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    Until the door was closed again, and the room became quiet again, Qi Chu pinched the center of his eyebrows irritably, thinking that the words she made up must have affected him.

    Why does he have to worry about who that person is? If she doesn't tell the truth, she won't tell the truth. It's none of his business.

    Anyway, he was just using her to hide his whereabouts first, and he was not really her bodyguard, so it had nothing to do with him being cheated by anyone.

    Qi Chu closed his eyes, trying to make himself forget the dream just now, and the strange feeling finally eased a little.

    The sanity that was taken away by the dream is slowly returning.

    Now that Qi Yu is dead, Qi Xuan should have been thinking about that position for a long time, but now that he exists, Qi Xuan dare not show his face. If he wants to take that position, he must do everything possible to find him. Fast after division.

    But his goal has never been the crown prince.

    No matter how anxious and impatient Qi Xuan is, it is doomed to come to nothing.

    So for now, he still has to stay in Yandu for the time being. The young lady is his best means to hide his identity. Before his plan fails, she can't marry anyone.

    At least until he was ready to leave, the prey could only stay under his nose.

    So it's not entirely his business, anyone who threatens all of his plans should be removed.

    Qi Chu pushed open the door, and Xu Nian was sitting at the foot of the steps, holding his face with one hand, poking the ant nest in front of him with a stick, bored.

    Hearing the sound, she looked back at Qi Chu, sized him up for a moment, and said strangely: "I didn't expect you to wake up more angry than me."

    She just ignored people when she got up, but she didn't drive them out like he did, and it was still at her house.

    It seems that the poison really affects people's mind a little bit, which is weird.

    Qi Chu met her gaze, and in an instant the face that was smiling and smiling at Yan Yan in the dream seemed to appear in front of him again, and the frowns and smiles and the pitiful gaze begging him for mercy gradually overlapped with the face in front of him.

    That uncontrollable irritability reappeared.

    Qi Chu looked away, and walked down the stairs first, not to let Xu Nian stare at him like this again.

    "It's not just getting angry." He intentionally slapped her fiercely, and said with a smile on his face, "Miss also ruined a good dream for me."

    Xu Nian's eyes were a little subtle, remembering what he was going to say today, and after hearing what he said, he narrowed his eyes slightly, and asked Chi Chi, "Couldn't you be dreaming of someone's girl?"

    Qi Chu: "..."

    He stood still beside her, Xu Nian stopped the stick in his hand because of talking, she didn't move, the ants were already climbing up the stick, almost reaching her hand, but she was still guessing what dream he had .

    "It's definitely not Miss." Qi Chu was very annoyed today and wanted to end this topic.

    Xu Nian automatically ignored his words, examined his unnatural expression, and said more firmly: "You don't need to tell me, I know it's not me, isn't it a beautiful dance, with a slender waist, and a very pleasant speech? Pleasant girl?"

    She learned from her elder sister early in the morning that the queen's niece, Shen Jiao, the daughter of the Shen family in Chenzhou County, had arrived in Yandu City today, the difficult side concubine of King Yu's previous life.

    Chenzhou County is endowed with unique water conservancy and climate, which is the most important economic lifeline of the Great Wei Dynasty. Shen Jia Dalang is an official in the court, and Erlang is a wealthy businessman in Chenzhou County. The financial resources behind it should not be underestimated.

    Shen Jiao is best at Chenzhou Qu, Jinghong Dance. When Xu Nian's family was still alive, the whole Yandu City was passed on. King Yu loved this side concubine very much. He could spend a lot of money to build a plum garden for her, and ride lightlyJust to give her fresh lychees.

    Although Shen Jiao was a side concubine in her previous life, she had the entire Chenzhou county behind her as a guarantor. On the contrary, although she was a concubine, she was naturally more run-on when her family was in ruins.

    After having no family to rely on, the biggest thing she learned was tolerance.

    So even after Qi Chu imprisoned King Yu, she just avoided Shen Jiao as much as possible, with the attitude of forbearance and avoidance, and let her make troubles, she never moved her.

    After all, in her previous life, in order to save Ajie, she only approached King Yu for help with the attitude of trying. At that time, the Duke's Mansion was defeated, and she had seen all the people taking tea, and she was mean, so she didn't hold back.hope.

    But King Yu agreed beyond her expectation. At the time when everyone was afraid of being implicated, he not only agreed, but even made three letters and six offers.

    In those few contacts, he never underestimated and ridiculed her, and even helped her block a lot of gossip during that most difficult time.

    Although she still couldn't rescue Sister in the end, she was still very grateful, and even later agreed to cooperate with him at all costs.

    So when she thought that she was the one who took advantage after all, it was rumored that King Yu liked Shen Jiao, and with this kindness, she also tolerated Shen Jiao to the extreme.

    Shen Jiao felt uncomfortable, even jealous, and provoked her because of her unhappiness, it was because her appearance caused her to lose something, so she could bear some of it in time, because she felt that she shouldn't be good-looking when she got cheap.

    She endured like this until she realized that her sister's death was inextricably linked to Shen Jiao.

    The most impulsive thing she did in her previous life was probably to ask Shen Jiao to take her sister's life back with her own hands, let her taste all the tortures her sister had suffered, and then send her down to atone for her sister's sins.

    Impulsive but never regretful, although paid back in previous life, but things happened and happened, there is no reason to forget about it if you get revenge.

    Then in this life, the well water does not violate the river water, and don't have the tolerance of the previous life.

    Therefore, when she heard this name again today, she thought of telling him right away.

    At this time in the previous life, he had already returned to the palace, and Shen Jiao's visit to Yandu this time was also hinted by the queen to marry him.

    But the strange thing in this life is that he is still in her house at this time, and he has no tendency to go back at all.

    Qi Chu took a deep look at her, and asked, "Why do Miss make such guesses?"

    Xu Nian stood up, Qi Chu pointed to her hands, she shook her hands, and slapped the ants off her wrists before she said:

    "Today I heard that the queen's niece came to Yandu from Chenzhou County. She can dance very well. I heard you say so, so I can guess at will."

    Qi Chu was keenly aware of something, and said: "So what does this have to do with me?"

    The position of crown prince was vacant, Qi Xuan couldn't wait to do something, he knew the news that Shen Jiao was coming half a month ago.

    After the words were out of his mouth, he remembered that now she just regarded him as Qi Xuan.


    Xu Nian didn't speak, but looked at him for a moment.

    After King Yu's accident in her previous life, she thought that Shen Jiao would be more peaceful, or that she could do some reliable things for the person she liked, but no, she still stared at her to cause harm.

    Shen Jiao even designed her to curry favor with Qi Chu at the banquet in order to preserve her own glory and wealth.

    It was also after this that Xu Nian accidentally learned that Shen Jiao was the murderer behind her sister's death.

    "I didn't say it was related to you, I'll just talk about it," Xu Nian said indifferently.

    If you still follow the old path of the previous life in this life, she will not step into this muddy water again, so Shen Jiao will probably end up walking the path of her previous life.

    According to Shen Jiao's style in the previous life, there shouldn't be much chance of success.

    So if you are unlucky, you will still end up with the same miserable consequences as in your previous life.

    Thinking of this, Xu Nian said: "I heard that there was water in the palace last night, and my sister was called into the palace today. I'm going to bring her lunch, so you can come with me."

    To have such rumors as in her previous life, she thought, King Yu must like Shen Jiao.

    Although she couldn't understand where the love and joy between people came from, there was such a friendship between them after all.

    Although she hopes that he will be better in this life and not focus on the little love in front of him, but this is just her taking it for granted, and she can't make the decision for him, after all, in case he is happy in it.

    So wanted to say something, but when the words came to lips, still endured it.

    Bitter fruit and good fruit are always his own choice, and if he thinks that the forces behind Shen Jiao can be used by him, it is reasonable to choose again.

    Tens of thousands of possibilities will arise, and she doesn't want to make her own decisions too early, so today's question is also to find out if there is any connection between him and Shen Jiao at this time.

    If he already knew about it, then he couldn't continue to keep him in the mansion, after all, if he was persuaded by Shen Jiao to rebel, wouldn't it be that she caused a disaster in her own home.

    Who knows how much he likes Shen Jiao, she doesn't have the confidence to gamble between the life-saving grace and the white-moonlight/muse.

    Love in this world is probably inexplicable, let alone unreasonable, and even after watching the ending, Xu Nian felt that if he could stay far away, he would stay far away.

    As long as he promised to help her kill Qi Chu, she could only wish her best for the rest.

    Seeing that he was silent, Xu Nian repeated, "Are you going?"

    "The idler won't be able to enter the palace at that time, you just wait for me outside the palace, if you want to go, I'll let Kang Yi go about her own business."

    In the past, even if he didn't say anything when he went out, he could wait early, so he would go, right?

    She created an opportunity for him to see Shen Jiao, but she also thought about it, if he went today, she would definitely not be able to keep him at the house any longer.

    Provocations in this world are probably better than any sharp weapon, killing people invisible.

    Between her and Shen Jiao, there will be no settlement in another life.

    Qi Chu felt that this sounded really interesting, so he asked for his opinion and gave him a choice

    I didn't see her asking this question when went out before, and occasionally even left him without saying a word, it was extremely heartless.

    Are you going?

    Grinding these three words again between her lips and teeth, she couldn't figure out for a moment, whether she wanted him to go or not with her indifferent reaction.

    If Qi Xuan, what would he choose?

    With his elder brother's temperament, he probably pretended to be a good person to the end, and he must answer it, adding more goodwill for his own use.

    Just when Xu Nian thought he agreed as usual, the person in front of her suddenly smiled at her.

    Qi Chu stretched lazily suddenly, then sat down on the spot.

    He bent his legs, looked at her with his chin propped up, and said in a leisurely manner: "Since Miss is asking me, then Lu Zhi will not be polite."

    Xu Nian was slightly taken aback.

    Qi Chu said: "I didn't have a good rest last night, and today I was quarreled all morning by the miss, and now I don't really want to move, what is Kang Yi going to do, I'll just go for her, and I won't go with Miss Xing .”

    He is not Qi Xuan, and now there is no need to follow her in everything just because of that little favor.

    Xu Nian didn't expect him to refuse, and even told the reason, and she didn't have a chance to ask why, but she was blocked, so she had nothing to say.

    Qi Chu just raised the corners of his lips, looked up at her slightly like this, and told her as usual: "Whoever he is from Chenzhou County or Nanzhou County, it's not someone Lu Zhifei wants to recognize. Miss, don't want to know next time." Bring it up again."

    Although he was very calm, Xu Nian couldn't help asking why.

    There was a dark color between Qi Chu's eyebrows, and he asked: "Miss, didn't you notice? When Miss said her, I couldn't catch up."

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