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    Chapter 59 [VIP] The Scoundrel Rich Second Generation (15)

    The ever-successful playboy felt an immense sense of triumph in his heart.

    He thought to himself that everyone needs a little goal, like a toad dreaming of swan meat—it's innate. Maybe one day, a nearsighted fairy will accidentally fall into his arms, willingly offering herself.

    The chances of a blind cat finding a dead rat are quite high. Look at him, after all the twists and turns, she ended up in his hands. That's fate.

    Zhou Chiyi stroked her soft hair until he pulled her into his embrace. Only then did he forget the satisfaction he felt the moment their bodies touched, grinning like an overjoyed fool.

    Holding Nanyan's hand, he slowly walked towards the dormitory. His hand was large, hers small; holding it tightly, Nanyan felt at a slight disadvantage.

    The night deepened, fewer shadows lined the streets, and the campus was shrouded in a layer of mist under the night sky.

    Zhou Chiyi, with his swollen, noticeable face, insisted on accompanying her to the dormitory, not ready to leave. He fiddled with her sleeve, staying close. Seeing no reaction from her, he huffed and boldly leaned in.

    "What are you doing?" Nanyan raised her hand to block his approaching face, "You don't exactly look your best right now."

    Zhou Chiyi glared at her with a hint of resentment, perhaps relying on his younger age to act spoilt without discord, "What else could it be? Have you forgotten something? As your newly appointed boyfriend, is a kiss before parting too much to ask?"

    He demanded a kiss with a righteously aggrieved tone, as if not receiving one was a great injustice, though his aggrieved act was all for show.

    Overstepping boundaries was a normal part of his life.

    Nanyan beckoned him with a finger, and his eyes instantly lit up, eagerly leaning in.

    He stretched his neck, his slightly long hair falling on his forehead, closing the distance between them. He stopped just an inch away, looking at her with hopeful eyes, "Kiss me... and then you can go."

    Sometimes he was truly an anomaly, thinking in ways unlike the average person. What others might find embarrassing, he took pride in.

    Compared to him, He Yanzhou seemed especially refined and elegant.

    Unintimidated by his presence, Nanyan looked into his bright, puppy-like eyes, which seemed to say that as long as she could shut his mouth, he would keep his word. His face was a picture of smug satisfaction.

    Nanyan smiled gently at him, her features even more striking under the cool-toned lighting.

    Her smile immediately dazzled him, leaving Zhou Chiyi momentarily stunned before he too began to smile.

    Seizing the moment when he was distracted, Nanyan pressed hard on his slightly swollen lip, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from Zhou Chiyi, who grimaced in pain, tears welling up in his eyes.

    Nanyan took the opportunity to push him away and quickly turned to walk inside before he could react.

    This was to dampen his spirits.

    Left standing alone, Zhou Chiyi rubbed his sore lip, wearing a look of great loss. Only when her figure completely disappeared into the stairwell did he regretfully lower his mischievous hand and breathe a sigh of relief while looking up at the tall building.

    Despite his annoyance, she had still agreed to be with him. If a person doesn’t care about you at all, nothing you do can catch their eye.

    Didn't this also mean that deep down, she might have a bit of affection for him?

    This thought brought a bit of joy to his heart.

    Yes, not bad. Indeed, as the old saying goes, a man must be tough on himself. Seems like he's finally secured his position.

    Zhou Chiyi's good mood lasted all the way to the dormitory, unable to stop the corners of his mouth from curling upwards, unfortunately marred by his bruised face, drawing curious glances from his roommates.

    The roommate in the lower bunk was especially cheerful, meticulously combing his hair in the bathroom and liberally spraying on cologne, looking impeccably groomed.

    Hearing the noise outside, he peeked out and squinted his eyes upon seeing Zhou Chiyi, grinning widely, "Hey, what a coincidence, Zhou Chiyi! There's a mixer tonight, you coming?"

    Zhou Chiyi glanced at him and scoffed, "Mixers always have more guys than girls. If I go, what's left for you guys?"

    He had always had good relationships at school, and his roommates were close friends, often attending fun gatherings together.

    The one who spoke was clearly the dorm leader, tallest and most upright in stature, not bad looking but with a common face. He was picky, which is why he was still single.

    The leader snorted at Zhou Chiyi's comment, then proudly pulled out his phone, showing off a few photos, "It's your loss if you don't go. But don't say I didn't warn you. The girls coming, including those from the neighboring art college, are top-notch in looks and grace. Miss this chance, and there won't be another."

    Zhou Chiyi glanced at the photos with mild interest:

    "They're alright."

    None of them compared to even half of his girlfriend’s beauty.


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