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    Chu Yuening pulled Hua Bin from behind and tossed him into the array's focal point.

    The Western boss scrambled over, attempting to cling to Chu Yuening's legs, pleading for her to stay and protect him. "Master Chu, I was wrong! There are indeed ghosts and monsters in this world! Please save me, I'll pay any price!"

    Chu Yuening's path was blocked.

    With a swift kick from her rubber-soled shoes, she sent the man back.

    The dark aura thickened. After being thrown into the array, Hua Bin frantically tried to crawl out, his suit drenched in a stench. "Help! Help! I won't dare anymore, never again!"

    The ground trembled, and from the ceiling emerged a gigantic toad head, its eyes as large as lanterns, blood-red and glowing. Its black, scaly skin was covered in pus-filled bumps. Its long tongue no longer coiled near the ceiling; instead, it arched eerily through the air, hurtling straight towards her.

    Screams echoed all around.

    Quickly, Chu Yuening retrieved a compass from her apron pocket and threw it into the air with one hand.

    The compass hovered, radiating golden light as it devoured the surrounding darkness.

    Fixing her gaze ahead, she placed her fair hand against her chest, forming seals swiftly. Amidst the overpowering stench, she remained composed.

    "The Seven True Stars of the Northern Dipper, governing all spirits. East, west, north, south, protecting life as we proceed. The great essence at noon, illuminating all beings. Rescuing the waning, alleviating distress, transforming malevolence into the righteous path. Swiftly, as by the decree of law!"

    Upon finishing the incantation, a yellow talisman shot out from the apron pocket, hurtling straight ahead!

    Chapter 22


    The compass spun rapidly in the air. As it absorbed more and more black aura, the tiny golden characters in seal script on its surface, covered in dust, began to glow.

    The designer was pinned to the ceiling, and the yellow talisman ascended into the air, emitting a faint glow that danced around the tip of his nose.


    "A... Flying talisman!"

    He had thought that being inexplicably sucked to the ceiling was bizarre enough, and encountering the toad creature was surreal.

    Little did he expect to witness such a breathtaking spectacle in his lifetime!

    In an instant, the designer wished time could rewind so he could slap his own bragging self about feng shui experts!

    The talisman glowed golden upon contact with the toad, causing an explosion.

    The toad fell down from the ceiling in agony, its enormous body instantly filling half of the parking lot, crushing the supporting concrete pillars in its descent.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    Those suctioned to the ceiling followed suit, tumbling down.

    The creature writhed in pain, its long, crimson tongue thrashing wildly.

    Seeing this, the western boss scrambled back on all fours, fearfully crawling away as he looked at Chu Yuening and pleaded for help in broken Cantonese once more, "Master Chu, I truly believe you're a master now. Save me, I'll pay any amount of money!"

    Chu Yuening swiftly pulled out another yellow talisman from her pocket and glanced at it. "Any amount, you say?"

    The western boss turned pale with fear, nodding frantically.

    "Very well." Chu Yuening fixated her gaze on the grotesque toad oozing with venom. With her fingers clasped together, she held the charm earnestly and declared, "I want half of your wealth."

    As she finished speaking, she chanted an incantation.

    The second yellow charm detached from her fingertips and shot out swiftly.

    It emitted a faint glow as it entered the toad's putrid mouth, immediately triggering a massive explosion.

    It was as if a transparent shield had been shattered. Hua Bin, who was at the center of the formation, let out a shrill scream.

    The stench of the festering slime splattered onto the ground. The few designers who had been devoured were now lying on the floor, covered in a turbid, paste-like sludge and struggling for breath.

    A worker who had initially shown no signs of life suddenly gasped for air and scrambled to his feet, oblivious to what had just transpired.

    Hua Bin was filled with sheer terror. His youthful appearance rapidly withered, replaced by deep wrinkles and a network of crevices. His once lustrous black hair turned brittle and white, and his teeth started falling out one by one. His straight back hunched over, and his skin lost all elasticity. Within mere minutes, he aged beyond measure. From his outward appearance, Hua Bin now resembled a centenarian.

    Trapped within the confines of the formation, he was utterly immobile.

    Recalling the events that unfolded earlier as he drew the talisman, everything came flooding back to him.

    It was him, under the master's guidance, meticulously using a mixture of his own blood and cinnabar as a medium to inscribe the Heaven's Bane Life Borrowing Formation.

    It was him who disregarded human life, willingly sacrificing others for monetary gain.

    In that very moment, in the grand Hua family residence, Hua Hongye lay motionless on his bed, his breath forever stilled.

    A sudden explosion echoed from one of the rooms. Xu Meiyun, who was sleeping next door, assumed it was Hua Bin in trouble. She rushed out of her room to find the white belly of the toad on the altar burst open, spilling blood all over the floor.

    Panicked, she hurried back to her room. As she passed by the dressing table, she noticed the woman in the mirror hunched over. Not yet fifty, she was shocked to see her well-maintained skin now riddled with wrinkles, as if she had aged ten years overnight.

    Xu Meiyun promptly fainted.

    Upstairs, the third wife and the third son also let out shrill screams upon seeing their own reflection in the mirror.

    Suddenly, members of the Hua family, young and old, began to show signs of accelerated aging, each to varying degrees.

    Those unconscious at the construction site gradually regained consciousness.

    Especially when the designer caught sight of the indifferent Chu Yuening, they were utterly astonished, "It turns out there really are people in this world who can command talismans."

    The disciples also helped one another to their feet, all of them too heartbroken to shed tears. Some still trembled in their knees from the recent events.

    "Frightening, truly terrifying. I must strictly adhere to superstitions and have at least ten deities at home to bless the family constantly."

    "Anyone who dares to claim that feng shui masters are frauds in the future, I'll knock their head off."

    Upon finishing their words, the apprentices supported each other to express their gratitude to Chu Yuening.

    Chu Yuening paid them no heed. She walked to the location of the imprisoning array and gazed at the soul bound by iron chains. With her eyes closed, she formed hand seals and chanted a liberation incantation.

    The iron chains snapped, and the trapped soul transformed into specks of golden light.

    In an instant, the cold parking lot became considerably warmer, and the stench vanished.

    The designer, accompanied by his apprentices, stood in stunned silence, all equally dumbfounded. Having witnessed Chu Yuening's expertise, he was now utterly convinced and couldn't help but feel a twinge of anxiety at encountering such a situation.


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