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    Xu Nian was taken aback and straightened up quickly.

    His face was a little hot, and he was eager to explain: "I just want to see if your fever is gone?"

    Qi Chu's Adam's apple rolled, and he said: "Miss, don't be nervous, Lu Zhi doesn't mean to misunderstand anything."

    He looked calm, and his voice was hoarse after burning.

    Just wake up, and Xu Nian's tense thoughts were finally able to relax.

    Let Lian Tang bring in the medicine, and when he turned around, he had already sat up.

    Xu Nian said: "You drink the medicine first, fortunately the injury is not deep, otherwise you will suffer."

    The wound that had scabbed over was now about to heal again.

    She felt a little uncomfortable. After all, she accidentally injured the wound at the beginning, and this time it was done to help her save people.

    When Qi Chu took the decoction, out of the corner of her eye, she caught sight of her preoccupied appearance,

    As if she had insight into people's hearts, she said slowly: "Miss, you don't need to blame yourself. This is because Lu Zhi was distracted at the time. Besides, as long as Miss is fine, it doesn't matter if Lu Zhi gets hurt."

    The words were nice, but the moment she lowered her eyes, the obedience faded away, and there was only a faint dark color in the dark black pupils.

    He raised his hand to see that he was about to drink the medicine, Xu Nian watched his reaction without blinking.

    Sure enough, just after taking a bite, Qi Chu froze.

    Even rarely frowned.

    Xu Nian looked at him nervously: "How is it? Is the taste still bitter?"

    She added a lot of caramel in it to ensure that the bitterness was covered.

    The expectant eyes of the people in front of him were shining brightly, Qi Chu stirred it twice, and he could vaguely see the unmelted caramel below.

    He was a little puzzled, "...Miss, Lu Zhi is not that hard-working."

    "But it will be much better if you add some flavor." Xu Nian didn't understand why he resisted so much, and said, "Every time I drink medicine, my mother does it like this."

    She took it from Qi Chu and mixed up the rest, "Besides, you can eat sweet ones, why should you eat bitter ones."

    She lowered her head and looked focused. When talking about her family, she always had a slight smile on her face.

    Qi Chu's eyes moved.

    Xu Nian handed it to him again: "Here, try it, I will supervise you to take the medicine in the future, to ensure that your medicine will be cured."

    Qi Chu raised his lips: "Miss says whatever, Lu Zhi listens to Miss!"

    In front of Xu Nian, he obediently drank the medicine, the bitterness did not disappear, but was replaced by a more intense sweetness.

    It wasn't the taste Qi Chu was used to, and it was so strange that he wanted to stop it.

    Seeing him finish drinking, Xu Nian thought, no wonder he hasn't recovered a while ago. Seeing his resistance and hesitation, maybe it's because he didn't drink the medicine properly.

    "Kang Yi has been busy with things recently, you need to get better soon, if you want to stay by my side, you should take care of me, not let me take care of you every day."

    She has been very anxious these days. If the new year is over, there will only be one year left before Qi Chu returns to Yandu.

    Lu Zhi can't go on like this casually anymore, if he still doesn't act, Xu Nian will definitely force him to let him know the urgency of the matter.

    Qi Chu suddenly asked without beginning or end: "Miss, will you be reluctant to part with Lu Zhi's death?"

    Xu Nian felt that he was asking a strange question, but he couldn't figure out what was wrong.

    She said: "I saved your life, so I am naturally reluctant."

    Remembering to urge him, he added, "Besides, I trust you so much, Lu Zhi will definitely not let me down, right?"

    At this time, Lian Tang came to call her, "Second Young Lady, madam asked me to send a message, saying that Mr. Chi happened to pass by our house, and he is waiting for you in the front hall."

    "Mother?" Xu Nian frowned slightly, "Understood, I'll come right over."

    Xu Nian walked a few steps, then turned around and said, "You should rest well, I may have to travel far away in the next few days, and I will come to see you in a few days."

    Qi Chu looked at her, his eyes were like deep pools, so dark and silent that it was breathtaking.

    He smiled and called out suddenly: "Miss."


    Xu Nian answered, but didn't hear any more from him, so he looked at him in confusion.

    He rarely smiled like this, and there was an emotion that Xu Nian couldn't understand in his soft voice.

    He said: "It's been raining recently, Miss, be careful on the road."

    Xu Nian pinched the letter in his sleeve, and Lian Tang came to remind him again.

    She didn't care about explaining what to do, she just said: "You rest at ease, I will be back in five days."

    The door was closed, Qi Chu got off the bed, opened the window, and the carrier pigeon flew down at hand.

    He took down the note, and a strange color flashed in his deep eyes. There were only three words on it: Linyang County.

    On the way to the front hall, Xu Nian was still thinking about what Sister Sister had told her in the letter.

    When my elder sister passed through Linyang County, she found that there was a famine in the area. In the cold winter months, many people starved to death.

    She thought back to the night when she first met Lu Zhi, and wondered why there were so many beggars in Yandu City this year.

    Elder Sister wants to rush back to prepare for fortifications against foreign countries and kill people on the way. Linyang County can only shelve it for the time being. Although Elder Sister has left people in Linyang County, she is still worried about the local officials, so she asked Xu Nian to help her check the donation again. ledger.

    Sure enough, when we reached the main hall, Chi Yanyu came here for this matter.

    "Nian Nian, you were frightened last time in the He Mansion, you are lucky to be free from illness and disaster, I really don't trust you to go alone."

    He greeted him with concern, and the usually dignified person was also pacing anxiously at this time.

    Xu Nian was complicated, and said: "Yan Yu, there are guards in the mansion, and sister also left someone for me, I didn't go alone."

    "You are so polite to me, but you still blame me for leaving?" Chi Yanyu was a little discouraged, "You take me with you, if something happens, I can protect you, and I won't be like He Fu Leave you alone and helpless."

    Mrs. Xu was also worried, and said: "Although your elder sister has reserved manpower for you, it is not something that requires effort, but after what happened last time, it is really hard for A Niang to feel at ease."

    "You two are childhood sweethearts, and there is also a care for you when you are together on the road."

    "But I..."

    Seeing her reluctance, Chi Yanyu was a little sad, "Nian Nian, one more person will help the victims, and the victims will be spared a day of suffering."

    He felt that he couldn't get enough of this face, and the admiration in his eyes had been restrained as much as possible, "I also don't want you to be tired, maybe I can do something for you when I go."

    It is true that one more person is more powerful, Xu Nian felt that what he said made sense, hesitated for a while, and reluctantly agreed.

    It's better to have less contact with him then.

    She said: "Okay then, I will listen to my mother."

    Chi Yanyu loosened his brows, and said in a gentle voice: "Nian Nian, I know we haven't seen each other for a long time, and it's inevitable to have a relationship, but please don't refuse my kindness to you, that's what I'm willing to do."

    After finishing speaking, he turned his head away in embarrassment, and the shy young man blushed at first.

    The matter of rejecting him last time was said hastily, perhaps because he didn't say it clearly, which made him still have such hopes.

    Xu Nian thought, wait until the road to talk to him carefully, and tell him clearly that the relationship that has been broken will not rekindle.

    The next day, as soon as Xu Nian left the house, he saw Chi Yanyu waiting at the door.

    The silver robe looked warm and jade-like, and he had a smile on his lips, "I was afraid that your road would be bumpy, so I specially asked my family to make a few more cushions, and now they are all arranged, Nian Nian quickly sit on it and have a try."

    Xu Nian was stunned for a while, but couldn't find a reason to refuse, so he could only answer.

    Chi Yanyu picked up the fox fur that was hanging around her wrist, and wanted to put it on her, "The road is no better than home, so don't be cold for Niannian."

    "No, I brought my own..."

    She just came out of the house, and the heat has not dissipated, so let Lian Tang hold it for her for the time being.

    "Miss, your cloak is still here, Lu Zhi."

    A hand stretched out in front of him, blocking Chi Yanyu's movements, Xu Nian was stunned, only to realize that Lu Zhi was also here.

    The cloak in his hand...

    Xu Nian remembered, it was when he went to see him these few days.

    Chi Yanyu didn't expect to be stopped, and in front of him was a person covering his face.

    Qi Chu just glanced at him lightly, then raised his hand to tie the cloak on Xu Nian.

    Between several movements of the long finger, the knot has been tied.

    Chi Yanyu frowned slightly, as if he was her attendant.

    Still wearing a mask, isn't it that his face is terrifying and he can't look at people directly?

    But his good self-cultivation allowed him to suppress the discomfort in his heart, and he withdrew his hand, waiting for Xu Nian to get into the car.

    Xu Nian couldn't help asking: "Didn't you tell me to wait for me to come back in the mansion?"

    Qi Chu walked to the side of the car, set up a horse stool for her, and said, "Wherever Miss is, Lu Zhi will be there. I am Miss's attendant, so I should follow her inseparably."


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