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    A cold voice interrupted him. Hua Bin turned his head to find the previously locked door ajar, and the girl was standing in the entrance. His eyes widened in surprise as he recognized her familiar face.

    "It's you! How did you get in here?"

    Chu Yuening's fair complexion bore a subtle disdain for scoundrels.

    "The Heavenly Calamity Life Borrowing Formation – one life only buys three days of Hua Hongye's lifespan."

    "It doesn't seem right for you to steal someone's life when others are stealing mere possessions."

    Meanwhile, unseen by anyone on the construction site, the malevolent aura grew stronger.

    Machines hummed, and thousands of laborers were working overtime, their expressions dull as they shoveled cement and sand with numb determination. Didn't they fear the fact that so many people had already died on this site?

    Yes, they did.

    Yet, it was impossible.

    Even with the knowledge of impending death, one had to work to earn a living.

    The Western boss, accompanied by an architect he had specifically hired, inspected all three floors in one breath, urging, "Please help me identify the flaws in the building's design. Why does it always result in accidents and deaths?"

    That very afternoon, another person claiming to be a feng shui expert arrived, asserting that the construction site was filled with negative energy and should be halted. He even claimed that he couldn't resolve the issue alone and needed assistance.

    The Western boss was skeptical, but the continuous deaths on the site were becoming increasingly worrying.

    "No problem," the architect, leading his group of apprentices, promptly identified the issues. Pointing at the corner of the staircase, he explained, "The reason people have been falling here is mainly due to the blind spot at the corner. People can easily miss their step when they don't see it."

    The boss instructed the supervisor to take note and await the architect's full report before undertaking any reconstruction.

    Otherwise, with the rate of fatalities, the commercial building would open as a haunted skyscraper.

    "There's also this spot," the architect continued, directing attention to where a worker had once lost his head to a machine. "Another blind spot that needs to be rectified."

    Upon realizing that it was indeed a design issue, the Western boss sighed in immense relief. Recalling Chu Yuening's previous remarks, he felt even more disdainful.

    "Before, some so-called feng shui master claimed there was an evil aura at the construction site and foretold a major disaster. Fortunately, we didn't believe him."

    "Master?" The chief designer held the blueprints, leading his apprentices for another inspection of the steel framework of the concrete building. "Thankfully, the boss didn't fall for it. All this mysticism is just a waste of money. If there were really malevolent forces, would we still need architects?"

    The other apprentices echoed in agreement.

    "Yes, if feng shui and mysticism truly existed, what use would we designers be?"

    "What can feng shui masters do? Just wander around with a compass?"

    "I once bought a compass out of curiosity with my friend. They cost thousands! It's just a piece of metal—might as well rob someone?"

    The Western boss wholeheartedly agreed with the young man's perspective. "It seems there are still intelligent people in Hong Kong, unlike my previous supervisor who insisted on believing in such absurdities."

    Since not much electricity had been installed in the floors yet, the bright outdoor light contrasted with the darkness inside due to the non-reflective concrete. After inspecting the floor, the group proceeded to the parking lot.

    Upon entering the parking lot, they were hit with an icy chill and a pungent stench of decaying seafood. The apprentices couldn't hold back and rushed to the side to vomit.

    "Yue, did some seafood die here? It's utterly disgusting."

    "Boss, you didn't mention how stinky it was down here. We need extra pay for this."

    The Western boss hadn't anticipated such a revolting odor either. He suppressed his nausea, urging the designer to hurry up. "I'll add to your wages when we're done. I'm stepping out first."

    It wouldn't make sense for the workers to bear the stench while the boss remained unscathed.

    Unable to tolerate it any longer, the Western boss turned around and retreated outside.

    A strange gust of wind stirred up dust from the concrete ground, blinding everyone. Through the haze, they could barely hear faint wails and howls.

    The apprentices, scared, huddled together, no longer willing to work for any amount of extra pay. One by one, they followed their boss, attempting to escape into the darkness, enraging the designer who scolded them for being useless.

    After a few minutes of circling around, everyone found themselves back where they started, with the faint wails and howls still echoing. Someone, trembling with fear, dared to ask,

    "Did everyone hear that? Could it really be a ghost?"

    The mention of ghosts only made the shrill cries grow louder.

    The younger apprentices huddled together in terror.

    "It...can't be. It's just the wind from outside interacting with the building's structure, causing some sort of physical phenomenon," the senior designer, experiencing such an event for the first time, bravely dismissed the notion with his materialist beliefs.

    "There can't be ghosts in this world!"

    No sooner had he finished speaking when the designer was suddenly sucked up to the ceiling, letting out an even more piercing scream.


    Then, bang, bang, bang! Several others were also pulled towards the ceiling!

    Trouble was also brewing upstairs. Workers, in the midst of their tasks, either fell from above, got their hands stuck in machinery, or crashed down the stairwell with loud thuds.

    Screams of terror and agony echoed in unison.

    The Western boss trembled in fear, pressing his body against the concrete floor as he tried to inhale the nauseating stench. He looked up at the ceiling with a horrified expression.


    he saw a long, crimson tongue extend from the dark ceiling, snatching the person hanging there. A translucent, putrid liquid dripped to the ground.

    "Monster, there's a monster..." The Western boss lay flat on the floor, his legs quivering as he pointed at the ceiling. "There really is a monster."

    As he witnessed the people on the ceiling being devoured one by one, a swift figure dashed in. The girl's hair, loosened by her run, cascaded down her back. She wore an apron from Chu Ji's Dessert Shop, and the hem of her jeans had rolled up, revealing a glimpse of her ankles. It was as if a transparent veil had been shattered, letting the light from outside stream in as she ran.

    The Western boss instantly found his savior, his voice cracking with fear. "Master Chu, please save me!"

    The air was thick with malevolent energy.

    In the center of the parking lot, the life-saving formation was activated. It wouldn't close until it had consumed enough lives.


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