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    Half a quarter of an hour later, Lian Tang trotted in in a panic.

    "Second Young Lady, those people you left behind seem to have never returned since last night!"

    Xu Nian's head buzzed, and his panic exploded at this moment.

    A frightening thought popped up: Could it be that she still recognized the wrong person last night, wasn't that Qi Xuan?

    But it shouldn't be, she also observed carefully last night, and there was no killing intent in his eyes.

    Could it be because there were too many people at that time, and he was outnumbered, so he did it on purpose?

    How should the jade pendant be explained?

    Qi Chu, that lunatic, never liked this thing, so there's no need to carry it with him in such a state.

    Xu Nian didn't dare to think about it anymore, she immediately told her: "Call a few more skilled guards in the mansion, we will go out now."

    If it really fell into his hands, I'm afraid it would have been long ago...

    Her eyes darkened, the wind raised her sleeves, her back was resolute as she walked out, with an inexplicable stubbornness.

    Lian Tang didn't understand, and chased after him confusedly: "Miss, you can find some of them, just find someone to go for you, why go out in person?"

    Xu Nian turned his head, spoke with anger, and answered irrelevant questions: "If I can't find them today, I will take his life!"

    With cruel words in her mouth, tears were indeed spinning, she felt sad and even more panicked.

    Lian Tang was even more confused, she didn't know where the sadness of her young lady came from, she had never seen such a young lady.

    Xu Nian had already swallowed the soreness in his throat, turned around and went out resolutely.

    She knows herself too well, she is indecisive and cannot be cruel, she is timid and cowardly, and she is always wronged without learning a lesson.

    In his previous life, he was too weak to let Qi Chu be humiliated like that.

    Xu Nian clenched his fists secretly, it will never go on like this!

    Today, Kang Yi was still dressed in a man's attire. She drove her horse to catch up with the carriage, and reported, "Second Young Lady, I found someone. One mile to the east, there is a Yizhuang. Someone saw him there this morning."

    "Go quickly".

    Xu Nian clenched the dagger in his sleeve tightly, she kindly saved someone to take him to the clinic, that's how he would avenge his kindness.

    When you see him at that time, you will stab him to death with a knife, and Yizhuang will just collect his body.

    With anger in his eyes, his eyes were round with anger, and he bit his lower lip unconsciously to cheer himself up.

    The carriage stopped, Xu Nian almost couldn't wait to get out of the carriage, and led a group of people inside.

    He was so aggressive that he ran into a few people who came out of it head-on, and carefully avoided it, for fear that he would be involved in the pursuit of revenge.

    Xu Nian has been complaining in his heart for a long time, he was so alert yesterday, if he said a few more words to him today, right and wrong would turn him completely upside down.

    In her mind, she recalled the matter of asking Kang Yi for advice on the road, and made two gestures without the real thing.

    Kang Yi said, this is the fastest way to take someone's life!

    The more was about to see him, the irritability and anger reached the peak, looked around, but didn't see anyone.

    Did he run away early?

    In the courtyard inside, there were many people sitting under the wall that could shelter the rain. They were dressed in rags, begging like refugees, with skinny skeletons, staring at the intruders.

    Kang Yi asked a child for a few words, raised his eyes and nodded to Xu Nian.

    People didn't leave, but they were still here?

    Xu Nian's palms were sweating, and when he saw another corridor next to him, he quickly turned around to find a way.

    This turn, completely stunned.

    The first thing that came into view was the face that she recognized even when it turned into ashes.

    Qi Chu just came from the corner, his relaxed expression was still a little dazed, and there was much more blood on his body than yesterday.

    Xu Nian's gaze didn't stay on this face for a long time, but he noticed his hand at a glance.

    He was holding a bloody blade in his hand hanging by his side.

    Those fingertips that always liked to pinch the back of his neck in the previous life were full of blood beads, they rolled down the knuckles and gathered into a red bead, pale and scarlet, reminding Xu Nian of his previous life again.

    Qi Chu would never solve problems in a palliative way. The courtiers were already dissatisfied with his new emperor, but he didn't know how to restrain himself.

    On the first day of his ascension, above the high hall, was the new emperor who looked at everyone with a calm expression, and as far as the new emperor could see, there was a river of blood, and all civil and military officials watched helplessly as the last prince in the palace fell into a pool of blood.

    Then there are the officials who once formed a gang to resist his atrocities...

    The audience silenced, and no one dared to refute.

    All disobedient people will eventually become corpses.

    This is what Qi Chu used to threaten her.

    But at this moment, the coolness reappeared.

    The same face, the same bloody hands, past and present,

    "I really shouldn't have saved you!" Xu Nian stared at him and said bitterly, "A person like you should die desolately in a corner where no one is paying attention."

    The girl's voice pierced through the wind, and the clear and gentle voice in the past seemed to be wrapped in ice and snow at this time, turning into a sharp blade with the ability to penetrate everything.

    Qi Chu looked down at his hands, they were indeed bloodstained.

    Hate this?

    Kang Yi was stunned, and Xu Nian had already pulled out the saber on her body.

    She just wanted to stop it, but found that it was too late.

    Xu Nian had never looked directly at this face like this, and he could see it more clearly than ever before, as if he wanted to understand how a person could be so cruel and regard life as a plaything.

    She was so cold that she didn't want to call his name.

    "I'll just ask you, why did you kill someone?" His voice trembled with anger.

    With the cold blade resting on his neck, Qi Chu seemed to see the familiar hatred in those eyes last night again.

    It's so strange to sometimes be angry with him, and sometimes to pity him.

    He suddenly turned sideways closer to the edge of the blade, and looked directly at her: "My life was saved by the young lady. Since the young lady is in a bad mood today, please kill me."

    Fine blood oozes out, Qi Chu seems to feel no pain, and sends it up again, he doesn't look at the wound from the beginning to the end, just quietly watching the person in front of him.

    His voice was honest enough that he couldn't even hear a hint of perfunctory, as if as long as she was willing, he could really die here willingly.

    "Explain! Why did you kill someone?" Xu Nian refused to give up.

    "How did miss see that I am the one who killed innocent people indiscriminately?"

    The voice was calm, neither fast nor slow, without any flaws.

    But the more indifferent he was, the more afraid Xu Nian became.

    She was completely cold, "You look like this, how can I believe you?"

    Qi Chu glanced at the group of people behind her, and suddenly understood, "So Miss brought someone here to kill me today?"

    Those eyes did tell him so,

    So he lowered his eyes and said indifferently: "My life was saved by the young lady. Since the young lady wants to take it back, then take it."

    Xu Nian never thought that he would still look innocent at this moment.

    She was angry in her heart, and her hand holding the hilt of the sword was a little unsteady.

    She finally looked at the person in front of her. Since she couldn't tell who he was, and her hands were bloody, no matter who he was, she deserved to die!

    "Then I will fulfill you," Xu Nian said softly, but exhausted all his strength.

    She slowly closed her eyes, her palms tightened, her tightly pursed lips turned white, and her hand was steady, but at the moment when the strength was about to go out, she suddenly stopped.

    His hands trembled so badly that he could hardly hold the sword.

    She thought sadly, why couldn't she do it.

    Why do you feel guilty when you want to be cruel!

    "—Your hands are just handing you a knife, do you really dare to kill Gu?"

    What Qi Chu said in the previous life is like the echo of a nightmare, ringing in his ears over and over again.

    Taking a breath, Xu Nian withdrew his hand as if admitting defeat, opened his eyes in frustration, and raised his eyes: "Killing you dirty my hands".

    Turning around, she told Kang Yi loudly: "Go report to the police, just say that you ran away last night..."

    Before he finished speaking, the hilt of the sword in his hand suddenly wobbled, realizing what he had done, Xu Nian turned his head in disbelief.

    Qi Chu bumped into the blade directly, and the last blood on his face faded instantly, and the bright red blood dripped down the wound, but he suddenly smiled slightly, and then held the blade with his bare hands, realizing that he was going to What, Xu Nian quickly withdrew his hand.

    But it was still a step too late, the blood spattered on her dress, the focus in his eyes gradually dissipated, and those eyes closed heavily, at the last moment when consciousness disappeared.

    He said, "I just want to die at the hands of Miss."

    The sound is so soft that the wind can blow it away.

    "Kangdang -" a sound.

    The hilt of the sword in his hand fell weakly.

    Xu Nian's hands and feet were numb, his lips turned white, and he even felt that his breath was taken away by the wind, a feeling of suffocation.

    The action alarmed the people on the other side of the corner, and the woman holding the child looked at everything in front of her in horror.

    "Hey, girl, what are you doing? How can a good person..."

    Perhaps the woman was afraid of the people who followed Xu Nian, but the accusation in her eyes was obvious.

    Her empty eyes moved, but she didn't have the energy to answer the woman.

    Kang Yi looked keenly at the tears in the corners of the woman's eyes, she walked around the corner in a few steps, and then turned back with an ugly expression.

    "...Miss, go over and have a look."

    At the corner, a child was leaning weakly against the wall. The exposed half of his leg was carefully bandaged, and the bloody gauze hadn't been cleaned up yet.

    And they were covered with the white fox fur that she gave out yesterday. The children crowded together and looked at Xu Nian cautiously.

    It took Xu Nian a long time to find her voice, and she murmured, "What's going on?"

    The child said cowardly: "My brother helped me clean up the wound on my leg, my brother said he was going to wash his hands, my brother..."

    Before finished talking here, someone came to report:

    "Second Young Lady, the two servants who haven't come home all night are back. They were drunk last night and said they slept past hours. Miss I don't know is looking for them."

    Xu Nian's scattered eyes gathered little by little, she stared at the person coming, and said with difficulty: "What did you say?!"

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