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    Xu Nian glanced at him and said in a muffled voice, "When did I say I wanted to know?"

    The wind lifted the broken hair beside her ears, her brows were slightly fixed, she was a little uncomfortable, but she still pretended not to be interested.

    Qi Chu didn't expose her, raised a smile, and said, "Miss is not angry now? Then you have to give Lu Zhi a step down. Is it possible that Miss really wants to drive me away?"

    Obviously he was in a disadvantaged situation, but he was so sure, as if he predicted that she would not be so ruthless at all.

    "Lu Zhi can help Miss do whatever she wants to know." Qi Chu looked into her eyes and felt that there were many things hidden in those clear eyes.

    Every time she talked about it, she would hesitate to speak before speaking, and she was so cautious that she evaded her words.

    Xu Nian emphasized, "I just want to know the whole picture of the Su Yang case."

    Her premonition is getting stronger and stronger, and this may be the key to changing the fate of her family.

    Some people are afraid that the truth will be revealed to the public. If they find out the truth in advance, they will know who is behind the scenes.

    Her elder sister has a lot to do with this matter, so she cannot be allowed to move, otherwise the tragedy in the previous life may be brought forward.

    "I've been lost for five years, doesn't Miss think it's a coincidence at this point in time?" Qi Chu was not in a hurry, "The clue has already reached Yandu, Miss, do you want to give up this opportunity?"

    He was persuasive, but he really seduced her with the things she was most curious about.

    Xu Nian wanted to ask, the last time my sister said that you were probably in the city when the incident happened, so why didn't you know the whole story.

    But he didn't mention a word from the beginning to the end, making Xu Nian unable to speak.

    After a long time, Xu Nian let out a "hmm", as if he was so angry and awkward to ask others.

    Qi Chu suddenly opened his palm to him, and it was the sword spike on it. He asked with a smile on his face, "So Miss, can you tell Lu Zhi now, what do you mean by giving me this thing?"

    As soon as the topic changed, Xu Nian choked for a moment. She originally wanted to find a reason to send him off on New Year's Eve when she was a husband and wife in her previous life. Who would have thought that his inexplicable departure would disrupt her original plan.

    Xu Nian said calmly: "It's given to me by others, it's useless for me to keep it, I'll give it to you."

    Qi Chu suddenly raised his hand and threw it away, and then firmly put it back in the palm of his hand.

    He hooked the corner of his lips, and said leisurely, "So that's how it is. Lu Zhi also said that the young lady is so kind to me, and even prepared a gift for me after the holiday."

    Before Xu Nian could continue to fool around, he took the time to ask: "I don't know who has such poor eyesight, and gave Miss such a useless thing."

    Xu Nian was asked for a while, and answered vaguely, "Maybe it was meant to be given to Sister, but it was given to me by mistake."

    The reason he found was too hasty and full of loopholes, Qi Chu's smile deepened.

    The next day, Xu Nian remembered Qi Chu's words and went to see his cousin after breakfast.

    "Cousin, do you still remember He Niang who bumped into you that night?" At that time, she had let Kang Yi go to see her thoroughly, to make sure that someone was indeed chasing her.

    This is in line with what she said when she asked for help that night.

    Speaking of this matter, Xu Gui looked a little uncomfortable, lowered his eyes slightly, and said: "She said that she was cheated to Yandu because her family was broken and homeless, and she overheard those people talking about giving her away. He ran out overnight."

    Xu Nian sat on the porch and thought for a while, then raised his eyes, "I saw her at the door yesterday, she was sitting in Xu's sedan chair, Lian Tang told me that she is the daughter Xu Xiangcheng just found."

    This matter has never been a secret in Yandu. After all, when he got lost, Xu Xiangcheng even posted a notice within a hundred miles in order to find someone.

    At that time Xu Nian was still young, so A Niang used this matter to scare her, saying that she must never go with anyone casually, that's how Xu's daughter died.

    "What?" Xu Gui was a little surprised, "How could it be her?"

    Xu Nian thought again of the girl looking at him hesitating to speak.

    Lu Zhi said that he had seen the lady's grave, but now a real one came out.

    Seeing that the cousin didn't have any extra clues here, Xu Nian felt that their juniors probably didn't know much about these things, and just as he was about to turn around and ask A Niang, he saw Lian Tang hurrying to send her a post.

    Lian Tang said: "Xiang Cheng's family has brought back their daughter and specially held a banquet in the mansion. The young lady is also on the list of invitations, just after the Shang Yuan."

    On the Lantern Festival, the colorful lights squinted in the street market, and the hustle and bustle filled the ears.

    Xu Nian just played a chess game, she has already won two games in a row today, and she is very excited.

    Qi Chu stood beside him and said, "Miss, he asks you everywhere, so what's your interest in playing like this?"

    "Lu Zhi," Xu Nian emphasized emphatically, "Watch chess without speaking, a real gentleman is not allowed to speak."

    Lin Qing also smiled embarrassedly, "Lin has never given in to Miss, but it is Miss who is really good, and this is all Miss's ability."

    What he said was so pleasant that it made people angry.

    Xu Nian then bet a certain amount of money, as long as he wins five rounds in a row, he can get the brightest lantern above, Xu Nian wants it.

    It's been three rounds now, Xu Nianben is also trying, but now, he doesn't get the lantern for no reason, and he feels very unwilling.

    Xu Nian still won the fourth round, and Xu Nian's eyebrows relaxed, thinking that there should be no problem.

    A smile of unknown meaning spread across Qi Chu's lips, and even took the initiative to help her put the chess pieces back into the chess box, "Miss, if you lose this round, all previous efforts will be wasted."

    "I know." Xu Nian watched the direction above while playing chess, "Don't talk, you're affecting me."

    Qi Chu kept quiet and watched the movement on the chessboard with interest. Sure enough, within a quarter of an hour, Xu Nian withdrew his hand in discouragement.

    The first four games were easy to win, why did the last game lose so quickly.

    She is depressed.

    Xu Nian took one last look at the lantern, and got up to let the people in line behind.

    Qi Chu followed her line of sight, puzzled, and said, "Miss, it's not the first year to celebrate the Lantern Festival, do you have to have a lantern every year?"

    Immediately, other people surrounded the stall, and the lantern hanging high was enough to attract people's attention.

    Xu Nian looked back, probably no one will be able to win this lamp this year, because in his previous life, when his family was ruined and his family died, there was also a lantern just like this one hanging on the street.

    In the hustle and bustle of the city, everywhere is bustling, but she is the only one who has no relatives.

    So much so that don't want it very much, but when see it again, always want to take it off, and don't want to keep it until next year.

    After walking a few steps, she found that Qi Chu hadn't followed. She looked back and found that he stopped a few steps behind her.

    Qi Chu said: "Miss, isn't it just a lamp, why is it so lost?"

    Xu Nian raised his eyes, but saw that he curled his lips slightly, but stood still, and said, "Lu Zhi wanted to say it just now, he has been giving way to you everywhere, with such deliberate deliberations, naturally he won't let miss Really get the lights."

    "Then what can you do?"

    Qi Chu had already turned around and found the stall again. Lin Qing couldn't help laughing when he saw them go and turned back: "Miss, don't you want to try again? Seeing that you are regular customers, I might as well tell you that I have been here for three years. The stall has changed, people have changed wave after wave, and now no one can beat me, miss, don't waste your efforts."

    During the speech, he was quite proud of standing on a skill he was familiar with.

    Qi Chu sat down, and when he picked up the chess piece, he was not in a hurry to put it down, and called to her with sideways eyes, "If Lu Zhi helps the lady win this lamp tonight, what reward will the lady have?"

    Hearing this, Lin Qing smiled at such empty talk.

    Xu Nian ignored the boss, paused for a moment, and then asked, "What reward do you want?"

    Qi Chu's eyebrows stretched, the corners of his lips curled up slightly, and he said, "Miss gave you the sword spike that Lu Zhi doesn't like, and I don't like jade either."

    Xu Nian wanted to say, it's really impolite for you to pick and choose what to give you.

    But she just raised a smile and asked, "Then what do you want?"

    "I want a knife." Qi Chu raised his eyes, and said quietly, "Lu Zhi's knife has stopped, so why don't miss give me a practical one to replace my old knife, how about it?"

    He thought of a very interesting thing, so that his smile today was deeper than usual, but it was hard to see the clue.

    Xu Nian thought, no one could refuse his request when he was smiling like this.

    He came down obediently, and always had a demagoguery ability.

    Xu Nian raised his eyebrows and said, "Take off the lamp, everything is easy to talk about."

    Lin Qing's relaxed demeanor gradually froze, and he was a little overwhelmed. This person's chess style was weird and sharp, and he didn't follow the usual path at all, which made it quite difficult for him to deal with it.

    It took only half a quarter of an hour to reach the fifth game. Lin Qing was at a loss in his mind. He turned his head to look at Xu Nian and asked jokingly, "Miss, this is a chance to find someone to beat me when I lose. Where did I find it?" If you are a good person, you might as well give me a recommendation, and I will learn from it."

    Qi Chu finally dropped a son, completely cutting off all his retreats.

    Xu Nian was slightly surprised, but he didn't know how to answer the boss's words, so he smiled embarrassingly.

    Qi Chu stood up, turned sideways, and said a little displeased, "It was Lu Zhi who helped Miss win the lantern, why did Miss laugh at him?"

    Xu Nian looked at him, smiled at him, and said, "I'll find someone to finish it in a few days and send it to you."

    "Miss keeps her word?" Qi Chu asked.

    "Naturally," Xu Nian readily agreed, and asked him again, "Any other requests?"

    In the previous life, King Yu liked to collect all kinds of beautiful jade the most, so she had the intention of giving jade to her at the beginning.

    Qi Chu didn't answer directly, but asked rhetorically, "Miss, what else do you think Lu Zhi likes?"

    Xu Nian was about to blurt out, but he still shook his head when he touched the eyes that didn't understand the meaning, maybe his preference came later, if he made a mistake, wouldn't it be difficult to explain.

    But thinking about it carefully, during this period of time, he really couldn't see what he was passionate about, it was so light, as if nothing could catch his eyes.

    So she couldn't answer this question.

    Qi Chu also knew that she couldn't answer, and it was good that she didn't say more about Qi Xuan's preferences, but he didn't know what the relationship between the two was, and he could feel that, with this identity, the lady was very accommodating to him. .

    Xu Nian threw the question back to him, raised his head and asked, "Then what do you like?"

    Knowing more will make it easier for her to continue coaxing him in the future, so she doesn't have to go on so nonsensically.

    "What do you like?" Qi Chu seemed to be really thinking, then Youyou raised her eyes and looked at her, "If Lu Zhi said he likes Miss, will Miss give herself to me?"

    He spoke ambiguously, but Xu Nian was not stupid, he would look at her leisurely after he said such teasing words, just to see her flustered.

    Xu Nian took the lamp from the boss, as if she felt like this in a lifetime, she lowered her head and fiddled with the lantern, without raising her head, she said, "I mean to ask, you answer it jokingly, what are you serious about?"

    As soon as he turned around and looked up, he saw a man wearing a veil flashing past his eyes.

    The wind blew the tulle, and the person in it just raised his eyes.

    He Niang?

    Before Xu Nian could make a sound, Qi Chu dragged him to the side. Under the cover of the crowd, the two maids following He Niang carefully observed the surroundings until a carriage stopped by the roadside, and a figure got into the carriage, and thenDisappear in downtown.

    Xu Nian frowned slightly, tomorrow is the Xu Mansion's banquet, where is she going tonight?

    Qi Chu withdrew his gaze, but looked at her with interest: "Miss is so curious, why don't we follow and have a look."


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