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    Chapter 92: Heartbeat Accelerates Upon Meeting Someone You Like

    Though He Zhiran didn't witness firsthand the challenges Mo Jiuye faced in hunting, she could deduce from the current circumstances that it wouldn't be easy to hunt game after such heavy rain.

    Seeing him about to decline, she interjected, "Husband, our herbs are running low too. If you go hunting, I can accompany you and gather some while we're there."

    Given Mo Jiuye's understanding of her, he knew that her suggestion was not merely about collecting herbs.

    As a result, the refusal that was on the tip of his tongue was promptly swallowed back.

    "Very well, let's proceed to do so immediately."

    Noticing Mo Jiuye's lack of refusal, Peng Wang instinctively took it as an acceptance of his request.

    In any case, he now had complete trust in the two of them and wasn't worried that they would attempt to escape.

    Mo Jiuye led her uphill, treading along a slippery mountain path - a significant challenge for He Zhiran, who lacked the skill of lightness kung fu.

    Fortunately, with Mo Jiuye holding her hand tightly all the way, He Zhiran managed to avoid slipping.

    He Zhiran, with her modern sensibilities, didn't attach much significance to their hands being intertwined. Mo Jiuye, on the other hand, was a different story.

    Walking ahead, flushes of heat would periodically grace his face, and his heartbeat raced to a point beyond his control.

    This wasn't the first time Mo Jiuye had experienced such sensations after physical contact with He Zhiran, and it forced him to take notice.

    Back in the military camp, he'd overheard fellow soldiers with families mention that their hearts would race when they encountered someone they liked.

    Could it be that he had feelings for He Zhiran?

    Mo Jiuye didn't reject this notion; instead, he found himself enjoying the sensation.

    As he pondered this, he tightened his grip on He Zhiran's hand without realizing it.

    Unable to see Mo Jiuye's expression, He Zhiran attributed his actions to a desire to protect her more effectively.

    With a blend of nervousness and anticipation, Mo Jiuye led He Zhiran to a spacious area.

    He was well aware that her true reason for accompanying him wasn't to gather medicinal herbs.

    Observing that He Zhiran showed no sign of stopping, Mo Jiuye softly inquired.

    "Where do you plan to go?"

    Where to?

    He Zhiran had no specific destination in mind. Her primary reason for accompanying Mo Jiuye was to shop for items on Taobao.

    Scanning their surroundings, she found the ambiance quite pleasant.

    If not for the flood last night or their status as convicts, she would have loved to stay and fully appreciate the natural beauty around them.

    But for now, practicality was key.

    Although she had been more open with Mo Jiuye about many things, He Zhiran still couldn't bring herself to conjure supplies from her space in broad daylight, right before his eyes, like a magician performing tricks.

    "How about you wander around freely and look for prey, while I prepare here? I'll call you back when I'm ready."

    Asking Mo Jiuye to search for prey was merely an excuse; they hadn't seen any signs of game during their journey. He Zhiran simply needed a pretext to give him some space.

    Mo Jiuye naturally understood her thoughts.

    "Alright, I'll move further away. If you encounter any danger, just scream."

    "Hmm, don't worry! If there's danger, I'll definitely call for your help."

    Mo Jiuye walked uphill with reluctance, glancing back every few steps. Deep down, he secretly hoped that He Zhiran would ask him to stay.

    However, He Zhiran didn't say a word to stop him...

    It wasn't until Mo Jiuye's figure vanished that He Zhiran approached a dense thicket. After scanning the area, she swiftly entered the space.

    She took out her phone and purchased enough herbs for those people to last them a day.

    Additionally, to accommodate Mo Jiuye's hunting, she bought ten live carnivorous rabbits.

    In the future world, hunting wild chickens had been prohibited, so they were not available on Taobao. Nonetheless, wild chicken eggs were sold.

    Although wild chicken eggs were slightly more expensive than ordinary eggs, they could still be exposed to light.

    With everything prepared, He Zhiran called out in the direction Mo Jiuye had taken.

    "Mo Jiuye, I'm ready."

    Despite her repeated cries, there was no response.

    Anxiety welled up in He Zhiran's heart as she began climbing the slope, planning to search for him.

    Less than a hundred meters into her journey, she spotted a familiar figure.

    Mo Jiuye was walking towards her, a wild mountain goat slung over his shoulder.

    He had indeed heard her calling, but he was in the midst of hunting the goat. Worried that his voice might scare it away, he hadn't answered immediately.

    With the goat in hand, Mo Jiuye didn't dare linger. Carrying the animal on his shoulder, he strode purposefully towards He Zhiran.

    Upon seeing the goat on Mo Jiuye's shoulder, He Zhiran felt a twinge of regret.

    If she had known he could hunt a goat, she would have just bought one from Taobao.

    Mo Jiuye had already strode before her, hesitated for a moment, then pretended to be calm as he took her hand.

    "Let's go!"

    After seeing those live rabbits, Mo Jiuye was somewhat astonished.

    With his skills, he couldn't find so many wild rabbits. How had He Zhiran managed it?

    Could it be that these rabbits also came from her magical treasure pouch?

    But soon, he convinced himself with the same reasoning as before – it was a secret that could not be probed.

    Regaining his composure, Mo Jiuye gathered some branches and tied them together with vines to make a raft.

    The two of them pulled the loaded raft back to the cave.

    When Peng Wang saw these items, his eyes lit up.

    "Buddy, little sister-in-law, you've worked hard. During this special period, it's thanks to you both that everyone won't go hungry."

    Both Peng Wang and Ninth Brother were not concerned about the credit; their greatest hope at the moment was for their family to safely reach the northwest.

    "Mister Peng, you're too kind. We only did our part," Mo Jiuye politely declined before taking his leave with the wild goat, two rabbits, and some wild eggs. He also made sure to pull He Zhiran along with him.

    Leaving the remaining prey for Peng Wang to deal with, the sisters-in-law stepped forward to process them, even though they found it somewhat difficult. However, they gritted their teeth and persevered, as they felt that Ninth Brother and his wife had done more than enough for everyone, and they needed to do their part in sharing the burden.

    Peng Wang was responsible for distributing the food among the other families and villagers. Although the quantity was not as much as the Mo family's, no one complained. In such circumstances, without Mo Jiuye and his wife, they would either fall ill or starve to death—gratitude was all they could offer.

    Even the hostility from the He family towards Mo Jiuye had significantly decreased.

    He Zhiyuan personally approached Mo Jiuye to express his gratitude.

    Both He Zhiran and Mo Jiuye could sense that He Zhiyuan now had intentions to befriend them.

    However, relationships aren't built overnight; they couldn't befriend just anyone.

    Mo Jiuye simply nodded slightly as a gesture of acknowledging He Zhiyuan's gratitude, then he ceased all further communication with the man.

    After a busy two hours, Lady Mo, accompanied by the female members of the family, finally managed to process the wild game that Mo Jiuye had brought back.

    Mo Jiuye had already set up a fire pit in an open area. Under these circumstances, roasting the game was the most practical method.

    Of course, to make it taste delicious, He Zhiran's culinary skills would be crucial.


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