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    "No, she won't." Mrs. Ding took the sweet soup affectionately and smiled. "My grandchild has a huge appetite; there won't be any leftovers."

    The moment Mrs. Ding left, another man in a suit carrying a briefcase emerged.

    "Boss, does your Concentration Sweet Soup really work as an energy booster?" Chu Yuening nodded. "Ten times the price if it doesn't work. I'll refund you if it fails to energize."

    "I'll have one to try," the suited man said with a faint smile.

    Yuening packed the sweet soup, and after the man paid, he handed her his business card. "I'm a stockbroker. Feel free to contact me if you need anything."

    "Sure thing." Without giving it much thought, Yuening tucked the card into her apron pocket.

    Other neighbors started expressing interest too, but they were inevitably disappointed when they found out that the Concentration Sweet Soup was sold out.

    The auntie who had previously encouraged He Shifei to seek other feng shui masters saw a business opportunity and eagerly jumped in, occasionally stopping passersby with a sycophantic grin on her face.

    "Fifty dollars for a cup of sweet soup? Robbery!"

    "Drinking sweetened water for energy is nothing compared to a purifying talisman."

    "My nephew is also an expert in feng shui, he can draw a talisman for just forty dollars, and its effects will surely surpass any sugar water. He's on Tonkin Street, among our neighbors. Would you like to give it a try?"

    The others waved their hands in quick succession, just as everyone was about to leave Temple Street.

    A sudden slam echoed from the second-story window of the Japanese massage parlor.


    There was a tremendous thud on the concrete ground as a man in red-checkered boxers was thrown down.

    Followed by a furious roar like a lion from the East.

    "Bastard, you swindled my money and now you want to mess with my sister?!"

    Cung Ling leaned against the window, poking her head out to point at the man and scold him. "Sis has connections! The second-in-command of the 14K Triad is one of my regulars. If you don't return the money today, be prepared for Sis to call in some help to chop you up and leave your corpse on the streets!"

    Chu Yuening looked over and noticed that Cung Ling's red mole between her eyebrows had vanished.

    With a blink, she was somewhat curious.

    In just two hours, they found the guy? That's quite efficient.

    Before long, another group barged into Temple Street, escorting the underwear-clad man upstairs. The leader wore a black tank top, with a green dragon tattoo on his left arm and a white tiger on his right. His crew-cut head was adorned with sunglasses, exuding an intimidating aura.

    The gangsters had all ascended to the second floor. Temple Street returned to its calm.

    It was then that Chu Yuening realized the Fourteen Gang sounded familiar. After some thought, she recalled it was the gang where the male lead initially served as a subordinate in the original storyline.

    Zhang Jiande hurried over, his gaze drifting towards the Japanese massage parlor while he held a cigarette between his lips. "What's up? I heard there's a gangster vs. underwear guy showdown. Was it intense?"

    Counting the day's earnings, Chu Yuening smiled. "I'm not sure, but everyone's upstairs now. If you want to know, you can check out the massage parlor."

    "Wow," Zhang Jiande jumped in surprise, taking a couple of steps back with a terrified expression. "Am I crazy enough to go to the massage parlor for gossip? If my wife finds out, she might kick me out of the house in no time!"

    "Your wife would never be that heartless," Chu Yuening teased. Noticing Shanpo emerging from the restaurant, she stowed away the cash and asked, "Has A Hua picked up the phone?"

    Shanpo looked distressed and shook her head. "No, his sister answered. She said she has no idea where A Hua is."

    Zhang Junde suddenly remembered something. "Oh right, today is A Hua's birthday. Since he didn't come, why don't we go find him?"

    "No need, Brother De,"

    A familiar voice reached my ears.

    Looking over, Chu Yuening saw Lin Jiahua pushing a cart, his eyes bruised and swollen, wearing a glasses frame with one side shattered. The rolled-up sleeves of his shirt revealed a section of his arm, covered in dark bruises as thick as rolling pin marks.

    Chapter 25

    Lin Jiahua pushed up his glasses, one side of which was already broken, looking rather uneasy. "I'm sorry for causing you all unnecessary worry these past few days."

    Zhang Jiande observed the injuries on Lin Jiahua's body, tapping his cigarette irritably.

    Chu Yuening hurried to help Lin Jiahua park the cart, her gaze fixed on the wounds on his exposed arm, wanting to speak but hesitating.

    The usually boisterous Shanpo fell silent, observing Lin Jiahua's injuries. She then fetched a first-aid kit from the fruit stall and guided him to sit on a low stool, starting to tend to his wounds.

    Surrounded by caring neighbors and fellow vendors, Lin Jiahua smiled. "Don't worry, it's been two days and the wounds are almost healed. They just look scary."

    "Two days?" Chu Yuening blinked, comprehension dawning. "You're only telling us now about something that happened two days ago?"

    "A Hua, what on earth has happened to you?" Shanpo sighed repeatedly. "You should have told us earlier."

    Zhang Jiande removed his cigarette holder, casting a glance at Lin Jiahu's injuries before looking away. "Your parents were truly heartless."

    Chu Yuening brought out a cream tart for Lin Jiahu and placed it on the table, turning her head to look at him. "It was really your parents?"

    "You've got it wrong," Lin Jiahu shook his head. "It wasn't them."

    "If not them, then who could it be?" Zhang Jiande was seething with anger. "You're usually so peaceful, never causing trouble. What on earth happened that led to you being beaten up like this?"

    Lin Jiahu appeared utterly exhausted. "It was the triad."

    The triad?

    Everyone's hearts sank. Although the Independent Commission Against Corruption had been established in Hong Kong in 1974, reducing the influence of the triads, there were still corrupt police officers accepting bribes, making the situation complicated.

    Once ordinary citizens got entangled with the triads, they could forget about living a peaceful life from then on.

    "What on earth happened?"

    It was only under Zhang Jiande's persistent inquiry that Lin Jiahua slowly unfolded the story.

    Turned out, Lin Jiahua's parents had developed a passion for stock trading. After a fortunate win, they earned a considerable sum and tasted the sweetness of success. Driven by the desire for greater returns, they relied on so-called insider information. To make a huge profit, they borrowed from an underworld loan shark.

    Unfortunately, the stocks they purchased plummeted, and Lin Jiahua's parents lost every penny they had invested.


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