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    Chapter 56 [VIP] The Scoundrel Rich Second Generation (12)

    He watched the two under the lamp, so close that Nanyan's hair inadvertently fell on the man's collar, their entwined postures resembling intimate lovers.

    Nanyan turned her head to smile at him, while Zhou Chiyuan seemed somewhat uneasy, looking down. Their familiar and natural demeanor exuded an intimacy that could make anyone envious.

    He Yanzhou felt as if countless blood vessels in his brain were throbbing violently, on the verge of bursting, overwhelmed and uncontrollable. A profound sense of heartache surged, as if an invisible hand was gripping his heart tightly, suffocating him.

    How can she be with another man?

    A whirlwind of chaotic and twisted emotions flooded his mind, intertwining disbelief, grievance, resentment, and even disgust towards the other man.

    He Yanzhou restrained himself, clenching his fists tightly to suppress the resentment welling up within him, refraining from rushing forward to separate the two.

    "Did you break up with me because of him?" he asked.

    The two, who were previously engaged in conversation, were startled by the sudden intrusion and looked towards the source of the voice.

    Under the dim night light, Nanyan was surprised to see He Yanzhou there, seemingly not expecting him to be waiting for her. However, her expression turned indifferent upon hearing his words, as if unwilling to continue the conversation.

    Zhou Chiyen’s eyelashes fluttered slightly, and his gaze unconsciously shifted to Nanyan. Seeing her furrowed brows and cold demeanor, he felt an inexplicable sense of relief.

    Seeing Nanyan’s indifferent reaction, He Yanzhou felt a sting in his chest, a prickling pain spreading like a fiery tide, inescapable and relentless, intensifying at the sight of the pair together.

    Before Nanyan could react, her arm throbbed with pain as He Yanzhou forcefully pulled her away from Zhou Chiyen.

    Caught off guard, Nanyan stumbled into He Yanzhou’s embrace, his chest heaving with emotion.

    Clutching her wrist tightly, He Yanzhou felt an indescribable rage surge within him.

    He glared at her, grinding his teeth, "So soon after our breakup, you're already eager to find someone else?"

    "Xu Nanyan, do you even know who he is? Are you aware of his ulterior motives in approaching you so deliberately? Don’t you think about these things?"

    Nanyan winced in pain and forcefully freed her wrist from his grasp, pushing him away, "He Yanzhou, what nonsense are you spouting now? Do you think everyone has ulterior motives like you?"

    "Don’t forget, we’ve already broken up. Even if I were to find someone else, it's my business, not yours. What right do you have to question me?"

    As soon as she finished speaking, Nanyan stepped back but stumbled due to his pull. She swayed and fell backward, He Yanzhou instinctively reached out, but she decisively slapped his hand away.

    He paused momentarily.

    Meanwhile, Zhou Chiyen, without a second thought, reached out to her. He stepped forward, wrapping his arms around her, his long, sturdy hands steadying her waist and shoulder. With a slight effort, he securely embraced her.

    Nanyan instinctively clung to his arm, their bodies closely entwined, almost audible was their breathing.

    "Senior, are you okay?" Zhou Chiyuan asked.

    Nanyan looked slightly shocked, her face pale, clearly startled by what just happened. But regaining her composure, she quickly shook her head, "I'm fine, just lost my balance for a moment. I stepped wrong, but thankfully you were there to catch me. Otherwise, I would have had a nasty fall."

    Zhou Chiyuan, still concerned, kept his hand protectively at her waist until she was completely steady, then slowly let go, his voice low and reassuring, “Glad you’re okay.”

    His tone was unusually gentle, his expression meek, not typical of his usual pretense around her. But the concern he showed now was genuine.

    The interaction between the two was extraordinarily intimate, a tacit understanding unspoken yet clearly present.

    In that moment, He Yanzhou felt like an utter outsider, unable to intervene in their matters. How could this be? He had been her boyfriend not long ago, but now...

    Thinking of this, He Yanzhou's complexion turned visibly pale, the oppressive pain in his chest becoming increasingly unbearable.

    It wasn't like this, it couldn't be. They hadn't agreed to break up yet, their relationship wasn't over. How could she be with another man?

    He Yanzhou felt he couldn't hold back any longer.

    Especially seeing them entwined together, a surge of uncontrolled anger flooded his brain, buzzing in his head, snapping the last thread of reason, sending him into a state of total loss of control.

    Overwhelmed by sudden chaotic emotions, he couldn't resist rushing forward to pull Nanyan away, forcibly grabbing her wrist with an impulsive desire to take her back, to wrench her away from the other man.

    Unfortunately, he didn't succeed.

    Because Zhou Chiyen firmly grasped his wrist, shielding Nanyan almost entirely behind him, his face even carrying a gentle smile.

    "Senior, let's discuss this tomorrow, it's so late now. Where do you plan to take her?"

    He Yanzhou glared at him, "Let go, this is between her and me, you better stay out of it."

    Zhou Chiyen, unfazed, originally wanted to provoke him further, but upon noticing the red marks on Nanyan's wrist, his eyes grew more serious. "I can let go, but you need to as well. You're hurting her."

    What He Yanzhou couldn't stand the most was Zhou Chiyen's presumptuous attitude. He roughly pushed his hand away, "Zhou Chiyen, are you sick? Competing with me for everything, now even for my girlfriend?"

    Zhou Chiyen's expression changed slightly, "Your girlfriend?" He turned to look at Nanyan, seeing her expression unchanged, he felt slightly relieved, "You mean the senior girl?"

    He suddenly chuckled, as if taunting, "Senior, aren't you mistaken? How can ex-lovers still be called boyfriend and girlfriend? Since she is now single, anyone has the chance to pursue her. How can that be considered stealing?"

    No sooner had he finished speaking than a fist heavily struck his face. Zhou Chiyen, caught off guard, staggered backward and fell hard onto the pebble-strewn path, his back crashing against the stones. A muffled groan escaped him, clearly indicating the severity of the fall.

    Immediately after, He Yanzhou threw another punch, swinging it fiercely towards Zhou Chiyen's face.

    Nobody expected He Yanzhou to strike a second time, seemingly driven by extreme anger, as if venting all his inner fury.

    "I warned you before, Zhou Chiyen. Is this fun for you? I know it was you on the phone that day. You've been challenging my limits over and over. Do you really think I wouldn't lay a hand on you?"

    This time, he pinned Zhou Chiyen to the ground, grabbed his collar, and fiercely punched him several times in the chest.

    Surprisingly, Zhou Chiyen didn't fight back.

    He lowered his voice, audible only to them both, "Try it. What's the use of blaming others for someone you can't keep?"

    At this moment, Nanyan also reacted, rushing forward as she saw Zhou Chiyen battered and bleeding from the mouth, her quick intervention blocking further assault.

    "He Yanzhou, what are you doing? Have you lost your mind?"

    Stopped by Nanyan and wary of hurting her, He Yanzhou didn't dare to exert more force. Instead, he turned around, his gaze dark and incredulous as he stared at Nanyan.

    "You're protecting him like this?"

    Nanyan, mustering all her strength, fiercely pushed him away from Zhou Chiyen, "I'm protecting him?"

    Her eyes were red and misty, trembling slightly, whether from fear or anger. "He Yanzhou, when will you stop this madness? I was the one who broke up with you. What right do you have to involve others? Who I like, who I protect, what does it have to do with you?"

    "Did you ever really love me? What about me did you like? Do you know my hobbies? Do you know what I hate? Do you know how I felt when your friends looked down on me when we were together? Did you ever care about any of that?"

    He Yanzhou stiffened.

    Nanyan pressed on, her voice no longer soft and gentle as before, but filled with endless sorrow.

    "You don’t understand any of this; you know nothing. Compared to the time you spent flirting with those women, you never truly understood me."

    Nanyan, with tears in her eyes and a reddened face, seemed unable to control her emotions any longer. She accused loudly, “You think you like me, but it’s just your possessiveness!”

    "You can’t stand that I left you before you got tired of me. You can't lose face, and can't get over it. From the beginning to the end, you’ve been nothing but a selfish jerk, only caring about yourself."

    Having said this, Nanyan took a deep breath, clenching her fists. She looked up, expressionless, and stared at him, “From now on, I just hope you stay away from me and stop disturbing my life.”

    He Yanzhou's face turned ashen.

    His fingers clenched tightly, veins standing out on the back of his hand. He never expected Nanyan to say such things.

    Especially when he saw the extreme disgust in her eyes.

    In that moment, He Yanzhou felt a chilling pain spread rapidly through his body, his chest tightened, and his scalp numbed as if countless needles were piercing into his flesh, making him bleed profusely. Even breathing became difficult.

    He struggled to control his emotions, unsure how to cope. His chest felt constricted, and he was suffocating in his distress.

    He had never imagined he would be seen as a complete scoundrel in her eyes. He admitted to being somewhat selfish, having bad habits, not being attentive or understanding enough towards her...

    But this was the first time he had truly been smitten. He knew that sometimes when you say you like someone too often, even you can't tell when it’s genuine anymore.

    But this time was different; his feelings were sincere. How could she dismiss his affection just because he had made some mistakes in the past?

    Why wouldn't she believe him?

    Did she really… despise him so much?

    He Yanzhou trembled, overwhelmed with sorrow, a sadness beyond words. His chest heaved violently, his eyes reddening. After a long moment, he managed to ask in a ragged voice.

    "So, in your eyes, I am that kind of person?"

    His voice was hoarse and dry.

    "What else?"


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