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    "To this master, we've all seen the toad monster. Will we encounter such impurities in the future?"

    "There won't be any more incidents like that," Chu Yuening glanced at them. The contamination had left them with a faint malevolent aura. "But if you have the chance, you should pay more visits to temples."

    The designer promptly agreed. If this had happened before, he would have sworn never to set foot in a temple. However, after his worldview was shaken, he instantly became a devotee.

    Not only was he willing to visit a temple.

    If someone asked him to go every day, he'd happily oblige!

    Inside the formation, Hua Bin was struggling for breath, barely inhaling enough air.

    Someone asked, "What about the man?"

    Hua Hongye's son knew the Western businessman. He recalled how Hua Bin had refrained from setting up a harmful arrangement at Hua Xin Tower to spare its employees but instead targeted him, causing him to lose half his fortune.

    The Western businessman glared at the man on the ground, whose hair had turned pale, filled with hatred. "Drag him over to Hua Xin Tower and let them deal with him!"

    Upon finishing his statement.

    The Western boss remained silent.

    He had genuinely agreed to part with half his fortune in the heat of the moment when his life was at stake. Now that the crisis had passed, he felt the pinch.

    Half his fortune.

    Decades of hard work in Europe and Hong Kong were about to be halved?

    If only he had stopped working earlier!

    With one blue eye wide open, the Western boss watched as the Retour shoe was about to step out, ready to play dead to escape the situation.

    But Chu Yuening seemed to recall something and turned back, "Oh, by the way, remember the half fortune. Zhong Guoming will be in touch with you."

    Finished speaking, she seemed oblivious to the regret on the Western boss's face as she left with her hands behind her back.

    With the matter settled, Chu Yuening rode her stall cart back to her dormitory and slept soundly. Upon waking up, instead of rushing to Temple Street, she took a day off to rest and went to the market to purchase ingredients for making sweet soups.

    Counting the money, her smiling eyes curved in joy, almost as if she could fly.

    With Xu Meiyun's dessert recipe service fetching a thousand yuan per variety, she had earned a total of five thousand yuan. With this money, she considered upgrading to a cleaner and less damp living space; poor surroundings could easily deteriorate one's health over time.

    Deciding to hasten her search for a new residence, Chu Yuening added it to her schedule.

    As autumn began to set in, the weather grew cooler. To adapt to the seasonal shift, Chu Yuening adjusted her dessert menu accordingly. She affixed the updated dessert list to the right side of her glass cabinet, patted it down, and then rode her stall cart into Temple Street.

    Upon entering the bustling street, she was stunned by the endless flow of people.

    "Ning Ning! You're finally here!" Shanpo waved eagerly upon seeing her.

    Chu Yuening pushed through the crowd, parked her stall, and beamed at the emptied fruit stand. "Looks like luck is on our side today. Shanpo has already sold out before others even started their business."

    Exhausted from maintaining order in the snaking queue, Shanpo had worked up a sweat. Using a peachwood comb, she quickly untangled her damp curly hair.

    "Old lady like me has never seen such a grand scene. Thanks to you, my fruits were sold out as soon as I put them out!"

    Chu Yuening was puzzled, unable to grasp the situation.

    Yesterday, Chu Yuening didn't set up her stall, so Shanpo, seeing the spot unoccupied, took the liberty to display her fruits there, as Ning Ning had said she wouldn't be operating the stall.

    Assuming it would be the same today, Shanpo once again brought her fruits to sell at the stall.

    Unexpectedly, as soon as the colorful array of fruits was laid out, the crowd started to gather, forming a substantial line in front of the stall.

    "Everyone was chattering like parrots, constantly asking when the fortune-teller would arrive," Shanpo recounted, thumping her chest with a clenched fist. "It's pitiful, I nearly couldn't catch my breath."

    Realizing that the queue was for her, Chu Yuening understood the situation. With Shanpo removing the fruit stand, she wheeled her cart into the stall's designated spot.

    No sooner had she taken out the signboard than the queue became restless.

    "Master, I've heard your predictions are spot on! I want a reading!"

    "I was here first! My turn!"

    "Don't push me! Hey! Trying to cut in line? Not so fast!"

    Shanpo moved swiftly, handing over a newspaper. "Ning Ning, our business is thriving today, thanks to this newspaper."

    Chu Yuening took the paper and saw that it was from the Dahsi News. Before reading, she let out a soft sigh.

    The headline on the front page was striking:

    Master Foresees Beauty in Peril; Investigative Journalist Uncovers Adoptive Father's Bestiality Behind Human Facade?

    Below followed a detailed exposé, recounting how the master predicted danger on the girl's coming-of-age birthday, with a sidebar on the previous case of his adopted daughter, culminating in the father's conviction.

    The newspaper was known for capitalizing on sensational stories.

    Given Du Shaoren's identity, the report would surely generate a media frenzy, enticing more Hong Kong citizens to buy the paper.

    Yet, Li Huiwen had been meticulous in protecting both Du Miao and the former adoptive daughter. No personal information was disclosed in the entire article.

    As Chu Yuening was about to commend Li Huiwen's efforts, she noticed at the end of the report: Master Chu's stall is located on the left side, towards the inner part of Temple Street, with Zhang's Tea Restaurant behind it.

    Chu Yuening felt numb as she held the newspaper, gazing at the overwhelming crowd queuing outside. Her mind wandered in a daze.

    How would she manage with such a large turnout?

    The situation was too chaotic. Regaining her composure, Chu Yuening quickly pointed at the words on the sign and apologized with a smile. "I only provide two fortune-telling sessions per day."

    "Sorry, for fairness, I won't count today's session."

    Some people had been waiting for a long time. A few, unable to hold their bladder, left for a restroom break, only to find their spot taken upon return. Others had inadvertently allowed others to cut in line.

    Indeed, limiting it to two readings a day was somewhat unfair.

    A grandmother held her granddaughter's hand, stepping out of the queue. "Let's go for now. Tomorrow, Grandma will come early and queue up to ask on your behalf which skill will have a promising future, okay?"


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