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    Chapter 82 [VIP] Shielding Each Other as Best Friends (20)

    Fu Qingzhou coldly uttered those words and turned away, not even sparing Nanyan a second glance before striding towards the door. However, upon opening it, he saw Fang Wanru standing outside, tears shimmering in her eyes, her face filled with heartache and remorse.

    "Qingzhou... I'm sorry..."

    Fang Wanru opened her mouth, but could only manage an apology.

    Fu Qingzhou merely sneered, shifting his gaze coldly away. There was no change in his expression when he saw her; he had no desire to see anyone at this moment, let alone speak to them. He simply brushed past her and continued on his way.

    However, Fang Wanru was deeply concerned, especially after seeing the scars and still bleeding cuts on his wrist. Her worry intensified, and she immediately followed him.

    "Qingzhou, please don't treat me like this, okay?"

    Her voice trembled slightly, and her eyes reddened as she spoke, filled with a touch of hope and pleading.

    "I understand that you don't want to see me right now, and I know how much you despise me for revealing this to you. But... I just can't bear to see you being deceived by her anymore, nor do I want to witness you getting hurt again... Qingzhou... please don't blame me, alright?"

    ...Don't blame her?

    Upon what grounds? What right do they have?

    Fu Qingzhou clenched his fingers tightly, unable to comprehend. Why? Why did they all have their own sorrows, why did they all beg him not to blame them?

    Was he destined to be abandoned, deceived?

    But had they ever considered him?

    He was also a person with emotions, an ordinary individual with the full spectrum of feelings. He experienced joy and resentment, felt anxiety in fear, and longed for someone's constant companionship during moments of vulnerability. How could he not hold her accountable?

    Once they were such intimate lovers, how could she abandon him without a second thought? Why wasn't he allowed to blame her? Did she even have a clue?

    During his most excruciatingly painful and desperate moments, when he'd contemplated ending it all, he had secretly resented her too. He wasn't some selfless saint; of course, he blamed her! He blamed her for leaving him so easily, for not holding on a little longer, for not even sparing him a single glance. A simple word of comfort would have sufficed.

    And yet, at that precise moment, Nanyan appeared. Despite his immense suffering and hopelessness, her presence made Fu Qingzhou feel that there was still someone in this world who cared for him, not for any other reason but because of who he was. She stayed by his side through his darkest hours when he had nothing left.

    During that period, he truly believed himself to be the luckiest man alive. Although the Fu family had faced turmoil, it had also revealed to him who genuinely cared for him and who deserved his lifelong protection. But what was the outcome?

    How laughable! It was all an illusion, a complete fabrication from start to finish. Only he had been foolish enough to fall into the trap.

    Now he yearned to confront her, grip her throat, and demand in a fierce tone what substance her heart was made of, how it could deceive even his last and sole source of affection.

    The more he pondered, the deeper his agony cut. Fu Qingzhuo's mind swirled with the shattered remnants of their once-beautiful memories intertwined with the bleak aftermath of deceit. The chaotic turmoil churning in his chest threatened to strangle him.

    His eyes reddened again as he strode forward blindly, unable to discern the path before him, nor did he wish to encounter any of them ever again.

    The previously gloomy sky had, at some point, unleashed its rain. Surrounding sounds were drowned in the pitter-patter of droplets pelting his face, leaving him uncertain whether the moisture was from his tears or the rain.

    He truly couldn't fathom now: As she meticulously approached him, accompanied him, and kissed him, what emotions did she genuinely experience? Were they all hollow pretenses? Or was there a fleeting moment when her heart stirred just a little for him?

    He dared not entertain such thoughts, nor could he bring himself to accept them.

    He had already lost everything; he couldn't afford to play this game! He was afraid that she had been toying with him all along, that all those intimate gestures were merely tactics on her part.

    She was so skilled at deception, her smile captivating with its arched brows and bright eyes, while her tears evoked such sympathy and remorse. He found it impossible to discern whether her emotions were genuine or mere pretense.

    He wasn't even sure if his resentment stemmed from her deceit or the heart-wrenching realization that she had never truly felt for him...

    Behind him, Fang Wanru continued her pursuit tirelessly. She genuinely hadn't anticipated that revealing the truth would deal him such a devastating blow, causing him such profound suffering.

    With great effort, she managed to grasp his sleeve, tears flowing uncontrollably down her cheeks. Her eyes were filled with remorse, and her voice trembled as she spoke,

    "Qingzhou... please, don't do this? This isn't your fault, why are you punishing yourself? I know you hate me; after all these years together, I can read every expression on your face. Right from the start, you blamed me. You blamed me for leaving you, and I understand, I know it was my fault...

    "But even so, you shouldn't harm yourself like this. Your hand is still bleeding, please come back with me? I'll dress your wound, and we can start anew, can't we?

    "Qingzhou... please give me a chance..."

    Fang Wanru clung to his hand with all her might, forsaking her dignity in the hope-filled gaze she cast upon him.

    Fu Qingzhou merely cast her a cold glance before turning away, withdrawing his hand from her embrace.

    The moment he fully pulled away, Fang Wanru couldn't hold back her sobs. She didn't understand why he wouldn't give her a single chance. They had once been so deeply in love! Had she missed her chance just once, was he now refusing to grant her a second?

    But she had already regretted it...

    Looking up at Fu Qingzhou standing before her, his eyes icy and his face devoid of emotion, she suddenly felt utterly powerless. Part of the blame for their current situation lay with her; if not for her, he might not have become the person he was now.

    "I'm sorry..."

    Fang Wanruo wiped away her tears with determination. In truth, she had her own selfish motives. She had believed that revealing the truth would sever his ties with Nan Yan and bring him closer to her. However, she hadn't anticipated just how deeply he cared for her.

    Despite this, she couldn't help but reach out to touch his hand, soothing him in a hoarse voice, "Even if you're unwilling to forgive me, let me at least take care of your wounds, alright?"

    "I promise you, I won't pressure you anymore, nor will I bring up these matters. But right now, you're emotionally unstable, and it's raining heavily outside. I'm genuinely worried..."

    Fu Qingzhou didn't even let her finish before turning and leaving, leaving Fang Wanruo behind with a pained expression on her face.

    Just then, a car out of control suddenly sped towards them. The roads were slippery due to the rain, and visibility was poor. No one knew what had happened to the car, but it raced straight out from the intersection, crashing into the guardrail and hurtling towards the two of them.

    "Qingzhou, be careful!"

    Fang Wanruo instinctively rushed forward, pushing Fu Qingzhou away from the path of the vehicle, but she herself was too late to evade and ended up being hit by the car's front bumper.

    Due to the force of the braking, the immense impact hurled her body nearly half a meter away, causing her forehead to violently crash into the ground, instantly drawing blood.

    Fu Qingzhou, caught off guard, stumbled forward a few steps, almost losing his balance. But as soon as he realized what had happened, his heart tightened, and he immediately rushed to scoop Fang Wanruo, who was now lying in a pool of blood, into his arms.

    "Wanruo, Wanruo, are you alright? Where does it hurt? Tell me, I'll take you to the hospital right now! It'll be okay, don't be scared, you'll be fine!"

    Fucheng lifted her with great effort, and he found his fingers trembling slightly. He genuinely hadn't seen... the car that had suddenly dashed out.

    He never would have imagined that Wanyou would rush over so recklessly, not even having time to dodge herself.

    For a moment, Fucheng was at a loss for words to describe his emotions. There was shock, concern, and complexity intertwined. He even felt regret, regretting that he had unjustifiably taken out his anger on her regarding his issues with Nanyan. He had resentment towards her, but that resentment vanished entirely when she rushed over without a second thought. All that was left was heartache and guilt.

    He tenderly covered her injury on the forehead, and blood from her body seeped through his fingers, deepening his guilt and sorrow. "Why did you rush over? How could you be so foolish, Wanyou? I didn't need your rescue. How am I supposed to...?"

    At that moment, Fang Wanrou clutched his fingers as if grasping her last lifeline, her tears flowing more profusely. "Qingzhou... please don't leave me, okay? The first time, I didn't hold on to you, so this time, I tried hard to. You asked why I rushed in, and that's the reason…"

    As she spoke, her eyes brimmed with hope while gazing at Fu Qingzhou. "Promise me... can we start over?"

    Fu Qingzhou gripped her hand back tightly. "I've never blamed you, you know that. I never did before, and I won't in the future. From now on, let's forget the past, okay? Don't be afraid, we're almost at the hospital, you'll be fine soon."

    Fang Wanrou shook her head, tears and blood indistinguishable on her cheeks. "Qingzhou... don't leave me... it hurts so much!"

    "I promise you!" The moment Fu Qingzhou heard her cry in pain, he couldn't take it anymore. He would rather be hurt himself than hear her cry.

    He was truly scared, afraid she'd get hurt, and even more afraid that refusing her would leave him with lifelong guilt. He already owed her so much; now, she was risking her life for him. How could he possibly refuse? He had no choice but to agree.

    Fu Qingzhou suddenly squeezed her hand tightly, trying to comfort her. "Did you hear that? Wanrou, I promise you!"

    "We're starting over, so you'll definitely be alright. Don't worry, I'll be right here with you, not going anywhere. Don't be scared, it won't hurt anymore. The doctor is here, you'll be fine soon."

    After he finished speaking, Fang Wanrou, as if in a daze, seemed to hear his promise and finally let out a sigh of relief.

    She tried to smile at him, but her consciousness was fading, until finally, she fell into a deep coma.

    Soon, the doctors and nurses rushed the comatose Fang Wanrou into the emergency room, leaving Fu Qingzhou alone in the hospital corridor. Only now did he begin to recover slightly, sitting weakly on a chair, his hands trembling uncontrollably. His clothes were soaked, stained with Wanrou's blood.

    To be honest, from the accident until now, his mind had been in complete chaos, never ceasing for a moment.

    He knew he was being irresponsible by rashly agreeing to Wanrou's request, but he really didn't know what else to do.

    She was willing to give up her life for him. If anything happened to her because of it, he would never forgive himself.

    Time flew by quickly, and night fell. The rain that had been falling outside finally stopped.

    Fu Qingzhou stayed in the hospital, waiting for the surgery results. About an hour later, the doctor finally came out. The surgery went well, and the patient was lucky, suffering mainly external injuries. The most serious was a collision injury from her forehead to her eye, but there was no danger to her life.

    Fu Qingzhou stood at the window of the ICU, looking through the glass at Wanrou lying asleep on the bed, feeling as if the heavy stone in his heart had finally fallen.


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