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    Chapter 54 [VIP] The Playboy Heir (10)

    He Yanzhou couldn't understand, truly couldn’t grasp, why things had turned out this way? There had been nothing between him and Li Jiao, no relationship at all.

    Why wouldn’t she believe him?

    Hadn't she said she would always like him? If she liked him, why did she give up so easily, why wouldn’t she believe his explanation?

    It was her own words, her proposal to give each other a chance to start anew. He had just used some tactics, wanting her to care and like him a bit more, so why wouldn't she keep her promise?

    Why did she have to be so angry?

    Just because of his mistake, did that make his affection for her cheap and worthless?

    Nanyan smiled with pursed lips, “Why would you think that? Since there's nothing between you two, of course, I believe you. I was just a bit concerned and wanted you to be cautious. Why are you getting so angry?”

    He Yanzhou was taken aback by her response, visibly angered, and further irritated by her nonchalant attitude. He abruptly left, slamming the door behind him.

    He knew he was wrong, really, and he would change in the future. Why wouldn't she give him even a chance to regret?

    He Yanzhou clenched his fists, particularly recalling her words, his eyes filling with resentment. She was a liar, accusing him of being unclean from the very beginning!

    The thought of what had just happened left him feeling as if he had lost all his strength, his body uncontrollably sliding down against the wall.

    He struggled to calm the emotions in his heart, but to no avail. The suffocating pain in his chest only worsened.

    Particularly recalling their last confrontation, when Nanyan unhesitatingly pulled away his hand and left without a backward glance, made him feel even more desolate.

    He Yanzhou never experienced such a despairing emotion. He couldn’t distinguish if his feelings for Nanyan were more about liking her or because he resented being rejected, or perhaps a mix of both. At that moment, he didn't know which was predominant.

    This loss of control made him feel even worse, as if his breathing had slowed down.

    He sat there for a long time, only stirred by distant footsteps, his limbs growing stiff. When he tried to move, a numbing pain shot through him, as if hundreds of needles were pricking him.

    He Yanzhou still refused to give up. He felt their relationship was gradually improving. He just thought Nanyan’s attitude towards him shouldn’t be like this. Their relationship shouldn’t be like this…

    Suddenly, he thought of the unknown man on the phone. Who was he? What was his relationship with Nanyan? Was it because of him that Nanyan didn’t give him a chance?

    Only now did he realize how impulsive his actions had been. What was a minor issue had escalated due to his unwillingness to let go. But could he be solely blamed?

    If it weren’t for that phone call, would their relationship have deteriorated to this extent? As he thought this, his gaze darkened. He slowly stood up, determined not to let go.


    Meanwhile, Nanyan hadn’t returned to He Yanzhou’s villa since that day. He Yanzhou, unusually calm, hadn’t “harassed” her in the past few days, not even showing up.

    The news of their breakup slowly spread. Initially, only a few close acquaintances knew, but then some curious girls asked He Yanzhou directly, only to be mocked and ridiculed by him.

    This behavior was quite uncharacteristic of He Yanzhou. Although not always the most gentlemanly, he was generally tolerant towards women. This time, however, a few innocent questions had led to such an ungentlemanly response, leaving the girls in tears.

    Nanyan learned about these gossips from her closer dorm mates, who sympathized with her, feeling she had been wronged.

    In their eyes, the breakup was inevitable, and they believed Nanyan to be the one who was dumped. Given He Yanzhou’s reputation, they viewed his courtship as grand but his feelings as shallow, making it easy for him to let go. Thus, they sympathized with Nanyan for being dumped by such an unreliable person.

    Regarding the rumor of "being dumped," Nanyan found it unworthy of explanation. She merely thought that she could put He Yanzhou's matter aside for now. Given his temperament, after such an unpleasant breakup, the other party wouldn't let things rest easily.

    Just as she was contemplating her next move, her phone began to vibrate.

    "Buzz, buzz, buzz" - the persistent sound echoed.

    Reaching out, she caught sight of the familiar contact on the screen: Zhou Chuyan.

    A hint of a smile flickered in Nanyan's eyes. It felt delightful to have someone provide a solution just when she needed it. She then picked up the call at a leisurely pace, pausing briefly before speaking, as if on purpose.

    "…Zhou Chiyan?"

    Nanyan sounded slightly perplexed, her voice gentle and composed, as if her impression of him was still anchored to their last meal together.

    "Yes, it's me. Senior, are you free this afternoon?"

    Zhou Chiyan's voice on the other end of the line carried a hint of concern and uncertainty.

    Since their separation at the hotel, Nanyan hadn't seen Zhou Chiyan. The young man had likely heard about their breakup and was now seeking an opportunity, or perhaps he aimed to stir trouble. In any case, his intentions seemed far from innocent.

    One couldn't tell what kind of mischief he was planning now. But it was fine; she didn't have anything to do in the afternoon anyway.


    Nan Yan seemed to ponder for a moment.

    She continued, asking, “Do you need something from me?”

    Nanyan was unsure of Zhou Chiyen’s intentions, but as a woman who had just broken up with her boyfriend, she naturally hesitated when faced with an invitation from another man.

    Zhou Chiyan, hearing her voice, seemed to hesitate for a few seconds, his awkwardness palpable even through the screen, "Senior, did I cause trouble for you last time? I wanted to apologize. I've been worried these past few days that you might be angry, so I refrained from contacting you."

    His words were sincere yet ambiguous. Zhou Chiyan knew He Yanzhou would probably have told Xu Nanyan about their phone conversation, and he was still unsure of her attitude, so he carefully tested the waters.

    Even if Xu Nanyan were to blame him, he had an excuse, claiming he was “drunk” at the time. After all, what harm could a drunk person intend? At most, it was an unintentional act.

    Xu Nanyan naturally assumed he was referring to the incident where he got drunk during their meal. Indeed, for a man, getting drunk before a woman could be quite embarrassing.

    So she shook her head, then remembered he couldn’t see her, and casually said, "It's okay, I’ve already forgotten about that."

    Zhou Chiyan relaxed upon hearing this and hesitated for a second or two before asking, "Then Senior... can I invite you out for a meal again?"

    His voice, deliberately lowered, seemed to carry a hint of nervousness but also sounded sincere, as if he truly regretted his actions from last time.

    Zhou Chiyan continued, "…Actually, I don’t have any other intentions, just that I feel sorry for the trouble I caused you after getting drunk that day. I want to apologize and also thank you again. Is that okay, Senior?"

    His words were reasonable and hard to refuse. After speaking, Zhou Chiyan fell silent, waiting anxiously for her response, even his breathing slowed down.

    Of course, he was aware of the trouble he caused that day, doing quite a few misdeeds. That phone call was clearly a direct cause of their argument. The most obvious result was the recent news, especially He Yanzhou’s distracted state lately, all of which Zhou Chiyan found quite satisfying.

    Xu Nanyan was silent for a moment after hearing his words.

    She wouldn’t outright refuse the invitation, but didn’t want to agree too readily either. After a long hesitation, she finally agreed reluctantly.

    "I don’t think I have anything this afternoon, so let’s meet up."

    Xu Nanyan spoke softly into the receiver.

    The voice on the other end of the phone instantly became much more cheerful, especially after receiving her affirmative response, even the tone unwittingly lifted a few degrees.

    "Then wait for me, Senior. I'll go and reserve a spot right now."

    After hanging up, Zhou Chiyan finally let go of the smile on his face. He fiddled with his phone, then idly scrolled through his contacts.

    Now that they were both single, should he do something more to provoke He Yanzhou?

    After all, anything that could annoy his rival seemed very pleasing to him.

    Zhou Chiyan couldn't help but smirk.

    As he was thinking about his next move, a roommate suddenly slapped his shoulder, his grin slightly lecherous, "Zhou Chiyan, we've got a mixer with some girls from the art department next door tonight. There’s this pretty girl who specifically asked for you. What do you say, man? You in?"

    Zhou Chiyan, without lifting his head, brushed off his hand, appearing uninterested, "You guys go ahead, I’ve got things to do."

    His roommate was persistent, especially noticing Zhou Chiyan’s recent distracted demeanor. He pulled out his phone and showed him photos of the girls:

    "You sure you don’t want to come? Don’t say I didn’t look out for you. Take a look for yourself."

    "This girl is the undisputed beauty of their department. Not only is she gorgeous, but she also has a really sweet personality. Didn’t you say a while ago you liked this type? Now she’s taking the initiative, aren’t you going to seize the chance?"

    Zhou Chiyan finally glanced down, his eyes inadvertently landing on the photo, and without thinking, he blurted out, "Not that impressive, not as pretty as Xu..."

    Half as good-looking as Xu Nanyan.

    His voice abruptly stopped mid-sentence.

    Zhou Chiyan felt a bit annoyed internally, puzzled by his recent tendency to think of Xu Nanyan at inappropriate times.

    He didn’t understand what was happening to him lately.

    It seemed like every girl he met was compared to her, and somehow, they all seemed to fall short. This strange feeling was unsettling, leaving him dazed for a long time until his roommate called out to him, snapping him back to reality.

    He simply attributed his concern to the fact that she was He Yanzhou's ex-girlfriend, which seemed normal to him.

    His roommate, who hadn’t caught the latter part of his sentence, only heard the "not that impressive" comment, and gave Zhou Chiyan an incredulous look, as if to say he didn't know a good thing when he had it.

    Of course, everyone who knew Zhou Chiyan was aware of his high standards. He never lacked for girlfriends.

    Zhou Chiyan typically put on airs, especially around girls, portraying the perfect gentleman, always gentle and smiling, appearing easy-going. But in reality, he was quite proud, hardly ever giving out his contact information.

    Yet, the girls seemed to fall for his act, perhaps drawn to the challenge of winning over someone elusive. Despite constant rejections, they persisted, often bringing him gifts, indirectly benefiting his friends as well.

    Since he was not keen on going, his roommate didn't press further.

    Finally, around four in the afternoon, Zhou Chiyan met the person he was waiting for.

    Their meeting place was a stylish, elegant Western restaurant.

    The restaurant wasn’t crowded, and a faint scent of roses lingered in the corridors, likely part of its distinctive ambiance, which also seemed to influence the nature of their interaction.

    Zhou Chiyan was dressed as usual, waving at Xu Nanyan upon seeing her. However, his demeanor was much more restrained than before, probably mindful of his prior actions and worried she might be upset, his every move betraying a deliberate discomfort.

    "Senior, you’re here."

    Xu Nanyan nodded at him, her demeanor as gentle as ever, "You really didn't have to take me out for a meal, I never took that previous incident to heart."

    Hearing this, Zhou Chiyan glanced at her with a touch of frustration, hesitating whether to speak his mind, "Actually... it's not entirely because of that incident."


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