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    Xu Nian turned around and saw Lian Tang thumping in the water, she clenched her teeth tightly, not daring to let her breathing mess up.

    She is average in water, and now she has reached the deep water area where she can't step to the bottom, and she still needs to save her strength to swim back later.

    This is what Chen Ning was waiting for. She specially asked someone to prepare a long bamboo pole, so she didn't plan to let her swim back successfully.

    "Don't struggle. If you die here today, everyone will only think that you accidentally fell into it, and your maid died here with you for the sake of the Savior out of desperation."

    At the beginning, she could still feel the cold, her whole body seemed to be used to the bitingly cold lake water, but her movements became slower and slower, and it took more energy than she had imagined at first.

    She could even feel the heavy arms a little out of her control.

    No, hold on a little longer.

    She is not such a delicate person, she can always get through by gritting her teeth.

    Xu Nian had already seen what was inside the bamboo basket, and just as she stretched out her hand, she was suddenly poked on the back.

    The force was so great that she jumped into the water in an instant, and the breathing rhythm that she had been deliberately controlling was completely messed up, and the smell of water rushed into her nasal cavity.

    Chen Ning was still commanding on the shore: "Don't stop, just push her into the water like this."

    Xu Nian held his breath, dived to the bottom of the water, and quickly poked his head out from the other side to take a breath. The bamboo pole pressed against her back again, forcing her to sink again.

    There was a faint pain in the back of the heart, and it was so affected that couldn't use any strength to raise hand. The last push just happened to press on the painful position, and the feeling of despair of struggling to no avail was the most uncomfortable.

    After taking a last breath, her scattered eyes suddenly paused. She felt that she must be hallucinating, otherwise how could she see Lu Zhi.

    Chen Ning, who was still on the shore, suddenly felt a chill behind him.

    Qi Chu's voice came coldly, "Do you think I can't see?"

    Just as she turned her head in displeasure, there was a sudden thrust from her back, and before the exclamation in her throat had time to utter, her whole body was already thrown into the water.

    "You don't need your hands anymore." However, the two young men exerted a little force on their hands, and the sound of bones breaking and wailing sounded together.

    A killing intent flashed in his eyes for a moment.

    Xu Nian sank deeper and deeper, overwhelming suffocation hit, his limbs drooped limply.

    She closed her eyes in despair, thinking to herself, the last time she felt so uncomfortable was when she was about to die in her previous life.

    Just when she felt that she was going to die again, her calm and powerful hands suddenly fell on her waist.

    Qi Chu only felt that this person was really thin, small and weightless, and with one arm around her, she could encircle her whole body.

    He said, "Grab me and don't let go."

    Xu Nian tightly grabbed his collar, a drowning person would always grab everything that could bring him back to life.

    Qi Chu glanced, her outstretched hand was white, and her fingertips were frozen white.

    Bringing her to the shore, Qi Chu suddenly said in an unclear tone: "Miss, before you go into the water, you should think about it in advance, even if you can catch him, how will you bring him back to the shore."

    "If you are struggling alone, it will be even more impossible to bring him along."

    It's stupid to overestimate yourself.

    Xu Nian covered her heart and coughed out a few saliva. She hadn't recovered from the dizziness when she heard Lu Zhi's voice, her nose sore, and her tears flowed like broken beads.

    He muttered angrily: "Then what can I do, turn a blind eye and see a child drown in front of me?"

    Tears slid down the cheeks, and finally disappeared on the white and thin neck.

    She felt wronged, but she also knew that what she did was really bad.

    She tried very hard to restrain her crying, but the soreness at the tip of her nose couldn't be stopped.

    Obviously she was bullied, and she almost died, why should she be said.

    The sobs were about to grow louder.

    Qi Chu looked at her for a moment, then suddenly looked away uncomfortably, but Xu Nian raised his head, and was interrupted by sobbing several times when he wanted to speak out.

    It looks pitiful.

    Qi Chu felt that he was annoyed by her, otherwise how could he reach out and wipe away the tears from the corners of her eyes by mistake.

    I really wanted to say something harsh to her: 'Don't cry! '

    Xu Nian grabbed him and begged, "The ice is about to melt, Lu Zhi, please help me save him."

    With tears in eyes, was still thinking about others.

    Qi Chu thought to himself, I am the one who wants to turn a blind eye.

    It's no use begging me.

    Seeing his unhappy expression, Xu Nian shook his sleeve lightly, and called again: "Lu Zhi?"

    There is still fear of death in the eyes, but the pupils are bright and clear enough.

    Qi Chu could see himself in her eyes, and the trust and dependence in her eyes were things he had never seen before.

    Qi Chu raised his hand suddenly, crushed the tooth shell with his fingertips, and pushed the pill into her mouth. The soft lips pressed against her hand, it was a strange touch.

    Xu Nian was still a little unresponsive, and just stared at him blankly, with a small pill on the tip of his tongue, Qi Chu also withdrew his hand.

    Seeing her frowning in pain, Qi Chu said: "Don't vomit, just swallow the pain."

    Xu Nian felt that he was in a bad mood today, and his words were not as docile as usual, but he could not help but listen to his words, suppressing the discomfort and swallowing the pill.

    Qi Chu got into the water again, and Chen Ning, who was struggling beside him, had already touched the shore, and was lying on the shore gasping for breath.

    Xu Nian didn't know what the medicine was for, but he felt that his body was not so cold and his strength was slowly recovering.

    She took out the small dagger in her sleeve, and put it on Chen Ning's neck without any hesitation, "Chen Ning, I warned you last time."

    "Do you really think I'm joking with you?"

    While speaking, there was already a bloodstain on it, and her strength was gradually increasing. Chen Ning could see the calmness in her eyes, and the oppression caused for no reason made her suddenly flustered.

    It probably wasn't to scare her.

    But she still pretended to be calm, "You, do you dare? You don't dare at all, you just scare me."

    Xu Nian smiled indifferently, "It's not that you have thought up the excuse for me. Then I will say that you were assassinated, and I am like this because I saved my life to save you. When the time comes, there will be no proof. There is nothing to dare."

    "It's the third time, Chen Ning, I'm impatient."

    Chen Ning was horrified to find that not only did she say that, but the movements of her hands really wanted her life. The warmth dripped from her neck, and she was too frightened to move any more.

    She closed her eyes and gave in frantically, "Wait...wait, I apologize to you, I say I'm sorry, don't be impulsive..."

    Xu Nian remembered a more interesting thing, she said: "Don't you think that marriage is an umbrella for you to act rashly? I'll listen to you, just wait and wait."

    Said it mysteriously, even with a smile.

    Only Xu Nian knew that she hadn't been this angry for a long time.

    Chen Ning closed her eyes tightly, thinking that blood was about to splatter on the spot, but when she opened her eyes again, she found that Xu Nian had already walked away. She gritted her teeth aggrieved, and felt that she had lost face by begging for mercy just now.

    Xu Nian paid attention to Lu Zhi's movements with concern, and only breathed a sigh of relief when he saw him swimming over with the bamboo basket in his hand, but when he was about to reach the shore, some strange fluctuations faintly appeared in the water lines behind him.

    The next moment, the swimmer who had been hiding in the water suddenly appeared, and the sharp blade in his hand emitted a cold light.

    Xu Nian was shocked and said, "Be careful!"

    Qi Chu just passed the bamboo basket in his hand to Xu Nian, and just dodged sideways, but the man suddenly dived into the bottom of the water, Qi Chu felt his feet were heavy, and he was dragged down to the bottom of the water.

    Chen Ning mocked: "I have said that I have made complete preparations. This yard is in the abandoned place of the He family for a long time, and it is preparing to be renovated recently. Except for us, no one will come here in a while. You guys are so pushy , I will deal with you after he dies."

    Xu Nian handed the child to Lian Tang, and said sharply, "Don't listen to her threats, go out and call someone, as long as there is any movement, they will come right away."

    They have been here for a long time, no matter how remote it is, someone will come to look for it.

    "Lu Zhi?" There was no movement on the water surface, and Xu Nian's blood froze all over his body.

    As soon as Qi Chu came out of the water, he saw her lying on the shore in panic. It seemed that he would not come out again, so he was going to probe down to have a look.

    The guy behind him was too difficult to deal with, Qi Chu raised his arm and slammed him, and he remained motionless, even planning to die in the water with him.

    In the Chen family, there is only one person with such skill. Qi Chu's gaze became colder, and his attacks became more and more ruthless.

    But just as he was about to break his neck, Xu Nian's voice suddenly came, "Lu Zhi, he seems to be dying soon, come up quickly!"

    Qi Chu's outstretched hand suddenly froze for a while, he almost forgot that she was still watching.

    Then he hid his edge, and when he turned around, Xu Nian had already stretched out his hand to him, "Come here, I'll pull you up."

    The outstretched palm is fair and beautiful, and looks soft, maybe it can't hold him at all.

    Qi Chu just paused for a moment, and Xu Nian persistently sent his hand forward again, the concern revealed in his eyes was familiar yet unfamiliar.

    He subconsciously glanced at her free other hand, which didn't have a blade, and it wasn't trying to kill him like in the dream.

    But Xu Nianhui made a mistake, stretched out his hands to him, and continued to urge: "Lu Zhi, hurry up!"

    Qi Chu never imagined that someone would really stretch out a pair of murderous hands to him on the shore, just to pull him up.

    The person behind him rushed up again, Qi Chu felt it, he turned his body slightly, but didn't completely avoid it, the moment the bright red blood dripped, he just broke the person's hand.

    In order not to scare her away, will let you go for now.

    The man was a little startled, he didn't understand that he could dodge it, but he wanted to get stabbed like this.

    Xu Nian burst into tears, Qi Chu put his hand on hers, and turned ashore with a little force.

    The wound was still oozing blood, and the bright red reflected on the silver gray was particularly shocking.

    "How are you doing?"

    Xu Nian remembered that the sword wound she accidentally left on his chest last time hadn't healed yet, and now she suffered it again.

    She was a little angry, but she cried and said, "I told you to come up quickly, why are you in a daze."

    Qi Chu watched her quietly, feeling strange that someone was afraid of his death.

    Too many people wanted him dead, so that when he saw the red corners of her eyes from crying, it was rare for him to let his mind go blank for a while.

    There was no joy or anger, just a blank piece.

    The old mother's voice came from outside: "Murder, murder, Miss Chen's murder."

    There were still many people who had found her behind her, and she talked about what happened just now with anger and anger on her face: "Everyone, come quickly, I just woke up and was lying at the gate of this courtyard, just in time to hear Miss Chen say..."

    In the evening, it began to rain lightly outside again.

    Xu Nian gradually removed the mask on his face, his eyelashes were very long, and they were drooping quietly.

    The warm touch on the forehead is very reassuring.

    Xu Nian was lying on the side of the bed, looking up at him, sizing up this face blatantly.

    I don't know what medicine he gave himself that day, Lian Tang was sick, but she didn't even sneeze this time.

    New wounds add old wounds, as expected, unlucky people are equally unlucky in past and present lives.

    She muttered softly: "I don't know whether I picked you up that day, whether it hurt you or saved you."

    Maybe you were left alone at that time, just like in the previous life, and you have already returned to the palace at this time.

    How could there be such a big deviation in this life.

    When Qi Chu opened his eyes, he was taken aback for a moment.

    His arms were tightly pressed, his cheeks were plump and bright as far as he could see, and the delicate and slender neck was exposed in front of his eyes unsuspectingly.

    The little girl was sleeping soundly lying on his bedside, breathing steadily and regularly on the back of his hands.

    The warmth caused itches.

    Qi Chu unconsciously breathed lightly, opened his eyes and stared at the curtain above for a while, but after a while, his eyes moved to the fragile white neck again.

    There was some irritability in his eyes that he didn't notice.

    This time without hesitation, he withdrew his hand and closed his eyes again.

    In a daze, Xu Nian's head was suddenly knocked, he covered the pain and rubbed it, and the first thing he did was look at the sleeping person on the bed with hazy eyes.

    She was a little strange, reached out to touch his forehead, then touched her own, and felt that the temperature of the two was about the same.

    There was some doubt in his eyes, "The doctor said you should wake up today, why haven't you responded yet?"

    Qi Chu seized the timing, and was just about to pretend that he had just woken up, but suddenly a burst of warm fragrance rushed towards him, his forehead touched, and he could even feel her frowning.

    "The fever has indeed subsided..." he muttered.

    She seemed uneasy, and felt it quietly for a while, the warmth was too close to his cheek.

    Qi Chu even forgot what he was thinking just now, opened his eyes in an instant, and met Xu Nian's wide-open eyes so unexpectedly.

    Their eyes met, and for a moment something stopped.


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