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    Chapter 69 [VIP] Best Friend Shield (7)

    What kind of person was Fu Qingzhou?

    According to the original story, Fu Qingzhou was likely the object of admiration for most girls in high school, a prominent figure and Fang Wanrou’s teenage crush.

    Being someone even Jiang Shaoyan couldn’t compete with, he was certainly no ordinary individual.

    Fang Wanrou, still a plain Jane then, had deeply fallen for Fu Qingzhou. After a transformation and pursuit, she finally won over this unattainable man, making him fall for her. It was, without exaggeration, her most triumphant achievement in high school.

    Their college days were genuinely sweet, once hailed as the campus’s most enviable couple. Fu Qingzhou, elegant and aloof, seemed unapproachable, but to those who truly entered his heart, he was always sincerely affectionate.

    Imagine a man with good looks, a prestigious family background, indifferent to others but tender and caring towards his girlfriend. He would always be popular.

    Their relationship was incredibly stable, so stable that Jiang Shaoyan saw no chance to intervene. They even planned to marry once Fang Wanrou’s career stabilized, eager to enter wedlock.

    Everything seemed to be heading in a wonderful direction when, unfortunately, the Fu family met with a crisis.

    Overnight, Fu Qingzhou lost everything, becoming a person everyone shunned.

    Initially, Fang Wanrou was unwilling to abandon her beloved boyfriend, braving the pressure to negotiate with her family. But when Fu Qingzhou learned of these hardships and faced the future’s uncertainty and everyone’s mocking looks, even Wanrou’s sister pleading with him to let Wanrou go and not condemn her to a life of suffering, he was the first to suggest a breakup.

    "It's not surprising really, love, being such a fragile thing, can hardly survive without the support of family and wealth."

    "A slight disturbance from outside is enough to cause their relationship to crumble from within."

    "Before, accessing Fu Qingzhou would have required considerable effort and risked suspicion, but now, Jiang Shaoyan has provided her with a perfect excuse."


    "Nan Yan found Fu Qingzhou in a private club they often frequented, completely drunk and unconscious."

    "He was being impatiently ushered out by the staff, clearly under instructions to show no courtesy to him anymore. After all, the now penniless and status-less Fu Qingzhou was an easy target for disdain."

    "Stumbling and faltering, Fu Qingzhou was pushed out, finally reaching a dark alley where he leaned against a wall and vomited uncontrollably."

    "What does it feel like to fall from the greatest heights?"

    "Fu Qingzhou felt he was now acutely aware of that sensation."

    "He had come to borrow money from business acquaintances but was made to drink an entire table of alcohol first. Despite the pain, not a single dime was lent to him. His once close friends turned against him, their brotherhood dissolving into nothing."

    "He never imagined he would see such a day, losing everything, truly left with nothing."

    "His life before and his current predicament were like two completely different worlds, an abrupt change that left him unprepared and clueless about starting anew."

    "Without money, he was nothing; nobody sympathized with him, nor was anyone willing to help."

    "In this profit-driven world, he was once adored for his wealth, but now, like a dog that has lost its home, he was despised everywhere."

    "The alcohol began to numb his brain."

    "Fu Qingzhou felt unbearable discomfort throughout his body, the physical pain bringing a fleeting desire to just end it all."

    "He thought it might be better to just die, to end everything..."

    "After all, he had nothing left, his friends avoided him, and Wanrou had left him. No situation could be worse than his current plight..."

    "The only regret was that even if he died there, most likely no one would know."

    Fu Qingzhou was in a daze, his mind in chaos as he reflected on the recent turn of events. From a favored son of heaven to his current downfall, he wondered if there was any point in continuing, considering such a life...

    "Forget it, let it be. There's no point in struggling."

    With that thought, Fu Qingzhou's body slid weakly down against the wall, a hand covering his eyes, as he let out a self-mocking chuckle.

    It was then that a familiar voice suddenly came from behind, calling his name,

    “Fu Qingzhou, so you’re here.”

    The voice sounded familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere before.

    Fu Qingzhou looked up and saw a silhouette standing against the light at the dim entrance of the alley. He couldn’t make out her face, only catching a whiff of her light fragrance, contrasting with the chaotic smell of alcohol on him.


    Fu Qingzhou instinctively called out.

    "You're drunk."

    The voice didn’t respond to his call, but moved closer, squatting beside him. Her clear gaze fell on him like moonlight.

    Fu Qingzhou thought he must be really drunk to see Wanrou in such a place.

    He looked up at the figure, his handsome, slender eyebrows knitted tightly, his eyes half-open and blurry, as if struggling to discern her face.

    Finally, recognition dawned in his hazy eyes, which sparkled briefly as he lunged towards Nan Yan, embracing her tightly, murmuring gratefully, “Is it really you? Wanrou, you came to find me? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to break up; it's just that I really have nothing left…”

    “Please don't leave, okay? Wanrou, I truly have nothing left, don’t leave me…”

    Caught off guard by his sudden move, Nan Yan nearly fell. As she regained her composure, she tried to push him away, but the more she struggled, the tighter he held her, making it almost impossible for her to breathe.

    “Let go of me…”

    “Fu Qingzhou, do you even see who I am?”

    Held too tightly by him, Nan Yan had no choice but to pinch his arm forcefully in protest, but he mistook this for anger and instinctively began to kiss her face, as he used to appease her.

    “Please don’t be angry, I didn’t really want to break up with you, don't avoid me, okay?”

    He gently kissed her chin and pressed his forehead against her cheek. Initially, his kisses were light and tentative, but as she continued to resist, the hurt in Fu Qingzhou's eyes deepened, thinking her rejection was due to anger.

    A hint of tears welled up in Fu Qingzhou’s eyes, looking lost and helpless. He truly loved her, wanting her to stay by his side, yet also wishing not to be a burden to her.

    But what to do? How should he handle this?

    He wanted to soothe her but didn't know how.

    Especially with his mind blank from the alcohol, Fu Qingzhou’s thoughts were sluggish, vaguely recalling a scene he had seen in a TV show…

    He then gently cradled the back of Nan Yan’s head, his tongue slowly sliding towards her tightly closed lips, cautiously trying to breach her teeth.

    “Don’t go…”

    He kissed her fervently, as if gasping for air, then slightly pulled back, carefully licking the corners of her mouth, wet and sticky, like a clingy Golden Retriever fearful of being abandoned, patiently soothing his agitated mistress.

    Nan Yan simply gave up struggling.

    She let him kiss her to his heart's content, until finally, he lay on her shoulder, eyes half-closed, mumbling something indistinct.

    Despite the situation, his hands still clung to her, as if fearing she would vanish the moment he let go.

    Eventually, Nan Yan learned his current address from his slurred words, hailed a taxi, and asked the driver to help get him home.


    After a night of heavy drinking, Fu Qingzhou woke up the next day feeling unwell, especially with a severe headache, hardly remembering what had transpired the night before.

    Half-conscious, he thought he was dreaming until he heard noises from the living room, which fully roused him.

    Gradually collecting his thoughts, Fu Qingzhou vaguely remembered seeing Wanrou last night.

    Was it Wanrou who had brought him home?

    He looked around at the signs of tidying up, quickly got out of bed, and opened the door. Seeing a figure busy in the kitchen, he almost instinctively rushed over and embraced her.

    “Wanrou, is it really you?”

    Fu Qingzhou held her tighter and tighter, like a drowning person grasping at their last lifeline, unwilling to let go.

    This left Nan Yan utterly speechless, annoyed at his repeated mistake in recognizing the person he liked.

    She turned around, pushed him away forcefully, and finally said, “Fu Qingzhou, did you lose your mind along with your hangover? Look carefully, who am I really?”

    It was only then that Fu Qingzhou came to his senses, particularly after recognizing who stood before him. Almost instinctively, he pushed Nan Yan away, a hint of astonishment flickering in his eyes.

    "How could it be you, Wanru?" The accusation and disdain in his tone were barely concealed.

    Nan Yan pursed her lips and gave him a glance. "Who else could it be? Wan Rou is doing well. She asked me to take care of you."

    Fu Qingzhou's gaze paused, noticing her pursed lips. His own lips involuntarily echoed the gesture unconsciously.

    Then, a faint prickle on her lips made her frown. As if through a veil, fragments of images began to surface in her mind.

    This sudden turn of events caused Fu Qingzhou's expression to shift immediately.


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