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    Chapter 53 [VIP] The Playboy Heir (9)

    Meanwhile, Xu Nanyan, having finished her nightly routine, was leisurely watching a horror movie on the sofa. The atmosphere was perfect for a late-night scare when suddenly her phone rang.

    "Hello, sister-in-law, you need to come quickly!"

    "Hurry up! Sister-in-law, if you don't come soon, something serious will happen to Bro Yan!"

    As soon as the call connected, there was a barrage of confused, frantic shouting, accompanied by deafening rock music, causing her ears to ache and her head to instinctively pull away from the phone.

    Xu Nanyan rubbed her ears, recognizing the voice on the other end. Irritated by the disturbance during her show, yet due to her relationship with He Yanzhou, she still inquired, "What's wrong with He Yanzhou?"

    The person on the other end, sweating profusely with anxiety, stammered, unable to articulate clearly, finally blurting out, "Anyway... something messy happened, I can't explain it right now. Sister-in-law, I'll send you the address. You must come, or it'll be really serious..."

    Xu Nanyan initially thought to suggest calling the police for emergencies, not her. But before she could speak, the call abruptly ended, followed by a series of coordinates and door numbers.

    Looking at the string of numbers, she fell into deep thought. What were these two up to now? Could it be that He Yanzhou had gone to a hotel without money and needed her to deliver it?

    Meanwhile, Yangzi decisively ended the call and gestured an "OK" sign to the person on the opposite sofa, "Done, Bro Yan. I've told her exactly what you said. Is this good enough?"

    He Yanzhou nodded, his face showing no emotion, but inwardly he felt uneasy and asked, "Did she say when she'll come?"

    Yangzi, caught off guard, guiltily shook his head, "...Uh, she didn't mention that."

    Actually, the sister-in-law didn't say she would come at all, but he dared not voice this. If he did, and it upset the boss, he might get beaten again.

    Now he also felt his idea was bad. If mishandled, it could backfire! Provoking the sister-in-law by showing off a new girlfriend might work, but Bro Yan took it further by taking someone to a hotel and getting them drunk.

    He glanced at Li Jiao, sprawled on the floor like a dead pig, and asked worriedly, "But what about Li Jiao if sister-in-law comes?"

    He used to think this girl was straightforward and direct. Although she liked Bro Yan and was rejected, she hadn't done anything excessive. But today's situation was truly alarming!

    Fortunately, Bro Yan wasn't foolish enough to let things go too far. If something had happened between him and Li Jiao, it would have been the end of his relationship with the sister-in-law.

    But the woman's thought process was truly unique, blatantly throwing herself at him despite knowing he had a girlfriend, unabashedly playing the role of the other woman.

    He Yanzhou glanced at the unconscious Li Jiao on the floor, waving his hand in annoyance, "What else? When Yanyan arrives, you hurry and get her out of here. Book her another room, far away. Her snoring is so loud, it's giving me a headache."

    He wasn't reckless, nor was he foolish. How could he possibly sleep with this woman? Originally, he thought such acts could ruin a girl's reputation, but since she didn't care, why should he? It was perfect to use this situation to his advantage.

    His subordinate nodded repeatedly at these words.

    Meanwhile, Xu Nanyan followed the address to a stylish, upscale hotel on the east side of the city's main road, frequented mostly by couples. It wasn't hard to guess what most people came here for.

    Xu Nanyan, after a brief word with the front desk, headed upstairs. From a distance in the hallway, she saw He Yanzhou's subordinate carrying a scantily clad woman out of a room.

    From her appearance and figure, the woman looked very much like Li Jiao.

    Xu Nanyan had a rough idea of what was going on, her mind racing, but she kept her composure.

    Just as she was about to follow and inquire, the person, in a state of panic, almost stumbled and, without even greeting her, hurriedly turned a corner and vanished from sight.

    Xu Nanyan didn't pursue. She turned and walked towards the room number previously sent. The door was unlocked, slightly ajar, emitting a dim light. She gently pushed it open.

    Inside, the room was faintly scented with red wine and the minty fragrance of the room's incense, a not unpleasant mixture.

    Xu Nanyan switched on the light to find a disheveled figure seated at the bedside. He Yanzhou was leaning against the headboard, massaging his throbbing temples.

    His shirt was wrinkled, a few buttons at the collar undone. He looked up as she entered, his eyes devoid of any discernible emotion, making it hard to read his intentions.

    Xu Nanyan surveyed the room.

    Scattered clothes lay on the floor, a bottle overturned on the table, a broken glass nearby, and the bed bore clear traces of use. The scene looked like the aftermath of a drunken encounter.

    Her eyelashes fluttered slightly as she slowly walked forward, stopping in front of him, and looked down quietly, "…The woman who just left, was it Li Jiao?"

    Seeing Xu Nanyan's expression, He Yanzhou paused in his movements. He lowered his hand, his forehead catching the light, revealing a faintly melancholic aura.

    He quickly suppressed the slight discomfort in his heart and countered with a question, "Does it bother you?"

    Xu Nanyan's face remained calm, her long eyelashes hiding the expression in her eyes.

    She lowered her head, silent for a long while.

    Finally, her face showed a resolve of not wanting to entangle herself further, and she turned to leave.

    Yet, before she could take a step, her wrist was tightly grasped by the man opposite her. His gaze fixed on her intently, "Yanyan, does it bother you? It's an unpleasant feeling, isn't it? Then you should understand how I felt when I received that call from the unknown man that day."

    Xu Nanyan quietly looked down at him, not answering his question, but repeated hers, "Ayan, tell me, was that woman just now Li Jiao?"

    He Yanzhou met her gaze, seemingly uncomfortable with the unspoken emotion in her eyes, and turned away with defiance, "So what if it was?"

    Upon hearing this, Xu Nanyan let out a soft laugh, but when she looked up again, her clear eyes quickly filled with a mist of tears.

    She spoke softly, "It doesn't matter."

    Her voice carried a tinge of bitterness.

    As soon as she finished speaking, the tears she had been holding back fell uncontrollably, splashing onto the back of the hand that held her, spreading out.

    The tear burnt He Yanzhou's fingers, making them involuntarily curl. He was taken aback for a moment, taking time to comprehend.

    In that instant, a feeling indescribable welled up in him, a realization that he had done something terribly wrong.

    He Yanzhou opened his lips, as if to offer some explanation.

    But this time, Xu Nanyan didn’t give him the chance.

    She looked earnestly into his eyes, not with anger or irritation, but with a steady gaze. After a long moment, she spoke in a tone both gentle and calm:

    "Ayan, let's break up."

    He Yanzhou's expression momentarily froze.

    After a long pause, He Yanzhou's dry voice finally spoke.

    "Yanyan, what do you mean by this?"

    Xu Nanyan looked at him quietly, her eyes still brimming with tears, but her demeanor was resolute, "Ayan, there's no other meaning. I'm just tired."

    With each word she spoke, He Yanzhou's heart sank deeper, an unprecedented unease gripping him. He instinctively tried to explain, "It's not what you think."

    Xu Nanyan, however, shook her head, gazing at He Yanzhou, "Regardless of the reason, I don't want to continue this relationship anymore, Ayan. We're really not suitable."

    He Yanzhou's body grew increasingly rigid, especially facing such a calm and determined Xu Nanyan, inexplicably feeling a panic he had never experienced before.

    It felt as if something precious was slipping away, his heart gripped tightly by an invisible hand, his breathing almost stopping.

    Instinctively, he tightened his grip on her wrist, as if letting go would cause her to vanish before his eyes, his gaze fixed on her.

    "Yanyan, it's not what you think, you've misunderstood. Li Jiao and I... we didn't do that."

    He Yanzhou dropped the pretense, laying it all out.

    He knew Yanyan had misunderstood, and perhaps she was utterly disappointed in him.

    He was now afraid to see Yanyan's overly calm eyes, as if she really didn't care anymore, even about their last shred of a relationship.

    At this moment, He Yanzhou had completely forgotten his original intention, no longer caring about his prior probing. All he could think of was to explain everything as it was.

    "Believe me, please. I just wanted you to pay more attention to me. I don't know what's been wrong with me lately."

    Perhaps out of nervousness, he spoke incoherently, "I used to find it annoying when you kept tabs on me, but when you really stopped caring, it hurt like never before... a pain I've never experienced."

    He pressed her hand against his chest where his heart was racing, "I don't know if this is love, but I feel out of control, uncontrollably wanting your gaze on me, wanting you to kiss me, pamper me, care about me, like before..."

    "But the angrier I got, the further you drifted away. I couldn’t accept it! So I thought of testing you... Yanyan, believe me, nothing happened between Li Jiao and me."

    He Yanzhou wasn't foolish. Even the most obtuse person would realize at this moment that his feelings for Xu Nanyan were far beyond mere liking.

    He cared about her, liked her, and therefore hoped for an equal response from her.

    It was for this reason he resorted to such means to test her, but he miscalculated her boundaries, only complicating matters.

    Realizing this, He Yanzhou truly regretted it, feeling that he couldn't bear to part with her no matter what.

    Hearing these words, Xu Nanyan straightened up, noticing the tense expression on his face, seeming to pause for a moment.

    Moments later, just as He Yanzhou thought she might agree, Yanyan’s other hand gently covered the back of his.

    Then, under his increasingly anxious gaze, she slowly pried open his tightly clutched fingers.

    She softly said, "Ayan, don’t do this."

    Xu Nanyan slowly withdrew her fingers.

    "I just feel that being together is too exhausting."

    She looked into He Yanzhou’s eyes, her voice carrying a sense of relief and resignation, "It's not just about you and Li Jiao, but also the inherent problems between us."

    "From the beginning until now, we never really trusted each other, never compromised, always suspicious and testing each other. Even a small test was too much for us to handle, maintaining such a relationship is just too tiring."

    Xu Nanyan shook her head slowly, stepping back, "Ayan, I’m tired. I truly liked you, but we really aren’t suitable for each other... so, let's break up."

    "Perhaps, we should never have been together in the first place."

    After hearing this, He Yanzhou felt an increasing cold envelop him, until it felt like he was in an airtight ice cave, his heart utterly chilled.

    Especially seeing Yanyan's mercilessly withdrawn hand, the panic in his heart grew ever larger.

    This wasn't what he wanted, not like this...

    He had only wanted to test her; he never intended to break up. He Yanzhou, in a surge of nervousness, grasped Xu Nanyan’s hand back and pulled her tightly into his embrace.

    He was truly panicking now, "Yanyan, don't do this..."

    "I know I was wrong this time. I shouldn’t have tested you like this. Please forgive me, there's really nothing between Li Jiao and me..."

    Only now did He Yanzhou vaguely understand that there are certain boundaries in a relationship that shouldn't be crossed. But he realized too late, after already making a mistake.

    "I didn’t mistrust you; I was just feeling sulky. I wanted you to yield to me, to be like you were before. A little comforting from you would have been enough. I never doubted you; I knew there was nothing between you and that man..."

    "Yanyan, can we not break up, please?"

    After saying this, he suddenly leaned in, his tall and lean frame almost enveloping Xu Nanyan entirely in his arms, holding her tightly as if afraid she would escape when he wasn’t looking.

    He Yanzhou lowered his head to kiss her, but Xu Nanyan instinctively turned her head away, "Don’t do this."

    Xu Nanyan rejected him.

    He Yanzhou's face instantly turned pale.

    He was reluctant, suddenly burying his head in the nape of her neck, his lips finding her skin.

    He Yanzhou kissed along her neck slowly, the delicate and soft touch making his breathing increasingly rapid...

    Just as he was becoming absorbed in the kiss, he was stopped by a pair of cool hands against his chest, then pushed away, followed by a barely audible voice whispering in his ear, "Ayan, don't do this, it's too dirty."


    He Yanzhou's body suddenly stiffened.

    He struggled to believe the words he had just heard, "too dirty." Yanyan had said he was too dirty.

    Instinctively, he loosened his hold on the person in his arms.

    Seeing the hint of resistance in her eyes.

    He suddenly felt as if his chest had been struck hard, an unprecedented pain as if countless needles were piercing him, making him bleed profusely, even his breathing became difficult.

    He Yanzhou clenched his fingers, slowly lowering his head to look at her, his eyes reddening, his voice hoarse and dry, "Li Jiao and I... we really didn’t do anything."

    He still thought she simply didn’t believe him.

    But Xu Nanyan shook her head, slightly turning away, her thick and long eyelashes casting a faint shadow under the light, her eyes filled with an indescribable repulsion and disdain.

    "Even if there wasn't Li Jiao, there would be other women. Ayan, I don’t want to be with someone like you anymore, it’s dirty."

    Her voice was neither loud nor soft, overly gentle. It used to sound comforting to him, but now each word felt like a stab to his heart.

    She called him dirty.

    Being labeled as dirty by the person he liked.

    This feeling made He Yanzhou feel as if a sharp knife was twisting inside him, causing unbearable pain in his chest. Even a slight breath felt excruciatingly painful.

    After saying those words, Xu Nanyan turned to leave.

    But before she could reach the door, the person behind her suddenly rushed forward and embraced her tightly.

    He Yanzhou clenched her hand tightly, the veins on his hand back standing out, as if using all his strength to hold onto the owner of that wrist, preventing her from leaving.

    "You never respected me from the start, did you?"

    His breathing became erratic, gasping heavily.

    In that moment, He Yanzhou suddenly realized that Xu Nanyan's attitude towards him had always been calm and gentle, without a single ripple.

    His eyes, red and intense, fixed on her, "You think I'm dirty..."

    "Do you think from the bottom of your heart that I'm unclean, that I'm promiscuous, indiscriminate, already ruined, a person without any bottom line?"

    As he said these words, his eyes remained fixed on Xu Nanyan's face, as if waiting for her to nod in agreement, ready to pounce and bite her.

    But Xu Nanyan turned her head away, ignoring him.

    This silent response seemed like an implicit confirmation.

    He Yanzhou felt as if his chest was being sliced open, the suppressed emotions nearly bursting out, his fingers trembling uncontrollably, yet still stubbornly clinging to his last bit of dignity.

    "Xu Nanyan, I'm not dirty! I'm not a despicable person, I haven't done those things, and you can't accuse me of being dirty!"

    He spun her around, pinning her against the door, hands gripping her wrists above her head, forcibly kissing her lips... over and over, as if he wanted to bite her to death, yet couldn't bear to.

    Eventually, he calmed down, mist filling his eyes, his actions growing gentler and slower, whispering near her ear:

    "I'm not dirty... You can call me a scoundrel, say I deserve to die, but I really haven't done those things, you can't wrong me... Yanyan, I'm really not dirty..."

    Suddenly, as if realizing something, a faint glimmer of hope shone in his eyes, "If you don't believe me, you can ask Zhou Yang, he knows nothing happened tonight. Or else... you can check, just check and you'll know, I haven't been touched by anyone..."

    His palms were slightly warm, his long fingers trembling slightly, then he suddenly grasped her hand and pressed it firmly against his belt buckle, desperately seeking some kind of validation.

    Xu Nanyan, watching his seemingly irrational actions, couldn’t help but feel a headache coming on. She pushed him away with a firm hand.

    "Stop it, He Yanzhou."

    "Your behavior only makes me disrespect you more."

    He Yanzhou paused at her words, then looked up at her, his eyes red and swollen, "You've always looked down on me. You were the one who suggested we give each other a month to adjust, and I agreed. The month isn't up yet, so why are you breaking up with me..."

    "What does this mean? Are you playing games with me?"

    "You can't just deny everything about me because of this incident. I really haven't done anything..."

    Towards the end, his voice changed, becoming deeper and huskier, sounding almost like resignation.

    He Yanzhou gently touched her fingers, carefully enclosing her hand in his, treating it like a precious treasure.

    "Yanyan, please don’t be like this," his tone held a hint of pleading, "It shouldn't be like this between us, no Li Jiao, no one else."

    "I just realized it too late. Just give me a little more time, I’ll try to change for the better…"

    "Can we start over, please?"

    Xu Nanyan, however, slowly pushed him away, "Ayan, let's end it here. I don’t want to continue this any further."


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