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    Chapter 50 [VIP] The Scumbag Rich Second Generation (6)

    Meanwhile, Heyan Zhou seemed off, distracted during a gathering with friends, frequently glancing at his phone on the table as if afraid of missing some message.

    But despite staring at it for a long time, the messages inviting him for drinks were plenty, but the one he truly wanted to see never came.

    Heyan Zhou irritably sipped his drink, feeling uneasy. His girlfriend hadn’t initiated contact for two whole days since that morning she left, no response to his deliberately sent messages. Had she been too busy and forgotten?

    But hadn’t she quit that part-time job already?

    A rare ripple of disturbance crossed Heyan Zhou’s mind.

    He couldn’t quite describe his feelings at the moment. It was like being teased with interest, and when he wanted to pursue it further, she became unresponsive, leaving him in a state of limbo.

    It made him uncomfortable, and the only way to ease it would be to relive what happened that day, no, maybe once wouldn’t be enough!

    Realizing this, Heyan Zhou was momentarily stunned, surprised by the absurd thoughts in his head, feeling a flush of warmth in his ears and a frown forming on his forehead.

    His recent mood swings were apparent to everyone, so they wisely stayed away, except for Li Jiao, who, concerned, took her glass and sat next to him.

    Their proximity was close.

    “Heyan Zhou, what’s with the long face on someone’s birthday? Who upset you? Did you have another fight with your girlfriend?”

    She probed jokingly with her question.

    Today, it was clear that Heyan Zhou had hit a sore spot.

    He gave Li Jiao a glance, uncharacteristically expressionless.

    Yet Li Jiao was momentarily stunned by his impeccably handsome features.

    Perhaps due to the alcohol, Heyan Zhou’s profile appeared especially soft and alluring in the dim light, his lips moist and vividly colored, his gaze as intoxicating as poppies when fixed on someone.

    Remembering their accidental kiss last time, Li Jiao’s eyes drifted to his lips, her face flushing, her heart uncontrollably starting to race.

    No matter when, she couldn’t help but be moved by his face!

    Although she knew he had a girlfriend, Li Jiao didn’t believe their relationship would last. They were from different worlds, and staying together would only lead to mutual unhappiness.

    Annoyed by his disregard, Li Jiao, always straightforward, expressed her displeasure on the spot.

    “Heyan Zhou, what's with that look? It’s not like I made you angry. Why are you glaring at me?”

    After speaking, she defiantly glared back and finished her drink in one gulp, “Besides, I'm asking because I care about you. Who else would bother with you if they didn’t?”

    She considered herself well-matched in every aspect, compatible with his personality. Why did he always maintain such a distant attitude with her? Was it just because she liked him? Even if she did, he had no right to treat her this way!

    It was truly infuriating.

    Heyan Zhou frowned upon hearing her words.

    He pondered her statement, realizing there was some truth to it. Only those who don’t care wouldn’t bother. This thought struck him as he looked at his phone, feeling like he understood something.

    Could it be that Nanyan... no longer cared about him?

    Was that why she wasn’t responding to his messages?

    This realization brought an inexplicable irritation, not quite anger, but an unwillingness to accept.

    The thought that the person he had been concerned about all day suddenly seemed indifferent towards him created a disconcerting disparity, leading to his irritation.

    He couldn’t help but think back to their kiss in the car yesterday morning. It wasn't really a kiss; she had playfully bitten him when he was caught off guard.

    Like a cat delicately nibbling on fish, her lips were so thin, so soft. The bite was just right, accelerating his heartbeat, leaving him yearning for more...

    It was just a fleeting moment, but it lingered in his mind, creating an irresistible itch in his heart.

    Perhaps his impatience towards her wasn’t as strong as he thought. Maybe enduring the month she asked for wouldn’t be so difficult, and they could get along well after all.

    Heyan Zhou's thoughts grew deeper...

    Li Jiao’s sudden voice interrupted him, "Heyan Zhou, what’s really wrong with you today?"

    Heyan Zhou abruptly snapped back to reality, his gaze falling on the raucous group of friends. He suddenly realized he had no desire to stay any longer.

    For the first time, he found this noisy and lively scene too restless, unable to calm his mind. He nodded to his friends and left, taking his coat with him.

    The others, including Li Jiao, were taken aback, unsure of what had just happened. Li Jiao thought she had hit a nerve with her words and intended to follow and explain, but she was surrounded by her male friends.

    Unable to catch up, she could only watch Heyan Zhou’s retreating figure, venting her frustration by punching the arm of a nearby guy.

    As for Heyan Zhou, known for his whimsical nature, his sudden departure was unexpected to everyone.

    Unconcerned about what the others thought, Heyan Zhou headed back to his villa. On arrival, he noticed it was still early, and the shoe cabinet was untouched, just as he had left it in the morning, indicating Nanyan hadn’t returned.

    He opened the door and saw the kitten curled up in its cage by the sofa meowing at him. Heyan Zhou looked down, and the kitten turned away, lying down comfortably.

    Seeing him and then hiding, such an ungrateful little creature. He had fed it in the morning, and now it was acting like a stranger, just like its owner.

    Heyan Zhou opened the cage and picked up the kitten, its thin face staring right at him. He rubbed its head disdainfully, but finding its fur soft to the touch, he caressed it again.

    "Ugly thing, why hasn’t your owner come back yet?"

    The kitten meowed in response.

    Heyan Zhou frowned, looking at it with a bit of disdain, “What does that meow mean?”

    Sitting on the sofa, deep in thought, he then began to muse aloud in a serious manner, “Are you trying to say she's too busy with something and that’s why she hasn’t returned?”

    The cat meowed, “Meow…” I didn’t say that.

    The kitten turned its head away, pawing at him.

    Heyan Zhou rubbed its head again, “What does this mean now? Want me to go find her?”

    A look of hesitation and conflict appeared on his face. He felt like making the first move would put him at a disadvantage, but he realized this thought was illogical, considering they were in a legitimate relationship.

    Heyan Zhou just felt uneasy.

    Going back to the party was out of the question, and staying home was dull. Rather than waste time sleeping, he thought it better to visit the campus and, incidentally, check on his girlfriend.

    With this in mind, Heyan Zhou decisively slapped the sofa and decided, “Alright, then I’ll go find her!”

    The cat: “...”

    Humans truly are creatures who say one thing but mean another.

    Heyan Zhou put the kitten back in the cage, pondering the fact that they hadn’t broken up yet. Did he really need a reason to visit his own girlfriend at school?

    He thought that if she wasn't busy, he could take her out for dinner and then to a movie in the evening, making up for the last time he had to cancel their plans.

    Having made up his mind, Heyan Zhou headed to University A, but encountered some traffic on the way due to it being the weekend.

    Upon reaching the university gate, he recognized a few familiar figures – Nanyan's roommates. During his pursuit of Nanyan, he had made efforts with her roommates, including treating them to meals, so he recognized them easily on the road.

    Heyan Zhou approached them to inquire about Nanyan's whereabouts, but after asking around, he was informed that Nanyan hadn’t been seen at school all day.

    She hadn’t been seen the entire day.

    This struck Heyan Zhou as odd. If she wasn’t at school, where could she be? Had she made other plans?

    As far as he knew, Nanyan’s life was quite simple, mostly revolving around studies and work. During the three months he pursued her, she rarely had time even for meals out. Where could she be if not at school?

    Heyan Zhou couldn’t help but recall her attire from the other day, a vague sense of unease rising within him. This feeling probably had little to do with affection; it was more likely possessiveness at play.

    It wasn’t that he suspected Nanyan of doing anything behind his back, but he couldn’t be sure about others. Had she really made plans with someone else?

    In his haste, he had forgotten about the convenience of mobile phones. He returned to his car and fished out his phone.

    He found Nanyan’s contact and, wary of disturbing her if she was busy, sent a few messages first. However, after waiting a while, he received no response as usual.

    Now impatient, Heyan Zhou dialed Nanyan’s number, and after several rings, the call was finally answered reluctantly.

    “Hello, who is this…”

    A man’s slightly hoarse voice came through the speaker.

    His breathing was uneven, and there was an air of familiarity in his tone, hinting at something ambiguous.

    Heyan Zhou suddenly clenched his phone, a ridiculous and bizarre thought abruptly crossing his mind.

    Especially upon hearing the voice, a loud buzzing noise seemed to explode in his head, like the alarm of boiling water, piercing and sharp. It stirred an indescribable emotion in him, making his breathing grow rapid.

    The atmosphere turned eerily silent.

    Yet he managed to calm himself down. Heyan Zhou exhaled a heavy breath, suppressing the surge of wariness and irritation, and coldly asked the person on the other end, Zhou Chiyen:

    “Who are you? Why do you have my girlfriend’s phone, and where is she?”

    Zhou Chiyen mumbled unclearly, his voice hoarse, “Do you need something from senior? She’s busy right now, might not have time to take your call. If you have something to say… um, you can tell me, and I’ll pass it on to her after she’s finished…”


    Heyan Zhou felt a tightness in his chest. Why did a stranger need to relay his message to Nanyan? And the ambiguous undertones of his words irritated him even more, “What is she busy with? Can’t you give her the phone?”

    The voice on the other end was barely audible, “Senior is with me, we haven’t done anything, nothing at all, just had some drinks…”


    On hearing this, Heyan Zhou felt a surge of anger ignite within him. Nanyan never drank alcohol; she wouldn’t even drink when with him. How could she possibly be drinking with another man? Who was this person, and what was he playing at?

    Disbelieving, just as he was about to probe further, a chaotic noise came from the other side, vaguely hearing phrases like “Senior, I like you,” before the call was abruptly disconnected.

    Heyan Zhou’s handsome brows and eyes drooped.

    He redialed, but the phone now showed it was switched off.

    Heyan Zhou clenched his fingers tightly, staring at the phone for a long while, his face expressionless, eyes devoid of any emotion, as if the person who was just angered wasn't him.

    Once he had calmed down, Heyan Zhou swiped his finger over the screen, lighting it up again. He redialed the number, only to find it still switched off. After repeatedly calling three times, he was certain he hadn't misheard.

    The phone on the other end was indeed turned off.

    Then came a sharp "snap" sound.

    The phone was smashed forcefully onto the nearby seat, its previously intact screen instantly fracturing into a web of cracks.

    In that moment, Heyan Zhou wasn’t quite sure what overcame him, feeling a tumultuous emotion surging up, ready to burst from within.

    He was tempted to confront the person on the other end of the phone, demanding to know why his girlfriend's phone was with another man, and why they were drinking together.


    After hanging up, Zhou Chiyen’s eyes were filled with disdain, showing no guilt for his actions.

    Moreover, he deleted all the call logs from Heyan Zhou, then switched off his phone and pretended to sleep on the bench.

    When Nanyan returned with water, Zhou Chiyen seemed to be fast asleep. She tapped his face and called his name a few times, and he responded groggily, rubbing her hand, looking innocently harmless.

    Unable to contact his roommate, Nanyan had no choice but to take him to a nearby hotel and book a room. After settling him in, she didn't return to school but went straight to Heyan Zhou’s villa by taxi.

    By the time she got home, it was already 8 p.m.

    Nanyan took out her keys and unlocked the door.

    The villa was dark and quiet, seemingly empty. She thought it made sense, knowing Heyan Zhou's penchant for parties. He usually wouldn't leave until the very end, and it was still early for him to be home.

    Nanyan closed the front door and groped for the light switch.

    As soon as the lights were on, a cool male voice from the sofa said, “You’re back.”

    Nanyan, startled by the unexpected voice, turned towards the sound.

    On the gray sofa sat a tall, dark figure – He Yanzhou, with his legs crossed, one hand resting on the edge of the sofa, and the other placed casually.

    Hearing the sound of the door, he slightly turned, his dark eyes fixating on her unwaveringly. The black hair falling over his forehead partially obscured his eyes and brows, giving off a rare sense of oppression.

    “Where have you been so late?”


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