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    Chu Yuening was utterly astonished by the woman's assumption that she would willingly part with her skills.

    "I'm sorry, I don't have the time." Chu Yuening declined without hesitation.

    The woman was taken aback, not expecting anyone to reject her. She asked, "Do you know who I am?"

    Nothing, not even the sky falling, could deter her from breaking the formation today.

    Did it really matter who she was?

    Before Chu Yuening could respond, someone bowed respectfully and approached, "Madam Hua, what brings you here today?"

    All of Hua Hongye's wives were addressed as Madam Hua.

    "The shopping was done, and I remembered Ah Bin should be here. I'll remind him to come home for dinner," the woman said just as the server interjected, "Young Master Bin is inside."

    Xu Meiyun shook her head. "I won't go in. Please pass my message along to him."

    With that, Xu Meiyun turned to Chu Yuening and said, "Money is no object. It's hard to find someone as kind-hearted as me in Hong Kong. You have quite a temper."

    "How could that be?" Chu Yuening smiled and stood up, taking the cup of sweetened water that the woman had sipped and disposing of it in the trash.

    Xu Meiyun's expression shifted slightly.

    Didn't this gesture imply that Chu Yuening was disgusted by the fact that the woman had touched the drink?

    "Why not make some money while you can?" Chu Yuening tidied up and spoke tactfully. "Since Madam is willing to pay for my secret recipe for homemade sweetened water, let's just get going."

    "That's more like it." Seeing that Chu Yuening knew when to back down, Xu Meiyun looked quite pleased.

    The Hua family's mansion was also located on the slope, covering several thousand square meters with excellent landscaping. As they entered the estate, they were greeted by numerous servants.

    Upon arrival, Chu Yuening noticed a black aura emanating from a window on the second floor. She breathed a sigh of relief.

    She had come to the right place.

    As soon as Xu Meiyun entered the mansion, she hurriedly waved at the Filipino maid in the kitchen. "Daisy, we've hired a sweetened water expert. Learn from her well."

    The Filipino maid emerged in an apron, clasping her hands together. "Yes, Madam."

    The maid was about to lead Chu Yuening into the kitchen, but Chu Yuening turned back and said, "Let's get this straight—ten dollars for each dish, and I'll teach no more than five."

    The woman didn't mind. "As you wish."

    Chu Yuening followed into the kitchen, rolling up her sleeves. She never imagined that she would have to teach someone how to make desserts while on a mission; she wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.

    Surveying the clean countertop, she took a deep breath.

    "Alright! Let's get this done quickly!"

    Xu Meiyun sat on the sofa watching TV. Soon, another lady came downstairs from the second floor. Upon seeing the woman engrossed in the show, she passed by with a cold huff, holding a glass of water.

    Xu Meiyun straightened up and sneered. "Mrs. Three, what's your game?"

    Mrs. Three turned around, smiling behind her face mask. "Sis Yun, I don't mean anything by it."

    Xu Meiyun, noticing the mask, couldn't help but taunt, "Just got back from a spa? Let me remind you, dressing so provocatively while the Master is still alive."

    "Your concern isn't needed," the Third Madam said with a forced smile, "Even before Father passed away, he already made arrangements for my well-being and Ah Hao's. Oh dear, the profits from our Western Australia properties can never be exhausted."

    Xu Meiyun's pain was exposed as her eyes reddened with anger, but all she could do was clench her nails into her palms.

    "Sister Yun, let's not discuss this further," the Third Madam tapped her mask lightly, swaying her waist, "I still have to pray to the Buddha today for Father's longevity."

    Her expression turned grim as she turned around. She walked to the living room, pulled out three incense sticks from the altar, and slammed them hard on the surface. She aligned them horizontally and lit them, sneering, "You wicked old hag, when Father passes, we'll see what you'll use to compete with me."

    Then, she held the incense sticks between her palms against her forehead, her demeanor devout and earnest as she spoke.

    "Buddha, with Ah Hao's assistance in managing the Western Australia properties, Father can rest assured. Since he's suffering in this world anyway, it's better for him to pass sooner, don't you think?"

    "When he's gone, I promise to offer seven full days and nights of tributes to Buddha."

    Chu Yuening happened to be at the kitchen door, disposing of something, and coincidentally overheard their conversation.

    For a moment, she was unsure how to react.

    Some who didn't benefit were resorting to dark arts to prolong a life, while others who did benefit wished for an end to it.

    If Hua Hongye were conscious and saw his wives and children bickering, he would surely have mixed feelings.

    It was then that Chu Yuening spotted Hua Bin entering the mansion. She quickly moved aside to avoid being seen by him. They had just met in the morning, so Hua Bin should still recognize her.

    After greeting his mother, Hua Bin hurried upstairs with an urgent expression. Pushing the door open, he found the room empty. The bed had been removed, leaving only a wide altar with a few red lamps lit.

    The altar was covered in blood, with a large black iron basin placed at its center. From time to time, a croaking sound emerged from within.

    Hua Bin reached in and pulled out the source of the noise.

    It was a pitch-black toad, whose poisonous secretions had already eaten away at Hua Bin's skin due to prolonged handling.

    He stroked the toad's head, revealing a terrifying grin through his frenzied expression. "Did you say you'd give me the Western Australia property yourself? Very well, I'll grant your wish, you good-for-nothing."

    Pinching the toad, he pulled up the sleeve of his right hand, exposing a grotesque scar. Next, he took a blade from the altar and lightly slashed his arm, forcing the toad's mouth open to let the blood flow into it.

    In no time, the toad's white belly bulged from the flood of blood, with a hint of red visible beneath the white skin.

    The master who set up the array had warned that once the toad was fed, the construction site's formation would claim more lives.

    Hua Bin held no regard for the worker's life, especially since the foreigner was a business rival.

    "By tomorrow, at most, I'll be fully recovered. Then, I'll reclaim my mining operations in Western Australia."


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