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    Chapter 53: The Player Is Confused, the Spectator Sees Clearly

    Zhou Laoba felt a wave of guilt wash over him when he saw He Zhiran's outburst.

    At that moment, he had lost the authority a law enforcer should have when dealing with a suspect.

    "No, no, no, I didn't mean that."

    "Then what did you mean? I've already made myself perfectly clear. What more do you want?" He Zhiran was truly furious at this point.

    These 'ancient fossils' were so stubborn in their thinking; if she didn't assert herself, she would surely be driven to madness.

    He Zhiran's fierce scolding immediately intimidated Zhou Laoba.

    He turned to Peng Wang for help, hoping his leader could come to his rescue in this moment.

    Unexpectedly, Peng Wang didn't lend a hand.

    This was the principle of "the player is confused, the spectator sees clearly."

    He Zhiran's explanation was indeed clear; it was Zhou Laoba who was being stubbornly persistent in his own interpretation.

    "Peng Wang, He Zhiran is your savior. If you genuinely wish to repay her, then clarify to those with ill intentions that she did not kiss you. It was me who truly awakened you."

    After saying this, Peng Wang felt as if he was on the verge of giving up on life.

    However, compared to a woman's reputation, his own discomfort was insignificant.

    Zhou Laoba didn't object to this, and he also felt that it was his responsibility to do so.

    But as a man, he worried that Mo Jiuye might look down on He Zhiran because of this. If that were to happen, wouldn't he be the culprit?

    With this thought in mind, Zhou Laoba addressed He Zhiran solemnly:

    "I will find an appropriate time to explain the misunderstanding to everyone. If Mo Jiuye still despises you because of this, I can take respon..."

    "Enough, just make sure to clarify the matter. There's no need for you to worry about anything else."

    It was obvious what Zhou Laoba was about to say without him needing to finish the sentence.

    He Zhiran had no intention of hearing anything about responsibility. She had merely saved a life, and she had already made it clear that there was no physical contact between them.

    Though Zhou Laoba's intentions were good, He Zhiran disliked his words all the same.

    Zhou Laoba instinctively raised his hands in surrender.

    "Okay, okay, I won't say it again, I promise I won't mention it in the future..."

    This woman was undoubtedly a reincarnated she-tiger, and he didn't dare provoke her.

    "Not just no more talking, you're not allowed to think about it either," He Zhiran warned authoritatively.

    At this moment, she had completely forgotten her status as a convict in exile.

    Seeing that the situation was about to diffuse, Peng Wang quickly stepped in as a mediator.

    "Alright, alright, I'll be the witness for this. Let's just pretend it never happened.

    Also, He Zhiran's method of saving lives is quite effective. If possible, please take some time to teach us properly. In case we encounter danger on our journey, we'll know how to save ourselves."

    "Certainly, Lord Peng, whenever you're ready to learn this method of transmitting breath, feel free to seek me out."

    With the matter settled, He Zhiran had no intention of lingering. She bid Peng Wang farewell and turned to leave.

    Little did she know that as soon as she opened the door, several officers stumbled into the room.

    If He Zhiran hadn't been preoccupied with her anger, she would have noticed someone eavesdropping at the entrance.

    Spotting these sneaky officers, she stormed out of the room, stepping over their bodies in a fit of rage.

    Peng Wang, seeing the sorry state of his subordinates, helplessly waved his hand.

    "Quickly, all of you, send some white steamed buns to the Mo family."

    The officers exchanged glances, clearly aware that their leader was trying to curry favor with the He family.

    Could it be solely for the purpose of learning that life-saving technique called 'transmitting breath'?

    This was truly a first – a government official attempting to ingratiate themselves with a convict…

    Seeing the officers still standing there in a daze, Peng Wang said impatiently, "What are you waiting for? Hurry up."

    Just as the officers were about to leave, Zhou Laoba called out to them, "Also, Heshi saved my life. Her reputation cannot be tarnished like this. You must make it clear to those people that Heshi and I never had any intimate relations."

    Upon hearing this, Peng Wang added, "I've heard that Li Rouer was the one who spread those rumors. Don't forget to teach her a lesson."

    "Of course, of course. We'll take care of it right away." The officers dusted off their clothes and rushed off.

    Left alone in the room, Peng Wang and Zhou Laoba faced each other.

    Zhou Laoba's expression was perplexed. "Boss, tell me, was there anything wrong with what I just said?"

    Peng Wang was speechless.

    Zhou Laoba was usually quick-witted and smooth-talking. Why was he so stubbornly fixated on this matter today?

    "Didn't we agree just now not to mention this again?"

    Despite his lingering resentment, Zhou Laoba had no choice but to shut up when he saw Peng Wang scolding him.

    He Zhiran stomped back, only to bump into Li Rouer leading a few female relatives from the Li and He families.

    The mocking look in Li Rouer's eyes spoke volumes.

    She crossed her arms, blocking He Zhiran's path.

    "He Zhiran, after behaving so shamelessly today, you still dare to show your face? If any decent woman were in your shoes, she'd have ended her life by now."

    He Zhiran was already seething and had no interest in engaging in a verbal spat with Li Rouer.

    She raised her hand and slapped Li Rouer hard several times before looking down on her contemptuously.

    "Li Rouer, let me teach you some morals on behalf of your parents today. If you ever dare to speak such filth again, watch out for your tongue."

    Taken aback by the sudden slaps, Li Rouer could only watch as He Zhiran walked away.

    She hurled abuses at He Zhiran's retreating figure.

    "He Zhiran, you're nothing but a contemptible woman, worthless and eager to please for a mere benefit, even going as far as to harm a dying officer... Ah..."

    Before she could finish her tirade, she let out a piercing scream and promptly clamped her hand over her mouth.

    Seeing her daughter in distress, Madam Zhu rushed over and asked anxiously, "Rouer, what happened to you?"

    Li Rouer slowly removed her hand, revealing a bloody tooth in the palm of her hand.

    Madam Zhu was timid before the officer, but when it came to He Zhiran, she seemed like an entirely different person.

    "He, you're utterly lawless, to assault someone in front of so many witnesses!"

    In truth, He Zhiran was truly wronged. She had walked so far away; how could she have possibly hit Li Rouer?

    At this moment, she was genuinely enraged by the Li family's outrageous behavior.

    He Zhiran strode back to stand before Li Rouer.

    She didn't even bother to use her hands; instead, she simply lifted her leg and sent Li Rouer flying.

    "Do you really think you're some noble creature? Don't think I'm unaware of your sordid dealings with Li Hu. However, I must admit I'm a bit puzzled. With Li Hu now in the hands of the authorities, where does this audacity come from that still allows you to swagger about?"

    "Hey, Heshi, shut your mouth!" Zhu, upon hearing her daughter being so openly disparaged, lunged at He Zhiran with claws bared.

    How could He Zhiran allow such a weak woman to harm her? She didn't dodge but instead kicked Zhu straight in the abdomen.

    In pain, Zhu clutched her stomach and wailed on the ground.

    "Gentlemen officials... please come and see... Heshi has no regard for the law anymore..."

    In the backyard, the ladies of the Mo, Fang, and Xie families were preparing dinner using the supplies He Zhiran had purchased earlier that day. Upon hearing the explicit insults directed at He Zhiran, they immediately dropped their tasks and hurried over.

    "Ninth Sister-in-law, who dared to insult you? Watch as Second Sister-in-law teaches them a lesson."

    With those words, the second sister-in-law raised the ladle in her hand to shield He Zhiran.

    The other sisters-in-law also did the same, their eyes fiercely fixed on the women standing opposite He Zhiran.

    Mo Hanyue quickly rushed to He Zhiran's side.

    "Nine Sister, Hanyue will help you deal with the villains."

    Although Old Lady Mo didn't say a word, the cleaver she held spoke volumes.

    The Xie and Fang family members similarly glared at Li Rouer's group, ready to pounce at the slightest signal from the Mo family...

    He Zhiran, whose heart had been filled with anger just moments ago, now felt a sudden warmth.

    "I'm not at a disadvantage," He Zhiran reassured her family, not wanting them to worry.

    Just then, the officials tasked with delivering the white steamed buns to the Mo family arrived.

    Undoubtedly, regardless of who was at fault, the Li and He Families were certainly in the wrong.

    The leader even instructed them to teach Li Rouer a lesson, settling the matter in one fell swoop.

    He Zhiran was someone under the leader's protection; how dare they offend her?

    Without further ado, the two officers raised their whips and lashed out, causing the women of the Li and He Families to scream and beg for mercy.


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