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    Zhang Junde puffed on his pipe, "No injuries, I hope?"

    Lin Jiahua pressed his left hand against his right shoulder and spun it around, "Nothing serious."

    "That's good to hear," Zhang Junde agreed, "As long as you enjoy it, you can do anything. Don't worry, I'll cover the expenses tonight."

    Chu Yuening raised her hand repeatedly, "I'll pay for myself. My sister Chu Yi has Friday off, I'll invite her along."

    On Fridays, Chu Yi finished school early, and for tennis, she needed to wear loose sports attire. She planned to call Chu Yi while changing her clothes.

    She didn't want Chu Yi to become too bookish; a balance between work and play was essential.

    "Stop being silly," Zhang Junde waved it off nonchalantly, "It's just forty dollars, Brother De will take care of it."

    "No, it's forty dollars per hour," Chu Yuening playfully clarified.

    In Hong Kong, indoor sports facilities were equipped with lights and offered a pleasant environment, whereas outdoor courts weren't as comfortable and could be very hot. Besides, most Hong Kongers returned from work after dark, hence the demand for indoor sports venues to maintain their active lifestyle.

    Zhang Jiande urged Chu Yuening to hurry home and pick up her sister, "An hour is just an hour. Brother De's wallet is full of his personal cash."

    "Ning Ning," Lin Jiahua said, "Brother De and I will head to the Ma Tau Kok indoor sports field first. Hurry up, I've never met your sister."


    Chu Yuening decided not to dwell on it and rushed home to fetch her sister. After closing down her dessert stall, she rode her cart back to their village house.

    Chu Yi had just finished school and returned home. Seeing Chu Yuening in loose shorts and a T-shirt, bending over to take off her shoes, she raised her head and asked, "Sis, what are you dressed up for?"

    "Tennis," Chu Yuening tugged at her T-shirt. After searching for a while, she found a suitable outfit for sports. Looking at their meager wardrobe, apart from some cotton bedding, she owned three sets of clothes, and Chu Yi only had one casual outfit besides her school uniform.

    "Come on, let's go together."

    Upon hearing this, Chu Yi's face scrunched up as if facing a formidable opponent. "I have to go too?"

    "But I'm not good at sports, and my coordination is terrible. Maybe we should just forget about it?"

    "Go ahead," Chu Yuening patted Chu Yi's head, then added after a moment's thought, "After tennis, I'll take you shopping for clothes."

    "Really?" Chu Yi's sorrowful eyes lit up instantly. At thirteen, which girl wasn't fond of beauty? She leaped up to change her clothes right away.

    "Wait for me, sister!"

    An hour later, Chu Yuening brought Chu Yi along on a double-decker bus, taking in the sights of Kowloon before rushing to the Ma Tau Kok Indoor Sports Center.

    Two uniformed staff members were seated side by side, engrossed in gossip.

    Both were animated in their conversation.

    "I heard Young Master Zhou and Second Young Master Qiao are also inside. Is that true?"

    "It is. I just sneaked a peek while delivering the cold drinks. They're both quite handsome."

    "Sigh, what a shame. Why doesn't Young Master Zhou inherit the family business? Working in the CID can't be as comfortable as being the boss, can it?"

    "You should be the one feeling sorry. The Zhou family only has one young master. Regardless of whether he inherits the business or not, it will always belong to Young Master Zhou in the future."

    "That makes sense. Let me deliver the drinks next time, so I can see if the young masters truly live up to their reputation."

    "It's a shame that only two young masters are here today. It would have been great if Young Master Qi were also present."

    Ah Min inquired, "Then why isn't Young Master Qi here?"

    Ah Hong whispered in response, "I've heard that Young Master Qi has been in a coma since he fell ill. There's a possibility that he might remain in a vegetative state."

    "Oh, how unfortunate," Ah Min said, her eyes widening.

    "Cough, cough, cough." Chu Yuening tapped on the marble countertop with a smile in her eyes. "Excuse me, I'd like to make a payment."

    The two women ceased their gossiping.

    Ah Min, who was closest to the counter, quickly stood up. She straightened her wrinkled shorts and wore a pleasant smile. "Just a moment, please."

    "What are the names of the two ladies?"

    After Chu Yuening provided her name,

    Ah Min flipped through a notebook to verify the information. Satisfied, she replied with a smile, "Miss Chu, both fees have already been paid in advance."

    Ah Min leaned forward slightly, pointing the way, "This is the entrance. Your friend is waiting for you there."

    "Thank you very much."

    Once Chu Yuening left, Ah Min hurriedly returned to her chair and resumed urging her companions to share gossip.

    The sports complex was vast. In the center was the area designated for physical activity, while along the edges were a few glass coffee tables for those waiting to rest.

    Upon entering, Chu Yuening scanned the area and soon spotted Lin Jiahua and the others up ahead.

    "A Hua."

    Chu Yuening approached to greet them, stepping aside to introduce Chu Yi to the group.

    Tea vendor Cao Daguang, running his hand over his bald head in jest, asked, "Mind if I join your little gathering?"

    "Certainly not, more people make it livelier," Chu Yuening replied with a bright smile. As she looked at Cao Daguang more closely, he spoke up before she could say anything.

    "Besides tennis, I was hoping Ning Ning could assist me with a dilemma. There's a teaware factory in Guangdong that has gone bankrupt, leaving behind a large stock of goods. I'm considering acquiring the entire operation, but I'm unsure if it's feasible."

    Zhang Jiande clapped Cao Daguang's shoulder. "Daguang, you got caught red-handed. You're only here to exploit connections. Ning Ning only does two readings a day, and she's done for today. If you want a reading, you'll have to queue up tomorrow."

    "Nonsense," Chu Yuening observed Cao Daguang's face intently. "If it's just about this matter, there's no need to look at your birth chart because..."

    Cao Daguang's excitement grew. "Does that mean I'm guaranteed success? I knew it! My name wasn't given in vain!"


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