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    Chapter 49 [VIP] The Scumbag Rich Second Generation (5)

    Half an hour before the lecture ended, people began to leave gradually. By the end, there were not many left in the hall.

    Nanyan was packing up to leave when she noticed Zhou Chiyen still gazing at her eagerly from behind, probably wondering why this woman was so hard to flirt with.

    In fact, her phone had been vibrating non-stop for the past two hours.

    It was mostly Zhou Chiyen messaging her, and when he seemed about to lose patience, Nanyan would occasionally reply, keeping him hooked, smoother than she had anticipated.

    Thanks to Zhou Chiyen's persistent explanations and efforts, Nanyan’s impression of him shifted from a 'scamming ruffian' to a slightly 'talkative next-door junior.' It wasn’t a bad impression anymore, and thus her attitude towards him warmed up from the initial coldness.

    The two successfully exchanged glances. Nanyan's look at him shifted from impatience to a gentle indifference, possibly because she realized he was quite young and didn't take his earlier offense to heart.

    Zhou Chiyen knew when to stop; he was aware that his initial impression hadn’t been great and that persistence would be futile. So, after sending a goodnight message, he refrained from disturbing her further.

    However, as he passed by Nanyan, he couldn’t help but cast a regretful and embarrassed glance at her, perfectly portraying the pitiful 'puppy-dog junior,' before turning to leave with his friends.

    His approach was measured and adaptable, just the right balance. If it had been a more typical girl, she might have already been swept off her feet by this handsome and proactive junior.

    In the following days, Nanyan stayed on campus. She stayed in her dormitory for two days, and the next day being Saturday, she woke up close to noon.

    This was a rare instance of Nanyan sleeping in. Usually, her life revolved around studying and part-time jobs.

    But after dating Heyan Zhou, Nanyan had cut down on her part-time jobs, thinking to spend more time with her boyfriend, only to find that he was never short of company.

    She reached for her phone on the bedside table and saw it was already half past eleven.

    There were a few unread messages from Heyan Zhou in her phone, briefly mentioning his plans with friends for the day and that he had already fed her cat.

    It was a significant improvement from before, at least he was now proactive in sharing his whereabouts. Still, Nanyan chose not to respond and decisively closed the chat.

    Since he was busy with his plans, she didn’t want to disturb him and risk being unwelcome.

    Nanyan got up and after freshening up, she headed downstairs. Just as she stepped out of the dormitory, she heard a familiar and slightly excited voice behind her, "Senior, I've been waiting for you."

    Turning around, Nanyan was slightly surprised to see Zhou Chiyen, "Why are you here? What do you want from me?"

    This kid really came again.

    Zhou Chiyen pursed his lips into a smile, seemingly pleased. His smile was particularly gentle this time, "Senior, you remember me."

    He quickly ran towards Nanyan, a touch of embarrassment on his face, "I'm really sorry about the other night. I...I didn’t mean it, I just wanted to get to know you. I didn’t realize it would upset you."

    After speaking, Zhou Chiyen lowered his head, his tone a bit dry. He looked like a disheartened puppy, maximally utilizing his good looks.

    Nanyan’s expression softened upon hearing his earnest explanation.

    Seeing the youthful and fresh-faced junior before her, she shook her head, "It's okay, I'm not angry anymore. But don’t use those tricks to chase girls in the future; you might be mistaken for a ruffian, okay?"

    Hearing this, Zhou Chiyen finally relaxed, exhaling softly and slowly raising his head. His delicately handsome face could be quite striking.

    "I understand, senior."

    After saying this, he quickly pulled out a hundred yuan from his pocket and handed it to her, his voice tinged with embarrassment, "About this money... I’ll return it to you first. Senior, I never intended to deceive you for money."

    Nanyan paused for a moment, then couldn't help but laugh.

    Her smile softened her entire demeanor, and she shook her head, saying, "No need, I did bump into you that day, so the money is yours now."

    Perhaps reflecting on her own attitude that day, she spoke more gently.

    "Alright, do you need anything else? If not, I should get going."

    Zhou Chiyen, upon hearing this, silently pursed his lips.

    A hint of disappointment flickered in his eyes when she refused the money, but he quickly adjusted his expression.

    He gave Nanyan a grin, radiating an indescribable obedience, "Then, can I invite you to a meal? Senior, consider it my apology. Could you give me a chance?"

    Nanyan seemed to hesitate for a moment.

    Seizing the moment of her hesitation, Zhou Chiyen swiftly stepped forward and grabbed her wrist, closing the distance between them, "Come on, senior, don't hesitate. Let's go."

    "I know a restaurant nearby that’s really good and reasonably priced. I'll take you there."

    He led her towards the campus gate, holding her wrist. Their familiarity made them look like a couple playfully bickering.

    True to his word, Zhou Chiyen took her to a unique and popular restaurant. The prices were not cheap but still affordable for students who hadn’t yet entered the workforce.

    Nanyan was curious. As far as she knew, aside from his sly and cunning nature, he also had a reputation for being stingy.

    He usually mooched off his friends and brothers, not because he was broke, but because he was thrifty, believing that things were always better when they were free.

    Zhou Chiyen chose a quiet private room, under the pretense of making amends, but in reality, he was positioning himself advantageously.

    He was never one for integrity or moral boundaries, unashamed of encroaching on someone else’s territory.

    His initial plan was to invite her to a movie after lunch, and if things went well, perhaps even suggest getting a room for the night.

    After all, in modern society, where everyone is an adult, there's nothing wrong with moving forward if there’s mutual attraction.

    But this time, it seemed he had met his match.

    Nanyan Xu found that Heyan Zhou's past female companions were unlike her; she had boundaries and principles, making her not so easy to sway. But Zhou Chiyen thought this only made things more interesting, didn't it?

    "Senior, do you have any dietary restrictions?" Zhou Chiyen asked, pretending to study the menu, "Can you eat spicy food?"

    Nanyan nodded, "Anything is fine, you decide."

    He then asked, "What about drinks? Is beer okay?"

    Nanyan nodded again, thinking a few cans of beer shouldn't be a problem.

    After receiving her affirmative response, Zhou Chiyen immediately ordered several signature dishes and a few cans of beer, and the conversation between them flowed naturally.

    It had to be said, the 'puppy-dog junior' was really good at pleasing people. Handsome and skilled at ingratiating himself, he called her 'senior' with such warmth. His behavior was not overly obvious, just subtly intentional.

    It seemed that whenever Nanyan was busy with her phone or focused on something else, Zhou Chiyen would stop talking and just stare at her...

    When Nanyan noticed and looked up at him, he would quickly avert his eyes, turning his head to show his slightly blushing ears, feigning an air of innocence as if everyone should know about his little crush.

    He perfectly embodied the essence of a young man in the throes of first love, so convincingly that anyone unaware of his true nature might be fooled.

    Nanyan couldn't help but think that this time she had really met her match.

    She observed him for a while and noticed he kept his head down, his fingers curled on the table, looking somewhat embarrassed.

    So she asked directly, "How old are you this year?"

    He looked up, apparently understanding her implication. A trace of annoyance crossed his face, but then he looked at her frankly and replied, "I'm twenty-four."

    "Who are you trying to fool?" Nanyan couldn't help but laugh at his response, noting his sensitivity about his age, "You expect me to believe you’re twenty-four with that face? Are you even twenty?"

    Zhou Chiyen glared at her upon hearing this, then rubbed his face, deflating like a punctured balloon, seemingly dejected as he answered.

    "Alright, I don't usually tell others, but I’m actually twenty. I may look young, but I really am twenty."

    "I just celebrated my twentieth birthday last month, truly turned twenty. Don't doubt it! I was sick as a child and repeated two grades, that’s why I'm older for a college student."

    He explained convincingly, but Nanyan was still skeptical. Given his youthful appearance, it was hard to believe he was twenty; it sounded more like a tall tale.

    Nanyan didn’t mind. After a moment of thought, she adopted a straightforward tone, “Do you know I have a boyfriend?”

    “I don’t mind… No, I didn’t mean that,” Zhou Chiyen hurriedly corrected himself, looking somewhat frustrated, his gaze on Nanyan turning a bit nervous, “I just meant... I wanted to be friends, that’s all.”

    Nanyan furrowed her brows, seemingly exasperated by his words. Considering his younger age, she thought directly rejecting him might be too harsh, so she spoke more tactfully:

    “Zhou Chiyen, since you call me senior, you should know I’m much older than you. A fleeting liking based on looks won't last long…”

    She glanced at him, "Moreover, I really don't like men younger than me. You should find a girl around your age to date. Being friends with me isn't very interesting."

    Upon hearing this, Zhou Chiyen became even more anxious, trying hard to show that his interest in her wasn’t solely based on her looks. He gazed at her intently and said:

    “Senior, I really don’t have any other intentions. I know you have a boyfriend, He Yanzhou from the finance department. He's great and very popular, and I know you two are in a good relationship. But I just wanted to get to know you, is that not allowed?”

    His eyes were watery, and in his urgency, he even blushed slightly, looking even more like a docile and obedient little puppy from this angle.

    Nanyan noticed his convincing act, her expression showing a hint of difficulty, and seeing his eyes turn slightly red, she softened her tone to reassure him, “I'm really busy with my studies and work. Being friends with me isn’t very interesting...”

    “I really don’t mind... Senior,” Zhou Chiyen interjected decisively, “If you think I’m too young, you can just treat me as a younger brother.”

    He hesitated for a moment, then looked at her with a submissive attitude, his tone a bit muffled, “I really just want to be friends, it’s enough for me if you... occasionally reply to my messages.”

    “If... you’re worried about your boyfriend misunderstanding,” he frowned, looking troubled for a moment as if making a big decision, then hung his head low and said, “then I’ll... try to contact you less, is that okay?”

    “Actually, I really didn’t mean to do anything. Are you still upset about me intentionally bumping into you that day? Can I apologize, senior?”

    He played the victim card well, consistently portraying himself as someone not driven by a fleeting whim, but simply desiring friendship with her. His approach seemed refreshingly innocent and unworldly.

    Indeed, no one, regardless of gender, can resist the indiscriminate charm of someone playing the innocent. Nanyan observed his earnest expression and sincere demeanor, almost convinced by this 'green tea' boy's persuasive words, feeling genuinely swayed to find excuses for him – a real strategist among the innocuous.

    A 'puppy-dog junior' delivered right to her door, how could she not accept?

    Nanyan sighed lightly, seemingly resigned.

    Especially seeing his downcast and sorrowful look, as if she had really wronged him. After some thought, she said, “I might not always be in touch with you, though.”

    That was essentially an agreement.

    After all, friendship comes in many forms, and it all depended on how this youngster would play his role.

    Upon hearing this, Zhou Chiyen's eyes brightened, his face showing a mix of happiness and restraint, "Thank you, senior. I won’t bother you unnecessarily."

    Nanyan nodded, “Alright, let’s eat then.”

    The two began their meal, and perhaps the events of the day had been a blow to him, as Zhou Chiyen drank several cans of cold beer alone – a decision that would soon backfire.


    Zhou Chiyen got drunk, his cheeks flushed as he clung to her wrist, refusing to let go. He kept muttering “Senior, sister…” in a hoarse and immature voice, his eyes blurry and tearful, looking utterly wronged.

    Nanyan couldn’t help wanting to laugh, knowing full well that he could hold his liquor.

    Behind closed doors, he was the life of the party with his friends, playing darts, smoking, and competing in drinking games, thoroughly enjoying himself. And now, he was playing this act with her, a true performance of feigned vulnerability!

    Nanyan firmly patted his hand, feeling the warmth from his tight grasp. She bluntly said, "Let go, Zhou Chiyen, you’re drunk."

    Zhou Chiyen pretended not to hear, refusing to release her hand. Seemingly struggling to breathe after drinking too much, his eyes were half-open, and he uncomfortably nuzzled his head against her shoulder.

    "Senior... don't despise me."

    "I’m not drunk... just feeling a bit dizzy."

    "Please don’t go, okay? I really like you... so much. I know you have someone you like, but I can’t help it... I just want to talk to you."

    Nanyan listened to his drunken confessions, which were disjointed and incoherent. She tried to pry his fingers off but couldn’t, so she leaned in and patted his face, "Zhou Chiyen, are you doing this on purpose?"

    Hearing this, Zhou Chiyen slightly opened his eyes, staring unblinkingly at her, and finally responded as if realizing what he was saying, "I... I’m not, I... I’m not drunk."

    Typically, those who insist they're not drunk are indeed drunk.

    Nanyan couldn’t help but laugh at his antics. He was clever, even when drunk. He didn’t create a scene but just clung to her, not doing anything inappropriate.

    Unable to resist, Nanyan ruffled his hair and teasingly challenged him while he feigned drunkenness, "Alright, then I’ll ask you, how old are you this year? Tell the truth, no lying. If you lie, I'll leave and won’t care for you, okay?"

    His thick, dark eyelashes trembled at her threat of leaving him.

    His misty eyes showed a hint of distress. After a moment of struggle, he turned his head towards her, both pitiful and aggrieved, "Ten...eight, no, nineteen. No, I'm really twenty, senior, don’t despise me... I’m really not young!"

    Nanyan couldn't hold back a burst of laughter.

    Her usually gentle expression quickly became lively as she smiled, her eyes sparkling under the light. This smile was devoid of any pretense, radiating genuine warmth and charm.

    This made Zhou Chiyen momentarily dazed, and after snapping out of it, he felt slightly annoyed, realizing she was quite attractive when she laughed.

    Nanyan sternly asked him, "So, is it eighteen or nineteen?"

    Zhou Chiyen mumbled evasively, "Twen...twenty-nine. Senior, I feel so unwell, like I can’t breathe. Can you take me outside?"

    His complaints grew more pitiful as he talked, claiming he couldn’t breathe while tugging at her. A tall young man burying his head into her neck and rubbing against it awkwardly, how could that not be suffocating?

    Nanyan could almost feel his soft hair twirling in her neck. Under his relentless pursuit and drama, she had no choice but to take him outside.

    His shamelessness was indeed remarkable, becoming even more unabashed after "getting drunk."

    Clinging to her arm in the street, pulling and tugging. Whenever he sensed she was about to push him away, he would cling tighter, giving her a look of utmost betrayal, as if she were the epitome of a heartless woman.

    "Senior... don’t abandon me."

    Having no choice, Nanyan helped him to a nearby park bench, "I’m not abandoning you. Just sit here. Where's your phone? Give it to me, I’ll call your roommate to pick you up."

    Zhou Chiyen was reluctant to move, having anticipated this scenario, so his phone was conveniently left back in the private room.

    Seeing him standing there dumbly, not uttering a word, Nanyan thought he hadn’t heard her. She reached to check his pockets, and finding nothing in one, instinctively checked the other.

    But suddenly, Zhou Chiyen grabbed her hand in his pocket and pulled it down forcefully.

    Caught off guard by his pull, Nanyan nearly bumped noses with him, and a few strands of her hair inadvertently fell onto his face.

    Looking down at him, she noticed his pale handsome face flushed with a tinge of red, even the corners of his eyes were tinged pink, “Sister... don’t touch there, I...I’m feeling uncomfortable.”

    Nanyan: “...” Where did she touch?

    As they faced each other, Nanyan could almost smell the faint scent of beer and malt on his breath.

    Zhou Chiyen, conflicted and seemingly conscious of his dignity despite his drunkenness, his ears red as if they were bleeding, muttered, "Senior, if you like, you can touch... I have abs too. It’s crowded here, not good, can you take me to a room...?"

    As if hinting at something, he slowly leaned in.

    Just as he was about to touch Nanyan's cheek, he was met with a slap on his forehead, not hard, but enough to snap him back to reality.

    Zhou Chiyen was utterly frustrated, grinding his teeth at this unromantic woman!

    Nanyan scolded him, “Stop it, will you behave?”

    The puppy-like young man, stunned by her slap, looked at her with slow, woeful eyes, and finally just buried his head in his arms on the bench, a picture of existential crisis.

    “You really... despise me.”

    He turned away, muttering under his breath as if he were a soulless wooden puppet.

    Nanyan couldn’t help but laugh, responding, “Yes, I do.”

    His body jolted at her words.

    Nanyan then ruffled his hair again, amused to see his crestfallen and speechless reaction.

    Unable to find his phone, she took out her own, “Alright, Zhou Chiyen, stop it. Do you remember your roommate’s number? I'll call someone to pick you up.”

    Zhou Chiyen ignored her, continuing his mumbling.

    Nanyan turned to face him, and he finally looked up, suddenly saying, “Senior, I’m thirsty. I want some water.”

    While she prompted him for the number, Zhou Chiyen grabbed her phone and started his antics again, tugging at her arm, rubbing against her, occasionally voicing his complaints, attracting odd glances from passersby.

    “I want water, senior... My mouth is so dry, give me a kiss... please?”

    Nanyan slapped his head again, this kid never running out of tricks. Pretending to look around, she spotted a small supermarket across the street and said, “Okay, behave, stop rubbing against me. You want water, right? I’ll go to the store and get you some. Stay here, don’t wander off, okay?”

    Zhou Chiyen hesitated, his eyes slowly rolling, and finally nodded obediently, “I’ll wait for you…”

    Nanyan repeated her instructions carefully, and seeing Zhou Chiyen obediently agree, she turned to walk towards the opposite direction.

    However, the moment her figure disappeared from sight, Zhou Chiyen's eyes suddenly became cold and detached, a snort of impatience escaping his nose.

    Due to the heat, he casually loosened his tight collar, his previously docile demeanor now appearing more unrestrained, revealing an air of indifferent aloofness.

    As he pondered his next move, the phone on the bench rang. It was Nanyan’s phone that she had left behind.

    Zhou Chiyen glanced at the screen, a silent laugh escaping him, seeing the familiar name - Heyan Zhou - light up.


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