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    Chapter 46 [VIP] The Scumbag Rich Second Generation (2)

    Nanyan sorted out the plot and then went to the bathroom to wash her face, gradually relieving the tightness caused by tears.

    By the time she arrived in this world, it was already three months into the couple's romance. The sweet period had passed, and now was when He Yanzhou was growing impatient with Xu Nanyan, with their breakup looming in just over a month.

    They had just quarreled over a cat, which was more of a one-sided accusation by Xu Nanyan, blaming him for changing. Upset, He Yanzhou went to a bar with friends for drinks.

    At this gathering, Li Jiao was present. Knowing He Yanzhou was in a bad mood, she encouraged him to drown his sorrows in alcohol, and everyone ended up quite tipsy.

    He Yanzhou, slightly inebriated, rested his eyes while leaning on the sofa. Li Jiao, having drunk too much, headed to the restroom but tripped over someone, tumbling forward.

    Coincidentally, she fell right into He Yanzhou's arms, accidentally brushing her mouth against his chin. The warm contact left them both momentarily stunned.

    Currently, He Yanzhou had no interest in Li Jiao. He preferred gentle and pure women, and Li Jiao’s bold and unrestrained nature didn't appeal to him, especially since her appearance didn't meet his aesthetic standards.

    Yet, ironically, their melodramatic fate kept entangling them. Li Jiao could accidentally fall into his arms, even leading to an unintended kiss. Though it was without any romantic intent, the awkwardness sobered him up considerably.

    He Yanzhou didn’t consider himself a good person, but he wasn't the kind to cross the line without any scruples. He wouldn't get involved with another girl before breaking up. He pushed her away, frowning.

    As for Li Jiao, she was a bit embarrassed but believed in fair and open competition in love. She never thought of resorting to underhanded tactics to gain an advantage over him.

    Still, when they accidentally kissed, her heart raced. He Yanzhou was incredibly handsome, appealing to every one of her preferences, making her heart beat rapidly.

    But seeing He Yanzhou's frowning, disdainful expression, she felt a bit annoyed and glared at him, her face flushed as if she had taken undue advantage of him.

    "Please, I am the woman here. In such a situation, it's the woman who suffers more, right? And it was just a peck on the chin, not a real kiss!"

    "He Yanzhou, what's with that look? Although I like you, I would never take advantage of someone in such a way. I just accidentally tripped, that’s all..."

    He Yanzhou glanced at her dismissively and responded half-heartedly, clearly uninterested in engaging with her.

    Li Jiao, infuriated by his indifferent attitude, shot him a resentful and embarrassed glare before stomping off angrily.

    The moment of their kiss was conveniently captured by someone and, just as timely, sent to Xu Nanyan's phone.

    Xu Nanyan cried over her phone for this very reason, her boyfriend, having just quarreled with her, seemed unrepentant and was entangled with another girl.

    Indeed, it was a heartbreaking act, especially since Xu Nanyan was already deeply involved.

    Even though He Yanzhou later explained it was a misunderstanding, Xu Nanyan refused to let it go.

    According to the original plot, over the course of a month, she intensified her control over He Yanzhou, blatantly displaying her insensitivity. Perhaps his previous affection led her to believe she could always control him, not realizing he was already growing weary of her.

    During this month, He Yanzhou felt increasingly suffocated, restrained, and frustrated in front of Xu Nanyan, becoming more and more absent-minded. However, his demeanor changed when with Li Jiao.

    Together, they indulged, partied, and enjoyed themselves. This contrast only served to shift He Yanzhou's preferences subtly towards Li Jiao's type. It seemed only a matter of time before he and Xu Nanyan would break up.

    The story would likely culminate in the original protagonist hurting the female lead and then meeting her own tragic end.


    Nanyan gathered her thoughts, steadied her mind, and analyzed the situation. She concluded that when a man’s affection and love for a woman wane, causing a scene is the least effective approach. Such relentless nagging only serves to annoy the other party further.

    So, obviously, a change in strategy was needed.

    But first, she needed to clarify things while He Yanzhou still harbored some feelings for her, and then take the lead. That was the most crucial step.

    She contemplated that this time she needed to portray a gentle and reserved fairy-like character, calm and obedient, emphasizing her strengths and minimizing her flaws.

    Before He Yanzhou entered her life, her days were filled only with studying and learning, indeed quite dull.

    However, after He Yanzhou's arrival, her life became somewhat more colorful. But compared to the playful and lively young men, her personality was still too rigid, unable to let loose, making her company somewhat boring and tedious.

    There was no helping it; Xu Nanyan came from a modest background. This kind of luxurious, hedonistic life was something she had only seen on TV, never something she had even considered in real life.

    She is inherently conservative and restrained, especially when he spends money like water. He can drink up her monthly salary in a single bottle of wine. Their fundamental values are so misaligned that being together is truly exhausting.

    He Yanzhou may have fallen for her at first sight, but it was more lust than love. He never intended to truly understand her, so naturally, he didn’t consider her feelings.

    Nan Yan took out her phone, guessing that the guy had probably sobered up by now, and directly dialed He Yanzhou's number. It took several rings before he sluggishly answered.

    Nan Yan didn’t mind; her emotions seemed to have stabilized. She gently said into the phone, “Ah Yan, I have something to tell you. Can we talk things over again?”

    Just this sentence made the listener's ears itch, creating a tickling, numbing sensation around them, as if something had struck their heart.

    Her voice was gentle and calm with a hint of cool detachment, not cloying, and immediately likable.

    That said, he wasn’t exactly into voices!

    The younger brother hurriedly said, “Hey,, it’s not like that, sister-in-law, I’m Yangzi. Brother Yan just went to the restroom. Do you need him for something?”

    Honestly, those who knew He Yanzhou were aware that he had put a lot of effort into pursuing Xu Nanyan, thinking it was a case of a reformed playboy finding true love. Yet, it turned out to be unsustainable.

    Brother Yan is really a jerk, uh... no, not exactly a jerk. He doesn’t mess around or two-time, but he’s just impatient and can’t settle down.

    In just a few months, he’s grown tired of her, the campus belle of University A. She’s genuinely beautiful. Although they haven’t broken up, their relationship has clearly changed.

    The younger brother usually finds this wooden beauty annoying. She’s not fun, uptight, often spoiling the mood during their peak fun times and not getting along well with their group. It’s awkward, like they're from different worlds.

    But today, for some reason...

    Just hearing her voice made him want to listen more, and he unwittingly asked out loud. Damn, he’s not into voices, he’s more of a visual guy!

    “Sister-in-law, wait a moment, Brother Yan should be back soon. You can tell me what it is, and I’ll pass the message to Brother Yan...”

    The younger brother was speaking enthusiastically.

    Suddenly, a damp hand snatched the phone from beside his ear, leaving him displeased. He exclaimed, “You’ve got some nerve, snatching my phone...”

    "Hey, bro, it's you. Sister-in-law was just saying she needed to talk to you. I answered the phone for you since you weren’t here. I didn’t say anything out of line, don’t glare at me like that!"

    He was referring to the accidental kiss he shared with Li Jiao. Even though the lights in the private room were dim, they weren't invisible, and many in the room had seen them kissing.

    Hearing Nan Yan's voice on the other end, He Yanzhou couldn’t help but think of his recent kiss with Li Jiao, feeling somewhat uneasy.

    There indeed were issues between him and Xu Nanyan. For some reason, the spark was gone, as if the passion had faded and the excitement of the chase had become mundane.

    He didn’t mean to play with anyone’s feelings; his affection was sincere while it lasted, but he just couldn't sustain it. Once the passion faded, everything seemed dull.

    How uninteresting!

    Hearing Nan Yan wanting to talk things over again stirred something strange in He Yanzhou's heart. After a moment’s hesitation, he agreed.

    “Okay, I understand. I’ll be back soon.”

    He ended the call swiftly.

    A sidekick nearby teased him, “Bro, did you and sister-in-law have a fight again? Why though? She might be a bit dull, but she really cares about you.”

    Well, he knew it deep down. Most of the arguments were probably due to Brother Yan himself. Even if the playboy had reformed, his nature couldn’t change. A dog can’t change its habit of eating shit... Ah, no, Brother Yan is not a dog!

    Even if he were a dog, he would be the most dashing one at Fu University!

    Staring at the darkened phone screen, He Yanzhou leaned back on the sofa, lit a cigarette, and after a while, said indifferently, “I don’t know, maybe it’s a personality clash.”

    The sidekick, still curious, asked, “So, bro, are you thinking about breaking up?”

    He Yanzhou gave him a look that clearly conveyed – why ask so many questions?

    The sidekick fell silent, realizing that Brother Yan was probably already fed up. He was destined to be a player for life.

    When his half-smoked cigarette was done, he picked up his jacket from the sofa, saying, “Alright, you guys have fun. I’ve got things to do, heading back now.”

    He Yanzhou waved his hand nonchalantly as he left. Just before stepping out, he remembered something and added, “Oh, and don’t go spreading word about the unexpected events tonight.”

    Even if he were to break up, he'd do it properly, without causing unnecessary drama or dragging things out. After all, he had truly cared for her once and didn't want her to misunderstand.

    As for tonight's incident with Li Jiao, it was just an accident. He wasn't interested in her; at best, he found her company agreeable.

    He Yanzhou called a designated driver and returned to his villa within half an hour.

    Nan Yan had also prepared everything on her end. She changed into clean clothes, loosely tied her disheveled long hair, letting it fall in front of her chest, with a few strands framing her face.

    She sat on the sofa, working on a paper due the next afternoon, with a cat cage on the floor beside her. Inside, a frail kitten lay asleep.

    Startled by the sound of the door, the kitten woke up and meowed softly, too scared to move in its cage.

    Nan Yan looked up to meet He Yanzhou's gaze. He seemed to have been drinking, his cheeks slightly flushed, and strands of hair hanging over his forehead. His striking looks, especially his charming, upturned eyes, were captivating.

    Nan Yan paused briefly before putting down her laptop and walking towards him. With her memories, she seamlessly fit into this role.

    "Did you drink?"

    As she approached, she could smell a faint scent of red wine on him. It wasn't unpleasant, but Nan Yan still stopped in her tracks.

    He Yanzhou rubbed his aching head, feeling impatient. Perhaps because the feelings were gone, even a simple greeting made him feel restrained. "What did you want to talk about?"

    "No rush, have a seat first."

    Nan Yan guided him to the sofa and said, "I'll get you a glass of water to sober up."

    Their relationship had grown distant, almost unlike a normal couple.

    Neither had truly understood the other's character. Conflicts were met with cold treatment, and neither would back down, making their interactions awkward and emotionally draining.

    Saying this, she turned and went to the kitchen. He Yanzhou, still dizzy and confused, watched her enter the kitchen, his gaze lingering.

    Isn't she angry anymore?

    They had argued just a few hours ago. Had she had a change of heart? And what did she mean by wanting to talk things over?

    Puzzled, He Yanzhou found himself staring at her for longer than intended. As she poured water, her black hair slightly cascaded over her shoulders, her eyelashes lightly drooped, looking exceptionally beautiful. But no matter how beautiful, one can grow tired of anything if seen too much.

    He found himself in this weary phase, yet for some reason, he was still somewhat captivated.

    Nan Yan handed him the glass of water and returned to her seat.

    He Yanzhou was suddenly enveloped by her familiar, subtle fragrance. Turning his face away, he instinctively took a sip from the cup, only to scald his tongue on the boiling water, his expression contorting momentarily.

    He Yanzhou: “......”

    He would never admit that he was dazed by her beauty.

    Nan Yan glanced at him but pretended not to see, maintaining her calm demeanor.

    Only after he awkwardly set down the cup did Nan Yan break the silence between them.

    She turned to look at him, her voice gentle, creating an illusion of irresistible immersion, “Ah Yan, there are a few things I want to clarify with you.”

    He Yanzhou frowned and asked, “What is it?”

    Seeing his impatient expression, Nan Yan guessed he might be contemplating a breakup. After a moment of thought, she began softly, “I’m sorry about the stray cat incident. It was my fault.”

    “I didn’t inform you in advance, nor did I know you dislike pets. However, I’ve already contacted a friend who’s willing to adopt this kitten. I'll send it away tomorrow.”

    He Yanzhou seemed surprised by her apology, having thought she was still angry. He paused for a moment before recalling his own attitude at the time.

    Well, it wasn't that he disliked pets; it was more about disliking her making decisions without his consent. He hated feeling constrained, as it always irritated him.

    However, her apology made him feel unexpectedly uneasy, especially considering what had happened in the private room, which left him somewhat guilty.

    He Yanzhou glanced at the kitten in the cage and said, "Do as you like. If you really want to keep it, then do so, just make sure it doesn't roam around."

    Perhaps it was a subconscious desire to compensate following his guilt, He Yanzhou spoke without much thought. But after saying it, he somewhat regretted it, feeling he was being overly involved.

    He didn’t show this feeling, however.

    Nan Yan, on hearing this, smiled and nodded, "Alright, but there are a few other things."

    She seemed hesitant, but after a moment of thought, she continued, "Ah Yan, don’t you think there are some issues between us? We never truly understood each other, which is why we keep having friction."

    With her eyelashes slightly drooping, she spoke with a hint of helplessness, "Lately, I’ve been feeling emotionally drained. A positive and beautiful relationship shouldn’t be like this. I’ve been thinking that maybe our personalities don’t mesh well, or perhaps, we shouldn’t have been together in the first place."

    He Yanzhou’s expression became serious upon hearing this.

    But tonight, for some reason, he felt an odd sense of everything being out of his control.

    Especially after hearing Nan Yan's words, he paused for a while before asking, "So, are you saying you want to break up with me?"

    Being dumped was a new experience for him.

    He Yanzhou frowned, unable to articulate his feelings, a subtle discomfort, likely stemming from his inherent pride, making him feel that such things shouldn’t happen to him.

    Nan Yan shook her head and lightly chuckled, "Not exactly. Although we haven’t been together for long, I genuinely like you."

    It seemed she had thought this through. Looking into his eyes, she said earnestly, "Ah Yan, let’s give each other one more month. If we still can’t smooth out our differences in this time, then we can consider it a peaceful breakup. Is that okay?"

    It was then that He Yanzhou really started to notice Nanyan, realizing he didn't fully understand his girlfriend. He had always thought of her as characterless, but clearly, she wasn't.

    The suggestion wasn't hard to accept, saving face for both sides and sparing their feelings. With just a month's time, if they really couldn't reconcile, they could consider it a peaceful breakup—a very reasonable approach.

    So, he agreed, saying, "Alright."

    Nanyan sighed in relief, her smile softening considerably. She patted his arm lightly, her tone infused with a hint of relaxation.

    "Actually, in my heart, Ayan is a really good person, at least very good to me."

    "After all, a boyfriend like you, who spends money on me without expecting much in return... even if we break up, I'd still be happy to be friends with you."

    A... a sucker of a boyfriend?

    He Yanzhou couldn't help but laugh, inadvertently locking eyes with hers, twinkling with teasing mirth. He didn't know why, but he impulsively grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him.

    This pull brought Nanyan completely over to him. She hadn't anticipated his sudden move, and for a moment, she too stared at him in surprise.

    As their eyes met, their breaths subtly changed, and the air seemed to brew an indescribable, simmering ambiguity.

    A strand of Nanyan's hair unintentionally slid forward, its cool tip resting on his collar, lightly tickling.

    He Yanzhou felt a scratch at his heart. Looking down, he noticed a small gap had opened at her collar, revealing a hint of pale pink lace. His breath slowed momentarily at the sight.

    He Yanzhou wasn't a lecherous man, but at that moment, he felt a warmth spreading through his body, perhaps due to the alcohol.

    Gazing at Nanyan, who was within reach, he slowly leaned in, seemingly intent on kissing her.

    Nanyan suddenly widened her eyes and gently poked the corner of his eye, then unromantically remarked, “Boyfriend, you have something at the corner of your eye that you haven’t wiped off.”

    He Yanzhou: “…”

    He had a crude thought but wasn’t sure if he should express it.


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