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    Chapter 45 [VIP] The Scumbag Rich Second Generation (1)

    This world mission has been successfully completed.

    Back in the system space, Nanyan felt much more relaxed. "Hmm, not bad, another task smoothly completed. My points have increased again. Indeed, it's the points that bring joy."

    It's a bit of a pity that her bound strategy system for trouncing scoundrels allocated her to the crematorium department, where she doesn't even have a single proper colleague who can talk. She relies entirely on the system to resolve all troubles.

    Then look at the neighboring departments like the Sweet Romance, Pampering Romance, and Heartthrob sections. The scale of these popular studios is something else, with so many employees they're almost at each other's throats.

    "Alas, there's no helping it. Who would've thought she'd be so gullible to fall for this wild system's tricks."

    System: "Please mind your language, Host. Verbal attacks against the system are prohibited."

    Nanyan rolled her eyes: "Fine, fine, you always show up just in time. Help me tally up, will you? What privileges can I unlock now?"

    "Sure, please wait. Currently, your points only qualify for unlocking the first tier of privileges. You can freely choose the category of the small world to enter. Would you like to proceed with the unlock?"

    Nanyan: "Hurry up, unlock it! I'm already bored with the ancient worlds. Let's broaden my horizons."

    System: "Alright, basic privileges have been unlocked. What type of small world would you like to choose for your next task, Host?"

    Hearing this, Nanyan saw various small worlds densely displayed on the screen ahead—supernatural, martial arts, modern, futuristic virtual, and worlds like Xianxia. A fascinating array of quirky small worlds were available, and it seemed intriguing to gather enough points to buy one as her main world.

    However, it still seemed like a distant goal. She pondered that she was already tired of the two ancient worlds she had experienced. This time, she decided to try a modern world.

    "That's it, I won't pick any further. Let's go with this modern world."

    Just as she entered the new world and her senses were still adjusting, Nanyan felt a tear slowly sliding down her cheek, landing on the still glowing screen of her phone.

    Nanyan instinctively rubbed her slightly sore and swollen eyes. The continuous "ding-dong" notifications from her phone quickly pulled her thoughts back to the present.

    She looked down at her phone to see a pixelated photo on the screen.

    The photo's background was a stylish, dimly lit private room. Possibly due to being taken sneakily, the image wasn’t clear, but it was still apparent that the man and woman in the photo were kissing.

    The man was half-leaning on the sofa, his head slightly tilted back, revealing a side profile that was near perfect. His skin was fair, his nose prominent, and especially his charming, slightly upturned peach-blossom eyes were particularly striking.

    As for the girl, she was nestled in his embrace, her shoulder-length hair tousled. She wore a revealing, thin, and spicy tank top with shorts. Her exposed arms and waistline, highlighted by the dim yellow light, appeared exceptionally fair.

    Perhaps due to the angle of the shot, the girl's face wasn't clear, but her bright eyes and the resolute expression in her brows and eyes were evident.

    "At this moment, the two were closely pressed against each other, the girl's body falling onto the man's chest, her lips accidentally knocking against his chin."

    "She recognized the girl, and the man was all too familiar to her—it was her boyfriend, with whom she had just had an argument."

    "The quarrel was over a stray cat. Nanyan had picked up a stray cat at the entrance of her neighborhood. For some reason, her boyfriend had always loathed these furry creatures."

    "He particularly despised cat hair falling in the living room. So, he was greatly displeased with Nanyan's act of bringing the cat home, leading to a deeper argument over the stray cat."

    "Actually, the stray cat was just a catalyst. The main issue was that Nanyan had noticed her boyfriend changing. He had changed so much that she barely recognized him."

    "From being considerate in the beginning to now being indifferent, not replying to messages, unwilling to speak, and even if he did, it was just absent-minded responses... All these changes made her feel increasingly insecure and worried."

    "The more she feared losing him, the tighter she tried to hold on. But the more she clung and controlled, the further her boyfriend drifted away, and their intimacy was no longer like before."

    "Nanyan started to immerse herself in the plot. In this narrative, she was the daughter of a poor family, not wealthy at all."

    "Her parents were farmers in a remote mountain area, and she had a younger brother. The parents favored sons over daughters. If Nanyan hadn't excelled academically, securing admission and a substantial scholarship to a top university in City A, she might have been forced to marry early for a dowry."

    "Nanyan, relying on her abilities, had managed to break free from her village and maintained her true self in City A. Apart from studying and part-time jobs, she had little social life, earning her the nickname 'Wooden Beauty' among her peers."

    "'Wooden Beauty' was indeed beautiful, but her personality was too rigid and uninteresting. Even in university, she didn't wear makeup, attend social gatherings or parties, and her clothes were outdated and plain."

    "However, Nanyan didn't mind these things. What mattered to her was that she could now survive in City A. She needed to work harder to earn money; with money, life would get better."

    "Unfortunately, her peaceful life was soon disrupted by a man from a neighboring school, the popular 'campus heartthrob' of Fuda University, He Yanzhou."

    "He was fun-loving, wealthy, and extraordinarily handsome—a born center of attention. In short, incredibly good-looking, the type that catches your eye and you can't help but be drawn to."

    "It was pure coincidence. He Yanzhou had gone to University A to meet a friend and was passing by an alley when he saw 'Wooden Beauty' squatting there, feeding stray cats with bits of steamed bun."

    "Faint light filtered down onto 'Wooden Beauty’s' profile. Her eyelashes slightly lowered, her expression gentle, her long hair cascading over her shoulders."

    "Dressed in a faded white shirt, its buttons neatly fastened, she looked gentle, quiet, and so beautifully serene, like a figure stepping out of an oil painting, as if she was isolated from the noisy world."

    "That scene struck a chord in the heart of the wealthy heir He Yanzhou. It was from that moment on that he found himself smitten."

    "He began to pursue her relentlessly, from within the campus to outside, ensuring his presence wherever Nanyan was, displaying the essence of his infatuation."

    "He openly and passionately confessed his feelings, doing so boldly yet without overstepping boundaries."

    "This rich young man wasn't like others in his circle who were domineering and unreasonable, using money to get their way. He loved to have fun and was skilled in various entertainments, yet he chased girls with a certain grace, never coercing anyone."

    "When he liked Nanyan, he sincerely made changes for her. Knowing she didn't fancy his playboy type, he quit frequenting bars, smoking, and drinking. He removed his earring, dyed his hair back to its natural color, and started wearing clean white shirts, gradually aligning himself with Nanyan's ideal."

    "Everyone thought He Yanzhou had truly fallen this time, a prodigal son reformed. They had never seen him so crazy about a girl from University A, his foolish behavior almost a source of laughter for his friends."

    "But He Yanzhou didn't care. He tirelessly pursued her for three months, and Nanyan, initially resistant, gradually softened her stance. Ultimately, after a heroic rescue, she was deeply moved. Nanyan fell for him, and naturally, they became a couple."

    "During the sweetest three months together, He Yanzhou treated her very well, almost fulfilling her every wish, spending on her, introducing her to various friends, and always respecting her, never forcing her into anything."

    "This made Nanyan fall deeper. She was gentle and compliant, outwardly tender but internally strong. Once she committed to someone, it was for a lifetime."

    "It seemed as if their relationship would continue smoothly, but unfortunately, after three months, He Yanzhou lost interest, grew weary and impatient."

    "He increasingly disliked maintaining his pretense in front of Nanyan, always appearing restrained. His true nature was that of a libertine. He loved to play and make noise, was fickle in heart, and adored the extravagant life of nightlife and luxury."

    "Perhaps he only enjoyed the thrill of the chase, or some sort of conquest desire. Once achieved, it all seemed tasteless."

    "So he reverted to his old ways, returning to bars, drinking, and hanging out with his frivolous friends, growing colder towards his once-beloved girlfriend."


    "It was then that the destined female protagonist appeared in the life of our male lead. He Yanzhou spontaneously saved a girl in a bar, and this girl was the heroine, Li Jiao."

    "Li Jiao was the fiery, feisty type, bold and daring in pursuit, passionate and enthusiastic. She fell for He Yanzhou at first sight and boldly confessed to him in front of their friends."

    "Unfortunately, her looks weren't refined enough for the beauty-loving He Yanzhou, so he decisively rejected her."

    "However, undeterred by the rejection, Li Jiao remained persistent. She was the passionate and tenacious type He Yanzhou had never encountered before."

    "She was nothing like Nanyan, who was gentle and quiet, fond of reading, and somewhat unexciting and rigid, even frowning upon his smoking."

    "Li Jiao, on the other hand, was a wild girl. She knew how to have fun, often outdoing He Yanzhou in their revelries. She never restrained him or nagged him, and with her, He Yanzhou felt an unprecedented sense of enjoyment and freedom, as if their souls were in sync."

    "Even though he hadn't accepted her confession, Li Jiao still held a unique place in his heart."

    "Li Jiao lived life on her own terms, full of personality, never caring about others' gossip or stares."

    "She was determined to pursue He Yanzhou, to adore and love him. What was wrong with chasing happiness? In her view, as long as he wasn't married, everyone had the right to pursue."

    "As for Nanyan, she unfortunately became a tool in catalyzing their relationship. Upon learning of Li Jiao's outrageous actions, even her gentle nature couldn't sit still, and she confronted He Yanzhou."

    "Regrettably, her boyfriend maintained his indifferent attitude, claiming 'it's nothing, you're overreacting,' leading to another argument, after which He Yanzhou naturally suggested they break up."

    "But Nanyan refused to let go, clinging to his waist, not allowing him to leave. She hugged him, kissed him, and cried in his arms, recounting their past, heartbroken."

    "She truly couldn't understand how he could have once loved her so much, treated her so well, and now seemed utterly indifferent. Were all those moments just pretense?"

    "Of course, He Yanzhou was not pretending."

    "That was just his character. When he liked someone, he truly liked and treated them well, but when he didn't, he really didn't."

    "Their tangled behavior was unfortunately witnessed by Li Jiao, who arrived just then. At that moment, He Yanzhou was somewhat moved, but Li Jiao was too easy to get, like a piece of cloying candy."

    "In his heart, he always felt that even if Li Jiao misunderstood something, she wouldn't give up on him."

    "However, he miscalculated this time. Li Jiao was truly hurt and disappointed. After passionately pursuing him for so long, He Yanzhou remained indifferent, showing affection to his girlfriend right in front of her."

    "Utterly disappointed, Li Jiao turned to the arms of He Yanzhou's rival. This time, He Yanzhou genuinely panicked, finally realizing his feelings for Li Jiao and starting to despise Nanyan's persistence."

    "Nanyan, unwilling to let go, began a series of desperate moves, covertly exposing Li Jiao's actions, exaggerating and spreading a series of posts that quickly branded Li Jiao as a homewrecker, green tea girl, and shameless, making her infamous at Fuda University and subject to widespread slander."

    "This once passionate girl became notorious, pointed at and whispered about on the streets, even having mineral water thrown at her."

    "Li Jiao, after all, was a girl and became frightened by these events. For the first time, she showed her vulnerability and innocence as a woman. The once fiery girl became silent and pained under the netizens' abuse, her tears flowing from heartbreak."

    "It was at this time that He Yanzhou finally understood his own heart, especially seeing Li Jiao's sensitive and vulnerable side, realizing her importance to him."

    "What followed was a straightforward sequence of events. The protectors of the female lead launched a counterattack and quickly uncovered the mastermind behind the smear campaign against Li Jiao. They treated Nanyan exactly as she had treated Li Jiao."

    "The story of Nanyan and He Yanzhou's relationship was twisted into a narrative of sponsorship, gold-digging, and disreputable social climbing. The once-admired goddess of University A was now painted as a debauched figure in private. This shifted the online opinion once again, and He Yanzhou's silence only seemed to confirm the posts, escalating the issue to its peak."

    "With her reputation destroyed and facing a barrage of online abuse, Nanyan was nearly expelled. She desperately explained to the school authorities that her relationship with He Yanzhou was genuine and not a case of being kept, but they didn't believe her without He Yanzhou's personal confirmation."

    "Nanyan agreed to bring He Yanzhou for proof, but sadly, she found that he had already deleted her contact information and was unreachable. Her only option was to look for him at the bars he frequented."

    "Coincidentally, while waiting for him, she drank a spiked drink and fell into a daze, waking up to find two men in bed with her. This scene was unfortunately witnessed by everyone."

    "Someone beside her commented, 'Sister, you were amazing last night, handling two at once. Did you enjoy it?'"

    "'But to be honest, He Yanzhou’s girlfriend doesn’t taste that great.'"

    "Nanyan trembled all over, overwhelmed with a desire to die. But what drove her to further despair was her ex-boyfriend's reaction. He coldly glanced at her, instinctively covering Li Jiao's eyes, and whispered in her ear."

    "'Don’t look, it's too dirty.'"

    "Nanyan stared at him, her face turning deathly pale."

    "That light utterance of 'dirty' was the final straw that broke Nanyan."

    "She cried uncontrollably, eventually being expelled from school and subjected to constant vilification. She went insane, lost in her madness, and finally met her end, disheveled and delirious, in a road accident."

    "In the moment of the accident, she felt a sense of liberation. Despite all her past sufferings, her most vivid memory was He Yanzhou's gentle face as he comforted her."

    Back then... he was like a dim-witted, silly dog, brainless and fond of creating a fuss, clinging to people. He loved her so much, why did it have to end so abruptly?

    She truly loved him. No one had ever treated her so well. He respected her, cherished her, and wasn't as frivolous as others said. He could be mischievous and foolish...

    But he also told her she was too filthy.

    Love and hatred intertwined, leaving a turmoil of feelings that persisted even in death.

    After Xu Nanyan logged off, He Yanzhou embarked on his own path of a fiery pursuit for his wife. Li Jiao softened her heart yet remained firm, enduring various trials and tribulations, and the two ultimately came together.

    Having absorbed the storyline, Nanyan rubbed her chest, suppressing the suffocating emotions.

    Her body had become so stiff it was almost numb. Sitting on the sofa, she massaged her legs, scanning the surrounding environment while pondering over the characters involved in this mission.

    One is the playboy rich second generation, He Yanzhou, and the other his arch-enemy Zhou Chiyen. Despite being sworn enemies, they surprisingly unite in their efforts to protect Li Jiao.

    And it was Zhou Chiyen who, from behind the scenes, pushed Xu Nanyan into the abyss.

    The villa before her was He Yanzhou's private property. After they started dating, He Yanzhou asked Xu Nanyan to move in. Although there were many vacant rooms in the villa and they lived together, they didn't engage in any improper conduct.

    Xu Nanyan was reserved and conservative in nature, and He Yanzhou did not press her.

    It seems that in these stories, the male leads always belong to the female lead. Even if they are flirtatious or wild, their first time is always reserved for the female protagonist, certainly not something a supporting character like her could aspire to.


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