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    Chapter 68: A Millionaire Lady with Four Million

    Moreover, Mo Jiuye had a point. Their enemies were in the shadows, while they were out in the open, making it difficult to guard against them. All they could do was remain vigilant and adapt to any changes.

    To give Mo Jiuye more means of protection, He Zhiran didn't retrieve the mini wrist-mounted crossbow she used to kill the wolves but bought another set for him instead.

    "I'll give this to you. It might come in handy someday."

    Ever since Mo Jiuye received the wrist-mounted crossbow, he had grown fond of its compact yet exquisite design.

    He gazed deeply at He Zhiran.

    "Thank you."

    This item was like a ray of hope in a desperate situation for Mo Jiuye at present.

    Who knew what kind of trouble they would encounter in the future? With a weapon in hand, he would at least be able to handle some situations.

    Worried that Mo Jiuye might inquire about the origins of the mini wrist-mounted crossbow, He Zhiran turned around to face away from him to avoid the topic.

    "I'm feeling tired. Let's rest early."

    Indeed, Mo Jiuye had such doubts in his heart, but he didn't feel the urge to probe further.

    After all, it wasn't the first time he had witnessed He Zhiran using such advanced weaponry...

    He Zhiran was genuinely exhausted. She had initially planned to check on the sales at the marketplace, but the sudden wave of sleepiness overwhelmed her, leaving her with no choice but to give in to her drowsiness.


    As expected, by the end of the following day, before nightfall, all the dried wolf meat had been successfully roasted thanks to the women's hard work.

    Peng Wang immediately decided to keep some for everyone's consumption and sell the rest in the nearby city the next morning to exchange for money.

    He Zhiran thought that she should discuss with Peng Wang later, asking for permission to accompany him into the city tomorrow, so she could also purchase more supplies.

    To her surprise, Peng Wang approached her before she could even voice her request.

    "Sister-in-law, if you and Brother Mo are interested, you can join us when we head to the city tomorrow."

    He knew that Peng Wang's family had come to see her off and must have given her quite a number of banknotes.

    With money in hand, it was understandable that she would want to purchase more supplies.

    "Alright, I'll join you tomorrow and buy some provisions as well," He Zhiran replied with a smile. It seemed that what she wished for had indeed come true; she didn't even need to ask for it, good fortune found its way to her doorstep.

    Mo Jiuye also wanted to accompany He Zhiran into the city, but he was concerned that assassins might be dispatched from the capital at this very moment, posing a danger to the defenseless womenfolk back home.

    "I still have wounds on my body, so I won't be coming along."

    Peng Wang didn't overthink it and took Mo Jiuye's words at face value.

    "Then it's settled. The city is quite far, so we'll set out before dawn tomorrow."

    After bidding Peng Wang farewell, He Zhiran lay in her tent and entered the spatial dimension.

    She wanted to check the sales situation of her shops. It had been two days; there should be some earnings by now, right?

    With this thought, He Zhiran tapped on her phone screen.

    The shop's inventory had been emptied, with a staggering 4.25 million yuan credited to the account.

    The unexpected delight was so overwhelming that it left her momentarily stunned.

    To make sure this wasn't a dream, He Zhiran instinctively pinched her own leg.

    The pain confirmed that it was all real.

    She had anticipated that such expensive antiques might sell only a few pieces in a year. To her amazement, all nineteen items had been snapped up within just two days.

    Out of curiosity, He Zhiran clicked on the records to check the sale times.

    To her surprise, she discovered that all the items were purchased by a user named 'Little Collector.' This included the silver hairpin sold on the first day...

    This suggested one thing: Little Collector had likely bought the cheapest silver hairpin initially to verify the authenticity of the goods.

    After confirming the silver hairpin was indeed an antique, they proceeded to invest heavily in the other items.

    Not only that, but Little Collector had also left feedback for every item sold.

    These reviews were almost all praising the low prices and authenticity of the products, even requesting the store to frequently introduce new items.

    For He Zhiran, four million was by no means a small sum.

    Though she hadn't decided how to spend this money yet, who would ever complain about having too much wealth?

    Moreover, her space was filled with various items she had taken from the national treasury. Although they appeared valuable, to He Zhiran, they were just space-consuming idle objects.

    Ordinary items could be easily exchanged for silver at pawnshops, providing a tangible income. However, since these items originated from the national treasury, there was a high chance that someone would catch on to their origin once they were displayed, potentially leading back to her and Mo Jiuye. Then, it would be a case of losing more than gaining.

    Now, she could safely list these antiques on Taobao Mall for sale without any risk. Not only would this free up space in the infirmary, but it would also bring her a considerable income.

    Though she didn't have an immediate need for this money, life's journey was long, and there might be a day when it would prove useful.

    If it turned out to be unnecessary, she could also think of ways to donate it to charitable organizations, assisting those in need.

    In short, from any perspective, the successful sale of the products was a tremendous stroke of good fortune for He Zhiran.

    Understanding the principle of striking while the iron is hot, she used her thoughts to select dozens more items within the space. After taking photos and setting prices, she uploaded them to the marketplace.

    Having become a female millionaire with over four million in just three days, He Zhiran finally fell asleep contentedly.

    Before dawn the next day, He Zhiran got up as promised. Accompanied by Peng Wang and another officer, she began the journey into the city.

    After being turned into jerky, the wolf meat didn't take up much space. The only thing visible on the wooden cart was a pile of wolf hides that resembled a small hill.

    The heap of wolf pelts was so high that the officials pushing the cart could barely see the road. Helpless, Peng Wang had no choice but to walk ahead to guide them.

    For ease of travel, Peng Wang and the officials somehow found two commoners' outfits to wear.

    From a distance, the trio appeared to be genuine hunters heading into the city to sell their prey.

    Just as the hour of Chén struck, they finally arrived at Pingyuan County.

    Perhaps due to its larger population, the place seemed livelier than Yunlai County.

    The primary objective of this trip was to sell the wolf pelts and dried wolf meat, so Peng Wang led them straight to the sole fur dealership in town.

    After the shopkeeper examined the wolf skins, he indeed offered, as Peng Wang had predicted, one silver coin per pelt.

    Just as Peng Wang was about to accept the offer, He Zhiran stepped forward.

    "Shopkeeper, these wolf pelts have been processed and cured. Surely they can't be valued the same as an entire wolf brought fresh, can they?"

    Seeing that the one who spoke up was a young woman, the shopkeeper dismissed her words outright.

    "Young lady doesn't know the trade. At this time of year, furs are the least valuable. I'm offering one silver coin per pelt because they've been prepared."

    Upon hearing this, He Zhiran asked calmly, "According to you, when would furs be considered valuable?"


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