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    Chapter 52 [VIP] The Scumbag Rich Second Generation (8)

    Nanyan didn't speak, just kept her head down. He Yanzhou, seeing her like this, suddenly seemed to understand something.

    At the same time, a profoundly heavy emotion welled up in his chest, along with a particularly embarrassing irritation. This annoyance wasn't because she wanted to take revenge but for some reason he himself wasn't quite clear about...

    He didn't ponder over this, just felt as if someone had punched him hard in the chest, making it hard even to breathe.

    He Yanzhou watched her for a while, then snorted coldly and turned to walk towards the door.

    Nanyan, seeing him about to leave at this hour and considering their relationship, softly asked, “It's so late, where are you going?”

    He paused his hand on the doorknob, then turned around, expressionless, making it impossible to discern any emotion in his eyes, “I'm going out to drink. Do you care?”

    Nanyan could tell he was sulking. He was looking for an excuse, but she wasn’t playing along. She nodded, then nonchalantly hummed a response, uncaringly asking, “With Li Jiao?”

    Upon hearing this, He Yanzhou felt infuriated. He had never known her to be so provoking.

    Especially seeing her calm and composed demeanor, he suddenly wanted to disrupt her tranquility, so he said coldly:

    “What if it is!”

    Nanyan then looked up at him. She wasn’t angry, instead thoughtfully advising, “It doesn’t matter. I just wanted to say, be careful, so you don’t get accidentally bumped or touched again. It would be troublesome if you couldn’t explain it later.”

    He Yanzhou could clearly detect the sarcasm in her words. It wasn’t intentional that day, and he had quickly pushed the other person away. Did she need to be so cynically mocking?

    The more he thought, the angrier he became, clenching his fists so tightly that he almost broke the doorknob, “I’ve already said it was an accident. I have nothing to do with her. Do you enjoy linking me with her so much?”

    His attitude had already been lowered to such an extent, yet she still refused to say a word of conciliation. Who did she think she was? Did she really think he couldn’t do without her?

    Nanyan smiled with pursed lips, “Why would you think that way? Since there’s nothing between you and her, of course, I believe you. I was just a bit concerned and wanted you to be careful. Why are you getting so angry?”

    He Yanzhou was taken aback by her words, his face showing a trace of anger, but it was her indifferent and nonchalant attitude that truly infuriated him, and he stormed out, slamming the door behind him.

    He wasn’t a fool. She claimed to believe him, but her eyes lacked any trace of concern. It wasn't care at all; she simply didn’t care. In her eyes, whatever he did, whoever he went out drinking with, it didn’t matter to her.

    Fine, if that's the case, he wouldn't care anymore either!

    After all, there was only a month left. When they broke up, there should be no further entanglements!

    Did she really think he would be affected by her revenge? Ridiculous. Since she didn’t mind him going out drinking with any woman, he certainly wouldn’t care about her entanglements with other men. He had seen too many such games and wasn’t bothered at all.

    Yes, he simply didn’t care!

    But the more he thought this way, the more that peculiar sense of discontent grew in his heart, intense enough to make his chest heave. It was as if something was continuously twisting and turning inside, bringing an unavoidable sourness and discomfort that he couldn’t relieve.

    It was her fault, wasn’t it? She was the one who suggested they give each other a chance to start over. He agreed, so why did she back out and get entangled with another man, even arguing with him for that guy...

    He Yanzhou prided himself on not being easily emotionally unstable, but lately, Nanyan’s words always managed to shake him to the core, filling him with overwhelming resentment.

    He had waited for her all day, worried about her, and she showed no appreciation, accusing him of being unreasonable instead. This feeling of frustration was something he had never experienced in his twenty-something years of life...

    He had liked her before, but that liking had its limits. Or to say, he liked her within his control. But now, it was clearly different. The tumultuous emotions in his chest made him want to punch that damned man hard, to make her open her eyes and see clearly what that disgusting man was really worth.


    He Yanzhou drove straight to the earlier gathering, which was still ongoing. That group was known for their all-night parties, not stopping until utterly exhausted.

    His return immediately added to the liveliness and excitement of the already bustling room.

    The pretty underclassmen had been invited mainly because of the handsome and popular He Yanzhou. They had arrived eager and excited, but their enthusiasm waned when they didn’t find him there. After all, everyone enjoys the presence of attractive people; even just standing around, they make others happy.

    With He Yanzhou’s arrival, the atmosphere visibly lifted. The nightlife of these young men was rich and varied, involving drinking, flirting, and indulging in all kinds of wild games.

    He Yanzhou, too, was originally part of the group, but today his mood was evidently sour, especially at the sight of his rowdy friends. Entering the private room, he immediately sought a quiet corner and slumped onto a sofa, lost in thought.

    Just then, a hand patted his shoulder. He Yanzhou turned and stared at the person.

    Yangzi shivered under that icy glare, suddenly sobering up. Puzzled, he asked, "Bro Yan, why are you here? Weren't you going to pick up your sister-in-law?"

    Irritated, He Yanzhou frowned and pushed him away. "What, can't I be here?"

    Yangzi only knew about it after receiving a message. He was initially surprised. When did his Bro Yan become so considerate, skipping a party to pick up his girlfriend from school? That was quite unusual.

    Curiosity got the better of him, and he couldn't resist gossiping. "That's not it, but it's so late. You left your sister-in-law at home alone and came out to drink. Isn't she angry?"

    He shouldn't have mentioned it. With that remark, He Yanzhou's expression darkened further, an aura of gloom emanating from him.

    Angry? Why would she be angry? She'd rather I have fun with other women. Why would she be mad?

    He didn't know if something was wrong with him. He used to find it annoying when she restricted and managed him. Now that she understood and maintained distance, he found it unsettling.

    He Yanzhou's gaze was heavy, his voice tinged with resentment. "Why are you so talkative today? I'll do what I want. Do you think she can control me?"

    Well, that's true.

    But Bro Yan seemed off today, especially when mentioning his sister-in-law. There was a resentful look in his eyes, reminiscent of when he argued with his girlfriend. So, he tentatively asked.

    "She didn't try to stop you, did she?"

    He Yanzhou couldn't hold back anymore, especially seeing his schadenfreude. He kicked out, "…Get lost."

    Yangzi was kicked hard, tumbling off the sofa to the ground.

    With a yelp of "ouch", he looked aggrieved, thinking it wasn't his fault. Why was the boss venting on him? But he guessed right; Bro Yan was infuriated with embarrassment.

    But then he thought, wasn't Bro Yan talking about breaking up just a few days ago? Why the sudden change of heart, getting angry over his sister-in-law? Could it be a rekindled passion, unwilling to let go?

    This thought reignited his gossiping spirit. After all, the sister-in-law was the first girl Bro Yan seriously pursued, chasing her for over three months. Even with their clashing personalities, there must be some feelings.

    He casually poured a drink and handed it over, making a few thoughtful noises. With an experienced air, he patted He Yanzhou's shoulder, saying, "Boss, this isn't the way to go."

    "Women are a species that say one thing but mean another. The more they claim they don't care, the deeper they actually do. By the way, did you really have a fight with your sister-in-law?"

    He Yanzhou, already annoyed, frowned involuntarily upon hearing this. Somehow, even though he outwardly disbelieved, a sense of self-deception in his heart brought him slight comfort.

    "What do you mean by that?"

    Well, Yangzi always thought that Bro Yan's previous relationships were like ineffective romances, similar to kids playing house in middle school – they'd break up after just a few days. Once real feelings got involved, it became easy to stir up complex problems.

    Besides, Bro Yan had been irresistibly handsome since school, a magnet for admirers. Constantly praised and admired, his personality naturally grew haughty. Even when the fault was his, it was hard for him to realize it.

    "Bro, did she say she won't bother with you anymore? That she won't care about your eating, drinking, partying, or staying out all night? And that you can hang out with whoever you want, you're free now, and she won't annoy you anymore, right?"

    At this, He Yanzhou frowned, recalling their argument. It was pretty much as he said – she seemed indifferent, even unconcerned when he mentioned going to find Li Jiao. Remembering this, he couldn't help but kick the man's leg and spoke in a low voice:

    "If that's really the case, what should I do... to make her less cold?"


    The younger brother didn't quite grasp this adjective, but he caught the essence of the problem. "Bro, you really don't get it, huh? Wooing a girl needs strategy. If you want your sister-in-law to care, you need someone to provoke her, make her angry, make her care about you."

    He Yanzhou looked down, instinctively feeling this was a bad idea, but on reflection, it wasn't without logic. Hadn't Xu Nanyan done the same to him?

    She had provoked him by finding another man, and it indeed angered him. Since she could do that, why couldn't he?

    With this thought, He Yanzhou's eyes grew colder. He drained his beer, undecided. Meanwhile, someone else approached with a glass of wine, right on cue.

    A rich fragrance mixed with a hint of alcohol wafted to his nose. He Yanzhou turned his head, giving her a faint glance.

    Li Jiao patted He Yanzhou's shoulder. After an afternoon at the party, she had drunk quite a bit, her cheeks slightly flushed, her gaze bold as she looked at him.

    Li Jiao sat down beside him, their proximity making her uncomfortable. She spoke to mask her inner turmoil, "He Yanzhou, what's been up with you lately? Why are you so distracted? Okay, I admit it was my fault this morning, but I was just worried about you. Why are you still sulking?"

    After she finished, he didn't react much.

    He Yanzhou turned to stare at her, making Li Jiao's cheeks redden even more, even shooting him an annoyed glare, "He Yanzhou... what's with you tonight? I don't have flowers on my face, why keep staring at me?"

    Deep down, she still felt quite embarrassed.

    "You care about me?" He Yanzhou's brows slightly furrowed, but he remained composed. Leaning back, he sank into the soft sofa, idly swirling his wine glass with slender fingers.

    Li Jiao was momentarily taken aback by his question, uncertain of his intentions, but a glimmer of hope sparked in her heart, as if her pursuit was finally getting a response.

    Embarrassed and annoyed, she instinctively glared at him and bit her lip, a hint of girlish shyness in her eyes, "Are you doing this on purpose tonight? You've known about this, haven't you?"

    Hadn't she confessed her feelings long ago, only to be bluntly rejected?

    Remembering that awkward moment, Li Jiao felt a surge of annoyance. He had been so heartless, not sparing her any dignity. Once they were together, she vowed to teach him a lesson for his arrogance back then!

    He Yanzhou let out a soft chuckle, feeling oddly unaffected by the confession, and asked coldly, "So, knowing I have a girlfriend doesn't bother you? Aren't you afraid of being labeled a homewrecker?"

    Li Jiao's expression stiffened at his words. She had considered this before, but hearing He Yanzhou ask so directly still made her uncomfortable.

    She turned her face away, feeling both angry and wronged, "Why are you asking this all of a sudden? Do you really see me as that kind of person?"

    She huffed, "I may like you, but it's a fair competition. Don't bully me just because of that. I know you don't like Xu Nanyan. Real affection isn't as casual as yours, and besides, you two are not compatible. Being together would only be exhausting."

    She believed herself to be the one among all the girls he knew who best matched his temperament. Therefore, she was aware that someone like him couldn't possibly have a lasting relationship with Xu Nanyan. Only someone who could play and make trouble with him was truly suitable.

    Hearing this, He Yanzhou finished his beer in one gulp and stood up, his eyes as calm as ever, "Alright, if you don't mind that, then come with me."

    "Go?" Li Jiao was puzzled, her eyes reflecting confusion, "What do you mean? Where are we going at this late hour?"

    "To get a room," He Yanzhou said calmly, his face devoid of any emotion, as if discussing something as mundane as the weather.

    Li Jiao's mind went blank at his words, her face flushing hotly as she stammered, "Get a... room?"

    "Yes," He Yanzhou replied expressionlessly.

    Li Jiao's cheeks burned even more intensely upon receiving his affirmative response.

    How should she put it? Since it was He Yanzhou, she was definitely willing, having liked him for so long. Naturally, she was ready for such an encounter, but wasn't this too fast? They hadn't even officially started dating.

    What did this make her then? A secret lover? Not yet his official girlfriend, wasn't this a bit improper?

    Seeing her changing expressions and apparent hesitation, He Yanzhou frowned and asked directly, "What, you're not willing? If you're not, then I'll find someone else."

    As Li Jiao saw him turning to leave, she almost instinctively grabbed his hand, "No, no, that's not it. I am willing."


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