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    Chapter 60 [VIP] The Scoundrel Rich Second Generation (16)

    The person next to him immediately punched him in feigned distress.

    It's easy to talk without feeling the pain. Some people are just blessed by fate with good looks, an envy they couldn’t surpass. But was there a need for him to be so smug about it?

    This rascal was choosy to a fault, relying on his infuriatingly handsome face that had been causing a stir at the school since the beginning of the term. Despite his aloof demeanor, the number of girls chasing after him never dwindled, stretching from inside to outside the campus.

    However, he had his flaws. Despite his gentle appearance and a smile for everyone he met, his temper was notoriously bad, showing little interest in anyone, and few girls could really converse with him.

    If it weren't for his clear preference for women, one might suspect he had some peculiar taste.

    Speaking of the mixer, those girls were mainly drawn by his good looks. Especially after knowing he shared a dorm with Zhou Chiyi, their attitude changed dramatically, flocking to him like fish to bait, all thanks to his association.

    But to stand up for a brother is his fortune.

    The leader, draping an arm around his shoulder, looked sincerely pained, trying to appeal to their years of friendship, “How can you just stand by and not help? What happened to being there for a brother in need, aren’t you going to lend a hand?”

    Offering help was just a pretense. The reality was, good-looking people like him had it easier, even getting girls’ numbers with far less effort.

    “Don’t think I don’t know. Those girls are coming for you. If you don’t go, they won’t give us a second glance.”

    Zhou Chiyi, dragging the person into the room, dumped the clinging octopus onto the sofa.

    “I’m not interested, too busy these days.”

    Having said that, he took out his phone and began to message Nanyan, his eyes curving into a smile, the smugness on his face was unmistakable:

    "Girlfriend, do you want to go on a date with me tomorrow?"

    "I'll keep you company for meals and drinks, and it’s the kind that's forever free!"

    His roommate, who happened to catch a glimpse of the message, was instantly shocked, his eyes widening, "Are you kidding me? When did you get a girlfriend?"

    Not only does he have one, but he's also shamelessly proud about it?

    Zhou Chiyi glanced at him, rubbed his sore and swollen face, feeling a sting in his wound, and internally cursed He Yanzhou again, "Just tonight, she's very strict with me, not like you guys."

    "Oh, 'not like us'?"

    His roommate looked at him with disdain. What did he mean by 'not like us'? What's wrong with them? Did they eat his rice or offend him? Even single dogs have rights, okay.

    Then, with a curious expression, he remarked teasingly:

    "You're serious about this, huh? Look at you, all love-struck. Zhou Chiyi, could it be you've really fallen for Xu Nanyan?"

    "Is this girl really that great to make someone as high and mighty as you fall for her?"

    They were well aware of Zhou Chiyi's unusual behavior.

    Ever since the beginning of the term, he had been frequenting the neighboring campus, especially with his high-profile pursuit lately. Xu Nanyan's name had become a frequent topic in their dorm after the news of her breakup with He Yanzhou spread across the campus, followed by rumors about the two of them.

    Zhou Chiyi had good social relationships in the school, so they rarely pried into his private matters.

    Though they all shared a dormitory, seeing each other day in and day out, they had somewhat heard about these matters. However, without any clarification from him, nobody really took the rumors seriously.

    As for the scandalous gossip, Zhou Chiyi was far from troubled; instead, he scoffed at the allegations of him being a homewrecker or a 'third person'.

    "What a joke, what era are we in? Is it only permissible for officials to start fires, and forbid commoners to light lamps?"

    Besides, it was He Yanzhou who had been careless in his personal life. Wasn’t it his right to seize the opportunity? Why label it as intervening? Such an ugly term!

    After all, there was no brotherly bond between him and He Yanzhou. They had been rivals since childhood, and even if that weren’t the case, he was undaunted.

    Nevertheless, thinking about certain things, Zhou Chiyi still felt slightly uneasy. This emotion might be guilt, perhaps because his pursuit had an ulterior motive, or maybe due to the less-than-honorable tactics he had used in secret.

    This caused him to feel somewhat less confident when facing Nanyan.

    So, to maintain his pride and cater to that subtle feeling inside, Zhou Chiyi replied nonchalantly:

    "It's not as serious as you think, just having some fun…"

    After saying this, his phone screen went dark.

    Zhou Chiyi paused for a moment, slowly pulling back his phone and lying back on the sofa. His head sank into the soft cushion as he stared blankly at the pitch-black screen.

    For some reason, he suddenly felt a twinge of regret.

    Meanwhile, Nanyan had just returned to her dorm when her phone on the table started to vibrate abruptly. She reached for it casually, seeing the name on the screen.

    He Yanzhou?

    Nanyan furrowed her brows. The matter of her breakup with He Yanzhou was pretty much settled. Why was he calling her now?

    Pressing the answer button, a slightly hoarse voice came through the earpiece, "Hello..."

    Nanyan responded softly, swiftly shifting her demeanor, her voice light and betraying no emotion.

    There was silence on the other end.

    It seemed as though he hadn't expected her to answer so quickly and didn’t know what to say.

    After a moment, Nanyan, uncertain of his intentions, took the initiative, "What do you want to say? If there's nothing important, I'm going to hang up..."

    "Wait, please don’t hang up, okay?"

    He Yanzhou’s voice sounded anxious, "I don't mean anything by it, I just wanted to apologize for what happened tonight. I was too impulsive, and I shouldn’t have resorted to violence."

    This sounded all too familiar to her.

    Nanyan hummed softly, feeling somewhat amused and increasingly indifferent towards him, aiming to avoid wasting each other's time, "You shouldn't be saying this to me, as you didn’t hurt me."

    Confronted with this unfamiliar tone, He Yanzhou felt as if something was blocking his chest, a complex mix of frustration swirling inside him.

    He didn’t know when their relationship had become even less than that of ordinary friends.

    They used to be so close.

    They had kissed, held hands, embraced each other, and in their best moments, even considered marriage, but...

    The thought of all those past moments, now dissipated like water vapor, intensified the throbbing pain in He Yanzhou’s head, his voice becoming almost pathetically stubborn:

    "I will only apologize to you."

    Nanyan was left speechless.

    After speaking, He Yanzhou felt his tone might have been too harsh.

    The atmosphere paused momentarily.

    Suppressing his inner turmoil, He Yanzhou lowered his voice, becoming more cautious, "I'm sorry, it’s my fault..."

    "...I didn't mean that. I just wanted to apologize. I was too impulsive tonight and shouldn’t have said those harsh words..."

    Some words were hard for him to articulate.

    Nanyan furrowed her brows, listening to his somewhat disjointed sentences, finding it troublesome, "Are you drunk?"

    She didn’t wait for him to finish, cutting straight to the point without giving him time to hesitate:

    "I've fallen for someone else."

    In front of him, Nanyan didn’t even bother to find an excuse to delay.

    He Yanzhou’s breath halted for a moment.

    On the other end of the phone, there was a sound like something heavy falling, followed by a flurry of movement, and then the call was abruptly disconnected, leaving Nanyan feeling a sense of relief.

    Good, it was time for him to taste the bitterness the original character had once experienced.

    In this melodramatic novel, apart from the male and female leads, everyone else was merely a tool. As they were just tools, their suffering was disregarded.

    The male lead’s change of heart was seen as a prodigal son returning, while the female lead’s actions were viewed as bold and unconventional. The character of the ex-girlfriend was sidelined, and in the end, the two leads lived happily together without any sense of guilt.

    Isn’t that completely unreasonable?

    And then there was Zhou Chiyi, thinking he could get back at He Yanzhou only through a woman, a foolish and childish belief that taking away the other's girlfriend would hurt He Yanzhou. He destroyed not just himself, but everything about the original character.

    Such extreme selfishness.

    Nanyan didn't want to end up like the characters in the story; she felt content with how things were now.

    As for Zhou Chiyi, after completely figuring him out, Nanyan adopted an arrogant stance. Being too indulgent with this 'little dog' was not an option.

    Seeing the message on the screen, she had neither the desire to meet up nor the inclination to pamper him, so she promptly replied with two words: Not going.

    Right after sending the message, Zhou Chiyi's number quickly appeared on her phone screen.

    Nanyan, in a good mood, answered the call.

    "Why aren't you coming?"

    Before Nanyan could even speak, Zhou Chiyi asked.

    His tone lacked the ease he had when joking with his roommate, not even giving her a chance to make an excuse.

    Nanyan, suppressing a mischievous smile, slightly raised her eyebrows:

    "Do I have to go on a date with you, or else you'll be upset?"

    Zhou Chiyi was taken aback by her words, his lips moving, his voice from the other end of the phone sounding a bit aggrieved, "I'm not, I'm not upset, I'm just concerned about you. We're in a legitimate relationship, not messing around. Can't I ask you out?"

    This was still the early stage of their romance.

    He was being sidelined at the start of the relationship; what would his status be in the days to come?

    This was a matter of principle.

    Nanyan blinked, unapologetically, her voice as light and gentle as always, "Didn't we just meet?"

    "Even as a couple, shouldn't there be personal space? Besides, just because you want to meet, does it mean I have to agree?"

    These words made Zhou Chiyi frown even more.

    "Aren’t you happy?"

    Zhou Chiyi rubbed his sore cheek and tentatively asked, “Who made you angry?”

    Nanyan hummed dismissively, not really wanting to engage, “I’ve been busy with work recently, I don’t have time to play these childish games with you.”

    After speaking, she decisively ended the call.

    Zhou Chiyi, on the other end, looked at his phone in frustration, feeling dejected. What did she mean by 'childish games'? Did he really come across that unreliable?

    Even a simple request for a date got rejected?

    His roommate, who had been observing the whole conversation, couldn’t help but laugh:

    “Come on, bro, if your girlfriend’s not giving you the time of day, just come to the mixer with me tonight. We’ll party all night, you won’t regret it.”

    His roommate patted his shoulder. Zhou Chiyi glanced at him, his gaze falling on his roommate’s schadenfreude smile, then disdainfully looked away.


    Although not entirely sure of Zhou Chiyi’s current mood, being rejected certainly wasn’t pleasant.

    Zhou Chiyi, feeling down, eventually agreed to his roommate’s invitation, partly due to his persistence and partly out of spite towards Nanyan.

    Meanwhile, Nanyan, oblivious to his conflicted emotions, slept soundly through the night, waking up refreshed at past nine in the morning.

    Her phone buzzed incessantly on the table, urging her to answer.

    Groggily reaching for her phone, she half-squinted at the screen, clearly an unfamiliar number.

    Pressing the answer button, a stranger's voice came through immediately, “Hello, do you know He Yanzhou?”

    Of course, she knew him.

    But who was this person?

    Nanyan felt puzzled, her lingering drowsiness fading, “Yes, I know He Yanzhou. May I ask why you are calling me?”

    “Sorry to disturb you. Your friend is drunk and not in a good state. The only number he has that can be reached right now is yours. Could you please come over?”


    So, he was indeed drinking when he called her last night? And it continued until today.

    What was he doing?

    Drowning his sorrows in alcohol?

    The staff member, glancing at He Yanzhou slumped on the sofa, and at his indication, could only respond reluctantly, “Yes, are you available right now?”

    Nanyan furrowed her brows, about to refuse, but then she heard what sounded like a waiter hurrying her on the other end, so she agreed, “Okay, can you give me the address?”

    The staff member quickly relayed the address. Nanyan searched it up on the map; it was a well-known quiet bar, with two floors. The first floor was for casual gatherings of friends for drinks and chats, while the second floor was more private, with special booths.

    The interior was simple, with a classic Japanese wooden style. The air was filled with soft, pleasant music and a faint smell of tobacco, easily creating a romantic atmosphere, which is why it was mostly frequented by young couples on dates.

    After asking the receptionist, Nanyan went straight upstairs.

    The corridor lights were dim and hazy; quiet bars are mostly nocturnal places, so there were few people during the day.

    She hadn’t reached the booth yet when suddenly someone covered her mouth from behind, their cold fingers pressing against her skin, sending a chill down her spine.


    The person's warm breath brushed across her cheek, their tall nose nuzzling around her ear, sniffing lightly like a cat.

    "You lied to me."

    His voice sounded a bit aggrieved but was highly recognizable.

    "Zhou Chiyi?" Nanyan recognized him immediately.

    "What, you arranged to meet someone here?" He sounded especially aggrieved from behind her, his teeth lightly nipping in a drawn-out, meaningful tone, "Didn’t you say you were busy?"

    Before Nanyan could speak, she was restrained. Zhou Chiyi leaned in, his lean hand wrapping around her waist, pressing her against his chest. He moved to bite her lips, his teeth sharp and the bite painful.

    Clearly upset, he was being mischievously spiteful.

    Taking advantage of being younger and thicker-skinned than her, he often acted spoilt. Nanyan, bitten to the point of tears, reacted impulsively, slapping his face, which flushed red.

    "Ouch, that hurts..."

    Zhou Chiyi licked his lips, still wearing a look of unfinished business. He touched her lips, finding her angry expression amusing, and smiled, his eyes curving, "Did it really hurt? But it’s fair since you bullied me first. You bullied me, so I bit you."

    "How did I bully you?"

    Nanyan touched her lip, not broken but slightly sore and likely swollen. She glared at him, "I’m in a relationship with you, and you talk about fairness?"

    Zhou Chiyi thought her point seemed reasonable. When dealing with a girlfriend, one couldn’t apply normal logic. However, he was good at playing the victim, "It’s all your fault. You turned down my date but agreed to meet another man here. I was so angry I couldn’t help it..."

    "But you did the same; you weren’t just sitting around after I turned you down."

    As Nanyan spoke, she didn’t forget to twist Zhou Chiyi’s ear, her nails pinching into his skin, his expression visibly contorting with pain.

    He didn’t get angry, instead, he blinked and smiled, rubbing the sore spot, and asked in a low voice, "Are you angry?"


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