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    She was here today to sue, so there was no reason for her to go back full of anger.

    Xu Nian raised his eyes, but said firmly, "It stands to reason that I didn't do anything, and I shouldn't be kneeling here, but my cousin will treat everyone equally. We have heard what we said just now, there are causes and effects, and my cousin is not innocent. ".

    Old General Xiao looked serious, and nodded to Xiao Cheng, "Your sister has already said so, what are you still standing there for?"

    "Come here, the Xiao family's family training, how to punish those who make such mistakes?"

    Xiao Wen replied: "Punishment for several crimes together, you should receive thirty boards, remember my sister's three rules."

    Seeing Xiao Cheng being dragged into the yard, Xu Nian stretched out his palm, and the one who came over with the ruler was the nanny who led her in earlier.

    Mammy sighed, the sound of the ruler hitting the palm of her hand was crisp and piercing, and the field suddenly fell silent.

    Xiao Cheng's howling ghosts and wolves became the most abrupt existence.

    Qi Chu frowned, in his opinion, this is the most stupid way to solve the problem.

    Immediately after was the second one, the raised arm was shaking, and it was already flushed, and even the back that was always straight was shaking subconsciously because of the pain.

    The sound of the collision between the ruler and the tender skin of the palm was unbearable.

    In fact, the three rulers passed very quickly, and the board outside had just started. Lian Tang helped her daughter up, and saw that it was all red. She thought she had to hold back, but no matter what, it still hurt.

    Lian Tang turned her head to look at the person who was still unmoved, and said angrily: "Miss, why bother, it was his fault, and it has nothing to do with miss."

    It was irrelevant at first, but she brought him with her family's name on his head, Xiao Cheng is a scoundrel, he will either make a fuss of him, or he will let him pass him by in a few words, Xu Nian doesn't want to do either. Walk.

    She wants him to have nothing to say.

    Xu Nian put down his sleeves to cover up the marks on it. It was getting late, so he said goodbye to his grandfather directly.

    Xu Sijiang frowned slightly, and wanted to go back with her, but when Xu Nian turned around and smiled at her, he said, "Sister and cousin still have business to discuss, don't be delayed by me."

    After finishing speaking, he called Shang Lian Tang and walked out first.

    She doesn't like to cry at all, but she can't hold back the soreness of her nose at all times, and Xu Nian didn't stop at all when they passed each other.

    She made up her mind, after today, she will not act with him anymore, wherever he likes to go and what he likes to do.

    Qi Chu's eyes were lost in mid-air, he turned around, and still followed her leisurely, but his thin lips were slightly pursed, looking a little absent-minded.

    When Xu Nian got into the car, he subconsciously stretched out his right hand to support him, only to realize the pain was severe when he moved.

    But she didn't want to help the person on the left. Just as she was about to change the direction of the boy, Qi Chu suddenly pulled her wrist and put it directly on her shoulder.

    He said: "Miss is also very stubborn. Miss just said that I belong to you. Isn't it right for Miss to use me?"

    Xu Nian stood on the step stool, and when looking at him, he still raised his eyes slightly, but with this movement, he could just see the tears rolling in his eyes, and they didn't fall, but just swirled in them.

    Qi Chu felt that as long as he said one more sentence, it would be impossible for her to hold back the tears.

    Xu Nian only said one sentence: "If you cause others to suffer because of you, you have to apologize."

    She got in the car, and completely loosened the curtain, blocking his view.

    Qi Chu glanced at the empty shoulder, and stood there looking at the fallen curtain.

    It's obvious that she made an unnecessary move, so there is nothing wrong with him. But when the words reached his lips, they were swallowed again, only to be replaced by endless silence.

    Xu Nian suddenly opened the curtain again, threw something into his arms, and remained silent from the beginning to the end.

    Qi Chu saw that it was his dagger, and the other was a small box.

    Open it, and there is a sword tassel in it, with a crescent-shaped white jade pendant in it, inexplicably reminding him of her longevity lock on New Year's Eve.

    New Year's Eve, gift, birthday.

    Qi Chu looked at the carriage that had gone away, his eyes were dim, he left the dagger behind, closed the box, and threw it in the corner with a raised hand.

    Then he walked in the opposite direction.

    Inside the car, Lian Tang wrapped ice in a handkerchief and applied it to her hands, still angry, "Miss is not doing this because of him, he is still like this now, if I want my slaves to tell me, Miss should not have left him in the mansion at that time. "

    "If he hasn't come back when we go back, tell the concierge not to let him in." Xu Nian curled up his fingers, but still felt the pain.

    It is also because nothing happened today, otherwise it will not be able to end at that time.

    At this moment, the carriage stopped suddenly, and the driver said: "Miss, the road is too narrow, we are head-on with the carriage coming ahead."

    "Then let's move aside and let them go first."

    The sudden stop of the carriage caused Mr. Langmu on the carriage to frown slightly, but before he could ask what was going on, the servant approached the carriage and whispered, "My lord, it turned out to be the carriage of Duke Teng's mansion, the second daughter of the Xu family Definitely up there."

    Chi Yanyu paused with his fingertips turning the pages of the book, his downcast eyes covered all his emotions, he didn't move when he heard the sound, he just called the driver, "We are not in a hurry at this time, let's move aside, let them go first Let's go."

    The servant was puzzled, "Don't you want to say hello, sir? Didn't you have the Xinyuan gift that you prepared for the second girl Xu when you were in Chenzhou County? Haven't you delivered it yet? Such chance encounters don't happen very often."

    Chi Yanyu raised his eyes, but his eyes were indifferent, and he only said: "I have already sent it to other people."

    Until the other party passed by, the servant also stopped talking, but Chi Yanyu didn't have the heart to read anymore, so he sat in the car like this until he reached the gate of Dali Temple.

    Someone came to meet him and shouted, "The appointment clerk just came down yesterday, and you came here today. I heard that Mr. Chi is just recovering from a serious illness, so you really don't need to rest for a few more days?"

    Chi Yanyu smiled politely, but it made people puzzled, he just said: "I have read the files of Linyang County, this matter will be resolved sooner or later, since I am a new official, I naturally have to come to familiarize myself with the procedures earlier .”

    Hearing this, the person who picked him up smiled unnaturally, and then said: "There is no need to rush this matter, the Taifu said, this is your first case, let us fully cooperate with you, we have already covered the witnesses for you The interrogation is over."

    Chi Yanyu suddenly looked at him, with a faint smile on his lips, and asked, "He Cheng, do you still remember who owns the official, whose orders you want to obey, and whose orders you follow?"

    He Cheng had already inquired about it a long time ago, saying that the new young master of the Chi family is easy to get along with, he treats people kindly and kindly, and has no temper.

    At this time, although Wen Yan was stunned, he still put on a smile and said flatteringly: "Naturally, I listen to the orders of the adults, do the things of the adults, and share the worries of the adults."

    "Then that's the case." Chi Yanyu suddenly glanced at him sharply, "When do I need your interrogation?"

    The beggar on the street looked at the box that had fallen on the ground, and was overjoyed. As soon as he reached out to pick it up, a pair of black boots fell into his eyes, and he picked it up a step ahead of him.

    Beggar raised his head blankly, and only had time to see the back of a young man.

    Sensing his gaze, the young man suddenly turned his head, gave him an extremely terrifying look, and then disappeared at the corner of the street.

    Qi Chuyi stayed at the door for a long time before finally seeing the familiar carriage.

    Lian Tang called softly: "Miss, he is back."

    Before Xu Nian finished speaking, Qi Chu had already walked over, throwing the box in his hand, as if he was playing with an object that he didn't care about.

    "Miss is in a bad mood because her hands are hurting and she doesn't want to talk to me. Lu Zhi can understand." Qi Chu stared at the unmoving curtain and said, "It's just that the miss is not strictly controlled because of this hardship. It's because the miss didn't teach Well, after thinking about it, Lu Zhi thinks that this matter really has nothing to do with Lu Zhi."

    Xu Nian never thought that one day he would lift a rock and hit him in the foot, and he was obviously helping him, but he was said so mercilessly.

    She didn't want him to come in when she entered the door, because she thought that according to Xiao Cheng's character, there must be bad behavior. It's a big mess, and don't know what the consequences will be.

    She took a step back and blocked Xiao Cheng's mouth, just trying to pass this matter over and cover it up for him.

    He can ignore the consequences of what he does, but she needs to be concerned.

    She is not as powerful as he is, and she can play around with him without any worries.

    She suppressed the anger in her heart and asked, "So it's my fault?"

    Qi Chu replied without burden, "Miss is at fault."


    Without waiting for Xu Nian to speak, he continued, "Miss must be very angry now, she thinks I am a thankless wretch, and maybe she will regret bringing me back."

    Speaking of this, Qi Chu smiled, "But it's useless for Miss to regret, I don't understand anything she said, in Lu Zhi's eyes, no apology or explanation is better than letting people shut up faster , Miss wanted me to realize that I was wrong, but she didn't tell me what was right and what was wrong."

    Xu Nian was about to laugh angrily, how could anyone in this world say such things frankly.

    So confident that there is no reflection at all.

    Xu Nian lifted the curtain, Qi Chu had already stood by the car, he was the only one around who could help her out of the car, Xu Nian was unwilling to stretch out his hand, so Qi Chu stood still.

    He looked at Xu Nian and continued, "Miss might as well teach me what is right first, so that Lu Zhi can know what is wrong with him."

    There was no shame on the face of the person in front of him, his eyes were bold and straightforward, not only in his words but also in his expression, there was no trace of self-blame or remorse.

    He still felt he was right.

    "Get out of the way", Xu Nian didn't even call him by name, "You can do whatever you like, it has nothing to do with me, I'm going home now, since you don't understand, you go home too, let your family teach you You, don't get in my way."

    Qi Chu said in a toneless tone, "Miss forgot, what I said before, Lu Zhi has no father, no mother, let alone a home."

    "Miss took me in, and Miss is my home. If Miss thinks I'm in the way, kill me and step over, don't use these words to provoke me."

    If it wasn't for the pain in his hand, Xu Nian really wanted to hit him.

    How can someone grow so big, the solution is so simple.

    Xu Nian muffled: "Without parents, you have other brothers and sisters, let them teach you."

    "How does Miss know that I have brothers and sisters?" Qi Chu smiled, "What if they all want to kill me and don't want to teach me well?"

    Xu Nian wanted to say, that has nothing to do with me, but when he saw those eyes, he subconsciously fell silent.

    She has never seen such silent eyes, so deep that people want to move away, not to see, not to believe.

    Qi Chu also looked at her, and suddenly called out softly, "Miss, are you very angry?"

    He could see the face stained with anger, the eyelashes were still trembling slightly, when he said the last sentence, her eyes trembled, and her red lips were tightly pressed together, extremely unhappy.

    Qi Chu said: "If Miss teaches me well, then Lu Zhi will be able to make Miss happy every day in the future, and won't make Miss unhappy like this again."

    "I have a younger brother, he is extremely stubborn, has a perverse personality, and does all kinds of bad things, which is annoying." He also had a deep smile on his eyes, and then said to Xu Nian with pride and complacency, "I'm not him, so it's easier to control me. Miss, don't you really want to try?"

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