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    Xu Nian wanted to dodge, but the hand on the shoulder pinched her ambiguously.

    She struggled to no avail, and said angrily: "Cousin Xiao Cheng, let go! If you are so incomprehensible, I will report to my grandfather, and you will definitely be beaten.

    Besides, her aunt had passed away for several years, and Xiao Cheng was born of the surname who married in after her aunt, and had nothing to do with her at all, so she couldn't really be called her cousin.

    It was already very polite to call him. She knew that Xiao Cheng was usually a womanizer and a womanizer, but she never thought that he would dare to do this on the street.

    Lian Tang saw that his young lady was being bullied, so she stepped forward and wanted to push him away, "Master Biao, Meng Lang like you is not to be hated..."

    Before he came to him, Xiao Cheng pushed her away, and said impatiently: "I'm talking to my cousin, there's no way you, a lowly servant, can interrupt, get out!"

    After finishing speaking, he turned back with a smile, wanting to touch her face, "Cousin, the moonlight is so beautiful tonight, why rush to go back, wouldn't it be good to stay with cousin for a while?"

    Anyway, it's crowded with people, and others can't see it if you take advantage of it. Thinking of this, he has no worries.

    Liantang was pushed out and staggered out, and only managed to stop her fall after touching a few passers-by. Xu Nian just reached out to help her, how could Xiao Cheng let her go, sniffing the bursts of puffs on her body. Nuanxiang deliberately stepped sideways to block her, forcing her to get close to him, wanting to stand next to her.

    Xu Nian felt disgusted, and pushed him with all his strength: "How dare you! Let me go."

    This kind of strength was useless to Xiao Cheng, but he became more and more interested, forcing her to look up like this, "My cousin is so beautiful, I don't allow my brother to touch it twice, after all, it's my own, cousin It doesn't hurt either."

    Xu Nian was so angry that he couldn't stop trembling, and when he was anxious, he raised his hand to pull out the pearl hairpin on his head, as if he wanted to poke that restless hand.

    "Yo", Xiao Cheng wasn't afraid of her at all, and his greedy eyes became more intense, "How does my cousin know that I like strong-tempered people, you hook me so hard to get you, you obviously flirt with me on purpose."

    Xu Nian could see the oily gleam on that face, and the frivolous voice forced her to close her eyes, and she wanted to pierce it down ruthlessly, but Xiao Cheng had already prepared himself, even the thought of holding that wrist in his hand made her feel itchy, Seeing her raising her hand, he deliberately pulled her hand, put his whole face in front of her eyes, and said triumphantly: "Cousin, come to kiss—ah——!"

    The piercing pain on the back of the hand and the cracking sound on the wrist came almost at the same time.

    Xu Nian suddenly opened his eyes.

    The boy specially tied up a high ponytail today. During the movement, the tail of the hair hardly moved. Instead, the black hairband fluttered along with the discovery of the wind, rolling over the cold light on the mask. , he may have frowned, and there was a little suppressed impatience in his eyes.

    Xiao Cheng's hand was so painful that he lost strength, he could only let go temporarily, but the hand that was raised to play tricks on Xu Nian was folded behind him in an abnormal arc.

    With a slight smile on his lips, Qi Chu said, "Lu Zhi thought that Miss would be bullied."

    Her fingers were slightly stained with blood, the red on the white jade was the most beautiful.

    "Lu Zhi...", Xu Nian suddenly let go of his fingers as if awakened, and threw away the hairpin that was still stained with blood.

    Xiao Cheng couldn't think of it, so he took it down, he stepped back a few steps, his face became a little hideous because of the pain and humiliation, "Where did you come from, you don't even dare to see people, and dare to spoil the good things of the master, you Believe it or not, tomorrow I will let you die on this street, chop up your meat and feed it to wild dogs!"

    Qi Chu glanced at him coldly, just as he was about to shut him up completely, he saw Xu Nian who was standing blankly at the side again from the corner of his eyes, gritted his teeth, and just told him: "Within half an hour, find Xu Nian." If you don't get a medical center where you can pick it up, your hand may have to be chopped off in the future."

    The voice is faint, already hiding emotions to the limit.

    Xiao Cheng was really frightened, and stared at him viciously, "Wait for me, don't let me meet you again, or I will make you look good!" After saying that, he dragged his softened arm and hurried away. Find a doctor's office.

    Xu Nian looked back and suddenly asked, "So is it really broken?"

    Qi Chu bent his lips, and asked with some deep meaning in his eyes: "It's just to scare him. Miss thinks I've gone too far?"

    Xu Nian shook his head.

    She actually wanted to ask him where he was just now, but she felt that if she asked him, she might not be able to tell.

    Qi Chu raised his sleeve, and suddenly handed it in front of her, "There is nothing else that can wipe Miss's hands. If Miss doesn't dislike it, just use it."

    His voice was a little rambling, and a smile appeared on his lips, but there was no smile in his eyes.

    Xu Nian refused him, "I've never been in the habit of wiping my hands with other people's clothes." Lian Tang gave Qi Chu a strange look, and then handed over the handkerchief. Xu Nian almost wiped his fingers red, but still felt Dirty.

    "What's the big deal?" He didn't like the clothes anyway. Looking at the person who had been wiped until there were no traces, but kept struggling with his palms, Qi Chu said, "Miss, don't you think it's disgusting?" , that’s why you don’t want to use it?”

    Xu Nian raised his eyes and said helplessly, "You've been talking like this recently, and I don't want to answer you."

    Qi Chu's words were blocked, his brows were half frowned, and he saw her wiping her hands again, and there was nothing on them, do you hate blood so much?

    Xu Nian's original good mood was all gone now, when he got into the car, he subconsciously looked back at him for a moment, and asked, "Do you want to go back with us?"

    Don't ask him where he is going, but ask him if he wants to go back?

    Qi Chu's eyebrows moved, and he said: "Lu Zhi still misses the beauty he saw just now, and is going to go back and look for it."

    Xu Nian put down the curtain and stopped talking.

    Qi Chu watched the carriage start calmly, then turned around and walked into the crowd in the opposite direction.

    In the Xu mansion, the Prime Minister Xu Wenyuan, who was over half a hundred years old, sat on the ground with a dejected face, and his face suddenly changed a lot.

    Looking at the room full of unkind people, my heart is ashamed.

    Thinking that death sooner or later is always death, he flicked his sleeves, "Who exactly do you want me to meet? It's fine if you don't post the greeting card. You say you want to meet someone, but it's been a long time since there are so many guests in the front hall who need me to come forward. But you let me stare at you all here, what exactly are you trying to do!"

    Wu Zheng's sword was always on his neck, "Master Xu, if you tell you to wait, just wait. My master has prepared a big gift for you today. Don't waste my master's heart."

    Xu Wenyuan looked at the half-person-high box in the middle of the room, and felt that such intentions must not be good intentions.

    "This is a new yuan gift I specially prepared for my lord," said a voice from outside.

    Qi Chu pushed open the door, and a crescent of moonlight blocked him behind him. He bent his lips and said, "I specially chose a day for family reunion to send here. Is Mr. Xu really not curious at all?"

    At the same time, Qi Xuan looked sideways at the person who came back to report, and said, "Xu Mansion?"

    "Yes, this woman is cunning, she sensed that we were looking for her, and took advantage of the chaos of the crowd tonight, she ran away first."

    Dark clouds cover the moon, people in the pavilions and pavilions stand with their hands behind their backs, and the lights of the city are all in sight.

    Things that were supposed to end five years ago, but now dragged on for another five years, should end sooner.

    "Don't scare the snake, wait for the opportunity." At this time, the maid who came in to light the lamp accidentally touched the window lattice, and the noise alarmed the people in the room. Qi Xuan paused, looked at that place with sharp eyes, and the person who answered pressed his steps to walkBeside the maid.

    When he came back again, the blood on the dagger had been wiped dry.

    Qi Xuan continued: "Two things have been broken in a row. Now among the people in the court, only Xu Wenyuan has not stood in line. The bones will not survive. The counterfeit we found is enough for him to be a treasure."

    The person who answered asked tentatively: "Then... about that person?"

    He really has no clue.

    "His poison has no cure, since it won't come out, then I'll spend it with him." Qi Xuan touched the table with his fingers, and said with a light smile, "It's done, he can't change much at all."

    When Qi Chu came back, he had just entered the front yard when he suddenly heard a tiny exclamation.

    His eyes moved, the eaves covered each other, and there was nothing unusual. He stepped up and was about to leave, and the soft call sounded again, carrying a thin wind, and it was heard far and near.

    Qi Chu stopped completely, and turned his head to look somewhere.

    Xu Nian looked up at the ladder that was blown down by the wind. The evening wind was picking up, and she wanted to go down.

    "Lian Tang? Are you in the courtyard?" Xu Nian called out a few times tentatively, and the little cat in his arms also meowed twice as if agreeing with her.

    Keeping his voice down, afraid of alarming Dad, he climbed up the roof tiles, and would inevitably scold him.

    One cat and one person looked at each other, and the little cat stretched its body, trying to escape from her arms, but Xu Nian held its head and pulled it back.

    What Qi Chu saw was such a scene, Xu Nian didn't notice that someone was coming beside him, and just when he was about to try again, a clear voice came:

    "Miss, if you call out like that, no one will come by tomorrow morning."

    He said he was timid, but he dared to go to a high place, but he couldn't get down, so he yelled softly, who could hear him.

    Qi Chu didn't like such unintelligent people, so much so that when he spoke, it seemed that he had thorns on him, and he wanted to pierce him for no reason.

    Finally freed from being stuck on it, Xu Nianxi smiled and wanted to hand him the cat first, "Catch it first, and then help me up the fallen ladder over there."

    After the words fell, Qi Chu didn't move, his eyes swept over the things in her arms, and he even frowned slightly.

    He asked: "Miss, do you think that if you can't get down by yourself, then it can't get down?"

    The kitten meowed obediently, as if affirming his words. During the period, it struggled to move a bit, and found that Xu Nian would not let go, so he could only helplessly lose his breath. He stared at the person in front with Xu Nian .

    "If you don't answer it, don't answer it, why do you want to hurt me?" Xu Nian looked at the person up and down, and he was still the same person, but his temper has been a little too late recently, so it's not as good as it sounds at first.

    Luckily, Xu Nian sat down where he was, and seeing him with his head up, he felt guilty, and suddenly picked up the cat and held it in front of him, shaking it for a while,

    Qi Chu raised a smile, but it was a little cold, and reminded her: "Miss, you should think about it. If you fall from the top, today will be the death day next year."

    Say something unfavorable, bah bah bah.

    Xu Nian glanced at him unhappily. Seeing his firm attitude, he let go of his hand and put the kitten aside for the time being. Qi Chu finally supported the ladder as if he was satisfied.

    When Xu Nian came down, there was no sign of a cat, but her body was covered in cat fur, flying in the air with every movement.

    Qi Chu took a few steps back, Xu Nian looked at him suspiciously, and said, "I thought you wouldn't come back tonight?"

    She began to reflect, coming and going freely, did give him more privileges.

    Qi Chu said with a smile, "Miss thinks well, I just came back to tell Miss, so that Miss will not miss Lu Zhi too much."

    Xu Nian frowned and refuted him: "When did I miss you?"

    "No?" Qi Chu's tone was inexplicably deep, "But it's true, a person like Lu Zhi really isn't worth remembering by Miss."

    Xu Nian smiled, looked at him for a moment, walked a few steps closer with a sly look in his eyes, then pulled up his sleeves when he was caught off guard, and wiped his hands well in front of him on purpose.

    She didn't have anything in hand, but she just wanted to do this suddenly, which made her unhappy, and she always wanted to get it back.

    Sure enough, Qi Chu's face froze, his lips moved, and he asked: "Miss doesn't like this?"

    This is what she just said tonight.

    Xu Nian had already opened the distance proudly, raised his face slightly, and told him: "Preferences are subject to change. I bought the clothes. If you go out tonight, you may be contaminated with something else. Take the initiative to stretch out the clothes." I don’t want to come here, this is the best.”

    While speaking, Xu Nian closely watched his expression, watching him frowning, watching him pursing his lips, they were all sneak movements of a bad mood.

    Xu Nian didn't want to talk to him, so he patted the cat fur on his body indiscriminately, before leaving, he turned around and said, "Lu Zhi, I was going to raise it, but now it's all your fault, the cat ran away, you have to pay for it." I have only one."

    When everyone was gone, Qi Chu spread out his sleeves and suddenly sneezed, feeling that his whole body was covered in that damned cat hair, and when the tip of his nose itched, he sneezed again.

    He flicked up his sleeves, and the rash on his arms had already floated up.

    The next day, the weather was fine, and the carriage at the gate of Xu's mansion was ready, Lian Tang hurriedly chased after her and shouted: "Miss, take these snacks and eat them on the road, don't forget."

    Xu Nian turned around and took it, and was about to go to his grandfather's house with the New Year's greetings, but just arrived at the door, when he looked up, he found the young man leaning on the door, looking at her with his arms folded.

    Xu Nian stretched out his hand and asked him, "Where's my cat?"

    Qi Chu looked at her leisurely, wondering if there was only one in front of him?

    The most vicious one in recent days.

    But he didn't say that, he just said: "Do you want a cat, or a human?"

    Then he asked inexplicably: "Miss didn't tell me the journey, is she planning to leave Lu Zhi?"

    The question was so serious that it seemed to be true.

    When Xu Nian arrived in front of him, he stopped in his tracks. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw some fading red spots on his neck, and he couldn't get angry for a moment, feeling an indisputable anger.

    When is it now, he is still so out of tune, and went to see some beauty overnight, is he really waiting for Qi Chu to come back?

    Qi Chu only felt that those eyes were extraordinarily fierce, different from the usual eyes in the past, and this time there was a little more disgust in them.

    "Why is Miss looking at me like this?" He twitched his eyebrows and asked, "Did Lu Zhi guess right?"

    Xu Nian's warning eyes were shining brightly, but the person in front of him still had such a playful and idle attitude.

    "Lu Zhi", she said seriously, "If you continue to behave like this, I will not care about you, and from now on, without my order, you will not be able to enter and leave Xu's house at will."

    It is indeed because he indulged him too much that he developed such a bad nature.

    When the word "hustling" came to mind, Xu Nian didn't want to believe it for a moment, but from the corner of his eye he saw the erythema-like marks again, and said with an attitude of out of sight and out of mind: "Get out of the way, this is my home. I can go wherever I want, do I still need your consent?"

    Qi Chu has never seen her really angry. This is probably the first time. Novelty surpasses everything else. He is extremely crazy and wants to explore more. Seeing such a pair of angry eyes, he turned his lips slightly in satisfaction and joy. horn.

    He said: "Miss, you don't want to take Lu Zhi with you, but Lu Zhi wants to follow you. Miss said she wouldn't want me. Are you going to break your promise now?"

    He didn't even close his eyes, his dangerous and quiet eyes reflected Xu Nian's appearance at this time.

    Xu Nian felt terrified when he saw him, and said, "You don't have anything you want to do all day? Don't you feel bored and annoyed by walking around me every day?"

    She didn't want to say such cruel words, she couldn't bear it.

    Sure enough, as soon as the words fell, the smile on the lips of the person in front of him faded, "So the implication of Miss's words is that you are tired of Lu Zhi?"

    It is true that Xu Nian grasped the key words keenly, but Xu Nian was not so angry that he was irrational. He stepped forward and did not intend to stay. When he passed by his side, he replied, "I just don't like you like this."

    Qi Chu lowered his eyes and looked cold.

    Now this, now what?

    Why follow her preferences, she is the prey, the prey should have the self-consciousness of the prey, and the prey should follow his preferences.

    When Xu Nian got out of the car, he found that he was still following.

    Qi Chu set up a step stool for her, and stood aside, Xu Nian was always used to put his shoulders on his shoulders, but today he paused when he raised his hand, and changed to the servant waiting by his side.

    "Lu Zhi, I think you don't want to come anymore." Xu Nian had already walked a few steps before turning around, "Xiao Cheng is inside, he is small-minded, and has a bad stomach. You broke his hand. If he sees you today When I see you, I will definitely find a way to get it back."

    When come to grandfather's house, it is inevitable to run into each other.

    Qi Chu raised his eyes, looked at the back of her turning and walking in from a distance, and said, "Miss is really heartless, if it wasn't for me last night, miss would not know what wronged her, but now she is blaming me for abolishing your cousin Hand, Miss, because she loves such a waste, it is unreasonable to blame me in turn."

    Xu Nian knew that this person was obedient and would only listen to what he wanted to hear. It made sense to misinterpret her words, and he didn't change it at all.

    She didn't stop, and went straight in. She didn't look back until the door was closed.

    Zhu Hongmen blocked her line of sight, and Qi Chu's expression became more and more gloomy. This was the second time she didn't look back.

    Miss may not know, he is also extremely small-minded.

    At this moment, the small door next to it was suddenly opened, and the young servant looked around, ran over, and said: "Master Xiao, please go in and sit down, because he has prepared a big gift for you hurting him last night." Here it is, I don’t know if you dare to accept it.”

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