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    At night, the Duke's Mansion fell into silence.

    Even the dimly lit lights couldn't hide the young man's bright facial features. He stood aside with downcast eyes, waiting for orders.

    This action made it easier for Xu Nian to look at him.

    She was actually full of curiosity about this face. King Yu and Qi Chu were twin brothers, and their appearances were nine points alike.

    Xu Nian was able to tell them apart in his previous life because of the difference in their eyebrows.

    King Yu was born with a pair of gentle and kind eyes, approachable and easy to get along with, but that lunatic Qi Chu had mostly fierce and gloomy eyes, and blood would flow into rivers wherever he looked.

    Xu Nian usually did not dare to look at it blatantly, but now that the light is not bright, he is much more courageous.

    "You don't have to stand anymore, sit down first and let the doctor feel your pulse."

    Today mainly want to see how his injury is recovering.

    Qi Chu hesitated, Xu Nian raised his head and stared at him, with threats in his eyes, fierce.

    He even had the illusion that if he didn't move, Xu Nian would come to pull him.

    After a short pause, Qi Chu still sat opposite her.

    Xu Nian slacked off, appearing to appreciate and affirm his obedience, observing him with astute eyes.

    "I only asked your name last time, but I forgot to ask your birthday. How old are you now?"

    Qi Chu turned his wrist and said: "Sixteen".

    He only answered his age, but kept silent about his birthday, but Xu Nian knew that in one month, New Year's Eve would be his birthday.

    He didn't intend to say it, so Xu Nian also pretended not to notice.

    The doctor has already diagnosed the pulse, but he frowned and let go of his hand: "Second Young Lady, his pulse is weak and weak, which is a sign of loss of qi and blood after a long illness. The old man sees that the pulse is dangerous and easy to kill.Get it fixed as soon as possible."

    Dangerous pulse?

    Qi Chu just flicked down his sleeves lightly, and Xu Nian stopped him as soon as he got up:

    "I told you to sit and sit, and move no matter what, don't move!"

    This disobedient, she raised him with such good medicine and medicine, why didn't he get well at all, and there was an omen of danger.

    Can't you cherish your body a little bit? When Yaoshi Wuyi was killed by Qi Chu, you were the one to cry!

    Xu Nian glared at him angrily, and told the doctor: "Please be more considerate, no matter what medicinal materials you spend, I want him to recover."

    Qi Chu was taken aback by her glance.

    When Lian Tang took the doctor to grab the medicine, Qi Chu said, "It's Lu Zhi who has lost his temper. This body really bothers Miss."

    The attitude of admitting mistakes is very good, Xu Nianben's heart softened when he was about to scold him, and there was pity in his eyes, he just said: "Starting tomorrow, the doctor will change your medicine, and then I will come to supervise you every day. "

    In her impression, only if you don't take medicine well, your condition will remain unwell.

    Will he also be afraid of the pain of medicine? Xu Nian thought about it carefully, but she had little contact with King Yu in her previous life, and she didn't know this.

    "...Okay", just as Qi Chu raised his head, something suddenly touched the edge of his mouth. The warmth didn't last long in the cold wind, and it soon became cold.

    Chestnut aroma surrounds the nose.

    The girl who ordered people angrily just now suddenly changed her face.

    Her eyes were bright, and she looked at Qi Chu expectantly, "Try it quickly, it's very sweet, if you think it's good, I'll bring you chestnuts every time you take your medicine properly."

    The tone is like coaxing a little doll.

    Qi Chu hid almost subconsciously, not used to being treated so intimately, but Xu Nian thought that he was feeling cold, so he took out another piece from the innermost one, and without waiting for Qi Chu's reaction, immediately stuffed into his mouth.

    "My father peeled this for me. I hid it in the middle, and I'm still not willing to eat it."

    She raised her head, eagerly waiting for him to boast.

    If it had a tail, it would have been curled up long ago.

    Qi Chu felt that the warmth was still on his lips, and the sweetness of chestnuts lingered on the tip of his tongue.

    Xu Nian asked him, "Is it sweet?"

    That expectant gaze shone brightly, so clear that Qi Chu could see himself in her eyes.

    He was really waiting for a reply seriously, but Qi Chu suddenly couldn't cope with this situation.

    He replied embarrassingly, "... sweet."

    Xu Nian smiled like two crescents in her eyes, and she said, "Just as long as you like it, then it's agreed, you drink the medicine obediently, and I'll peel the chestnuts for you, then the medicine won't be so bitter."

    As if whispering something, she lowered her voice and said: "When I was sick some time ago, my mother said that sweets hurt my teeth, but I still have a lot of preserved fruits, and I will give them all to you tomorrow."

    Qi Chu's eyes moved.

    Do you think he can't get better if he doesn't drink his medicine properly?

    After thinking about this, he suddenly raised his lips, "Thank you for your concern, Miss, it's so kind to me!"

    The tone of voice is brisk, and this has the vigor that a teenager should have.

    Xu Nian also involuntarily followed him and raised the corners of his lips. Seeing that he was so obedient, he thought of teasing him, so he asked him, "You said I treat you well, is that the truth?"

    The long eyelashes moved slightly, and Qi Chu's thin lips parted slightly, "Lu Zhi never deceives Miss."

    "That day when it was snowing heavily on the long street, only the young lady stood by for me. When my life was hanging by a thread, it was the young lady who woke me up. Now it is the young lady who takes care of me in every possible way. The young lady is the one who Lu Zhi has received the most in his life. bona fide."

    His voice always gives people a very sincere feeling, and his words are so pleasant, which really makes people feel happy.

    Xu Nian had been deliberately keeping a certain distance from him, and when he spoke again, his voice became somewhat familiar.

    She asked him: "But if someone else treats you better than me in the future, will I still be your miss?"

    There was no fluctuation in Qi Chu's voice, and he replied calmly: "Miss is a unique one. Lu Zhi has never been treated by others. It is enough to meet Miss, and there will be no other people."

    Xu Nian took a peek at him, his eyes were downcast when he spoke, but the voice he spoke slowly was nice and convincing.

    She can even hear the obedience in it.

    Xu Nian smiled slyly, thinking it was very interesting, "Lu Zhi, don't you realize that I'm testing you?"

    As soon as the word "probing" was uttered, Qi Chu was slightly stunned for a moment, the people in front of him laughed and laughed at Yan Yan, and the girl's unique agility was all written in her eyes.

    Such a bright, not like someone who would appear in the cold winter, but in the scorching summer.

    After a while, he shook his head and corrected: "Miss cares about Lu Zhi, this is not a temptation."

    Xu Nian did not expect him to answer like this.

    She was quite astute, she just wanted to see how much patience this man had, it was good that Qi Xuan had a good temper, but Xu Nian didn't know where the goodness was.

    She just wanted to test his bottom line.

    This is also the key to the final decision whether to help him deal with Qi Chu.

    She wanted to find a foolproof reliance for the family, and this reliance could not be malicious towards her at any time.

    Xu Nian's eyes traced his handsome outline boldly, and his voice was a bit seductive and gentle: "Lu Zhi, you are so smart, have you ever thought about why I care so much about you?"

    Qi Chu seemed to be ignorant, and still answered rigidly: "It's because Miss is kind, it's because Lu Zhi has a noble person in his life—"

    "Neither of them," Xu Nian suddenly interrupted him.

    Qi Chu's eyes were slightly puzzled, but Xu Nian had been thinking about it for a long time.

    She said: "I will not save useless people. I save you because I see something in you that I can use."

    In the previous life, King Yu disliked people who lied and talked.

    Xu Nian still remembers the sword she wounded him, which almost killed him, and it is not easy to forget.

    He remembered, just didn't mention it.

    After all, it stabbed someone's heart. If he is no longer honest, it will inevitably leave him with suspicion.

    She was afraid that he would ascend to a high position, and suspected that what she was doing now was calculated and plotted against the law, and she was afraid that he would put little shoes on Teng Guogong's mansion.

    Besides, Xu Nian has always been unable to hold back what was in his heart, and felt uneasy in his heart, so it would be better to speak it out skillfully to feel more at ease.

    Sure enough, Qi Chu's eyes flashed with surprise, but he immediately returned to normal.

    He stood up and stood aside with downcast eyes, "It is something that Lu Zhi should be happy to be used by Miss. I promised Miss that as long as Miss needs me, Lu Zhi will definitely go all out and never let Miss down." trust."


    Qi Chu raised his eyes, and there was an inexplicable power in his eyes, "Miss, whether it's murder or arson, Lu Zhi can do it."

    "Miss asked Lu Zhi like this today, but have you decided who to kill?"


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