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    Chapter 83 [VIP] Best Friend Shield (21)

    While Fu Qingzhou breathed a sigh of relief, he was also at a loss for words to describe his current feelings.

    It was complicated. Fu Qingzhou agreed to Wanrou's request in a moment of guilt, to stabilize her emotions, but he couldn't give her what she wanted, leading to the current dilemma...

    Fu Qingzhou stayed by her side all night in the hospital, until noon the next day. He hurriedly bought some toiletries and light porridge nearby, bringing it to the hospital. Concerned she might be hungry after sleeping so long, he brought breakfast and also changed into clean clothes.

    He had only left for a short while, but upon returning to the hospital and approaching the ward, he heard a chaotic sound of vases and teacups being shattered, accompanied by Wanrou's desperate cries, "Go away... all of you, go away..."

    Nurses at the door were trying to soothe her, "Miss, please calm down, this is a hospital!"

    "Don't come in, I told you not to come in! Who let you in, get out! All of you, get out..."

    Fu Qingzhou, unaware of what had happened, instantly changed his expression upon hearing Wanrou's breakdown. Without a second thought, he rushed forward to look inside the room through the window, "What happened? What's going on here?"

    Seeing the patient's family member return, the nurses sighed in relief, pulling Fu Qingzhou forward, "Sir, you're back just in time. Please calm your girlfriend down. She just woke up and is very unstable right now."

    Fu Qingzhou was also anxious, "Why has it turned into this? Are you sure you haven't done anything to her?"

    "We didn't do anything. She's been like this since she woke up, refusing to let us in."

    After confirming it wasn't their fault, Fu Qingzhou turned back, saw the chaos in the room and Wanrou, who had awakened but was emotionally shattered. He patiently asked, "Wanrou, tell me, what happened? You need to speak up so we can help you."

    Hearing his voice, Fang Wanrou's crying halted, and she became even more tense.

    Her face pale, she instinctively leaned against the door, not wanting to let him in. Her other hand covered her eyes, trembling, and she accidentally poked her wound several times, blinded by tears.

    It was then that Fu Qingzhou realized something was wrong, his expression growing more serious, "Wanrou, open the door. Let me see your face, tell me what's wrong. Are you feeling unwell anywhere?"

    Fang Wanrou was crying, her back turned to him, refusing to speak a word, her face etched with pain and despair.

    Fu Qingzhou grew increasingly anxious. "Wanrou, open the door! Whatever the problem, we'll solve it together."

    It was then that the attending doctor hurried over, explaining the situation. "The patient's vision might be compromised. The injury from her forehead to her eye in the car accident was the deepest and most severe, causing corneal rupture damage. That's why her emotions are so unstable."

    "Corneal rupture?"

    Fu Qingzhou instinctively repeated the term, understanding its gravity without needing further explanation from the doctor. If it was a minor injury, there might be a chance of repair, but a severe rupture could mean possible blindness.

    The thought made his heart skip a beat, his mind swirling in confusion, his throat growing increasingly dry as if blocked by something.

    He looked up at the doctor, eyes filled with accusation. "Why wasn't this detected yesterday? There were so many people, why didn't anyone notice this issue?"

    "This indeed was an oversight by the hospital. However, some post-accident complications can't be completely ruled out by the hospital..."

    The doctor and nurses wore awkward expressions. Indeed, it was their fault, but machines can't fully detect the extent of a patient's injuries; often, it's determined after the patient wakes up.

    At this moment, Fang Wanrou was emotionally unstable, curled up in a corner, clutching her head, looking helpless and pitiful.

    Fu Qingzhou couldn't bear to leave her like this. He asked the surrounding medical staff to leave, then stood at the door, his voice gentle and soothing, "Wanrou, please open the door. Whatever the problem, we can solve it together. Like this, no one can help you."

    Fang Wanrou, crying, shook her head, even afraid to look up at him, fearing rejection in her current state. "Indeed, no one can help me now. Right now, Qingzhou... do you know? I am... a blind person, a useless person. From now on, no one will want me, no one will care about me, even the Fang family will abandon me..."

    "Go away, please just go... pretend nothing ever happened between us! I don't want you to see me like this! Nor do I want you to see me in this pitiful state!"

    The more Fang Wanrou spoke, the more her emotions crumbled, eventually breaking down into uncontrollable sobs, her voice filled with fear and terror.

    Hearing her words, Fu Qingzhou felt a surge of guilt and bitterness, especially seeing her now, so scarred and hurt, he felt almost drowned by the guilt welling up inside him.

    He felt he had deeply wronged her...

    Hesitating for a moment, Fu Qingzhou seemed to make a decision, his throat tightening uncomfortably. With a hoarse voice, he said, "It doesn't matter if the Fang family abandons you, I will stay by your side..."

    "I won't leave you. Have you forgotten? I promised to always be with you."

    Fang Wanrou, hearing his words, seemed stunned for a moment. She slowly lifted her head, her eyes misty with tears, and looked hesitantly towards Fu Qingzhou at the door.


    She seemed to hardly believe it, tears sliding down her cheeks.

    It took Fu Qingzhou some time to open the door. Fearing further distressing her, he approached slowly and carefully, gently wrapping her in his arms. "Don't cry, medical science is very advanced now. If it can't be cured domestically, we'll go abroad. In any case... I will always be with you."

    At these words, Fang Wanrou instinctively clutched his arm, her grip so tight her nails nearly pierced his skin, her eyes filled with anxiety and hope.

    "Qingzhou... do you really want to stay with me forever?"

    Fu Qingzhou nodded lightly and hummed in affirmation.

    He then reached to grasp her shoulders, intending to help her sit comfortably on the bed.

    But Fang Wanrou wouldn't budge, her eyes wide as she looked into his, still shimmering with tears. "Then, shall we get married? Qingzhou, after I'm discharged, let's get married, okay?"

    She uttered these words tentatively.

    Hearing this, Fu Qingzhou momentarily froze. He gazed deeply into Wanrou's eyes, filled with nervousness, unease, panic, and helplessness, as if a single 'no' from him could cause her to collapse into utter despair...

    Yet, instinctively, he felt a wave of resistance. Suppressing his discomfort, he tried to soothe her. "Wanrou, marriage is a serious matter, we..."

    "I know! I know marriage is not trivial, but it's what I've always hoped for."

    Fang Wanrou's emotions suddenly became agitated.

    A sense of panic surged in her heart. Now that she had become like this, would he still refuse her?

    Tears started falling again as she spoke, her face turning pale from crying, her body trembling uncontrollably. "Please, promise me, Qingzhou. I really have nothing left now, you're all I have, don't leave me..."

    Hearing this, Fu Qingzhou seemed to sigh softly, seeing her pitiful state, he finally enveloped her in his arms.

    "Okay, I promise you..."

    Fang Wanrou, who had been crying, seemed stunned upon hearing this, then a surprised and radiant smile unconsciously spread across her face.

    "You... you really agree, you're not deceiving me?"


    Fang Wanrou cried and laughed simultaneously, turning to hug his neck tightly, burying her face in his neck, joyfully murmuring,

    "I knew it, I just knew... you still can't bear to leave me."

    Fu Qingzhou was silent for a while before responding softly.

    "Yes, so don't be sad anymore. Let's have the doctor come in and see what the situation is. Regardless of the outcome, I... will always be with you."

    Fang Wanrou then nodded in agreement, allowing him to carry her to the bed. Her hands still clutched tightly onto Fu Qingzhou's arms, as if fearing he would disappear the moment she let go.


    The news of Fang Wanrou's car accident and her resulting vision problems in her right eye quickly spread from the hospital.

    Families that had initially considered an alliance through marriage with the Fang family withdrew their intentions upon hearing this news. The Fang family couldn't help it, after all, business marriages aren't something everyone can overlook, especially a defect like their daughter's eye.

    This incident eventually softened the Fang family's attitude towards Fu Qingzhou.

    Adversity reveals true feelings. Over time, true characters are revealed. Only in such times can one see the true nature of a person, and at this time, he was the only one staying by Wanrou's side, caring for her, never leaving her.

    The Fang family weren't fools. Considering Wanrou's current situation, a marriage alliance was impossible. Besides, even if they did manage to secure a marriage, it would likely lead to disdain and mistreatment from the husband's family over time.

    Most importantly, with □□'s support, the Fang family's financial issues were resolved, eliminating any further worries. It seemed better to go with the flow.

    This would give Wanrou a good future, ensuring she wouldn't be mistreated, while also preserving their past dignity. After all, the couple was already in love. If not for the incident with the Fu family, he would have never opposed their union.

    In the end, it's all fate! Those meant to be together will be together, no matter how much he opposed it.

    Elsewhere, Nan Yan learned of their car accident three days later.

    In these three days, she had sent Fu Qingzhou many messages and made numerous calls, but got no response until the third day when she learned from her landlord about Fu Qingzhou being in the hospital.

    Understanding the cause and effect of the incident, and learning that Fang Wanrou was injured because of Fu Qingzhou, Nan Yan chuckled lightly, sensing that their world was probably coming to an end.

    She wondered how Fu Qingzhou would ultimately choose.

    Collecting her emotions, and anticipating what she might face next, she went to the kitchen to prepare a nourishing pork rib soup to take to the hospital.

    With these thoughts, Nan Yan tasted the freshly cooked soup, ensuring its flavor was good before carefully packing it in a thermos, and then she left for the hospital.

    Approaching the hospital, she couldn't resist calling Fu Qingzhou again, but as usual, there was no answer.

    On the other end, as the ringtone sounded again, Fu Qingzhou and Fang Wanrou almost simultaneously looked at the phone.

    Seeing the familiar number on the screen, Fu Qingzhou felt a twinge of pain in his heart, a sudden uncontrollable urge to answer emerging within him.

    But when he turned and saw Wanrou's pale face and the fear and unease in her eyes, he hesitated for a moment and ultimately chose to hang up the phone.

    Seeing his final decision, Wanrou finally breathed a sigh of relief, but her eyes still reddened involuntarily. She knew she was being selfish, but she couldn't let go. She tentatively tried to hold his hand.

    But he subtly avoided her attempt.

    Wanrou felt a sourness in her nose and a sense of grievance in her heart.

    Fu Qingzhou, however, patted her shoulder and comforted her softly, "Alright, you rest for a while. I'll go downstairs and buy you some food. Don't worry, I'll be back soon."

    Wanrou bit her lip, wanting to say something, but ultimately said nothing and nodded in agreement.

    Meanwhile, Nan Yan had reached the hospital lobby. Without specific information about the ward, she could only ask at the reception desk one by one.

    "Could you help me check, please?"

    "...There's a patient named Fu Qingzhou, or maybe Fang Wanrou. They were brought in three days ago due to a car accident. I don't know which ward they're in?"

    As she was cautiously inquiring at the reception, the elevator doors suddenly opened with a 'ding'.

    Fu Qingzhou looked up to see Nan Yan holding a thermos not far away. Seeing her, his heart inexplicably quivered uncontrollably.

    "What are you doing here?"

    His single query made Nan Yan freeze in her tracks.

    Hearing Fu Qingzhou's voice, Nan Yan trembled slightly and immediately turned to look behind her. Their eyes met in an instant. Her lips moved slightly, and her eyes seemed to uncontrollably well up with tears.

    She instinctively took a few steps forward but stopped about half a meter away from him, wary of getting too close. She carefully observed his expression. "I... I came to find you."

    Apparently not expecting to encounter him so directly, she fidgeted nervously, clutching her fingers tightly.

    "I heard... you were in a car accident, and I was worried, so I came to the hospital to see how you were doing?"

    Fu Qingzhou didn't know what he was feeling at that moment. Seeing her so uneasy, he felt as if something had pricked his heart, followed by a spreading sensation of prickly pain in his chest, making it difficult for him to breathe.

    He wondered if she was deceiving him again.

    It had only been three days!

    Why had her face become so pale? Her chin seemed sharper, and even the way she looked at him was so cautious, as if he had committed an unforgivable act. Yet, it was she who had erred. Why did it now seem like he was the one who had wronged her?

    Fu Qingzhou tried to keep his voice normal, but the sourness in his throat made it slightly hoarse, "I'm fine, it's Wanrou who's injured."

    Hearing this, Nan Yan seemed to relax, inadvertently voicing her inner thoughts,

    "That's good, as long as you're alright..."

    After speaking, she realized it sounded as if she was relieved that Wanrou was the one in trouble. Fearing he might misunderstand, she quickly clarified,

    "No, that's not what I meant. I meant to ask, how badly is Wanrou injured? Is it serious?"

    Her face reddened in her haste, and she dared not look up at him, her fingers nearly puncturing the thermos in her grip.

    Fu Qingzhou's gaze fell unconsciously on her fingers, noticing the redness and slight abrasions. He frowned, not wanting to care but unable to help asking, "What happened to your hand?"

    Nan Yan paused for a moment, then looked down at her slightly burnt fingers, curling them instinctively. "It's nothing, just a small burn. Anyway, this is the soup I just made. It's still hot and nutritious. You and Wanrou should have some; it's good for your health."

    As she spoke, she handed over the thermos, her face unconsciously revealing an awkward smile, her eyes filled with hope and nervousness, as if fearing he would refuse to take it.

    Fu Qingzhou felt increasingly uncomfortable in his chest.

    He didn't know what to say. He was angry that she had colluded with Jiang Shaoyan to deceive him, but seeing her so cautious, a bitter feeling welled up inside him.

    Nan Yan was still watching him.

    Fu Qingzhou exhaled softly, the bitter and swollen feeling in his chest not dissipating but accumulating. He reached out to take the thermos from her hand.

    But suddenly, Wanrou's voice came from behind.

    "Qingzhou, what are you doing?"

    Fu Qingzhou's hand trembled involuntarily, and the thermos slipped from his grasp, crashing to the ground. The soup spilled out, most of it splashing onto Nan Yan's pants. She stepped back from the scalding liquid, her eyes instantly reddening.

    Fu Qingzhou's heart tightened. He was about to check on Nan Yan's burn when Wanrou approached him from behind.

    With an embarrassed look, Wanrou instinctively reached to pick up the thermos on the floor, but Fu Qingzhou swiftly grabbed her wrist.

    "Don't touch it! It's hot, I'll handle it later."

    Hearing this, Nan Yan glanced at him with a pale face, her lips moved as if she wanted to say something, but she seemed choked up and unable to speak.

    Wanrou glanced awkwardly at both of them and then withdrew her hand, apologizing, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I didn't know you were..."

    Fu Qingzhou, holding Wanrou's hand, gently pushed her back a few steps to prevent further burns. "It's okay, it's not your fault, I just didn't hold it firmly."

    Nan Yan, observing their perfectly synchronized interaction, especially Fu Qingzhou's instinctive protection of her, felt as if a heavy stone was pressing on her chest, making it painfully difficult to breathe.

    "You, you two are..."

    Her voice was hoarse, even slightly choked up.

    Fu Qingzhou, who was holding Wanrou's hand, suddenly let go. Wanrou, seemingly oblivious to anything amiss, gave Nan Yan a smile tinged with apology but also happiness, "Nan Yan, Qingzhou and I have decided to get married."


    Hearing this, Nan Yan felt her mind go blank, her body almost unable to stand steady.

    She stared blankly at Fu Qingzhou, seemingly in disbelief. But as she watched him without any sign of contradiction, the tears that had been building up in her eyes uncontrollably spilled over.

    Her chest felt as if a piece had been cruelly carved out, the pain causing her body to tremble slightly.

    "You, you two... are really going to get married?"

    Observing Nan Yan's expression, Fu Qingzhou almost instinctively stepped forward. He clenched his fingers, suddenly feeling an urge to embrace her.

    However, Wanrou spoke first, her smile radiating satisfaction. "Yes, Qingzhou has already agreed. We'll start planning our wedding after I'm discharged."

    After saying this, Wanrou seemed to remember something. She looked up at Nan Yan and hesitantly said, "Um... Nan Yan, I know this might be too much to ask, but I hope you can be our bridesmaid. Would that be okay?"

    ...Be the bridesmaid?

    Nan Yan found the idea absurd. Tears streaming down her face, she suddenly let out a laugh, as if clinging to her last shred of dignity. Her fingers trembling, she wiped away the tears on her face, then looked at Fu Qingzhou and asked,

    "Do you also wish for me to be your bridesmaid?"

    Her voice quivered slightly.

    For a moment, Fu Qingzhou felt a tightness in his throat, struggling to speak.

    Especially seeing her now, her cheeks devoid of any color, almost translucent, on the verge of emotional collapse.

    He said subconsciously, "It's up to you. If you don't want to..."

    "It's okay!"

    Nan Yan interrupted him at that moment.

    She looked up at him, smiling through uncontrollable tears,

    "It's okay, I can be your bridesmaid. When the time comes... I'll make sure to dress up beautifully for your wedding."


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