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    Chapter 67 - Flirtatious Glances on a Note

    In the backstage lounge of the signing ceremony.

    The logistics team was taking a break and enjoying refreshments.

    Having seen it all before, they initially watched the performance nonchalantly. However, as Tang Fei transformed with every step on stage, they all rose from their seats in unison.

    When Tang Fei captivated the audience and displayed her exceptional live performance skills, Du Mei's staff smiled, confident that their performance targets were secured.

    Among them, the most excited were the makeup team. They were highly skilled in their field but had only middling fame. They had been seeking opportunities to make a big splash and break through, and this was their chance!

    "We're going to make it big!" The entire makeup team embraced each other.

    "At last, our time has come."

    Oddly enough, the one who had personally done Tang Fei's makeup was nowhere to be seen since the transformation.

    It wasn't until their excitement subsided that he reappeared from outside the door.

    The man seemed to have been startled, his face pale and his eyes bloodshot, resembling a ghostly apparition.

    The fluffy blond hair on his head had flattened against his forehead.

    He stared fiercely at Min Kai as if he intended to devour him.

    "Blondie, we're gonna be famous!" someone offered him a high-five.

    The one called Blondie ignored them, heading straight for the restroom. He pulled out a bottle of hydrogen peroxide from his bag and sprayed some onto his hand before pouring the entire contents over it.

    His hand showed no reaction, and he couldn't detect any odor when he brought it close to his nose.

    "It's really just plain water!"

    Just then, his phone rang. He hurriedly answered, and a calm female voice spoke from the other end, "Your task failed; Tang Fei has shone brightly."

    In the background, the mewing of a cat could be heard.

    "Let me explain," the blond man's cheek muscles twitched.

    "Save your explanations for the casino. Maybe they'll have the patience to listen to your tales."

    "I can still be of use."

    "There are plenty who can be useful. You hold no advantage."

    The call was abruptly ended. The blond man frantically dialed back, only to find the number had already been disconnected. Deflated, he lifted his head to see Min Kai's reflection in the mirror, those narrow eyes seeming to see through everything. Startled, he dropped his phone into the sink.

    "How much did you hear?"

    Min Kai didn't answer the blond man's question but instead walked over to the urinal to take care of his needs.

    "Did you switch the water in the bottle?"

    "Evil deeds shouldn't be done. You're terrifying." Min Kai zipped up his pants and weakly sidestepped past the blond man towards the door.

    "It was really you." The blond man threw a punch, causing Min Kai to yelp and clutch his chest as he jumped back. The blond man was inexperienced in fighting; his soft fists bounced off Min Kai's resilient body, losing his balance and charging out of the restroom.

    He turned around and glared fiercely at Min Kai, "Mind your own business. Just wait and see."

    Tang Fei, seated gracefully in front of the stage, listened as the emcee humorously praised her while eyeing the stagnant progress of the Clearing Innocence Record. Suddenly, an idea struck her.

    The quest guide indicated a path to effortless victory. The key to success, especially in managing her reputation, likely lay with the company, and now the big boss was right beside her.

    With doubts in mind, she would ask him!

    The emcee smoothly progressed the ceremony to the main event: the signing contract.

    The contract agreement was ceremoniously presented to the two by an etiquette lady. Tang Fei took the pen and inscribed her name on the signature line of the document, her elegant handwriting in running script drawing the etiquette lady's repeated glances upward.

    Tang Fei's handwriting was elegant, as if she had practiced it. Could it be that she really only had a junior high school education? He would have to teach his children a lesson when he returned home. If even a supposed academic underachiever like Tang Fei had such beautiful handwriting, what excuse did he have for his own poor penmanship?

    With the Smile Muscle Control Card in hand, Tang Fei could master her smile. Her expression remained the same as she softly called out, "Boss."

    "?" Zhou Weichuan, the young one, wore a puzzled look and tilted his head toward Tang Fei.

    "Tang Fei's smile was dignified and elegant, but her voice seemed disconnected from her expression, making Zhou Weichuan wonder if she could speak without moving her lips,"

    Zhou Weichuan signed the document and, without waiting for the protocol assistant to step in, personally handed the contract booklet to Tang Fei. Beneath the agreement, he had scribbled a line: "How did you figure it out?"

    Indeed, there is!

    Tang Fei took it with a smile and passed her own contract book over.

    "Depending on the opponent's cooperation, if they don't comply, we'll proceed smoothly with the established procedure." Zhou Weichuan signed the line, then held it up slightly for Tang Fei to read.

    Like sharing answers with your desk mate during an exam.

    "I bet they'll cooperate." Tang Fei wrote this on the agreement and showed it to Zhou Weichuan.

    Zhou Weichuan capped his pen and assumed an attentive posture.

    "Our company's rise has disrupted the established shares of the market, and we're clearly targeting Yao Hui. This baby feels that they won't rest easy without putting up a fight." More importantly, she had the confidence from the system backing her.

    "What do you think, Boss?"

    As if reviewing the agreement, the document was slightly tilted, just enough for Zhou Weichuan to see.

    The boss must be surprised, amazed by my insight and analysis.

    The little star isn't stupid either.

    "I think you're right," Zhou Weichuan flipped his contract, allowing Tang Fei to see it.

    "..." Huh? Why aren't you following the usual script? You could at least express some amazement before disagreeing with me!

    This is so uninteresting!

    "How is it right?" Tang Fei couldn't help but ask softly.

    Come on, show some mutual admiration! Like-minded heroes seeing eye to eye!

    "You're pretty, so of course, everything you say is right." Zhou Weichuan lowered his head to write something on the contract. After Tang Fei read it, her face flushed slightly.



    Originally, Tang Fei intended to showcase her baby's intelligence through the system, but alas, she lacked a partner for the comedic banter, making it difficult to continue with a monologue.

    Tang Fei fell silent, yet Zhou Weichuan was still waiting for her to continue their conversation. He leaned in, listening closely, but there was no sound. He looked at her, noticing that she hadn't used the 'paper strip' to convey any messages through the agreement.

    Confused, he couldn't ask, so he sat up straight, maintaining his composure.

    As the signing ceremony concluded, the guests in the audience found the proceedings rather peculiar. Tang Fei managed to maintain her cool and smile, but Boss Zhou's expressive face seemed out of place.

    It was just a contract signing, not an acting performance. He was the boss, not the actor. What was with this over-the-top display?

    Many female guests felt that Young Master Zhou's refined image had been shattered, as if he had transformed into a silly golden retriever?

    But even a golden retriever could be charming!

    It didn't matter!


    In a certain laptop repair shop in the capital city.

    As the repaired laptop was plugged in for a performance test, the dynamic photo on the desktop left the technician astounded.

    It's the recently skyrocketing Tang Fei!

    In broad daylight, on the very street, she was atop a man!

    The young man at the repair shop was heartbroken.

    "Who is this man?! C!"

    My goddess, that delicate lotus root has been trampled on by a pig? Even if it's a somewhat decent-looking pig, and even if the cabbage made the first move, he still wants to slaughter the swine!

    The repair shop guy felt deeply aggrieved, and a colleague suggested, "Post it online, surely someone can figure out who it is."


    The signing ceremony was progressing smoothly when suddenly, signs of chaos emerged. The buzz of whispers almost drowned out the emcee's voice.

    Many people suddenly took out their phones to make calls, while others held up their devices to take photos. Some were frantically revising the news articles they had previously written.

    A freshly minted reporter from the Sunshine News Agency, live on air, promptly stood up from their seat.

    "Tang Fei, I have a question for you! On behalf of the tens of thousands of viewers watching this live stream!"

    Tang Fei and Zhou Weichuan exchanged a brief glance.

    Here it comes!

    The collaborator had arrived.

    The guests in attendance also turned their attention to the journalist, appreciating the rookie's courage, undaunted by the occasion.

    Shen Fan's pulsating forehead seemed to calm down, and a relaxed smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.

    Finally, there was still this ace up his sleeve.

    Tang Fei, Zhou Weichuan, you won't have the last laugh.


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