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    By the time the pattering rain stopped in Yandu City, it was almost the winter solstice.

    It was almost at this time in her previous life, her family was ruined and she had nothing left.

    But now, the heat on the dinner table is hazy.

    Xu Nian brought some food for Sister, and asked in a low voice, "I see that Sister is too busy to be seen, is there anything wrong?"

    She heard from her father that the hidden piles hidden on the side of her house were almost cleaned up.

    Thinking about it, this catastrophe is over for the time being.

    Xu Sijiang held up his wine glass to touch her, and said heartily, "Don't worry, it's alright."

    "However, thanks to A Nian's reminder, there are a few gaps that are easy for people to take advantage of, and there are no major problems now."

    Xu Nian finally breathed a sigh of relief. Coming back from rebirth was the thing that worried her the most, and it was also the thing she couldn't do anything about.

    Even though she knew the whole story, she couldn't find any other way except relying on her family.

    So she chose to remind Father and Sister overtly and secretly at the beginning of the year to avoid disasters earlier, and now it seems that it is effective.

    Xu Nian smiled comfortably, liking the sense of stability now.

    She said: "From now on, every winter solstice, sister will accompany Nian Nian to eat dumplings, no cheating is allowed."

    "Oh, it's really my sister who came back. I only serve food for your elder sister, but not for your father and mother," said Duke Xu on the side sourly.

    Xu Nian immediately started to move, caught fish for father, and put rice for mother.

    The eyes are wide open, as if to say, is it okay now?

    Xu's mother touched Duke Xu to tell him not to care about the child, she lowered her eyes and couldn't help smiling.

    At the same time, the atmosphere in Prince Yu's mansion was extremely gloomy.

    Shen Changlin has been extremely anxious these days, "Do you think Xu Sijiang has discovered something? It's been so long, and his vigilance has not diminished but has increased."

    Qi Xuan's several trials showed that the Xu family could not earn their income.

    Since you can't be friends, you can only get rid of it first.

    The evidence of the Su Yang case is still in Xu Sijiang's hands, and such a person must not be left in existence.

    But after laying it out for so long, he didn't let him catch the slightest flaw.

    I always feel that this year is not good.

    Qi Xuan said: "I thought she was aware of current affairs, but she didn't seem like one who wanted to die."

    No matter how good the defense is, what's the use, there will always be weaknesses.

    Since the place you want to move can't be moved, use the place that is easy to move.

    "Does the lord have any tricks?" He said so, and he must have some ideas.

    Qi Xuan looked in the direction of the palace, thinking of the increasingly severe situation in the past few days, and thought that he could not wait any longer, his plan should be put on the agenda as soon as possible.

    There is only one dead end to sit and wait.

    He said: "If you can't find the handle, then find out the weakness."

    Shen Changlin listened intently.

    "Xu Sijiang is hard to move, but her sister is not."

    Qi Xuan closed her eyes, stabilized her impetuous heart, and tried her best to calm herself down.

    He felt that at this moment, he had been forced to a string, and he would be precarious no matter which way he went.

    The person who forced him was called Qi Chu.

    Why come back, isn't it good to die outside? If he died five years ago or a year ago, everyone would be happy.

    He closed his eyes, and what appeared in front of his eyes was the face of his own mother, Lu Mingyue, thirteen years ago.

    What kind of face it was, he couldn't remember.

    The woman seemed to have endless tears, and she was always sighing and mourning.

    She was trapped in the palace, lost her freedom and her beloved one, but Emperor Cheng, who caused all this, was sitting in a high position with peace of mind, ruling over her inescapable fate.

    Emperor Cheng likes that body, it has nothing to do with love, it's just desire to conquer and play tricks.

    And they were born out of dirty desires.

    The woman always regretted giving birth to them. It was the most unbearable memory and past for her. She could have tried her best to forget it, but because of them, it became an indelible past.

    She said that it was only three days before the person she liked would come back, they would get married, grow old together, and it would be a good relationship.

    A young talent is matched with a beautiful woman. At that time, the Lu family's happy couplets were all hung up, but they waited until the coffin of Miss Lu's wishful husband.

    Everything after that was like a nightmare. She became a canary in the palace, a pet kept by Emperor Cheng's side, and someone who vented his desires.

    After being belittled, others have forgotten how bright and charming Miss Lu was in a long time ago.

    The day the woman finally escaped from the imperial city, she threw four-year-old Qi Chu into the imperial city soldiers who came to arrest her.

    They were in the carriage, and when he turned his head, Qi Chu was watching their backs without blinking.

    He thought he was lucky. After all, that woman always looked at him lovingly.

    He would hold his hand tightly when he was running away, and he would choose his life when life and death were on the line.

    She said to him earnestly and earnestly: "Only you are my child."

    Because Qi Chu's indifferent and cold eyes always reminded her of that devil.

    She said: "It's good for him to die. I don't want him to live. I just want you to live well..."

    There must always be someone to vent her hatred, and Qi Chu is that person.

    The woman ran away with him, and led him to wander, but she didn't know that he didn't want to go with her at all.

    Qi Xuan deeply knew that since he was young, what he wanted was in the imperial city.

    He is the one who wants to stay the most.

    Leave him alone, don't hold him, it's annoying. He heard his own heart say so.

    So later, he really went back and became the queen's legitimate son.

    Lu Mingyue was still dead, he died in a cold winter, when the pale body was carried out from the house, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

    No one will take him away from here in the future, and he won't be far away from what he wants, which is great.

    He thought, still a little regretful.

    Why not take Qi Chu with him, so that he won't be so troubled later.

    Someone pushed open the door, Qi Xuan opened his eyes, and Shen Jiao appeared at the door, holding steaming dumplings in his hands.

    She said, "Brother Wenyu, today is the winter solstice, you can't drive me away anymore."

    He hasn't seen other messy people recently, which makes her very happy.

    She has liked him since she could remember, for a long time, she can't see anyone else coveting him.

    Qi Xuan stood up, this was his habit of looking for an excuse to avoid her again, Shen Jiao blocked the door all of a sudden, not allowing him to leave.

    "I have been in Yandu for so long, and you still treat me like this." She is not stupid, she can see that he just ignores her.

    But so what, she didn't care.

    "You shouldn't be here, go back to your house," Qi Xuan said impatiently.

    If Shen Changlin dares to bring someone in casually for him next time, he will turn his face and deny anyone.

    "Brother Wenyu", Shen Jiao suddenly softened her voice, "You are the best to me, now it's windy outside, are you willing to let me go to blow the air?"

    As soon as she finished speaking, Qi Xuan suddenly opened the door forcefully.

    He still has a lot of things to do now, so it's useless to spend time coaxing her here. +

    The person left, leaving only one voice, "Find someone to take her back."

    Being annoyed by her aunt during the day, and now being so noisy by her, why is the surname Shen not dead?

    Going to the Lantern Festival in the winter solstice is an annual custom of Dawei.

    The north wind was howling, and the thin cloak that Xu Nian had already put on was stuck under the fur collar like white jade, and his cheeks were a little red.

    On the other side of her, haven't seen him for half a month, the boy's side cheeks are more and more handsome and smooth, his figure has become taller and thicker, the black brocade robe makes him stand tall, but the eyebrows and eyes are as cold as the cold moon.

    "Your Highness, what a coincidence, you also came to see the Lantern Festival?" Xu Nian glanced at the people beside him, who were not very familiar, at least not in his previous life.

    Wu Zheng felt that that glance would kill him.

    His Highness was in a bad mood, and watched you from a high place for a long time, but now he came here on his own initiative, and you still look at me, I will be cut tomorrow.

    Qi Chu didn't answer her, but asked instead: "Will the lantern look good?"

    How should say that feeling, that is, she can live the same life with him or without him.

    If he doesn't come to her, she won't take the initiative to find him.

    It seemed that he could be let go if he was ruthless.

    She walked in a place full of people, and he was watching in the dark corner.

    Watch her talk to the peddler, watch her stop, watch her smile inadvertently.

    How can you do that to others.

    No, it can only be for him alone.

    The person in front of him seemed to be stunned by the question, just looked at him, but didn't speak, Qi Chu changed his way: "Do you like the lantern meeting?"

    His voice matched the cold wind at this time, and it was clearer and more pleasant, but the corners of his lips did not extend out of the arc, and his soft voice was not gentle, but it carried the cold wind.

    Xu Nian has been able to figure out his temper, and knows that he has to move forward at this time, and it is best to walk in front of him.

    Sure enough, when she got closer, Qi Chu's expression softened a little.

    It was still cold, but not as heavy as before.

    "Last Lantern Festival, I hung the lantern you won for me in the yard. It's prettier than all the ones on this street," Xu Nian said while paying attention to his expression.

    Qi Chu's eyes moved.

    Xu Nian continued: "This lantern festival is not good-looking, but you look much better than this lantern festival."

    The sloppiness was put away, and the jade face was handsome, especially the eyebrows, which were deep and delicate, like a fairy face.

    She thought it was really pretty.

    This time he moved his lips, paused for a while, and then called her "Miss" vaguely.

    I don't know what it means, miss.

    Xu Nian felt as if he had really discovered something extraordinary.

    He seemed really easy to coax.

    "Why didn't you come to see me?" He kept Wei Ze by her side all the time, as long as she wanted, but she didn't.

    Xu Nian said truthfully, "I'm afraid I'll cause trouble for you."

    After all, he seems to be really busy, and the whole Yandu is spreading rumors that His Majesty thinks highly of him and has given the new prince a lot of tasks.

    As for what task, it is unknown.

    "I can solve it," Qi Chu looked at her stubbornly for a moment.

    There was a boatman docking nearby, Qi Chu suddenly grabbed her wrist, and led her into the room.

    Lian Tang was still on the shore, and Xu Nian stretched out his hand before he was pushed back.

    Qi Chu threatened: "Don't call her."

    I haven't called him today, so I'm not allowed to call anyone else.

    Xu Nian felt helpless, "Qi Chu..."

    Her lips were red, and her eyes seemed to be full of water waves, clear and shining.

    The slightly drooping ending sound seems to be seductive.

    Qi Chu's throat moved, and he suddenly regretted what he was doing when he came back.

    If he wasn't some prince at this time, but just a bodyguard beside her, he probably wouldn't have been unable to see her for such a long time.

    There will be fewer eyes staring at him, and he won't have to face that disgusting person every day.

    Depression and dullness were all his feelings during this time.

    That palace was a huge cage, he once longed to get out of it, and then he sent himself in again.

    But if it doesn't change, according to his original plan, he will probably leave Yandu for a long time.

    Ever since he saw her and Qi Wenyu on the street that day, he didn't want to leave her side.

    I don't even want to follow what she said step by step, because walking like that will make her hate him.

    He had planned well, when to leave and when to start, but he didn't know which link made a mistake, so he stayed here, and the plan was pushed back and forth.

    His whereabouts were exposed, his plans changed, and he changed from being adventurous and impulsive to wanting to be more stable and reliable.

    "Why are you looking at me like this?" Xu Nian was so nervous that he swallowed unconsciously.

    The boat moved away from the shore, and the noise made by the crowd seemed to have turned into a phantom.

    Qi Chu said, "I was thinking, how to hide Miss."

    Either eat it or lock it up.

    It's so annoying.

    Everyone wants to try.

    The gaze on his face was too dangerous, Xu Nian quietly moved aside.

    "Did you not have a good rest?" There was a light bruise under his eyes.

    Qi Chu didn't speak, held her shoulders, and led her to sit in front of him.

    It's not that he didn't have a good rest, it's that he has insomnia, and he has been insomnia for a long time.

    That person is always replaying the scenes of that year, those memories that he has long forgotten, or that he discarded in the corner, like the light of the sky, flooding quickly.

    Xu Nian raised her face and looked at him without blinking, even now she could sense that his condition was not good.

    Thinking of the rumors in the market, she asked: "What did the emperor ask you to do?"

    are you busy? But recently, nothing major has happened in Yandu.

    Qi Chu's hands were hanging by his sides, and his eyes were also down. He stood in front of her, just looking at her, but didn't make a sound.

    Xu Nian didn't urge him either, she reached out to pull him to sit down, but found that he didn't move.


    His voice was a little dull, "Why did you hate me back then?"

    Xu Nian wanted to say: The overbearing is unreasonable.

    That's what you are at twenty.

    She didn't make a sound all the time, Qi Chu held her face in his hands, and didn't care what she wanted to say, and said one step ahead of her: "If Miss wants a good person, I probably can't do it."

    "But the lady can tell me what I hate about me, and I will hide it in front of the lady in the future."

    It will be hidden very well and will not let you find out.

    It was the first time that Xu Nian saw uneasiness in his eyes. The light in Qi Chu's eyes completely dimmed while she was silent.

    The whole person imagines like a pool of stagnant water.

    The hand he put on Xu Nian's cheek also slowly withdrew, because he wasn't sure if it was something she hated.

    But when he was about to slide down completely, Xu Nian suddenly grabbed him.

    Qi Chu raised his eyes in surprise.

    Xu Nian explained to him: "I'm silent not because I don't want to say, but because I'm thinking about what to say."

    "After thinking about it for so long, I still didn't think of the annoying point, so it's not there for the time being." He didn't have any points about Qi Chu in his previous life.

    Let's wait until he's twenty.

    At least not him now.

    Xu Nian's eyelashes are very long, and when he speaks, they sweep slightly in the air, like a butterfly landing on his bright eyes, eye-catching.

    Qi Chu likes to look at her eyes, they are calm and gentle, and when she smiles, they are bright and beautiful.


    Don't call me Miss anymore.

    Xu Nian asked him what he was going to do.

    Qi Chu stared blankly at her every move at this time, his throat rolled, and coaxed: "Kiss me."

    He lowered his voice, aggrieved and puzzled: "Miss has never kissed me before."

    She took the initiative to come, only that flashing hug.

    It was almost too late for him to react.

    Xu Nian didn't know how this person could be like this, one second he was still talking about serious things, and the next second, he suddenly jumped out of all the categories she could deal with.

    The air is a bit stuffy, wonder if the boat curtain is too thick to block the wind.

    "Miss", Qi Chu leaned down and approached her, his lowered eyes seemed to take her into his eyes, "Please, give me a kiss."

    Xu Nian felt that her lips became dry under his gaze, and she moved unnaturally.

    Qi Chu was still waiting, and they looked into each other's eyes from a short distance away.

    His voice was so low that there was only a snort with a little ending, and he asked with innocent eyes: "Didn't Miss say that she doesn't hate me?"

    Xu Nian felt his heart beating irrationally.

    The heat was coming to the face, and beside the burning ears, it was very noisy and very quiet, which was extremely contradictory.

    She stretched out her hand to hook his neck, pulled him down a little more, and then quickly leaned up again like stealing a bell.

    After touching it lightly, wanted to leave immediately.

    Qi Chu raised his hand suddenly, stopping her hand that wanted to run away, and let her remain the same.

    "Qi keep what you say," he gradually breathed heavily on her cheek, Xu Nian couldn't dodge it, the heart in his chest was about to jump out.

    I don't know whether to be afraid or nervous.

    "You said it..." You can let go.

    She was sitting on the stool at this moment, her cheeks were abnormally red, her eyes were misty, and she looked up to reason, very obedient.

    Qi Chu's palms brushed her hot face, and he squatted down slowly along her height. He knocked one knee on the ground, in a half-kneeling position, and brought her closer to him with his hand, and then ate it. Addicted to kiss up.

    Xu Nian was not good at taking the initiative, but he was hooked and led, his lips pressed against each other, making the sound of water grinding between his lips and teeth.

    The sound of suppressed but still heavy breathing overflowed from his nostrils, before Qi Chu left, he even licked it greedily.

    Ambiguously, he said, "I might have killed someone."

    Xu Nian was still panting, with puzzlement in his blurred eyes.

    "I had that dream again," he whispered, the only thing he was uncertain about in his life.

    Those beautiful eyes will also be confused.

    Qi Chu's voice was so illusory that he seemed to be talking to himself: "I might have really killed her."

    Xu Nian's eyebrows jumped suddenly, "Who?"

    "He called all the witnesses in front of me, and they all said that I did it."

    Qi Chu closed his eyes, it was the deepest nightmare.

    It was Qi Chu, who was six years old. His facial features were so immature that he still couldn't learn to restrain his emotions well.

    "I had a knife in my hand, and she fell to the side, bleeding all over the floor, and she looked at me with a pale face, just like that."

    Lu Mingyue probably never expected that the imperial palace, which she wanted to escape with all her heart, would still be her burial place.

    "I can't remember what happened in the middle, she scolded me, someone handed me a knife, and after that..."

    Qi Chu fell into silence. It was a long struggle. After a long time, he said, "I don't remember what happened later..."

    The Lu family died in the Su Yang case, he may be the same murderer as Qi Wenyu.

    It has been since a long time ago.

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