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    It's not that Xu Nian never thought of escaping from Qi Chu in his previous life,

    She tried all means, whether to run or hide, but all the struggle and resistance fell in Qi Chu's eyes, as if she was dying.

    The furthest time she escaped was when she ran out of the city and hid in a village far away.

    It was hidden there, and no one knew about it. She kept her name in incognito for half a month, but Qi Chu did not find her.

    Just when she relaxed her vigilance and was about to settle down here completely, she pushed open the door and suddenly saw Qi Chu sitting in the shadow.

    Surrounded by gloom, his smile didn't reach his eyes, "Princess Yu, don't come here without any problems."

    The rambling and protracted tone rang above his head like the king of Hades urging him to order.

    The light and shadow completely dimmed, Xu Nian was terrified, and his feet slipped and knelt down in front of him.

    The line of sight pressing on her body was beautiful and dangerous. She raised her head while begging for mercy, and the blurred jaw she saw gradually coincided with what she saw on the cage car in front of her.

    The coolness climbed all the way along the bend of his legs, like a cold poisonous snake covering his back, Xu Nian clenched his palms tightly, almost eager to confirm if it was Qi Chu.

    After walking a few steps, I suddenly heard a voice shouting from behind: "Nian Nian?"

    It was Dad's voice.

    She seemed to be called back to the world, and her stubborn gaze regained some of its former vitality.

    At this time, the people in the cage car seemed to be completely alarmed by the shout, and turned their heads around.

    At that moment, Xu Nian almost held his breath, staring at the man intently.

    All movements became slow to her eyes, divided into tiny fragments that affected her thoughts.

    is it him? If it is him, what should we do?

    She pinched her fingers, afraid that she might not look carefully.

    The cage car got closer, the noise around him faded away, and it was so quiet that Xu Nian could hear his own nervous heartbeat.


    The man turned his head completely, revealing a blank, lifeless face.

    The godless eyes glanced at her casually, and then looked away impatiently.

    Such an ordinary face is not Qi Chu.

    The stone in his heart fell to the ground, and Xu Nian's tense back slowly relaxed.

    People who have passed through are whispering:

    "The envoys of foreign countries are really a big battle. Yesterday they transported beasts, and today they transported beast slaves. It is said that they are all prepared for tomorrow's dinner."

    Is this foreign envoys coming to Beijing?

    Xu Niangang let go of his heart and lifted it up again.

    If she remembers correctly, at this dinner party, the foreign country made friends on the surface, but in fact it was a marriage proposal, and there is no princess under His Majesty's knees, so the final marriage candidate fell on her elder sister.

    My sister had three rotten peach blossoms in her previous life, this is the first one.

    His Majesty accepted Elder Sister as a goddaughter and conferred the title of Princess Yizhao. Elder Sister could not refuse and was sent to the bridal sedan chair. Unexpectedly, the foreigners had impure intentions. After the bridal sedan chair left the city, they slaughtered the nearby Zhuangzi. She narrowly escaped death, but her appearance was ruined.

    Just as she was thinking, Duke Xu called her again, Xu Nian finally realized that she had been standing there for a long time.

    She turned around to find someone, and her brows instantly relaxed, "Father!"

    And at this moment, on a certain caged car in the middle, the boy who had been sleeping with his eyes closed all the time was startled, and slowly raised his eyes, sweeping his deep gaze towards the side of the street.

    Dad really went to buy chestnuts for her.

    Xu Nian jumped for joy, and ran forward holding the hem of her skirt.

    She is wearing a pink dress today, half of her face covered by the smooth fur collar of fox fur is now fully exposed, her pink and white face is smiling carelessly, the swinging skirt is swinging in the snow, step by step Like flowers.

    Duke Xu was afraid that she would fall, so he rushed to meet her, "Go slowly, don't..."

    After all, it was too late to say the last word. Xu Nian obviously felt that his feet were soft at that moment, and he fell forward uncontrollably.

    At the critical moment, Duke Xu still supported his daughter with his outstretched hand. Xu Nian swayed half a circle, and the fox fur drew an arc, and finally stabilized his body.

    She vaguely felt that her hair was being pulled by something, Xu Nian stroked the sore spot, and the caged cart beside her had already passed her by.

    "Ninny, are you okay?" Duke Xu frowned and looked her up and down carefully.

    Xu Nian shook his head, he felt ashamed for being so reckless.

    But at this time on the cage car, the smell of fragrant fragrance seemed to be still scratching his cheeks. The young man closed his eyes and let the wind blow them away. He opened his eyes again, and held a few strands of hair in his hands, which were soft and smooth. , It is something that is cherished at first glance.

    His raised eyes were penetrating, and the people around him were frightened, and hurriedly retreated away from him.

    The young man just raised his hands, letting the wind blow on his palms, the obtrusive things disappeared, and his eyes were as indifferent as the cold wind.

    Xu Nian felt the chill behind him, so he subconsciously turned his head to look, but the downtown area had returned to its original state, and there was nothing unusual about it.

    Duke Xu breathed a sigh of relief, and confessed: "Don't break it again, His Majesty will entertain foreign envoys in the palace tomorrow night, and then you will go with Father."

    Xu Nian picked up a chestnut, a little absent-minded: "Then when will sister come back?"

    She wants to help Auntie break this rotten peach blossom.

    Duke Xu didn't think about it too much, he rubbed the top of her hair, and said softly: "The army is busy, and I won't be back until about half a month."

    Thinking of the convoy just now, Xu Nian asked curiously again: "Does father know where the caged cars that passed here just now are going to go?"

    Beast slaves and ferocious beasts, if they guessed right, would definitely be the focus of tomorrow's banquet.

    If something goes wrong at the dinner party, it may be possible to change the matter of Sister's being given a marriage.

    "Chen's school yard", Duke Xu lowered his face when he mentioned this, and handed her an invitation card, "Chen's family originally promised to come to the house today to apologize, but who would have thought that the emperor would hand over the selection of animal slaves to his family this morning, and now They asked us to come and get together under the pretext of complicated affairs."

    Xu Nian suddenly raised his eyes.

    If you want to prevent sister from being given a marriage, the best way now is to ruin tomorrow's banquet.

    Since the team that passed just now was used for the performance at tomorrow's banquet, it should be very important.

    If the beast slave ran away, the banquet would definitely not be able to go on.

    The old lady of the Chen family was formerly the head of Guang Luqing, and the children of the family got this kind of relationship, and they also held official positions. Although they were not as prestigious as the old lady, they should not be underestimated in Yandu.

    The whole house is up to the old man to decide.

    The three children of the Chen family were also pampered since they were young, and they didn't know the heights of the sky and the earth, so they almost killed Xu Nian in the frozen lake.

    In the previous life, Xu Nian was ill for several months before he could get out of bed. When he woke up, he only knew that his father had gone to His Majesty to complain. Thoughts.

    When Xu Nian got out of the car, she subconsciously grabbed Duke Xu's sleeve. Duke Xu turned around and patted her hand, telling her not to be afraid.

    Xu Nian's heart warmed up, she still had her father, so she really didn't have to compromise like she did in her previous life.

    Although the old man of the Chen family was old, he walked out tremblingly and was supported by others, but he could still see the domineering and shrewd image in his eyes.

    The Chen family's two sons and a daughter stood aside, Xu Nian greeted them and sat down with his father.

    Old Mrs. Chen: "A few days ago, I blamed these bastards for their ignorance, which almost caused a catastrophe. I called them over today and handed them over to the Duke."

    As soon as Xu Nian heard this, he knew that this matter was not so easy to solve.

    Chen Jiaming made a preemptive move and pushed out those who bullied her. On the surface, they were kind, but it was expected that they would not dare to do anything to the children of the Chen family.

    If Dad vented his anger on himself, and spread the reputation of bullying the younger generation, he would be criticized,

    Under such circumstances, they could only hold their breath and say "it's okay" in turn.

    Duke Xu's complexion was not good, he turned to look at those Chen family children who were as old as his own daughter, and said sullenly: "If you say that, then it is okay for me to bring these children back to my house today?"

    Old Mrs. Chen didn't expect him to say that, and his face froze, "I told you to leave it to your family, and I'm afraid I won't do it to you. If you want to take it, take it away!"

    After finishing speaking, he glanced at the three people on the side from the corner of his eye, and the person who hadn't spoken much since entering the door suddenly knelt down in front of Duke Xu.

    They apologized in unison: "That day we mistook Nian Nian for the wrong person, causing Nian Nian's younger sister to fall ill and let Uncle Xu deal with it."

    Chen Ning is the second child of the Chen family and the only granddaughter of Mrs. Chen. She said with tears in her eyes, "Sister Nian Nian, I really didn't mean to push you that day. The lakeside is wet and slippery. It's because I stepped on the air..."

    Before he finished speaking, he blamed himself first and wiped away his tears, with a look of self-blame.

    It's so innocent.

    Xu Nian couldn't hold back and handed out a handkerchief to wipe her tears, "Sister Ning is kind-hearted, so she wouldn't hurt me. Sister Ning didn't break it that day, did she?"

    She remembered clearly that it was Chen Ning who pushed her hard behind her back, while her two brothers stopped Lian Tang and watched her struggling in the lake with cold eyes.

    The reason for everything is that her elder sister had a marriage contract with Chen Ning's brother, but later they looked down on her elder sister for acting like a soldier, wasting the marriage period, forcing the Xu family to propose divorce, and biting back that her elder sister didn't know what to do Well, it was she who argued a few words that day, and it ended up like that.

    Chen Ning raised his head in astonishment, and Lihua's rainy tears stopped.

    I thought, could it be that I am sick and stupid.

    Xu Nian always had a peaceful smile on his face.

    She was still thinking about Elder Sister's love affair at tomorrow's banquet, so naturally she didn't want to waste time with them.

    Right now, saving sister is the most important thing!

    The smirk was almost unbearable, she helped him up first, and said: "Father, it's understandable that Sister Ning was weak and didn't stand upright. I blamed me for insisting on standing there that day, and it was still my fault."

    Xu Nian felt that this sentence was very disgusting, because she saw that Dad's face became very exciting.

    Taking advantage of no one's attention, she shook her head calmly at Father.

    Since the old masters of the Chen family decided that they would not really take people back, they just wanted to rely on it, and it would be useless to say more.

    There is always another way to get it back!

    Noticing the beautiful pearl hairpin on Chen Ning's head, Xu Nian seemed to have forgotten what he was talking about just now, and suddenly took it out curiously: "It's so beautiful..."

    With this thin shape, it is not difficult to open the lock.

    In an instant, the scene changed to the little girl's family sharing good things, and the old man of the Chen family was all smiles on his face.

    He skipped Luohu's talk and asked his granddaughter to take Xu Nian to see more at home.

    Xu Nian's words of refusal came to his lips, and he suddenly remembered Auntie's rotten peach blossoms, and nodded obediently.

    Chen Ning glanced at her absent-minded look, and curled his lips indistinctly, thinking that he would give her another blow later.

    The school field is not a place for them to come. Swords have no eyes on the training field. If they are discovered, they must be punished.

    Xu Nian pretended to be ignorant and followed behind her.

    Chen Ning introduced to her with a smile, "Sister Niannian must have never seen such a scene. The beast slaves transported from a foreign country are locked here today. They will have a competition later. Go into the palace for viewing at tomorrow's banquet."

    Turning around to see Xu Nian really looking around as if he had never seen the world, he felt even more proud.

    Xu Nian had already seen the caged cart, but it was heavily guarded, and ordinary people were not allowed to get close to it.

    She lowered her eyes, trying to pull Chen Ning away from there, "It's scary, we better not go there, Father is still waiting for me to go back."

    Shocked, the hand holding Chen Ning trembled slightly.

    Seeing her scared, Chen Ning felt at ease,

    If it weren't for her perseverance, how could she be confined at home and be scolded by her grandfather.

    She raised the corners of her lips and deliberately pulled her over there, "There are so many people, they can still come out to bite you, sister Niannian has never seen it before, today I will take you to take a closer look."

    "Don't go over..."

    It was useless to refuse, Chen Ning pulled her wrist tightly, for fear that she would not follow.

    Xu Nian lowered his eyes and flickered calmly.

    Surrounded by iron fences, the ferocious beasts were resting in the middle of the arena, and the slaves were still locked in cages, but there were more bloodstains on their bodies and blood stains on their faces, and the number was not as many as what they saw in the morning.

    "We came just in time, we screened most of them, and the rest survived from the mouths of beasts."

    Chen Ning was afraid that she wouldn't be able to scare her, so he took out Miss Chen's token despite the guard's obstruction, and insisted on bringing Xu Nian a few steps away from them.

    Seeing that something was wrong, the guard quickly sent someone to report.

    Xu Nian saw the chains on their bodies and stroked the thin hairpin with his fingertips.

    Do you know if any of these people have the ability to escape? Her naive idea is somewhat sure of success.

    At this moment, Chen Ning suddenly pushed her, with malicious force behind him, Xu Nian was caught off guard and staggered a few steps forward, but did not fall, but dropped the thin hairpin in his hand.

    The sound alarmed the people in the cage, and all the exhausted slaves looked at Xu Nian.

    There was only one person, with slightly sideways eyes, looking at the things that fell at hand, thoughtfully.

    Their hair was partly scattered, and their faces were covered by blood stains, but they looked terrifying.

    Xu Nian gasped in fright.

    Chen Ning said "Oh" and smiled smugly before walking to her side in a pretentious manner, "Are you all right? I just..."

    Before he finished speaking, he was frightened by Xu Nian's eyes looking back.

    His eyes were sharp and sharp, and Chen Ning was taken aback by the camera.

    She stared blankly at the person in front of her, completely forgetting what she was going to say.

    Isn't this fool careless, why is he so fierce all of a sudden, bluffing?

    Xu Nian narrowed her eyes slightly. In her previous life, she supported the Yu Palace alone, but she didn't rely on tolerance and good temper!

    She raised her voice, "Sister Ning brought me to such an important place. If something goes wrong with them, it won't be because my sister didn't stand firm and can explain it clearly."

    "As a sister, I know in my heart that what happened that night was just to save face for my sister for the time being, and I didn't say that I would get it back. If my sister bullies people like this again, I don't care about the world today, and I will let my sister taste the lake. the taste of it."

    While speaking, she glanced back, and the dropped thing was indeed gone.

    If they can find a chance to escape, there will be chaos at the banquet tomorrow, and her elder sister will not be given a marriage by then, right?

    Just as Xu Nian looked away, the boy happened to turn his eyes sideways.

    With heavy eyes, it's her again.

    "What could happen?" Chen Ning muttered angrily.

    Xu Nian smirked, but his eyes were cold, "Chen Ning."

    Chen Ning heard the sound, but before he could respond in the future, a hand fell behind his back, pushing hard like she did just now.

    The eyes of those who rushed forward were full of disbelief, Xu Nianyouyou finished the second half of the sentence: "Do you like it?"

    Xu Nian walked up behind her, holding her back tightly with his hand. Chen Ning wanted to struggle to straighten up, but felt that the people behind him used so much force that she couldn't stand up straight up. He could only maintain this difficult situation. The movement meets the empty eyes in the cage.

    When had she ever been wronged like this, she struggled violently, "What are you going to do, let me go!"

    Xu Nian stared at her indifferently, and dragged her to the small pond next to her, "What am I doing? I just want to imitate your hand skating."

    The surface of the water was sparkling, reflecting the figures of the two of them.

    That strength refused to let go, it was so strong that people could not resist, Chen Ning had no doubt that she would really do this,

    I was scared at the moment, so I softened my voice, "Don't be impulsive, this is my house, not a place where you can mess around."

    Xu Nian swayed, and Chen Ning panicked and wanted to grab something that could support his body, "Next time, don't bully people like this, you will get retribution!"

    Chen Ning closed her eyes in horror, but the expected falling into the water did not come. She opened her eyes in fear, and she was already standing on the edge.

    Xu Nian saw his father waiting for him, ignored the people behind him, and went to find his father to go home.

    But at this time, the guards changed shifts, and the number of people on the field suddenly decreased a lot.

    The young man bent one leg and leaned against the iron railing, holding the pearl hairpin just now in his hand.

    The blood on his wrist was scabbed away by the bracelet, and the flesh and blood reappeared, but he didn't seem to feel it.

    There are two people in one cage, and now there are still ten cages left, two-two duels, and in the end only ten people survive the duel.

    Liu Qi, who was with him, huddled tightly in a corner, wishing to be farther away from the boy.

    ——Who told him that he was unlucky, and formed a group with this lunatic.

    The young man was the youngest among them. On the way here, they formed gangs to exclude him, trying to bully him to the point of begging for mercy.

    Now that group of people have all turned into cold corpses, only him is left.

    Thinking of what he had said about humiliating the boy, Liu Qi felt chills down his back.

    Let your mouth be cheap, he can't wait to slap himself twice.

    While feeling remorseful, he glanced at the boy's always peaceful face, and thought with luck, isn't it so evil?

    The boy suddenly said, "Only one of us can live, do you know that?"


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