just to win her favor, like a king setting a kingdom ablaze for a queen's smile."

    "The news I heard was that Tang Fei publicly denied any such rumors."

    "Well, it's good that she denied it. If she hadn't, I wouldn't have believed it either."

    "Are you not afraid that the Legal Department at Nine O'clock might overhear and summon you to court for your opinions?"

    "Cough! This coffee truly has an exquisite aroma."

    "Tea is delightful as well."

    "The frosting on the cake is beautifully done."

    The door opened, and a young man walked in, holding his phone, with a Sun Daily ID badge hanging from his chest.

    "Hey, caramel fans! I'm in! This is the signing ceremony, and I'll be live-streaming it all for you. Hit those little heart buttons to support me and push my live stream to number one!"

    The live-stream viewers were packed with caramel enthusiasts.

    "Famished for five years, now stuffed for two weeks. It's tough adjusting back to frugality! It's been 27 hours, 16 minutes, and 40 seconds since I've missed Fei."

    "To the host, GKD, we're already number one, so relax."

    "Suffering from Fei deprivation, can't concentrate on tea or food. Just longing for a glimpse. I've listened to 'Someone Like Me' dozens of times."

    "Goodness, I've never seen such grandeur in the entertainment industry before."

    "Didn't they say that the rich are often quite simple?"

    "Perhaps in the world of the über-wealthy, this is what simplicity looks like."

    "How modest. I hope I can be this unassuming in the future."

    The young journalist took his seat and aimed his camera at the towering chandelier above him. "Even the lights are stunning! Tonight's event promises to be highly anticipated."

    Yao Hui's Shen Fan and Song Li were passing through the live-stream footage. Shen Fan's secretary, standing behind him, commented, "Mr. Shen, he's a new reporter from the Sunshine Daily, doing a live broadcast."

    "Oh?" Shen Fan picked up on the subtle cue; this was someone on his side.

    Once again, Song Li casually strolled past the live stream. She wore a grass-green skirt that was higher on the left and lower on the right. The long part trailed along the ground, while the shorter part reached just above her thighs, visually elongating her legs.

    "Counting the stars with Sister Song Li, she's even more stunning in person." The streamer punctuated the moment with an apt expression of awe.

    The Caramel Strings urged him, "It's just so-so."

    "How can she be compared to Fei?"

    "Song Li's fans are rather unpleasant, forming a hedge of malice."

    Some individuals chimed in, setting the tone, "Song Li is beautiful, and this outfit is so playful."

    "Fan behavior shouldn't be attributed to the idol."

    "Both Fei and Song Li are my wives, one elder, one younger."

    "Fie on you, dreaming too wildly,"


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